New Justin Garner Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Justin Garner - Cross the Line [Stream]

Is there any singer alive who can make romance sound as epic as Justin Garner? On the title track off his last project, featured on our pages in October 2013, the unsigned crooner cast himself as a Warrior marching into... Read More


Justin Garner - Warrior [Stream]

Don’t let the silky-smooth vocals and tender balladry fool you; when circumstances call on him to take up arms, Justin Garner becomes a Warrior of the highest caliber. On this high-energy single, the title track off his... Read More


Justin Garner - When She Tells You [Stream]

Take it from Justin Garner: “When She Tells You she loves you, believe her.” Absent from our pages since dropping off his stellar cover version of Beyoncé‘s I Miss You in fall 2011, the unsigned crooner finally... Read More


Justin Garner - I Miss You (Beyoncé Cover) [Stream]

January 31, 2011, was a Monday like any other: the sun rose in the east, students got up and went to school, workers showed up for their jobs, Justin Garner stepped into the Booth with a fresh solo feature... Little did we... Read More


Justin Garner - Love You Long Time [Stream & Download]

When Stanley Kubrick and company were writing Full Metal Jacket, I doubt they were working under the assumption that (arguably) the film’s most lasting mark on pop culture would come courtesy of walk-on character “Da... Read More


Justin Garner - King of Hearts [Stream & Download]

Like a L.A. actress, hip-hop fans are constantly hungry. They want more; more music, more videos, more everything. So even though Justin Garner, the Louisiana native who has gone from newcomer to regular Booth favorite in... Read More


Justin Garner - Like It or Not [Stream]

Sorry to break it to you, ladies: you’re going to fall in love with Justin Garner, no matter If You Like It or Not. That doesn’t change anything for the 99.9% of guys and gals in the Booth who have fallen for the... Read More


Justin Garner - Sound of My Heart EP [Album]

Looking to receive a Bachelor’s degree in May, Justin Garner has developed a “good college boy” image. On his latest offering, Sound of My Heart, the artist fleshes out his musical persona, dedicating songs of love to... Read Full Review


Justin Garner - Criminal [Stream]

Looks like Justin Garner‘s gotten into a little trouble with his girl since last he stepped into the Booth. On the lead single off his forthcoming EP, a track penned by the rising R&B star himself,  Garner... Read More


Justin Garner - The White Labels EP [Album]

Emerging singer and songwriter Justin Garner exercises his writing and vocal versatility as he pays homage to current chart topping artists Leona Lewis, Rihanna and Britney Spears on the Presented “The White... Read More


Justin Garner - Russian Roulette (The Intervention) [Stream]

As those of us who don’t live under rocks are well aware, Rihanna‘s been a little troubled lately, and nowhere was her precarious state more evident than on Rated R‘s lead single Russian Roulette. On the... Read More


Justin Garner ft. Leona Lewis - Can’t Breathe [Stream]

After hearing Justin Garner‘s last feature, Soundz-produced ballad Runaway, Booth readers and staff agreed that the Lousiana-bred up-and-comer was headed straight to pop stardom. Now, with the summer 2010 release of his... Read More


Justin Garner - There Will Still Be You [Stream]

Because the date coincides with the end of the Mayan “Long Count” Calendar, some have speculated that a world-ending cataclysm will take place on December 21, 2012.  All superstition aside, Speed Limit singer... Read More


Justin Garner - Speed Limit [Stream]

Though we at the DJBooth try to bring readers all the newest (authorized) music before any other site on the net, occasionally there are underground artists who pick up major hype before we get the chance to feature... Read More