New K-Beta Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


K-Beta ft. Uptown XO - Ni**as Know The Deal [Stream]

On his new The DJBooth world premiere, K-Beta lets us all know why N*ggas Know the Deal as the emcee gives us a raw slice of his mic skills over what sounds to be a Queens-influenced instrumental from J-$crilla that’s... Read More


Lyriciss ft. Chill Moody & K-Beta - Calling For You [Stream & Download]

With the first two EP’s in Lyriciss’ The Balance series already in your headphones, the D.C. spitter is now ready to get things rolling with the series’ third installment, The Balance: Heart EP. The emcee... Read More


K-Beta - Pakistan [Stream]

At both the start and end of Virginia emcee K-Beta‘s latest DJBooth premiere Pakistan the emcee eerily states that, “I hate it when I dream and I wake up shivering.” This line sets the tone for the entire... Read More


Sketch ft. K-Beta, Uptown XO & Nickelus F - The Connect [Stream & Download]

A talented emcee is nothing without a solid crew behind him—fortunately, Sketch seems to have all his bases covered. On new album leak The Connect, the Virginia representive calls on fellow DMV flamespitters K-Beta,... Read More


K-Beta ft. Tabi Bonney - We On [Stream]

A year and change after the project’s original release via, K-Beta‘s Inglorious Beta mixtape has arrived on iTunes—with a few new additions, of course. One of four bonus cuts, We On finds the... Read More


K-Beta ft. DJ Alizay - The Q&A [Video]

Making its worldwide premiere on DJBoothTV, The Q&A finds DMV representer K-Beta and DJ Alizay going back back to the basics - just one emcee, one DJ and dope rhymes. In the words of the headliner himself:... Read More


K-Beta ft. B. Sheba - Soul Cry [Stream & Download]

Though DMV repper K-Beta‘s Inglorious Beta mixtape dropped more than a year ago, I’m willing to bet there are some of you out there who put off listening, telling yourself, “I’ll get around to it... Read More


Team Demo ft. Wale, Jo’Lyce & K-Beta - If Only They Would Listen [Stream]

Unfortunate as it may be, most hip-hop heads haven’t been properly acquainted with Zechariah Wise, J-Cosell, DJ Dialtone and Jady Experience; If Only They’d Listen to one of Team Demo‘s life-changing... Read More


Whitefolkz ft. K-Beta - J.O.B. [Stream]

Unless you’re Diddy’s son – was two cars for his 16th birthday really necessary? - all of us have had to take crappy jobs in order to keep the lights on while we chase our dreams, and new found DJBooth favorite... Read More


Thad Reid ft. K-Beta, RAtheMC - Same As We Ever Was [Premiere] [Stream]

Owww, the inaugural leak off Thad Reid‘s forthcoming street album, could hardly have been more aptly titled, since it was a massive hit with most of our readers (and getting hit hurts, you know?). With world premiere... Read More


K-Beta - Inglorious Beta [Album]

The problem isn’t party music. The problem is that there’s too much party music. There’s nothing wrong with having a good time (I’ve been known to have some very good times), but if someone who had never seen tv or... Read Full Review


K-Beta - Inglorious Beta [Album]

Washington, D.C. buzzmaker K-Beta has hooked up with Inner Loop Records and to bring listeners his debut full-length, Inglorious Beta. In regard to the album’s title, K-Beta stated, “The word... Read More


K-Beta - Burn Thru the Journal [Stream]

As a D.C. native, I’m going to take the time to issue this very biased but very true declaration: The DMV’s sound is like no other. It can be compared to other sounds - but not fairly - and its style can’t be duplicated... Read More


Lyriciss ft. K-Beta & Muggsy Malone - Hard Times [Stream]

Hailed by many reviewers as a potential classic, It Ain’t Hard to Tell ‘09 emcee Lyriciss’ The Practice mixtape was packed from top to bottom with pure, uncut hip-hop goodness. Nowhere was this freshness... Read More


K-Beta Spits “Paperbag Writer” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- K-Beta, the DMV native who recently earned reader acclaim for "Black Business" and "Come Closer," has stepped into the Booth to bring us entry #142 in our Freestyle Series. On his brand new,... Read More


K-Beta - Paperbag Writer [Stream & Download]

The 142nd entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of K-Beta, the DMV native who recently earned reader acclaim for Black Business and Come Closer. On his brand new, exclusive Paperbag Writer freestyle, the... Read More


K-Beta ft. Mina - Come Closer [Stream]

The hallmark of a true artist isn’t talent, it’s versatility. It’s not that hard to do the same thing over and over again, like LMFAO; what’s far more difficult is to cover the entire musical landscape, like K-Beta.... Read More


K-Beta - Black Business [Stream]

Like the Madden curse, the “most underrated rapper” tag has been known to cripple the careers of up-and-coming emcees, so I’m going to avoid burdening K-Beta with the weighty label. Instead, let’s just say that if... Read More


K-Beta - I’m Bleeding [Stream]

The last time we heard from DMV heavyweight K-Beta he was bringing us some musical joy in the form of the uplifting, Booth approved I’m Grateful. Well, times have changed. Beta’s latest offering is the intensely emotional... Read More


K-Beta ft. Nia K. Lewis - I’m Grateful [Stream]

Thanksgiving ‘09’s come and gone, but it’s never a bad time to count your blessings. On unreleased cut I’m Grateful, Virginian emcee K-Beta (previously heard on J-$crilla‘s No Love and Thad... Read More


J-$crilla ft. Oddisee, XO, RAtheMC, Wordsmith, TEFLON & K-Beta - No Love [Stream]

As one of the biggest beatsmiths in the DMV, Inner Loop Records’ J-$crilla‘s got too many ardent supporters to worry about the critics. On the latest single off his recently released Culture of Honor mixtape, the... Read More


Thad Reid ft. K-Beta & Flip- Life Soldiers [Stream]

With the first installment of his Paid Time Off EP/online series, Blue Collar/For the People emcee Thad Reid set out to put the populism back into popular music with a track expressing the relief all us working stiffs feel... Read More