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Koncept & J57 “Live For It” In Exclusive Bless The Booth Freestyle (Video) [Feature ]

Subscribe to DJBooth on YouTube Last week Bless The Booth returned with a menacing cut from 300-signed Virginia Beach wordsmith DP, and this week our latest entry comes courtesy of NYC-based emcee and... Read More


Koncept & J57 - The Fuel EP [Album]

The NYC-repping Brown Bag All-Stars duo of Queens emcee Koncept and Long Island emcee/producer J57 have unveiled their long-awaited collaborative project, The Fuel EP. The EP totals eight tracks, and is preceded by single... Read More


Koncept - Don’t Move (Phantogram Remix) [Stream & Download]

It’s hard to follow instructions when the very sound of a message contradicts the question that is being asked. This becomes obvious listening to Don’t Move, a Booth world premiere and the latest remix by Koncept,... Read More


Koncept - Forever (Little Dragon Remix) [Stream & Download]

When you’re preparing for an intense physical workout, it’s best to warm up first, to lessen your chances of injury. Perhaps the same principle applies in the musical realm because, to gear up for their next joint... Read More


Flume & Chet Faker ft. Koncept - Drop the Game (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Generally, it’s frowned upon to show your appreciation for a work of art by adding your own touch to it. (Just ask the woman who planted a lipsticked kiss on a Cy Twombly painting in 2007.) In hip-hop, however, unofficial... Read More


Koncept - Getting Off the Ground [Stream & Download]

Update: The John Coyne-shot visuals for Koncept’s Getting Off the Ground single have been added. At the top of the New Year, Brown Bag All-Stars Koncept and J57 will finally unleash that collaborative full-length... Read More


DJ Rhettmatic ft. Koncept & J57 - Louis Vuitton Wallets [Stream]

A nice wallet is an essential part of any gentleman’s wardrobe. Sure, you’re going to be sitting on it 90% of the time, but do you really want to bust out something patched together from duct tape when... Read More


Koncept ft. J57 - Wings [Stream]

You’re walking down the street and you spot a bag of good weed lying in the middle of the sidewalk. What do you do? If you answered without hesitation, “Pick it up, pick it up!”, then Koncept‘s latest feature... Read More


Koncept x J57 ft. Co$$, Tenacity, Johaz, Blame One, El Prez & Realm Reality - When I Get There [Stream]

In 2013, Red Bull Records invited Brooklyn emcee Koncept to L.A. to spend a week in their world-class studio. After due consideration, he decided the opportunity would be best used to create his first joint project with... Read More


DJ Caesar ft. J57, Koncept & Mike Maven - Mathematics [Stream]

If you wanna get with DJ Caesar and his clique, you’d better know the Mathematics. Fortunately for those who, like myself, never excelled at arithmetic, the equation here is relatively simple: you take an old DJ Premier... Read More


Coarse Company (Koncept x Tenacity) - Same Page EP [Album]

Brown Bag All Star Koncept has teamed up with LA emcee/producer Tenacity to form a potent duo known as Coarse Company. The Same Page EP is produced in full by Tenacity and features guest appearances from J57, Natalie Andrea... Read More


Coarse Company (Tenacity x Koncept) ft. J57 & Natalie Andrea - City Hurts [Stream & Download]

NYC representatives Koncept and Tenacity love their hometown, but the constant overstimulation, combined with the proximity of poverty and struggle, often makes them wish they could fly the coop. On City Hurts, their first... Read More


BLAX ft. Koncept & Bishop Lamont - Wednesday (Out of My Mind) [Stream]

This Thursday, Milwaukee rhymesayer BLAX is going to be unleashing his latest EP, which comes heralded by Booth-featured singles… uh… sh*t, we haven’t featured any singles. To make it up to y’all,... Read More


Koncept x Numonics - Not for Nothing [Stream]

Oftentimes, when rappers get personal in their bars, they ease up on the verbal pyrotechnics and adopt a simpler style to make sure they’re understood. Not Koncept; new single Not for Nothing, part of the Brown Bag... Read More


Koncept x Numonics - My Peace [Stream & Download]

When you think of great hip-hop couples, who comes to mind? Beyoncé and Jay Z (duh), Alicia and Swizz, but what about Numonics and Koncept? OK, so they aren’t dating, but Numonics’s production chops and Koncept’s... Read More


Koncept ft. Lollybone - Love Me [Stream & Download]

I know you don’t know me but, after you check out this cut, you are gonna Love Me. Really, though, all the love should be given to Brown Bag All Stars member Koncept; he is the mastermind behind this refreshing record.... Read More


Koncept - Oh Baby (J57 Remix) [Stream]

“You know, I really like Koncept’s flow on the Malt Disney EP, but I can’t stand the beats” …said no one ever! It’s damn near impossible to hate on DeeJay Element’s production, but that’s not to say... Read More


Koncept ft. Tanya Morgan - Space Mountain [Stream & Download]

You may not be able to find Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck at Koncept‘s version of the Magic Kingdom (hey, lawsuits are expensive), but the Brown Bag AllStars rhymesayer did manage to get his hands on the theme... Read More


Koncept ft. Akie Bermiss - Open Tab [Stream]

Last fall, the Magic Kingdom bucked their strict no-alcohol policy by announcing that beer and wine would be served at certain restaurants in the park. However, guests are still prohibited from bringing in outside liquor, and... Read More


Koncept ft. Akie Bermiss - Oh Baby [Stream & Download]

Koncept’s Malt Disney EP may be Disney-inspired, but it is certainly not Disney approved. Mickey, Donald, heck, even Walt himself are more likely to say “Oh no” upon hearing this standout from the Booth-featured... Read More


Koncept - Malt Disney [Stream & Download]

With his forthcoming digital EP just a week away from release, Koncept has unleashed the title track off the much-anticipated set. Coming on the heels of the lyrical thrill ride that was Space Mountain, Malt Disney is a... Read More


Koncept - Malt Disney EP [Album]

Get your car packed and your gas tank filled because Brown Bag All-Star emcee Koncept has a Hip-Hop adventure in store on his brand new EP, Malt Disney. The six-track project, which is produced in-full by DeeJay Element,... Read More


Koncept ft. REKS - Give It Up [Stream & Download]

It’s been a hot minute since last we featured some fresh solo material from Koncept—more than a year, in fact. But I’m happy to say the dry spell is over; with a new EP on the way, the Brown Bag All-Stars... Read More


J57 ft. Silent Knight, Emilio Lopez, Koncept & DJ Emoh Bettah - Half Zombie [Stream & Download]

The life of an underground hip-hop artist on the come-up is a rough one, demanding myriad sleepless nights on the hustle and often offering little in return. Brown Bag All-Stars member J57, for one, has been at it so hard... Read More


Koncept ft. Royce da 5’9” - Watch The Sky Fall [Stream]

Update: Click “Watch Video” above to view the Pace Rivers-directed Watch The Sky Fall video. Mobile users can scroll down. What do you get when you take two emcees from two different crews and bring them... Read More


REKS ft. Sene, Koncept & Venessa Renee - La Luna [Stream]

For all of you who don’t hablo espanol, La Luna is Spanish for….the luna. My Chris Farley tribute aside, Boston’s own REKS is right back on his grind with a brand new video whose title actually translates as... Read More


Ori Shochat ft. Koncept, Shay & DJ Brace - That Raw Sh*t [Stream]

Hip-hop is now a thoroughly international culture and from the streets of Atlanta to the slums of Rio you can now hear some of the world’s best emcees and producers getting down. Here to rep Tel Aviv, Israel is... Read More


Koncept - Hear, Hun? [Stream & Download]

Bust out the Q-tips and make sure your ear canals are clear of all obstructions—you won’t want to miss a single detail of Koncept‘s latest promo single. Hear, Hun? finds beatsmith Tranzformer serving up a... Read More


J57 ft. Koncept - Pulp Fiction [Stream & Download]

Update: Click “Watch Now” above to view J57’s Fresh?Scenes’-directed “Pulp Fiction” video. What does J57‘s latest EP leak, Pulp Fiction, have in common with Quentin Tarantino’s... Read More


Koncept - Awaken [Video]

Koncept continues his streak of gripping videos with the release of title track Awaken, a deeply autobiographical look at his roots. For more from the always honest emcee be sure to grab his new album, Awaken, available via... Read More


Koncept - awaken [Stream]

Still sleeping on Koncept? Consider this newly-released cut, the title track off his latest album, your wakeup call. The contemplative awaken finds fellow Brown Bag All-Star J57 coming together with multi-instrumentalist Rob... Read More


Koncept ft. Sene - Getting Home [Stream]

Last we heard from Koncept, the NYC buzzmaker’s gaze was fixed firmly on the future as pondered his Aspirations for the years ahead. While a strong focus on your goals is healthy, there’s no escaping your past.... Read More


Koncept ft. Soul Khan - Aspirations [Stream]

Six months ago I had an epiphany. I was sitting at home, one year after graduating college, when I realized I wasn’t too fond of my regular 9-to-5. At that very moment I decided to do whatever I needed to do to eventually... Read More


Koncept - Feel Good [Video]

As Koncept knows, it’s hard to Feel So Good when you wake up on a gravel road next to a blow up doll, but the Brown Bag All Star emcee somehow finds a way.  For more from Koncept and Tranzformer be sure to check... Read More


Koncept & Tranzformer - High [Video]

Brooklyn emcee Koncept and Cali beatsmith Tranzformer get to cooking up some dope sh*t on their new video, High. Off Koncept’s More Than Meets the Eye album, available for free stream and direct download here. Read More


Koncept ft. Laurence Lafond-Beaulne - Feels So Good [Stream & Download]

Absent from the Booth since he dropped off Tranzformer collab More Than Meets the Eye back in February, Brown Bag All-Stars member Koncept breaks his silence today with the release of new promo single Feels So Good. Here,... Read More


Koncept x Tranzformer- More Than Meets the Eye [Album]

Brooklyn emcee Koncept and Cali beatsmith Tranzformer have hooked up with to bring fans their highly-anticipated collaborative EP, More Than Meets the Eye. The project features five brand new joints from the... Read More


Koncept ft. Jefferson Price - Change [Stream]

In the wise words of Heraclitus, “No man can ever step in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” Oh? I already used that quote to open a track review, like, a year ago?... Read More


Koncept - Things You Do [Stream & Download]

The 226th entry in and StreetAmmo‘s Exclusive Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Koncept, the NYC native (and Brown Bag All-Stars member) who earned reader approval for mixtape leak Day Dreaming. On his... Read More


Koncept Spits “Things You Do” for DJBooth x StreetAmmo Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Koncept, the NYC native (and Brown Bag All-Stars member) who earned reader approval for mixtape leak "Day Dreaming," has stepped into the Booth with the 226th entry in and StreetAmmo's Exclusive... Read More


Soul Khan ft. Koncept, 8thW1 & Homeboy Sandman - Knuckle Puck [Stream & Download]

In the (apparently awful) sequel to Disney classic The Mighty Ducks, the eponymous team defeats Iceland with the help of a technique called the Knuckle Puck. What does that have to do with Soul Khan‘s latest feature, a... Read More


Koncept - Day Dreaming [Stream & Download]

With my last day of college just a few days away (thanks, thanks, gifts can be mailed to…) I’ve been doing a lot of Day Dreaming lately. It feels good to know that I’m not alone with my shift in focus, as Koncept is... Read More