New J.Y. Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


J.Y. ft. Cito On The Beat - Rotation [Stream & Download]

Fresh off releasing his long-awaited, DJBooth-hosted Falling Up LP, J.Y. is back to celebrate his birthday by giving you a little present: namely, brand new promo single Rotation. A syrupy Southern banger filtered through the... Read More


J.Y. - The Slave Shift: Falling Up [Album]

Jersey emcee J.Y. has come together with The DJBooth and his own site,, to bring listeners his long-awaited junior full-length, The Slave Shift: Falling Up. The follow-up to last year's Waking Down, the project... Read More


J.Y. ft. Rico Love - Break Down (Revisited) [Stream & Download]

After more than a year’s wait and numerous pushbacks, The Slave Shift: Falling Up is so close I can taste it. (And believe me, it’s delicious.) Before unleashing the project in its full glory, however,... Read More


J.Y. ft. CitoOnTheBeat - The Switch Up [Stream]

With his The Slave Shift: Falling Up album finally set for release later this week, New Jersey spitter J.Y. has hit us with what may be the last sneak peak we’ll receive before the project is made available. On The... Read More


J.Y. ft. ScienZe, Dom O Briggs & Felicia Temple - Success [Stream & Download]

To achieve Success, you’ve got to be willing to struggle, fall, and pick yourself up off the floor time and time again. On the latest single off his (extremely) long-awaited, DJBooth-hosted mixtape, J.Y. emphasizes just... Read More


J.Y. - Steven [Stream & Download]

The auteur behind Jaws, Schindler’s List, the Indiana Jones flicks and countless other classics, Steven Spielberg is a worthy role model for any aspiring artist—even those whose medium of choice isn’t the... Read More


J.Y. ft. Michael Francis - Pose For Me [Stream & Download]

Update: Click “Listen Now” above to watch J.Y.‘s “Pose For Me” video. Absent from the Booth since bringing us mixtape leak The Greatest Feeling back in July, J.Y. returns to our pages with the... Read More


Quit Your Day Job - J.Y. [DJBooth Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

Whether you're an aspiring artist or simply a daydreamer, you've likely fantasized about what it would be like to leave your nine-to-five grind behind and try your luck in the music game. But what is the life of an artist on... Read More


J.Y. ft. Matt Mutso - Down the Road [Stream & Download]

Though anyone who’s followed J.Y.‘s career to date knows that he has a hell of a lot going for him, there are days that make the Jersey repper wonder whether he can continue Down the Road we call life. The latest... Read More


J.Y. ft. Brandon - Excuse Me [Stream & Download]

Excuse Me, would you perchance be interested in listening to a new joint by J.Y.? Then you’ve come to the right place, my friend. The latest installment of the Jersey representative’s F#ck Work Mondays series,... Read More


J.Y. ft. TiRon & Michael Francis - The Greatest Feeling [Stream & Download]

What’s The Greatest Feeling? “Accomplishment. When success is at your grasp. And you go after it.” Or at least that’s what I was able to grab from the premiere of Jersey-raised emcee J.Y.... Read More


J.Y. ft. Cory Gunz & Emilio Rojas - Can’t Pretend (World We Know) [Stream & Download]

Flying to exotic locales, performing to crowds of adoring fans and, above all, spending your time doing what you love… the life of an artist on the rise seems tailor-made to turn those with more mundane jobs green with... Read More


J.Y. ft. Neako & Prestige - What That Means [Stream & Download]

J.Y.‘s back on our front page with a fresh mixtape leak… do you know What That Means? Actually, I’m not quite sure either – but it’s certainly an indication that quality tune-age lies in our imminent... Read More


J.Y. ft. Rain - Arkham Asylum [Stream & Download]

Having “woken down” on the previous Booth-sponsored installment of his Slave Shift mixtape, Jersey representative is getting ready to “fall up” on the forthcoming follow-up. Inspired by (and featuring... Read More


J.Y. - The Slave Shift: Waking Down [Album]

Jersey buzzmaker J.Y. has joined forces with to bring fans his sophomore street album, The Slave Shift: Waking Down. Featuring 13 original tracks, the highly-anticipated project finds the up-and-comer vividly... Read More


J.Y. - The Sun’s Not Enough [Stream & Download]

After a brief respite from the dark mood of inaugural mixtape leak Little Maria in the form of determined follow-up We All Good, up-and-coming emcee J.Y. is back to his old tricks; The Sun’s Not Enough, the third and... Read More


J.Y. ft. Young Scolla & Nipsey Hussle - We All Good [Stream]

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been lying awake nights, wondering, “Is J.Y. doing all right? Sure, he’s been making some great music, but is the grind getting to him?” OK, now that I’ve typed... Read More


J.Y. ft. Michael Charles - Little Maria [Stream & Download]

Last we heard from J.Y., he was getting ready for the late-July release of a mixtape entitled The Hiring Process. Well, it looks like the Jersey native got that job, but even the brightest silver linings have their clouds, as... Read More


J.Y. ft. XV & Michael Charles - Say Yeah [Stream]

With the heat index reaching 127 in the South today, I thought hell and my neighborhood were going to be the only things on fire. Thankfully, I was wrong. New Jersey native J.Y. is back at it again in the Booth, and while his... Read More


J.Y. ft Joe Budden & Cory Gunz - Tell Me What It Is (Remix) [Stream]

J.Y. is anything but what his moniker claims he is…a Jynx. With a remix featuring two of the most sought after names in the hip hop freestyling scene, he has to be doing something right, right?  Tell Me What It Is... Read More