New Kidd Kidd Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Kidd Kidd - Ejected (I Got Some Bad Bitches In My Section) ft. Lil Wayne [Stream]

Fresh off of his inclusion in this year’s XXL Freshman Class, Kidd Kidd lets loose a new record from his upcoming F*k Da Fame project in response to some of the criticism he’s faced in the wake of the list’s... Read More


Kidd Kidd - From Nothin’ [Stream]

Despite the best efforts of the 1%, the American dream isn’t completely dead yet, and Kidd Kidd is proof. On new promo cut From Nothin’, G-Unit‘s newest member puts his own spin on Horatio Alger’s... Read More


G-Unit - Big Body Benz [Stream]

On Monday, G-Unit will release limited edition physical copies of their Beauty of Independence EP to Best Buy. As an incentive to fans who already purchased the digital version when it was released in late August, two... Read More


G-Unit - Ahhh Sh*t [Stream]

UPDATE: We’ve added the new Timo Alert-directed visuals for G-Unit’s Ahhh Sh*t single. Ahhh Sh*t! G-Unit is back with another fresh promo single, and this one finds 50 and company grappling with the ongoing... Read More


Kidd Kidd ft. Young Chris - The Real [Stream]

“You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.“ Listeners who choose... Read More


50 Cent ft. Jadakiss & Kidd Kidd - Irregular Heartbeat [Stream]

What’s that? 50 Cent released another music video? It’s been what—five, six, seven… days since his last appearance at The DJBooth? Yup, Fiddy indeed has returned to our pages with his latest visual... Read More


Kidd Kidd - I Am [Stream]

History is bound to repeat itself for those you don’t learn from the past. But if you’re Kidd Kidd, you take the best from the past and rewrite it into the future so it benefits you to the max. On his latest video... Read More


50 Cent ft. Kidd Kidd - Everytime I Come Around [Stream]

When 50 Cent left his longtime recording home at Shady/Interscope for the independent green grass at Caroline/Capitol, many believed that the primary reason was because of creative control. Several months later, the real... Read More


50 Cent ft. Prodigy, Kidd Kidd & Styles P - Chase The Paper [Stream]

While you probably spent your weekend mornings nursing a hangover, 50 Cent is ignoring your girl’s call five times at a video shoot with tricked out vehicles I don’t even know the names of. In his latest video for... Read More


Kal Duzay ft. Kidd Kidd & Mark Kent - Top Speed [Stream]

When entering The DJBooth for the first time, it’s often wise for the artist to take it slow, as it can be a jungle in here. For Booth newcomer Kal Duzay, however, that advice really isn’t needed, because he’s... Read More


August Alsina ft. Kidd Kidd - Downtown [Stream]

Every day in the U.S., nearly 300 people are shot, and 80-plus die from their injuries. Each one, of course, is somebody’s son or daughter, and many leave behind grieving spouses, siblings and other loved ones.... Read More


Kidd Kidd ft. Juvenile - New Warleans [Stream]

Now that we’re only a handful of years away from the 10-year-anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the focus on post-Katrina New Orleans and its residents has all but disappeared. Although a focus on the city has shifted... Read More


50 Cent ft. Kidd Kidd - Get Busy [Stream]

Having caught his breath on last month’s reader-approved Remain Calm, 50 Cent proceeds to Get Busy on the latest release off his forthcoming Gangsta Grillz tape. Here, 45 Music‘s ominous street boardwork sets the... Read More


Tony Yayo ft. 50 Cent, Shawty Lo, Roscoe Dash & Kidd Kidd - Haters [Stream]

Could you have pictured that six years ago Tony Yayo, 50 Cent‘s right hand man, would be attempting to find his footing in hip-hop’s digital age side-by-side with Shawty Lo? Well, thanks to Fiddy’s CEO-like... Read More


Kidd Kidd - Off the Richter Scale [Stream & Download]

The 246th entry in our Exclusive Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Kidd Kidd, the New Orleans hopeful recently heard rhyming alongside Lil Wayne on She Bad. On his brand new, exclusive Off the Richter Scale freestyle, the... Read More


Kidd Kidd Spits “Off the Richter Scale” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y.-- Kidd Kidd, the New Orleans hopeful recently heard rhyming alongside Lil Wayne on "She Bad," has stepped into the Booth with the 246th entry in our Exclusive Freestyle Series. On his brand new, exclusive "Off... Read More


Lil Wayne ft. Mack Maine & Kidd Kidd - She Bad [Stream]

Though Tha Carter IV is still a month and change away Lil Wayne isn’t leaving his hungry fans in the lurch. Today, the hip-hop heavyweight returns with She Bad, a new cut on which Wayne details a whirlwind romance with... Read More


Kidd Kidd ft. Jim Jones - Set It Off [Stream & Download]

Kidd Kidd‘s been quiet in the Booth since he swaggered onto our front page with Crack Rock back in November of 2010. Today, the New Orleans native breaks his silence with Set It Off, a street single which finds producer... Read More


Kidd Kidd - Crack Rock [Stream & Download]

Those with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things hip-hop (aka DJBooth Nation) will recognize Kidd Kidd as the guest on the album version of Lil Wayne’s hit single Mrs. Officer, but for those who need to get caught up on... Read More