New Knowledge Medina Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


REKS x Hazardis Soundz ft. Knowledge Medina & High Collide - Fear of God [Stream]

Still haven’t picked up Eyes Watching God, the epic collaborative concept album from REKS and Hazardis Soundz? Well, you’re depriving yourself of some quality tunes. But don’t take my word for it—simply... Read More


Knowledge Medina ft. Jo-L & Serum - Riot [Stream & Download]

Knowledge Medina and his stepbrother, Jo-L, “ain’t no thugs,” but that doesn’t stop them from starting a full-blown Riot on this cut, single numero uno off their forthcoming collaborative full-length. Making... Read More


Knowledge Medina - Cold Rain (Down on Me) [Stream]

Not glimpsed on our pages since dropping off the reader-approved I’ll Do back in October of 2012, Knowledge Medina returns to our pages with single numero uno off his next full-length. Making its world premiere right... Read More


Knowledge Medina - I’ll Do [Stream]

It’s tough to be a truth-speaker in a music industry overflowing with fakeness, but Knowledge Medina isn’t fazed—as he tells us on his latest feature, that’s just how he do. Making its world premiere right... Read More


Knowledge Medina - That’s Me [Stream & Download]

In an era when fads, gossip and beef often seem poised to take over the hip-hop game, who’s gonna do what it takes to keep the music alive? Leave it to Knowledge Medina. On a brand new single off his forthcoming EP, the... Read More


The Benchwarmers Clique ft. Knowledge Medina - Galactic Matters [Stream & Download]

I won’t lie. While The Benchwarmers Clique has been featured on The DJBooth before, their last track was February’s Droppin Bombs, let the record books show that July 18 was the day they truly grabbed my... Read More


Knowledge Medina - Elevation [Stream & Download]

You can always count on Knowledge Medina to uplift your mindstate; Elevation, the latest leak off the Florida rapper/producer’s forthcoming compilation album, is no exception to the rule. Making its world premiere right... Read More


Knowledge Medina ft. High Collide & REKS - Shades of Grey [Stream]

Try as we might to achieve a clear view, life rarely presents us with anything but Shades of Grey. Don’t take it from me, though; take it from Knowledge Medina, who chronicles his struggles to navigate life’s... Read More


Knowledge Medina - Family Matters [Stream]

First things first: Knowledge Medina‘s latest single doesn’t sample the eponymous sitcom’s theme music (Though I kinda want to hear someone try that, now that I think of it), nor does it feature any of... Read More


Knowledge Medina & Numonics - All I Know [Video]

South Florida compatriots, emcee Knowledge Medina and producer Numonics, continue to deliver fearlessly honest hip-hop with the release of their brand new video, All I Know. Off Knowledge Medina and Numonics’... Read More


Knowledge Medina & Numonics - Never Enough EP [Album]

South Florida’s Knowledge Medina and Numonics have come together with The DJBooth and IMKING to present their collaborative street release, the Never Enough EP. The project finds Medina offering listeners a glimpse... Read More


Knowledge Medina - Never Enough [Stream & Download]

There’s nothing like a brush with death to clue you into how small and insignificant you, and your actions, are in the grand scheme of things. Just ask Numonics, who came up with the chords to EP title track Never... Read More


Knowledge Medina ft. Co$$ - Can You Let Me Be [Stream & Download]

Having garnered, respectively, 4.4 and 4.0-star average ratings for Dead or Alive and You Don’t Really Care, Knowledge Medina only needs one more reader-acclaimed record to achieve a hat trick in the Booth. Can he pull... Read More


Knowledge Medina - You Don’t Really Care [Stream & Download]

Shoddy romantic behavior seems like a running theme in today’s Booth lineup. Parable vs. Mac Soto‘s Soul (also featured on our homepage) found the NYC rhymesayer and Southern singer/songwriter/producer copping to... Read More


Knowledge Medina ft. Reks - Dead Or Alive [Stream & Download]

The tunes being spun at radio are a far cry from the ‘80s and ‘90s but, with the sheer number of prominent artists who continue to embody the spirit of the old-school, it’s a wonder how heads can still fall... Read More


Knowledge Medina - The 9mm [Stream & Download]

The 9 millimeter gun has been a constant presence in hip-hop since it turned from the earlier disco approach to reflecting the streets and neighborhoods from which the rappers came. Knowledge Medina brings forth a new song... Read More


Knowledge Medina ft. Soul Theory & Reks - Forever [Stream & Download]

Thought Chiddy Bang‘s nine-hour freestyle was impressive? Then prepare to be amazed—on his first Booth feature, Knowledge Medina informs us that, if he wanted to, he could “flow for eternity.” You’ll have to... Read More