New Killa Kyleon Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Killa Kyleon ft. Slim Thug & Kirko Bangz - My City [Stream]

There are only two sure things in life: death and Killa Kyleon putting it down for his hometown. (Avoiding taxes is easy, if you happen to be a corporate CEO or big-shot investor.) On My City, a freshly-minted street single... Read More


Killa Kyleon x Doughbreezy - Watch the Chrome [Stream & Download]

Killa Kyleon and Doughbeezy may not be rap royalty just yet, but they can lay claim the some of the finest rims in the game. On their new collaborative street single, the Lone Star State natives invite us to pour up a drink,... Read More


Emilio Rojas ft. Killa Kyleon & Doughbeezy - Fire [Stream & Download]

When Emilio Rojas’ name is on a record, you know it’s gonna be fire. And when the track itself is titled “Fire”... well, I hope y’all are wearing your flame-retardant headphones. Coming on the heels of... Read More


Killa Kyleon - Cadillac [Stream & Download]

Nowadays, the ultimate sign that a emcee has “made it” is the purchase (read: not video shoot rental) of a Maybach or some other lavish, foreign whip. Killa Kyleon, however, prefers to kick it old school by... Read More


Killa Kyleon - ESE [Stream & Download]

It’s been a minute—over a year, in fact—since we last heard a new solo feature from Killa Kyleon. What’s the H-Town veteran been up to since July 2011, when he dropped off You’re the One? Running the... Read More


Chris Webby ft. Killa Kyleon - I’m In Here [Stream & Download]

The last time we heard from Webby he was battling the classic arch-villain that is Bowser, but having apparently rescued the Princess and returned safely back home, Webby is now simply looking to let the world know that I’m... Read More


Le$ ft. Killa Kyleon & Slim Thug - Mind Playing Tricks [Stream & Download]

A classic cut off the Geto Boys’ 1991 We Can’t Be Stopped LP, Mind Playing Tricks On Me gets a high-rolling makeover on Settle 4 Le$’ similarly-titled Booth debut, Mind Playin Tricks. Here, DJ Mr. Rogers... Read More


I-20 ft. Killa Kyleon - I’m the Man [Stream & Download]

Ladies and gentlemen, I-20 is the motherf*cking man. El hombre. L’homme. Der Mann. Don’t take it from me, though; take it from the man himself, who explains exactly why he can be considered a male human being par... Read More


Tum Tum ft. Big Sant & Killa Kyleon - Let Her Ride [Stream & Download]

This past Sunday, December, 4, was the fourth anniversary of Pimp C‘s untimely death. In honor of the Southern legend, Texan emcee Tum Tum has gathered a few of his most talented colleagues to remake Front, Back, Side... Read More


Pill, I-20 & Killa Kyleon - King Hustler [Stream & Download]

If you experience a little déjà vu upon listening to the latest leak off Trakksounds and ThaFixx’ new compilation album, it’s likely because you have heard it before. Featured back in May with i-20 as the... Read More


Cory Mo ft. Freddie Gibbs, Killa Kyleon & Z-Ro - All About Me [Stream]

When you’ve got as much pimpin’ in your pedigree as Cory Mo, you can hardly be expected to give any thought to others, can you? On All About Me an untagged standout cut off his latest street release, the Houston... Read More


Nephew ft. Smoke DZA & Killa Kyleon - Hustler’s Prayer [Stream & Download]

When you make your introduction to The DJBooth community by moving an entire Kilo of that raw it’s going to be hard to top yourself – unless you’re Nephew. A Jacksonville hustler turned street poet who’s also... Read More


Kidz In The Hall ft. Killa Kyleon - Crash Dummy [Stream]

At first, I thought Crash Dummy was a Lil Wayne song (emcee Naledge gave me that Weezy vibe in the first verse), but instead Kidz In The Hall’s new release is further evidence of the duo’s versatility. The two Ivy League... Read More


Play-N-Skillz ft. Killa Kyleon - Back in the Day [Stream & Download]

Am I getting old, or was everything really better Back in the Day? On second thought, don’t answer that. In any case, those familiar with the feeilng of nostalgia will undoubtedly be able to relate to the sentiments... Read More


ChrisCo ft. Obie Trice & Killa Kyleon - A Different High [Stream & Download]

Tired of the same-old, same old? You’ve come to the right place—Booth newcomer ChrisCo and his crew are on A Different High, according to this newly-released mixtape standout. Featuring low-frequency production by... Read More


Phil Adé ft. Killa Kyleon - You’re the One [Stream & Download]

Every day seems to bring a new leak from Phil Adé, and every leak seems to bring with it a new style. First there was the inspirational grinding of Monte Carlo Dreams, then there was the hazy, mellow, Mac Miller assisted... Read More


Killa Kyleon ft. Jack Freeman - Make Me [Stream & Download]

Previously heard contributing guest rhymes to cuts by Kid Ink, Big K.R.I.T., LeToya and the Grit Boys, street veteran Killa Kyleon is long overdue to step into the Booth with a debut solo feature. It’s taken long... Read More


Kid Ink ft. Red Cafe, Killa Kyleon & Machine Gun Kelly - My City [Stream & Download]

Recently introduced to our readers via mixtape cut Lowkey Poppin’, Los Angeles emcee Kid Ink pays tribute to his hometown on follow-up leak My City. Cardiak produces, crafting a street-ready piano backdrop for the... Read More


Big K.R.I.T. ft. Curren$y & Killa Kyleon - Moon & Stars (Remix) [Stream]

What does it take to get your mixtape nominated for a Best of the Booth Award? Not only does it have to be dope, it has to be so dope people are still begging for remixes eight months after it’s released. And that’s... Read More


LeToya ft. Killa Kyleon, Slim Thug & Bun B - Swagger [Stream]

Certain words are often associated with one sex over another when heard within the framework of urban music.  For example, let’s employ the word “swagger.”  The expression, which is most commonly defined as... Read More


Grit Boys ft. Paul Wall & Killa Kyleon - Now N Later Paint [Stream]

Houston’s Grit Boys grabbed up longtime friend Paul Wall and Boss Hogg Outlaw Killa Kyleon for the drippin’ wet single, Now N Later Paint.  Every stereotypical topic that Houston artists are known for rapping about... Read More