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Updated: Every Kendrick Lamar 2016 Guest Verse, Ranked [Feature ]

There’s no question that 2015 was Kendrick Lamar’s year - with the release of To Pimp A Butterfly, Kendrick cemented his place as not just one of the most exciting artists in hip-hop, but one of the most riveting... Read More


Drake, Kendrick, J. Cole & How a New Generation of Artists Manages Fame [Feature ]

“From Po’ Pimpin’ to Poppin’ Tags, from Champions to Slow Jammin’, oh baby we can make you an overnight celebrity”“Overnight Celebrity” captures the spirit of a rapper who... Read More


Imagining a Kendrick Lamar, Rapsody & Anderson .Paak Supergroup [Feature ]

As someone who writes about hip-hop, most of my thoughts about the hip-hop are based in reality. The news cycle, upcoming projects, poignant interviews—there's little time for speculation when there's a... Read More


Kendrick, Knxwledge & Finding the Good in Oversaturation [Feature ]

Every morning I stare at a blank document knowing my job is to fill this canvas with words. I stare with my fingers on the keys, hoping the inspiration comes before the doubt—doubt born from the fear of falling short.... Read More


Q-Tip Reveals a Kendrick Lamar Record Influenced Tribe’s New Album [Feature ]

By now everyone knows that Kendrick Lamar is a featured guest on We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service, the first new album from A Tribe Called Quest in 18 years, but in a full-length feature on... Read More


10 Hip-Hop Careers Summarized Using Only 1 Word [Feature ]

Violent, uncontrollable anger is how the dictionary defines the word rage. Rage is hard to soothe, a challenge to calm—think of a bull staring down the color red. I found it interesting that Joe Budden wanted to change... Read More


We Gon’ Be Alright: Your Post-Election Survival Playlist [Feature ]

Regardless of what you hoped the outcome of last night’s presidential race would be, it’s safe to say that a large portion of the country would’ve been freaked out either way.No matter your beliefs,... Read More


Frank, Kendrick, Earl & My Quest to Save Throwaway Albums [Feature ]

Maturity is a quality that was nonexistent on all the early Odd Future records. They were kids being kids—silly, obnoxious, offensive, and rebellious. It was a phase that helped them to become popular, but also a period... Read More


5 Best Vocal Inflections in Hip-Hop Right Now [Feature ]

Despite the age-old argument that hip-hop is dead, there has never been a better time to be a hip-hop head from an options standpoint. In the digital era of music, the average listener has thousands of artists to... Read More


A Tribe Called Quest Album Will Feature Kendrick Lamar & André 3000 [Feature ]

Q-Tip recently announced that A Tribe Called Quest is set to release their final album on November 11. Today, in an excellent interview with The New York Times, the founding member revealed the title of the album will... Read More


Obama Loves Drake, But Thinks Kendrick Lamar & Chance The Rapper Are “Breaking New Ground” [Feature ]

Call Barack Obama “hip-hop’s first President” and your comments might be met with backlash. Some accuse him of abandoning the culture and community that effectively got him elected in 2008, while others... Read More


Rick Rubin, Kendrick Lamar & The Power of Meditation in Hip-Hop [Feature ]

“All of us want less thoughts. The calmer the mind, the happier the spirit. So when the mind is settled: bliss. If we have a mind full of fluctuation, then we have a mind full of suffering. When you see people and... Read More


The Impact of Kendrick Lamar’s “good kid, m.A.A.d city,” Four Years Later [Feature ]

Every few years, a hip-hop album drops that completely shifts the culture, forcing us to take a step back and acknowledge that something special has just been released. Four years ago (October 22), this happened when Kendrick... Read More


5 Things We Learned From Kendrick Lamar’s GQ Style Interview with Rick Rubin [Feature ]

After a banner 2015, Kendrick Lamar has spent much of 2016 planning his next move. With the release of untitled unmastered. and a slew of good-to-great feature appearances, Kendrick has kept his buzz at a fever pitch, and his... Read More


Eminem Calls Kendrick Lamar a “Genius” & “GKMC” Album a “Masterpiece” [Feature ]

Kendrick Lamar has a had a busy 2016. In addition to releasing his loosie-filled Unitled Unmastered. album, the TDE emcee has supplied his fans with a bountiful supply of guest verses to compliment the work of his... Read More


Spread Love: How Hip-Hop is Teaching Us to Love Ourselves [Feature ]

Recently, while listening to Mick Jenkins' debut album The Healing Component, I was struck by the prominence of the theme of love throughout the project (which fellow DJBooth contributor Tara so perfectly... Read More


Terrace Martin Explains Why Kendrick Lamar Feels “No Pressure” to Follow-Up “TPAB” [Feature ]

Terrace Martin, an artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who has worked closely with Kendrick Lamar for the past six years, recently sat with Mr. Wavvy to discuss their music making process.In the interview, Martin... Read More


Kendrick Lamar Created Danny Brown’s “Really Doe” Single [Feature ]

Danny Brown lit the internet on fire earlier this week when he released the star-studded posse cut "Really Doe," featuring guest appearances by Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and Earl Sweatshirt.In a new interview with Beats... Read More


Chance The Rapper, Kendrick Lamar & a History of Rappers Performing on Ellen [Feature ]

I grew up with an aunt who was the biggest fan of Oprah. Every single day she would tune into her talk show, watching religiously. Oprah was the queen of daytime television; no one was close to her stature. It was rare to see... Read More


Mac Miller & Kendrick Lamar Defy Expectations on “God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty” [Feature ]

Considering Mac Miller’s close connection with both ScHoolboy Q and Ab-Soul, it’s surprising it’s taken this long for a proper collaboration between Mac and TDE’s pride and joy, Kendrick Lamar. While... Read More


Kendrick Lamar on Lil Wayne’s Potential Retirement: “F**k That!” [Feature ]

Lil Wayne sent the hip-hop world into a frenzy last week when he tweeted that he was “mentally defeated” and implied that he would be retiring.As one of the most dominant forces in the rap game for the past... Read More


Kendrick Lamar Inspired Travis Scott to Continue Making Music [Feature ]

Travis Scott released his brand new album Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight this past Friday, delivering a solid follow-up to his debut Rodeo almost exactly a year to the day of its release.In a new interview with... Read More


5 Magical Mashup Albums That’ll Have You Wanting More Mash-Up Albums [Feature ]

The internet was recently treated to a surprisingly coherent Kendrick Lamar and Childish Gambino mash-up project, the work of SoundCloud user Najvyexi. The 16-track good boy, d.E.E.p Web is the perfect example of the... Read More


President Obama Keeping Hip-Hop In Oval Office for 55th Birthday [Feature ]

For his final birthday as President of the United States, Barack Obama is bringing hip-hop to the oval office one more time.According to a report by Page Six, Obama’s 55th birthday party will include Beyoncé,... Read More


Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Kendrick Lamar & Big Sean’s “Holy Key” [Feature ]

What does DJ Khaled do, exactly? He gets Kendrick Lamar and Big Sean on a track together for the first time since that little "Control" thing happened. You may have heard about it. While K. Dot's verse on... Read More


ScHoolboy Q Says the World’s on Kendrick Lamar’s Dick, is He Right? [Feature ]

I'm hard pressed to think of anyone who gives less of a fuck in interviews than ScHoolboy Q - Vince Staples is really the only other contender. Whether he's talking about gun control or his daughter, Groovy... Read More


Hip-Hop Barack: How Obama Embraced Rappers During His Presidency [Feature ]

The days of President Obama as America’s commander-in-chief are quickly dwindling. It won’t be long before the White House is home to a new president and their family - a thought that is difficult to fathom after... Read More


Kendrick Lamar Gets His First Production Credit on ScHoolboy Q’s “Blank Face” Album [Feature ]

Kendrick Lamar is just showing off now. From critically acclaimed, Platinum certified albums that have shifted the hip-hop landscape to being bestowed a key to the city of Compton to Earth shaking... Read More


Holy Sh*t You Need to See Beyonce & Kendrick Lamar’s “Freedom” Performance [Feature ]

Award shows are rarely worth watching live in 2016. Twitter will supply you with all the jokes you need to know come Monday morning, why slog through the rest? But every so often an award show produces a true must watch... Read More


Reebok Chased Kendrick Lamar for 2 Years for Shoe Deal [Feature ]

Ever since Run-D.M.C. took the laces out of their Adidas (something that always struck me as extremely impractical) rappers and shoes have been joined at the foot. Literally. Alongside a chart-topping hit... Read More


Kendrick Lamar’s Being Sued for a Beat on a Free Mixtape, You Could Be Sued Too [Feature ]

Kendrick Lamar may be bigger than the Eiffel Tower now, but in 2009 he was just another kid from Compton hoping to get someone, anyone, to hear him rap. Fast forward to 2016 and K. Dot's now got more money and... Read More


All 29 People Credited On Kendrick’s “Untitled Unmastered” Album (Update) [Feature ]

It’s a tradition unlike any other - a DJBooth liner note breakdown.When Kendrick dropped untitled unmastered I wasn’t even thinking about a liner note breakdown, but the people put up the... Read More


2 Chainz Chose to Compete With Kendrick Lamar’s “untitled/unmastered” - Did It Matter? [Feature ]

When I first saw the numbers for 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne's best friends forever allbum, Collegrove, I was a little surprised. Granted, Chainz and Wayne are no longer at the height of their respective popularity,... Read More


The Little Homies Have the Best Creative Vision in Rap [Feature ]

“Don’t all dogs go to heaven? Don’t Gangsta’s boogie? Do owl shit stank? Lions, Tigers, & Bears. But To Pimp A Butterfly. It's the American dream nigga”That was the caption on... Read More


Kendrick Lamar’s “GKMC” is the Best New Hip-Hop Album of the Last 5 Years [Feature ]

It's time to cut down the nets, put together the highlight reels and go home. Just like the actual March Madness tournament, after weeks of blood, sweat and blogging, the DJBooth Best New Hip-Hop Album Tournament has come... Read More


Kendrick Lamar Deep Cuts [Feature ]

Yesterday I was playing "Cartoon & Cereal" when a friend asked, "What's this?"What's this?!?Instantly, I felt like I was at a football game and someone had just asked me what a touchdown was.... Read More


Kendrick Lamar’s “One of the Easiest Artists to Get a Verse From” if He Likes You [Feature ]

I've seen it happen up close. Artists work together frequently, become something like friends, then one blows up and suddenly text messages asking to collaborate go unanswered. Or a guest verse is promised but... Read More


Get God on the Phone: How Kendrick Lamar Quietly Became Music’s Biggest Christian Rapper [Feature ]

It never really occurred to me that a prayer is what starts off good kid, m.A.A.d city. Unlike DMX, who would pray on his albums with a pain-dripping bark that engulfed ears, the boys praying on the opening track... Read More


Kendrick Lamar Says “Lil Wayne is the Greatest” [Feature ]

The most heated of internet commenters will have you believe that there's some sort of hip-hop war happening that you have to choose sides in, but of course that's not true. In real life it's entirely possible to... Read More


Kendrick Lamar’s “untitled unmastered.” Goes #1 Because He’s a Mainstream Superstar [Feature ]

As we predicted, Kendrick Lamar's untitled unmastered album burst onto the charts in full force a week after its surprise release, debuting number one on Billboard and selling 178,000 copies (including streaming),... Read More


Kendrick Lamar & My Insatiable Greed for More Music [Feature ]

If you give a mouse a cookie it's going to ask for a glass of milk.If you give a fan an album he or she will ask for three more.@dangerookipawaa hey top, thank you for the's get some new... Read More


What’s Kendrick Lamar Whispering on “Untitled 04”? [Feature ]

As Kendrick Lamar's untitled unmastered stays in steady rotation in my headphones and brain I'm finally accumulating enough spins to move past some of the broad reactions and get down to the details. And as I listen,... Read More


All 21 People Credited on Kendrick Lamar’s “untitled unmastered” Album [Feature ]

Much like Nathan's 1 Listen review, I wasn’t initially planning on diving into the liner notes for Kendrick Lamar's untitled unmastered. I mean, it’s not a full-fledged "album" and I’m still... Read More


Kendrick Lamar’s “untitled unmastered.” Will Be Highest Selling Rap Album of 2016 So Far [Feature ]

Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly is often talked about in terms of being too strange and jazz-centric for mainstream music listeners or hip-hop heads, but the mathematical truth is that the album wasn't just... Read More


Inside the LeBron James & Kendrick Lamar “untitled unmastered” Conspiracy Theory [Feature ]

Welcome to the DJBooth rap conspiracy theory corner. Strap on a tinfoil hat, put a banana in your socks so the aliens can't beam you up and let's get to it. The "official" story behind the release of this new... Read More


1 Listen Album Review: Kendrick Lamar’s “untitled unmastered” Album [Feature ]

Can I keep it 100? Maybe even 1,000? Perhaphs even a googleplex? It's Thursday night. I just put my kids to bed. I just started watching Better Call Saul last weekend, I was planning on knocking out... Read More


Kendrick Lamar - untitled unmastered. [Album]

Update: Read our 1 Listen review of untitled unmastered.Earlier this week Top Dawg Entertainment CEO Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith promised fans a surprise release from one of the artists on his roster. It turns out that... Read More


Kendrick Lamar’s Secret “untitled unmastered.” Album Stream [Feature ]

TDE has been making noise this week and they haven't even dropped any music. That’s about to change.According to Kendrick Lamar himself he has a “Chamber of Unreleased Material” that has left fans... Read More


French Montana Backpedals on Kendrick Lamar Comments, Is Still Wrong [Feature ]

Last week French Montana found himself at the center of some real discussion for saying that the mainstream music industry is promoting Kendrick Lamar in an attempt to discredit "street" rap. I won't describe his... Read More


That Kendrick Lamar “GKMC” Short Film the Internet’s Talking About Isn’t a Kendrick Short Film [Feature ]

Every so often the universe seems to align - or at least the internet. This week we posted stories on both unreleased music videos and the incredible amount of music Kendrick Lamar has stashed away, and then today a short... Read More


What Happened to Kendrick Lamar’s Lost “Before I Commit Suicide” Mixtape? [Feature ]

Kendrick Lamar has given us some amazing music, but lately it seems like we're hearing more about the music he hasn’t released.First there was that J.Cole and Kendrick album that the internet got in its head... Read More


“It’s Timeless”: Tommy Black Breaks Down Making “Institutionalized” With Kendrick Lamar [Feature ]

On Monday evening, Kendrick Lamar took home five GRAMMY awards, four for his acclaimed To Pimp A Butterfly album.Though he missed out on an additional six honors - in fairness, since he was nominated twice in the... Read More


Kendrick Lamar’s GRAMMY Performance Was “A Masterpiece” Says Academy President [Feature ]

As the festivities wound down inside the Staples Center tonight, Academy president Neil Portnow made a late appearance in front of the press, and after being obviously frustrated that many were focused on what... Read More


Winners, Losers & Kendrick Lamar: 2016 GRAMMY Awards Recap [Feature ]

Tonight, The GRAMMYs proved once again why they are considered the biggest night in music. I sat glued to the TV for the last few hours, soaking in the good with the bad. Like most hip-hop fans, it was Kendrick Lamar... Read More


Watch Kendrick Lamar’s Incredible GRAMMY Performance [Feature ]

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.Kendrick Lamar has a habit of turning in captivating live television performances, and tonight, a night in which he won five GRAMMYs, he delivered his most passionate, fiery, and... Read More


Kendrick Lamar Has a “Chamber of Unreleased Material” For Live Performances [Feature ]

Last week we learned that Kendrick Lamar laid to rest "two or three albums" before finally settling on To Pimp A Butterfly. While artists scrap albums all the time (oh hey, Dr. Dre), just the thought of the Compton... Read More


Kendrick Lamar Scrapped “Two or Three Albums” to Make “To Pimp a Butterfly” [Feature ]

Kendrick Lamar recently said that it will be twenty years before people truly understand the impact of To Pimp a Butterfly, including himself, and judging by this new, oral history published in the lead up to GRAMMY... Read More


“Kendrick Lamar Is My Baby” Says Delusional Jay Electronica [Feature ]

A few days ago Jay Electronica took to Periscope to say he'd slap 50 Cent and I ignored him because a rapper who's never put out an album threatening a rapper who hasn't had a hit song in nine years... Read More


Kendrick Lamar to Induct N.W.A Into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame [Feature ]

Straight Outta Compton is about to go straight into Cleveland.Back in December, it was announced that N.W.A would be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame alongside Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, Chicago and Steve... Read More


Kendrick Lamar Says “To Pimp a Butterfly” Will Still Be Relevant in 20 Years [Feature ]

Drake may be writing punchlines about Obama, but Kendrick Lamar is talking to Obama.As both Kendrick Lamar and Drake continue to emerge as the biggest hip-hop voices of their generation, it's increasingly... Read More


President Obama Picks Kendrick Over Drake in a Rap Battle [Feature ]

Kendrick and Drake are easily two of the biggest rappers of this era. For years the two have been the subject of many debates and conversations, but the one that is constantly reoccurring is, who would win in a... Read More


Kendrick Lamar’s “Pay It Forward” Video Proves He’s a Man on a Mission [Feature ]

Kendrick Lamar released a new video. It's directed by Dave Meyers & The Little Homies, but it’s not what you think. This isn’t a traditional music video from TPAB, it's not a new song... Read More


Obama Met With Kendrick Lamar in the White House: “Can You Believe We’re Both in This Oval Office?” [Feature ]

In 1987, Kendrick Lamar Duckworth is born in Compton, California. Around the same time, Barack Obama is working as a community organizer in Chicago while preparing to apply to law school. 28 years... Read More


Forbidden Fruit: Why a J. Cole & Kendrick Album Isn’t a Good Idea [Feature ]

For years it’s been whispered that J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar are working on a joint project, the original announcement came years ago during their raising domination, when they were still newcomers gaining... Read More


Kendrick Lamar’s Fallon Performance Proves Once Again He’s the Chosen One [Feature ]

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Kendrick Lamar wowed us with an amazing televised performance of an unreleased, (currently) untitled song.Appearing on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,... Read More