New Jori King Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Jori King - Love at First Sight Part 2 EP [Album]

Rising R&B star Jori King has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, the Love at First Sight Pt. 2 EP. Released in honor of Valentine's Day 2015, as well the five-year anniversary of... Read More


Jori King - Love at First Sight Part II (The Single) [Stream]

Around this time in 2010, Jori King introduced himself to the world—and The DJBooth—with Love at First Sight. Though the R&B singer has come a long way in the intervening years, his debut single remains the... Read More


Jori King - Red Light Green Light [Stream]

Red Light! What, you thought you could just waltz in here and listen to Jori King‘s new single? You’ve gotta wait to hit play till I say “Green Light”—which I just did, so I guess you’re good to go. On... Read More


Jori King ft. Jay Howden - ‘67 Shelby (Remix) [Stream]

Why choose between high performance and classic stylings when you can have both? Take Jori King‘s ‘67 Shelby, for example: not only is the Mustang variant one of the most elegant rides ever manufactured, but its... Read More


Jori King - Rewind [Stream & Download]

In an effort to remain anonymous while dealing with a personal problem, we’ve all used the line, “I have this friend who….”? Though it hasn’t been a highly effective method of help-seeking in history of... Read More


Jori King - Killin It [Stream]

Not one to waste time being bashful, Vallejo, California crooner Jori King gets right into the thick of things in the music video for his latest single Killin It. Within the first few seconds of the song the upstart artist... Read More


Jori King - You Need Me [Stream]

While most crooner’s tend to sulk pretty heavily when it comes to their breakup songs, Vallejo, California singer Jori King just isn’t that kind of guy. The title of his latest cut, You Need Me, pretty much says... Read More


Jori King - Breakfast in Bed [Stream & Download]

When I first saw the title of Jori King‘s latest feature, I instantly knew what the song was about: the singer wakes up next to a beautiful woman, slips out from under the covers and cooks her a delicious meal as thanks... Read More


Jori King - Fatal Love [Stream]

Being crazy in love is stressful enough - when you’re crazy in love with a crazy person, then, my friend, you have a problem. Fresh off achieving considerable Booth acclaim (and chart success) for early-morning sex... Read More


Jori King - Lift Me Up [Stream]

It’s only been a few months since last we heard of smooth crooner Jori King, on the DJBooth-approved Promise, but he’s been at it with no lunch breaks and is back in the Booth with a brand new promo single. This time... Read More


Jori King - Promise [Stream]

Roundabout Valentine’s Day 2010, R&B neophyte Jori King made his Booth debut with the second song he’d ever completed (and his first to be released). Love at First Sight was aptly-named, winning over our... Read More


Jori King - Our Song [Stream]

One of the niftiest, and most-used features on my Android handset is Shazam, an application which can ID just about any recorded musical work in existence. I suppose it’s a good thing Love at First Sight singer Jori... Read More


Jori King - Love at First Sight [Stream]

Is there really such thing as Love at First Sight? Well, we can only hope; for those who looking to be swept off their feet in time for Valentine’s Day 2010, taking things slow just isn’t an option. (It’s... Read More