New Kembe X Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Kembe X’s Animated “Oxygen” Video is Among The Best of 2016 [Feature ]

In October, 2014, we selected Kembe X as a DJBooth Top Prospect. At the time the Chicago native had already graced our homepage on 11 separate occasions, but we knew then his best work was ahead of him. Nearly two years... Read More


Top Prospect Kembe X Delivers His Debut Album, “Talk Back” (Stream) [Feature ]

It's been a big week for DJBooth Top Prospects. Just one day after Cousin Stizz shared his latest project, another TP alumni has unveiled a brand new body of work as Kembe... Read More


Kembe X - Psykles ft. Zacari [Stream]

Chicago emcee and Booth fave Kembe X has released Psykles, a new promo single featuring Zacari and produced by Newz. According to Top Prospect selection, Psykles is the “best song I ever put out.” Take a listen... Read More


Kembe X - WhatImDoin [Stream]

Chicago emcee Kembe X, a Top Prospect selection at the tail end of 2014, has been a fan favorite on our pages few the past few years, delivering highly-rated selections like Village Over Everything and Patience Part Too.... Read More


Jimi Tents - Problems ft. Tunji Ige & Kembe X [Stream]

Jimi Tents impressed many earlier this year with his Looney Tune-certified, breakout single Elmur Fudd. To date the song has racked up over 80k streams, and turned just as many heads. Today, the Brooklyn native returns to our... Read More


Kembe X - Hereditary (2 B*tches) ft. Danny Brown [Stream]

Sometimes being a boss is Hereditary. Just look at Kembe X for example, who keeps 2 B*tches with him at the advice of his father. With his Talk Back project coming soon, the Chi-Town buzzmaker lets loose this freshly-minted... Read More


Kembe X - Feeling Like The Man [Stream]

Update: The Roberto Mario-directed visuals for Kembe X’s Feeling Like The Man single have been added. Last seen assisting on fellow Chicago representative Alex Wiley‘s One Singular Flame Emoji EP, Kembe X is... Read More


Alex Wiley - Right Right ft. Kembe X [Stream]

Got your money right, your weed right and your outfit right? Then you just need some quality music in your speakers and all will be right with the world. Here to provide you with that final ingredient—and get listeners... Read More


Kembe X - Crack Baby [Stream]

Kembe X‘s self-titled EP, released last year via Scion A/V, was a brisk five tracks long, but that wasn’t due to a lack of material. As is often the case, a number of worthy records were left on the cutting room... Read More


Kembe X - Patience Part Too [Stream & Download]

Today, we in The DJBooth unleashed our Top Prospects EP Volume 2, a four-track project featuring exclusive material from emerging artists we believe will make a lasting mark on the musical landscape. In addition to new... Read More


Alex Wiley ft. Kembe X - Takeoff [Stream]

Here at The DJBooth, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing an artist we’ve supported for years reach new heights, and Alex Wiley ascends in his latest, Visual Mecca-directed video for Takeoff. Along with our... Read More


Kembe X, The Feeling #TopProspects [Feature ]

Late night. The studio. A female sits on the couch, eyes fluttering between open and closed. Kembe X is smoking and waiting for her to fall asleep so he can start recording. He's not sure exactly why he needs... Read More


Kembe X - A•D•D [Stream]

Kembe X‘s self-titled EP with Scion A/V didn’t quench your thirst for new material from the newly-selected DJBooth Top Prospect? Well, you’re in luck; today, the Chicago repper returns to our front page with... Read More


DJBooth Announces Our New Top Prospects… [Feature ]

Only a true narcisst would claim they're solely responsible for an artist's success. An almost impossibly complex web of talent, hard work, connections, outright luck and experiences, sometimes stretching back... Read More


Kembe X - Kembe X EP (Presented by Scion A/V) [Album]

Scion AV Presents: Kembe X, the new EP from Kembe X, has been released to the 'net for streaming and download. The project features five new songs from the young Chicago-area rapper and The Village 777 representative. TDE... Read More


Kembe X - Poker Face [Stream & Download]

Kembe X‘s stock has been steady rising, but you won’t catch him cracking a smile. As we learn on the latest single off his forthcoming EP with Scion A/V, the Windy City rhymesayer’s been “at it so long”... Read More


Kembe X & Isaiah Rashad - Caged Bird (Jager) [Stream]

On Tuesday, we saw Kembe X light the fuse on his forthcoming, Scion A/V-presented EP with As I Unfold, a reader-acclaimed collaboration with Ab-Soul. Now, the Windy City representative has joined forces with another member of... Read More


Kembe X ft. Ab-Soul & Alex Wiley - As I Unfold [Stream & Download]

Update: We have added the Yellow Nguyen-directed visuals for Kembe X’s As I Unfold single. At the bottom of June, we saw Scion A/V come together with Southern emcee Scotty ATL to drop the reader-acclaimed OTR2SJ. Just... Read More


Kembe X - Attention Deficit Disorder [Stream]

As someone with Attention Deficit Disorder, I uh… hold on, I forgot what I was doing. Isn’t there an Internet bill I need to pay today? I wonder what my cat is up to… Oh, right, I’m supposed to be... Read More


Boris ft. Kembe X - Civilized Animals [Stream]

Between ostentatious comparisons (to god, MLK…you name it) and crazy nicknames, rapper have always had an…um…“interesting” sense of reality. Booth newcomer Boris and his guest Kembe X happen to... Read More


Alex Wiley & Kembe X - Know Normal [Stream]

Normal? Alex Wiley doesn’t Know what Normal feels like. Neither does unsigned buzzmaker Kembe X—which makes the two of ‘em natural collaborative partners. On this freshly-minted promo single, the Closed Sessions... Read More


Maya Sýmone ft. Kembe X - Summertime Chi [Stream]

Chicago may not be perfect, but I defy you to visit the Windy City during June, July or August without falling in love. On album lead single and Booth debut Summertime Chi, rising R&B songstress Maya Sýmone waxes poetic... Read More


Kembe X - Village Over Everything [Stream]

I don’t know what they are putting in the water in the Chi, but promising young emcees have been coming out of the woodwork at a downright astonishing rate. Just when you think all the talent has been unearthed, along comes... Read More


Alex Wiley ft. Chance The Rapper & Kembe X - #MoPurp [Stream]

For those who’ve been taking their chewable multivitamins and acing their Android brain exercise apps the name of DJBooth newcomer Alex Wiley should sound familiar.  And that is because his Closed Sessions record... Read More