New Supastition Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


First Division ft. Supastition - Three Times Dope [Stream]

Expertise and Shylow are each talented emcees in their own right, so their collaborative venture, First Division, is like Doublemint gum: double the freshness. Throw in another mic-murderer—Supastition, for instance—and... Read More


Supastition - Best Worst Day [Stream]

Being that today is indeed Monday, it’s likely your day is pretty sh*tty right about now. Well, suck it up, because your bad day doesn’t even compare to Supastition’s Best Worst Day. On his latest video single,... Read More


The Regiment ft. Kam Moye - I Seen It All Before [Stream]

When my friends and I are group-texting, we are quick to correct each other’s grammar as a way to piss off the author of the original mistake-laden text. (We also always send the police Emoji to represent the grammar... Read More


Analogic ft. Supastition - Revolution [Stream]

For as long as the music industry has been an industry, profit-seekers have been wedging themselves between artists and listeners, shaping hip-hop in order to most efficiently line their pockets. Sick of seeing art... Read More


Supastition - Yada Yada [Stream]

Supasititon isn’t new to our pages, but don’t worry if his name isn’t ringing a bell. Not only was his last Booth feature, exclusive freestyle series contribution Once Again more than three years ago, but it... Read More


Kam Moye - Once Again [Stream & Download]

The 117th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Kam Moye, the Charlotte native who earned reader approval for single Let’s Be Honest. On his brand new, previously-unreleased Once Again freestyle,... Read More


Kam Moye Spits “Once Again” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Kam Moye, the Charlotte native who earned reader approval for single "Let's Be Honest," has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 117th entry in our Freestyle Series. On his brand new,... Read More


Kam Moye (a.k.a. Supastition) - Let’s Be Honest [Stream]

If looks, fame and fortune could buy happiness, celebrity gossip rags (and their online counterparts) would have gone out of business a long, long time ago; for those unable to appreciate what they’ve got, material... Read More