New Keri Hilson Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Keri Hilson - Keep It 100 ft. Young Thug [Stream]

After Keri Hilson released her sophomore album, No Boys Allowed, in December of 2010, nobody expected her to go underground for four and a half years. Today, the veteran singer/songwriter makes her long-awaited return to the... Read More


Anthony Hamilton ft. Keri Hilson - Never Let Go [Stream]

Fresh off the success of the Booth-approved Woo, Anthony Hamilton returns to our pages with another smooth single off his seventh studio album. Here, Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis’ warm synth production sets the... Read More


Keri Hilson ft. Chris Brown - One Night Stand [Stream]

While her latest album No Boys Allowed has performed decently Keri Hilson is still looking for that one monster hit to catapult her back into music’s elite (a la Knock You Down and Turning Me On). Could it be new single One... Read More


Keri Hilson - No Boys Allowed [Album]

I highly recommend you don’t think too much about the title of Keri Hilson’s sophomore album, No Boys Allowed. I know this will shock my regular readers, but I couldn’t help but ponder its meaning, and all I have to... Read Full Review


Keri Hilson ft. Kanye West - Pretty Girl Rock (Remix) [Stream]

I’m not sure if y’all were aware of this fact, but Keri Hilson is extremely attractive. She’s a knockout, a stunner, a dime, a flawless pearl – by all accounts, an absolute paragon of feminine beauty.... Read More


Keri Hilson ft. Rick Ross - The Way Ya Love Me [Stream]

Has anyone figured out a surefire formula for songwriters to transition into successful performing artists? If so Keri Hilson needs a swig of that magic elixir as she delivers her new single The Way Ya Love Me, featuring the... Read More


Kanye West ft. Keri Hilson, Pusha T & Cyhi the Prynce - Take One for the Team [Stream]

Distorted beatboxing, Dougie Fresh-era cat calls, for this week’s G.O.O.D. Music entry Kanye West throws on his dookie rope and goes back to the ‘80s. As for the record’s theme, Take One for the Team means doing a lot... Read More


Keri Hilson - Pretty Girls Rock [Stream]

Fellas who lack confidence in their masculinity may want to think twice before flipping on the new single from Keri Hilson; Pretty Girls Rock is so infectious that listeners may find themselves singing the “Don’t hate... Read More


Keri Hilson - Breaking Point [Stream]

I love music that reflects reality. Despite the club hoppin’, bottle poppin’ BS that has plagued urban music lately, it’s good to know that songs like Keri Hilson’s new single Breaking Point are still being released.... Read More


Bei Maejor ft. Keri Hilson - Gamez [Stream]

I’m sure if Mr. and Mrs. Pacman were to express their longing for one another, they would have more class to say, “We should (insert gaming sound here) with each other”. Not so for producer/rapper Bei Major, who’s... Read More


T.I. ft. Keri Hilson - Got Your Back [Stream]

Like seemingly everyone, I’ve been enjoying the Clifford Harris comeback tour so far. I’m Back was a banger, Yeah Ya Know was a banger; it appeared that T.I. was dead set on proving he was still vicious on the mic and in... Read More


Trina ft. Diddy & Keri Hilson - Million Dollar Girl [Stream]

Although Nicki Minaj appears to be hot on her stiletto heels, Miami goddess Trina still considers herself the game’s baddest b**tch, and she’s making sure she hangs onto her profane title with the release of her new... Read More


Trey Songz ft. Usher & Keri Hilson - I Invented Sex (Remix) [Stream]

Trey Songz’ declaration that he invented sex ranks right up there with Al Gore’s claim that he invented the internet in the “Um, You Definitely Didn’t Invent That” pantheon, but that didn’t stop Songz from making... Read More


Keri Hilson - I Like [Stream]

R&B singer Keri Hilson started her career writing hits for stars such as Britney Spears, Ciara and Usher, but after the successful release of her album In a Perfect World…, Hilson’s now keeping some of her best songs... Read More


Plies ft. Keri Hilson - Medicine [Stream]

After hearing Plies pay tribute to a woman/sexual euphemism with the borderline-unrhymable name of “Becky” on the lead single off his forthcoming Goon Affiliated LP, I was half expecting the rapper to one-up... Read More


Sean Paul ft. Keri Hilson - Hold My Hand (Remix) [Stream]

Sean Paul, or as he apparently likes to call himself, “Sean-a Paul-a,” has found enormous success in the past with his island-soaked romantic ballads, a tradition he hopes to continue with his new track, Hold My Hand, the... Read More


Fabolous ft. Keri Hilson & Ryan Leslie - Everything Everyday Everywhere [Stream]

Remember that one kid in middle school that everyone always picked on? You know, the guy who was smaller than everyone else and was frequently targeted by his bigger classmates for his lunch money? I wouldn’t imagine any of... Read More


Clipse ft. Pharrell Williams & Keri Hilson - All Eyes On Me [Stream]

Most medical experts agree that a happy workforce is a productive one, and that generally holds true for urban musicians as well. The Clipse, however, are a notable exception to this rule—the duo’s anger and disgust... Read More


R. Kelly ft. Keri Hilson - Number One [Stream]

Sex sells, particularly when you’re looking to write a Number One hit single; of course, no one knows this better than R. Kelly, a singer who seems to consider lovemaking and hitmaking to be two sides of the same... Read More


Ron Browz ft. Keri Hilson & Juelz Santana - Simple [Stream]

In late ‘08, veteran producer Ron Browz emerged as a solo artist, buoyed by the success of Jim Jones’ remix of his independent hit, Pop Champagne, and his hook on Busta Rhymes’ Arab Money.  When he tried... Read More


Keri Hilson - In A Perfect World [Album]

In my perfect world auto-tune would be a distant memory, Pimp C would still be alive and Rick Ross would have his own cooking show called Cookin’ With da Boss. Obama would legally ban Khaled from screaming on tracks, Diddy... Read Full Review


Keri Hilson ft. Keyshia Cole & Trina - Get Your Money Up [Stream]

Ever since mainstream audiences were first exposed to her via Xzibit‘s ‘04 hit, Hey Now (Mean Muggin’), Keri Hilson has been angling to parlay her success as a songwriter/producer into an equally acclaimed... Read More


Keri Hilson ft. T-Pain & Lil Wayne - Turnin Me On (Remix Pt. 2) [Stream]

Keri Hilson fans will be happy, and undoubtedly surprised to hear that her debut album, In A Perfect World.., recently got pushed ahead one week to March 24th.  This reversal of fortune is due in large part to Lil... Read More


Keri Hilson - Alienated [Stream]

Though her first two singles, Energy and Return the Favor, failed to achieve the massive success her label was hoping for, it looks like Keri Hilson has finally struck gold with the Lil Wayne-assisted, Turnin’ Me On;... Read More


Keri Hilson - Turnin Me On (Remix) ft. Busta Rhymes [Stream]

When we first featured Keri Hilson‘s Turnin Me On, the record received only faint praise from DJBooth regulars, though many thought that Lil Wayne‘s guest verse was the cut’s saving grace.  Now, the... Read More


Chris Brown ft. Keri Hilson - Superhuman (Dance Remix) [Stream]

There are many ways to judge the success of an album; for example, if an artist releases a single off of a project they dropped a year prior, you can be pretty sure the release was a smash hit.  Case in point: Chris... Read More


Kardinal Offishall Shoots Video for “Numba 1,” Shares Video Stills [Feature ]

New York, NY-- Rising star Kardinal Offishall has been busy shooting a video for "Numba 1," the third official single off Not 4 Sale. These new stills find the Toronto native standing proudly alongside Konvict leader Akon,... Read More


Keri Hilston ft. Timbaland - Return The Favor [Stream]

With the help of Keri Hilson’s powerful vocals, Timbaland saw his most successful radio single, The Way I Are, catapult his last album, Shock Value, to platinum certification.  Now, the super-producer will Return The... Read More


Kardinal Offishall ft. Keri Hilson - Numba 1 (Tide Is High) [Stream]

First performed by John Holt’s group, The Paragons in 1967, The Tide Is High is one of the better known songs of the last three decades (thanks, in part, to covers by Blondie and Atomic Kitten).  Next in line to... Read More


Keri Hilson ft. Lil’ Wayne - Turning Me On [Stream]

Being signed to not one, but two heavyweight producers’ labels (Timbaland‘s Mosley Music Group and Polow Da Don‘s Zone 4, Inc.), Keri Hilson has double the star power of most up-and-coming talents. ... Read More


Behind The Scenes at Keri Hilson’s “Energy” Video Shoot [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Singer Keri Hilson recently shot a video for her debut single, "Energy." Below are several photos from the shoot. Read More


Nas ft. Keri Hilson - Hero [Stream]

Nas is all about controversy. After “Baracking” the mic on his mixtape jam, Black President, the Brooklyn lyricist is back with Hero, the first official single off his Untitled album. As can be expected, Nas is his... Read More


Keri Hilson - Energy [Stream]

In order to maintain a successful relationship with your partner, both parties need to put in an equal amount of effort.  Unfortunately for singer Keri Hilson it didn’t work out that way; on the Atlanta native’s... Read More


Timbaland Presents: Keri Hilson - Get It Girl [Stream]

In early February, Timbaland announced that he would be teaming up with Verizon Communications to release an exclusive mobile-only album.  The project, which will span the entire 2008 calendar year, will conclude with a... Read More


Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson & Nicole Scherzinger - Scream [Stream]

Successful female solo artists are a dying breed, but if there is one man who can revitalize women in today’s music industry, it’s Timbaland.  Personally responsible for the successful careers of the late Aaliyah,... Read More


Keri Hilston ft. Justin Timberlake - Headsprung (Remix) [Stream]

After writing songs for renowned recording artists such as Mary J. Blige, Ciara, and Kelly Rowland, R&B singer Keri Hilson got her first big break appearing on Timbaland‘s club hit, The Way I Are, and then Rich... Read More


Rich Boy ft. Keri Hilston & Polow Da Don - Good Things [Stream]

Alabama native and the man behind the Throw Some D’s phenomenon, Rich Boy, is back with the third single off his self-titled debut album.  Good Things, produced by Polow Da Don, is a laid back and easy listening... Read More


Keri Hilson ft. Snoop Dogg - Happy Juice [Stream]

Keri Hilson breaks through the gates running with Happy Juice in hand. With tantalizingly melodic lyrics, laid down by the legendary Snoop D O double G; a mixture of deep drum patterns blessed by super-producer Timbaland and... Read More


Lloyd Banks ft. Keri Hilson - Help [Stream]

The long awaited release of Lloyd Banks sophomore album has come to an end.  Rotten Apple is currently flying off shelves with numerous singles from the album being spun in clubs and on radio nationwide.  The newest... Read More