New Kap Kallous Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Kap Kallous - Ten Gold Plates [Stream]

The summer got a little colder last week with the release of Kap Kallous’ freshly-minted album, December, and should cool down even further today with the world premiere release of his latest visuals from the project... Read More


Kap Kallous - December [Album]

It may be the middle of June, but that's not stopping Kap Kallous from the release of his latest project, entitled December. The skilled lyricist and Los Angeles transplant, by way of his native Florida, follows up his... Read More


Kap Kallous - Swampy Weather [Stream]

Back again with his second DJBooth world premiere in as many weeks is Kap Kallous, though the Weather is considerably more Swampy this time around. While the previous effort found the Florida emcee trading verses with... Read More


Kap Kallous - Pine Box ft. Wrekonize & LuckyIAm [Stream]

It’s been almost exactly six months since Kap Kallous’ previous Booth feature, but the Florida representative makes his return today with the world premiere release of his latest effort. This offering from his... Read More


Kap Kallous - Buffalo Billy Ocean [Stream]

What do you get when you cross the man who sang Caribbean Queen with the skin suit-building, penis-tucking serial killer from Silence of the Lambs? If you’d asked me that question yesterday, I would have stared at you... Read More


Kap Kallous ft. Persyce - Numb [Stream & Download]

Is it just me, or did Thanksgiving weekend seem to go by in the snap of a finger this year? If you’re not exactly overjoyed that it’s already Monday, believe me, I feel you. But how’s this for a silver... Read More


Kap Kallous ft. Cliftun - Andy Warhol [Stream & Download]

I don’t think any rapper has the power to turn Monday into the dopest day of the week but, with the help of Kap Kallous and his weekly, Booth-exclusive single releases, it’s certainly moving up the ranks. The... Read More


Kap Kallous ft. Redd Simpkins, J. Gatsby & Dude Tunes - Half Passed 745 [Stream & Download]

After three weeks’ worth of Booth-exclusive promo singles from Kap Kallous, who’s currently touring behind MURS and ¡MAYDAY!, you’re probably getting a little tired of hearing me praise the Panhandle... Read More


Kap Kallous ft. Jon Connor - Processed [Stream & Download]

Today, Kap Kallous is a much-buzzed-about recording artist with a large, and growing following in The DJBooth and beyond. In order to reach this point, however, the Floridian spitter’s had to go through hell and back.... Read More


Kap Kallous ft. Little Vic - The Void [Stream]

Last week, L.A.-by-way-of-Orlando rhymesayer Kap Kallous blessed our front page with More Grandeur, the first in a weekly series of Booth-exclusive jams he plans to unleash while touring with MURS and ¡MAYDAY!. Awarded a... Read More


Kap Kallous ft. DJ Dolo - More Grandeur [Stream]

L.A.-by-way-of-Orlando emcee Kap Kallous is currently accompanying Panhandle State live-band ensemble ¡MAYDAY! and West Coast underground mainstay MURS as they tour behind joint album ¡MursDay! If you’ve got the cash... Read More


Kap Kallous - 1000 Times [Stream]

To date, the records Kap Kallous has released off his latest digital full-length have been uniformly dark and grimy. His bruising bars were appreciated by the fans, as evidenced by the stellar reviews records like Lighthouse... Read More


Kap Kallous - Grandeur [Album]

Grandeur has arrived. Kap Kallous's highly-anticipated free album offers listeners an all-encompassing roller coaster ride through the strange mind of the Los Angeles-based, Orlando-born emcee. Featuring guest appearances... Read More


Kap Callous ft. Jon Connor & PreauXX - Lonely Famous [Stream]

Today, Kap Kallous unleashed his highly-anticipated independent album, Grandeur. Just in case previous singles like the Booth-premiered Sushi Bar haven’t persuaded you that the set’s worth a listen, the... Read More


Kap Kallous ft. Psalm One & Wrekonize - Sushi Bar [Stream]

How is Kap Kallous like a Sushi Bar? Easy—they’ll both Give It to You Raw. On his latest single, making its world premiere on our front page, the Panhandle State emcee serves up a platter of lyrical prosciutto,... Read More


Kap Kallous - Lighthouse [Stream]

Lighthouses are generally viewed as either a symbol of isolation or hope. In Kap Kallous’ self-directed visual for his latest single, Lighthouse, perception changes from the former into the latter. Some readers may be... Read More


Kap Kallous ft. Caskey - I Don’t Mind [Stream]

There’s nothing easy about the hip-hop hustle. As a matter of fact, the grind’s had Kap Kallous “feelin’ twice [his] age” lately. Which isn’t to say he’s sweating it; on new single I... Read More


Kap Kallous ft. MidaZ The BEAST & Shinobi Stalin - Bad Decisions [Stream & Download]

Kap Kallous will be the first to admit that he ain’t perfect. Over the course of his life, the Floridian rhymesayer has made his fair share of Bad Decisions. Very few of them, however, have been in the realm of music.... Read More


Kap Kallous - Paper [Stream]

Though Kap Kallous’ last feature found the emcee dreaming of amassing a cult following so loyal they’ll follow him into the hereafter, there are days when he’s would trade those fantasies of power and... Read More


Kap Kallous - Drink the Punch [Stream & Download]

When Kap Kallous says that he’s the new Jim Jones, he ain’t talking about the Dipset capo. Like the infamous People’s Temple founder, he’s looking to accumulate a fanbase loyal and devoted enough to... Read More


Kap Kallous - Give Me A Reason [Stream & Download]

With his The Martian EP now in the rearview, Kap Kallous is gearing up for another album release, and he’s kicking off the festivities with new video, Give Me a Reason. A starkly simple, black and white affair that... Read More


Kap Kallous x Vikto Beats - The Martian EP [Album]

Floridian rhymesayer Kap Kallous and West Coast producer Vikto Beats have come together with Audiomack to offer their new collaborative street release, The Martian EP, for free digital download. The project features six... Read More


Kap Kallous & Vikto Beats - I Get Down [Stream & Download]

Having garnered rave reader reviews for P’s & Q’s and Fresh, Panhandle State emcee Kap Kallous and producer Vikto Beats return to our pages with yet another Booth-exclusive world premiere off their forthcoming... Read More


Kap Kallous & Vikto Beats - P’s & Q’s [Stream]

Fresh off making their collaborative Booth debut with latest week’s reader-acclaimed Fresh, Kap Kallous and Vikto Beats return with another exclusive world premiere off their forthcoming street release. Over his... Read More


Kap Kallous x Vikto Beats - Fresh [Stream]

No need to check the expiration date—Kap Kallous and Vikto Beats’ latest single is certified Fresh by the DJBooth Board of Inspectors. The first of three world premieres off the collaborators’ forthcoming... Read More


Kap Kallous - Dollar and a Dream [Stream & Download]

On his Booth debut, featured early this month, Orlando rhymesayer Kap Kallous emphasized that success always comes at a cost, shaking his head at those who expect fame and fortune simply to fall into their laps. But... Read More


Kap Kallous - Nothings Free [Stream & Download]

For an artist seeking to gain a foothold in the notoriously competitive music game, Nothings Free; in fact, rappers are increasingly expected to give away new material in hopes of someday making a profit off their efforts.... Read More