New Kenna Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Kenna x RJD2 - How Will It End [Stream]

Ever-innovative electro-pop underdog Kenna steps into the studio with underground superproducer RJD2. How Will It End? There’s no telling—but it’s a safe bet their encounter will result in a dope song. Declared... Read More


Kenna ft. Childish Gambino - Relations (Remix) [Stream]

Is there any musical work that couldn’t be improved by a 16 from Childish Gambino? OK, his flow would sound a little out of place in an operatic aria, but the Community star-turned-rap buzzmaker seems to excel on... Read More


Kenna - Love Is Still Alive [Stream]

Next Tuesday, Kenna is fixing to release the second chapter of Land II Air Chronicles: Imitation is Suicide, an EP trilogy based around Ralph Waldo Emerson’s classic philosophical essay, Self Reliance. The concept may... Read More


Kenna - Relations [Stream]

I know that Kenna isn’t exactly the first artist that die-hard hip hop heads turn to, but the man still churns out unique, refreshing music like a factory. So, on behalf of everyone here at The DJBooth, give him a chance.... Read More


Lupe Fiasco ft. Kenna - What U Want (Chad Hugo Remix) [Stream]

With the sheer amount of time that Lupe Fiasco‘s junior album was in the works, not to mention the confused multiplicity of forces ultimately brought to bear on its tracklist, it should come as no surprise that some... Read More


Lupe Fiasco ft. Kenna & Mike Shinoda - Resurrection [Stream]

The phrase “Phoenix song” dates back centuries. Legend has it that this mythical creature can die and be born again, rising from its own ashes while crying a beautiful song that uplifts anyone who can hear it. In light of... Read More


Kenna ft. The Cool Kids - Loose Wires (Remix) [Stream]

Though his two albums to date, New Sacred Cow and Make Sure They See My Face, were warmly received by the electro-pop and urban alternative communities, Ethiopian-American musician Kenna is hoping to get the widespread... Read More


Kenna ft. Lupe Fiasco - Say Goodbye to Love (Remix) [Stream]

Ethiopian-born pop artist Kenna was finally ready to break out of his “hip-to-be-underground” reputation with the release of his critically-acclaimed debut, New Sacred Cow, in 2003.  However, after piss-poor record... Read More