New King Mez Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


King Mez Understands Music With a Message Is Bigger Than His Career [Feature ]

“Why?” The single word is all my brother could muster after watching the murder of Terence Crutcher. I watched him as he watched his phone. I saw as his entire demeanor changed after the short clip... Read More


King Mez Says J. Cole Gives N. Carolina Rappers Hope [Feature ]

Subscribe to DJBooth on YouTube I've known King Mez for years, we first started posting his music way back in 2010, so it's been thrilling to see him start to get some of the larger scale recognition he's long... Read More


Ike - Last Days ft. Melat, King Mez & Tank Washington [Stream]

Up-and-coming emcee/producer Ike, formerly of the Booth-approved group 20/20 and Poise, makes his solo Booth debut today with the world premiere of his brand new single. Entitled Last Days, the record addresses police... Read More


King Mez on “Compton,” Writing for Dr. Dre & the Impossible Dream (Interview) [Feature ]

[Photo by Christopher Parsons] "When you set out to do something so impossible, and then actually you do it, it changes your perspective on everything."  When I reached him by phone King Mez was planning what he was... Read More


Don’t Know the New Artists on Dr. Dre’s “Compton”? We Tried to Warn You [Feature ]

If it felt like it's been an eternity since the last Dr. Dre album it's because it has been; we've waited nearly 16 years (well, 15 years and 8 months to be exact) since 2001. It no longer... Read More


King Mez - Beats One Radio Freestyle [Stream & Download]

Raleigh, NC native King Mez, a fixture on our pages since 2010, has unleashed a Cardiak-produced Beats On Radio Freestyle, which premiered on Dr. Dre’s The Pharmacy on Apple Music station Beats 1. Read More


MK Asante - Young Bucks ft. King Mez [Stream]

MK Asante‘s talents don’t stop at hip-hop, as he’s also the bestselling author of Buck: A Memoir, an award-winning Sundance filmmaker (for the film adaptation of his memoir) and a tenured professor at Morgan... Read More


King Mez - Reggie Miller [Stream]

2015 is shaping up to be a big year for King Mez. The longtime Booth fave has yet to reveal exactly what he has planned, but he recently moved from his native North Carolina to L.A. in order to “work with Aftermath on some... Read More


King Mez - Morris [Stream]

Five months after unleashing his latest street album, King Mez still has a few worthy singles up his sleeve. The latest, Morris, takes its title from the artist’s birth name and, appropriately, finds him offering a more... Read More


Fundament ft. King Mez - U Know It’s U [Stream]

At the top of next year, Fundament will unleash a brand new independent full-length. That may sound like a ways away, but it’s never too early to start building your buzz, which is exactly what the T-Dot buzzmaker is... Read More


WELL$ ft. King Mez - Youth in Revolt Pt. 2 [Stream & Download]

On last year’s Youth in Revolt, North Carolina rhymesayer WELL$ rebelled against traditional song structures by eschewing a chorus in favor of one relentless three-minute verse. The reception was so positive (The cut... Read More


Real Recognize Real: King Mez on Biggie’s Influence, Azizi Gibson & More [Feature ]

Sometimes it can feel like artists move through the world in their own bubble, orbiting around each other but never touching, especially in hip-hop when biting and copying is a cardinal sin. But the truth is, music isn't made... Read More


King Mez - Can’t Let Go [Stream]

Though King Mez‘s latest street album, Long Live the King, dropped back in April, we still don’t have any visuals for the highly-acclaimed set. Today, the First in Flight State spitter rectifies that oversight,... Read More


King Mez - Long Live the King [Album]

With past releases like My Everlasting Zeal and The King's Khrysis, King Mez has proven himself as one of the foremost emerging artists in North Carolina underground hip-hop. Now, the unsigned buzzmaker has returned with a... Read More


King Mez - The Town Pt. 2 [Stream & Download]

On The Town, a standout track off 2012’s My Everlasting Zeal LP, King Mez assured listeners that it was just a matter of time before he joined the ranks of hip-hop royalty: “I see that crown like it’s gotta be... Read More


King Mez - New Vinyl [Stream & Download]

It’s been just three months since King Mez last dropped by the Booth but, in that short span of time, the Carolina mainstay has experienced some big changes in the professional arena. Most notably, he inked a publishing... Read More


King Mez - Exordium [Stream]

In classical rhetoric, the Latin word “Exordium” (literally “beginning”) refers to the introductory part of an oration, in which the speaker lays the foundation for the argument to come. While King Mez’... Read More


King Mez - Monte Carlo [Stream & Download]

Son….I love it when things come full circle. Back in 2010, I had the pleasure to witness a man-child spit well-grown thoughts all over the mic at Ruckus Pizza in Raleigh, NC. He was King Mez then and he’s even... Read More


Big Whiskey ft. Teknique, King Mez & Shane Eli - Black Out [Stream & Download]

When you come to consciousness somewhere other than your bed, without any memory of what you did to get there, odds are the answer’s not going to be anything good. Booth newcomer Big Whiskey is the exception to the... Read More


MAHD ft. King Mez - COCAINE [Stream]

Just how powerful is the product MAHD‘s pushing? Well, the fact that the Motown-repping newcomer feels compelled to puts its name in all-caps should give you a little idea. But don’t take my word for it—sample... Read More


J.Good ft. King Mez - Grand Finale [Stream]

J.Good is such a hard act to follow, that most acts would be better off not even trying—even when he’s the opening act, he sounds like the Grand Finale. Don’t believe me? Just take a listen to his latest song... Read More


Big SANT ft. Phonte, Tito Lopez & King Mez - Rap Ni**a [Stream & Download]

Today, in 2012, the idea that real rap only comes from north of the Mason-Dixon line is so quaint as to be hilarious. Thus, Big SANT could rightfully be accused of beating a dead horse on his latest single. On the other hand,... Read More


Zumo Kollie ft. King Mez - Shooting Stars Down [Stream]

What’s the only thing better than one dope emcee? Two dopes emcees, and if there’s a world video premiere involved as well? All the better. For his new flick Shooting Down Stars, Zumo Kollie grabs a beat from... Read More


The DJBooth & Tuff Tunezz Present: The Grassroots Effect [Feature ]

Providence, R.I. -- On Thursday, July 19, Tuff Tunezz and The DJBooth will come together to present The Grassroots Effect, a showcase featuring several of the hip-hop game's hottest emerging talents. Going down at Providence,... Read More


King Mez ft. Sarah Kaboo, Carlitta Durand & Damaris Joi - Fallen [Stream & Download]

With the level of acclaim his new, DJBooth-sponsored street album is enjoying on our pages and beyond, King Mez must be soaring right now. The higher one climbs, however, the farther one risks tumbling back to earth. On... Read More


King Mez - My Everlasting Zeal [Album]

First in Flight State rhymesayer King Mez has come together with Life + Times and The DJBooth to bring fans his debut studio album, My Everlasting Zeal. The follow-up to King’s Khrysis, his Booth-acclaimed mixtape with... Read More


El Prez ft. King Mez - Love Kills [Stream & Download]

Can you really die of heartbreak? According to five minutes on Google, most definitely—not only can the stress of separation from a loved one apparently cause literal, fatal heart spasms but, if you’re not careful... Read More


King Mez - Reign [Stream & Download]

In dozens of Booth-featured cuts, an exclusive freestyle and two mixtape releases (The King’s Khrysis and The Paraplegics), it’s never occurred to me to wonder what King Mez was supposed to be king of. I mean,... Read More


King Mez ft. Drey Skonie - The Allure [Stream & Download]

On his last solo feature, fall 2011’s Reign, King Mez took some time out to savor the sweet taste of success after so many arduous, heart-hardening years on the grind. Far from resting on his laurels however, the North... Read More


MMA ft. King Mez & Mr. Ivory Snow - C.O.O.L. [Stream]

If you ask MMA, being C.O.O.L. isn’t simply a matter of cutting a fresh and fly figure. Making its world premiere right here in The DJBooth, the First in Flight State representative’s latest single finds him using... Read More


YC the Cynic ft. Rapper Big Pooh, King Mez & Chaundon - More and More (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Did YC the Cynic‘s More and More leave you wanting, well, more, when it hit the Booth back in February? Well, your wish is the Bronx emcee’s command. Today, the record returns in officially-remixed form. On this... Read More


Emilio Rojas, STS, King Mez, Donny Goines, & Thee Tom Hardy - Posse Cut [Stream & Download]

You’ve gotta love truth in advertising. Posse Cut, is… a posse cut—a posse cut about the creation of a posse cut, no less. It’s also a veritable who’s-who of recent Booth favorites: showcasing their... Read More


Phonte x King Mez x Charlie Smarts - In the 336 [Stream & Download]

Wondering how they do it “In the 336? You’ve come to the right place—on the inaugural leak off The Dropouts’ forthcoming compilation album, three of Greenboro, North Carolina’s most talented... Read More


The Black Sunn & 810 ft. King Mez - Props [Stream & Download]

Here at, we’ve never been shy to give The Black Sunn and 810 their much-deserved Props. Today, the Baltimore rhymesayers return for another round of reader plaudits. On this newly-released single, a breezy,... Read More


King Mez ft. Skyzoo - The Rebirth [Stream & Download]

Hip-hop may not recognize royal bloodlines, but anyone who’s heard King Mez rock the mic can tell you that the North Carolina native was born for this sh*t. Today, the Booth fave lays his claim to the throne with album... Read More


Rapsody ft. King Mez & Laws - Top Five [Stream & Download]

Rapsody... Top Five, dead or alive? It might seem a little early to make that call, but think about it this way: if the North Carolina femcee doesn’t tell us so now, how will she be able to say “I told you so!”... Read More


Skyzoo ft. King Mez - For The Awake [Stream & Download]

When I was a kid with Christmas approaching I’d always struggle every time my moms left the house. I knew where she hid our presents (in the back of her closet) and I wanted to sneak a peek so incredibly bad, but I also... Read More


King Mez ft. Thee Tom Hardy & Sean Boog - From the South [Video]

Recently featured on the Booth, “From The South”, a single off King Mez and Khrysis’ The King’s Khrysis, is still hot as ever, especially now that the visuals have been dropped. Featuring Mez and... Read More


Tanya Morgan - Without Hands [Video]

Shortly after the Booth-approved audio hit our pages, the visuals behind posse cut Without Hands has emerged, with Tanya Morgan members Donwill and Von Pea leading the pack alongside fellow spitters Skyzoo and King Mez.... Read More


Tanya Morgan ft. Che Grand, King Mez & Skyzoo - Without Hands [Stream & Download]

For the second featured leak off, Unique Squared and Quality Control‘s Official SXSW Mixtape (the first was 4-Ize‘s People), Tanya Morgan collide with a formidable lineup of collaborators to blaze a... Read More


King Mez & Khrysis - “Something’s Missing” [Video]

Coming off of his Booth-hosted project The King’s Khrysis, available for download here, King Mez, with producer Khrysis, has released the visuals to choice cut Something’s Missing. To back up a flow that our own... Read More


King Mez - Sirens [Stream & Download]

North Carolina representative King Mez gets personal on this unreleased joint, formerly featured on the Booth’s own SXSW: The Rising mixtape. Over Eric G.‘s mournful, soul-sampled boardwork, the reader fave and... Read More


King Mez - Exclusive SXSW Interview [Video]

In mid-March, emerging artists and hip-hop heavyweights alike gathered in Austin, Texas for the 25th annual South by Southwest festival, which included an all-star showcase sponsored by (Click here to read our... Read More


TP ft. King Mez, Halo & Heather Victoria - Gotta Work [Stream & Download]

Readers may not recognize Booth newcomer TP (unless you’re a big Tar Heels fan – he was #14) but if the North Carolina native has anything to say about it, it won’t be long before are hailing him as a hip-hop... Read More


SXSW Long Days and Longer Nights [Feature ]

Oddly enough, as the days have progressed during my stay in Austin my nights (sleeping-wise) have been reduced. Not too odd after all right? Anyways, Day 3 (Friday) has left me extremely exhausted as I write this on the... Read More


King Mez ft. Thee Tom Hardy & Sean Boog - From the South [Stream & Download]

The last time I wrote about King Mez he was busy giving other rappers Nightmares. Since then he’s been a constant here at DJBooth, and rightfully so. To keep the trend going, today we feature one of the stand-out cuts, From... Read More


King Mez x Khrysis - The King’s Khrysis [Album]

There was a time when New York City ruled hip-hop. And then rap manifest destiny spread the locus of hip-hop’s power westward, where L.A. assumed the mantle. Years later both coasts would give way to Atlanta and Chicago as... Read Full Review


King Mez x Khrysis - The King’s Khrysis [Album]

Booth favorite (and freestyle series alumnus) King Mez and beatsmith Khrysis have hooked up with Herfection, Nahright, FISDJFoto, Stussy, Workshop, BoardroomMusic, FreshHeirs and to bring fans their new... Read More


King Mez - Something’s Missing [Stream & Download]

One of the most rewarding things that comes from being a part of the Booth is watching the growing success of someone talented enough to deserve it. Enter King Mez, the North Carolina rap staple (and Freestyle alum) gaining... Read More


King Mez - Champions [Stream & Download]

After a brief hiatus on the Booth (it’s been two months since Hoppin Over Fences), things are looking up for North Carolina native and Booth Freestyle vet King Mez. With a project set to release and an upcoming appearance... Read More


The Beast & Nnenna Freelon ft. King Mez & Kaze - Black Fantastic [Stream]

Whatever it is they’ve been pumping into the Durham tap water, it seems to be working. With Thee Tom Hardy‘s brand new Secret of Thee Green Magic mixtape currently burning up our Mixtape Chart, a whole crew of... Read More


King Mez - Hoppin Over Fences [Stream & Download]

Good things come to those who wait, or more importantly here, to those who consistently throw down sick lines. Case in point, King Mez, the rapper and Booth favorite who was recently sponsored by Stussy to collaborate on the... Read More


King Mez ft. Sean Boog - Everything [Stream & Download]

With formidable mic skills, an impressive pen game and a burning passion for hip-hop, freestyle series alum King Mez is Everything heads could ask for in an emcee. Don’t take it from me, though. On his latest promo... Read More


J. Capri ft. King Mez - Place in the Game [Stream & Download]

Here in the Booth, hardly a day goes by that we’re not introduced to a promising up-and-comer grinding nonstop to secure his Place in the Game. One of several debuts in tonight’s lineup (see also: first features... Read More


King Mez, Silent Knight & Cise Star - Milky Cereal [Stream]

Ready to feel old my fellow ‘80s babies? Incredibly, it’s been twenty years since LL Cool J dropped him seminal album Mama Said Knock You Out (that’s one tough Mama), and to celebrate the good folks over at... Read More


King Mez - Nightmares [Stream & Download]

We all have nightmares now and then. Whether it’s that dream where we get really embarrassed in front of a crowd or our mom walks in on…you know what? Let’s move on. The point is North Carolina spitter King Mez, perhaps... Read More


E Major ft. King Mez & J Hill - Where You Came From? [Stream]

Hailing from Baltimore, E Major is probably a new name to Booth listeners. However, with a laid back flow and very positive vibe, this cat is making sure that this isn’t his first and only time on the site. Off of his... Read More


Jabee ft. King Mez & Carlitta Durand - Better [Stream]

Did you enjoy Go and Tell ‘Em (Remix), Blood and A Blessing, the previous solo features from Jabee? Well, I’ve got good news: his latest promo single is “Better.” OK, that’s just the title – but, with... Read More


Kooley High ft. King Mez - Sky View [Stream]

With the DMV finally earning a place in the national hip-hop spotlight my pick for the next region to blow is N. Carolina. With cats like 9th Wonder setting the foundation, a new generation of N.C. emcees are set to take the... Read More


King Mez x Commissioner Gordon - The Paraplegics [Album]

Lazaretto Crew emcee King Mez and producer Commissioner Gordon have joined forces with RedCarpetSoc, Missls, Fisdjfoto and Kevin Nottingham to bring fans their highly-anticipated collaborative street album, The... Read More


King Mez Jumps “In the Mix” [DJBooth Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

In a world twisted by disagreements, two-sided arguments and split decisions, is there anything that’s not up for debate? Yes - the South has turned out some of the greatest hip-hop artists in the game. Ask almost anyone... Read More


King Mez ft. Nickelus F - Blow [Premiere] [Stream]

Don’t worry – North Carolina’s King Mez hasn’t gotten into the cocaine business. The word “Blow” in the title of this newly-leaked album cut (an exclusive world premiere!) refers not to the white... Read More


King Mez - I’m Dreamin [Freestyle] [Stream]

Never say the DJBooth staff doesn’t listen to the people. Only a couple months ago North Carolina representer King Mez made his debut on the Booth with his track Winter, and after y’all reacted like we released a Megan... Read More


King Mez Spits “919” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- King Mez, the North Carolina native who earned reader acclaim for mixtape cuts "Winter" and "So Long," has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 148th entry in our Freestyle Series. On his brand... Read More


King Mez - 919 [Stream & Download]

The 148th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of King Mez, the North Carolina native who earned reader acclaim for mixtape cuts Winter and So Long. On his brand new, exclusive 919 freestyle, the currently... Read More


King Mez ft. Tab One & Charlie Smarts (of Kooley High) - So Long [Premiere] [Stream]

If it feels like just last week that up-and-coming emcee King Mez introduced himself to the Booth with reader-acclaimed cut Winter – as a matter of fact, that was just last week – but it’s already come time for the... Read More


King Mez - Winter [Stream]

During the frigid Minneapolis Winter, I’m much more apt to vibe out to bright, sunny tunes than seasonally-appropriate fare (anything Brazilian is a good bet). Fortunately, the title of North Carolina up-and-comer King... Read More