New KRS-One Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


For Supporting Afrika Bambaataa, Hip-Hop Should Quit KRS-One [Feature ]

Even as the Zulu Nation and affiliated leaders have disowned Afrika Bambaataa, rap legend KRS-One is still backing the accused child molester. During a recent Q&A in Birmingham, England, KRS continued his support of... Read More


KRS-One Criticizes America’s Hypocritical War on Drugs, Announces New Album [Feature ]

When a legend like KRS-One speaks, it's usually in your best interest to listen. The 50-year-old MC put the game on notice Sunday night with a series of tweets that at once announced a new album, Now Hear This, due out... Read More


AWKWORD ft. KRS-One, Dug Infinite & Brimstone127 - Radio 2.0 [Stream & Download]

Once upon a time, you could tune into a hip-hop station and hear music hand-selected by DJs with a personal connection to the scenes they were promoting. Today… well, let’s just say times have changed. On Radio... Read More


Kyle Rapps ft. KRS-One & Homeboy Sandman - Love Love 2 (Air Redux) [Stream & Download]

Did you like Love Love? Then you’ll love Love Love 2 (Air Redux). The sequel to a fan favorite, Kyle Rapps latest mixtape single finds the Re-Edutainment emcee dropping some serious knowledge alongside Homeboy Sandman... Read More


DJ JS-1 ft. KRS-One & Rahzel - Boom Slap [Stream & Download]

A Big Apple native with strong opinions on the state of hip-hop (see the previously-featured Like This), DJ JS-1 flies his old-school flag proudly on new album leak Boom Slap. Here, the headliner serves up a gritty,... Read More


Kyle Rapps ft. KRS-One - Rent (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Earlier this year we introduced readers to Kyle Rapps and his Joell Ortiz-assisted Hard Knock Children.  As we continue to inch closer to the release date (March 29) of his forthcoming EP, Re-Edutainment, its only... Read More


DJ Premier ft. KRS-One & Grand Puba - 5% [Stream]

So here’s how it goes. Everyone who saw the words “DJ Premier”, “KRS-ONE” and “Grand Puba” in the headline and knocked over their grandma to press play – you and I are friends. Everyone else? I’m watching... Read More


KRS One, Redman & MIMS - How to Be an MC 2010 [Stream]

I know what you’re thinking. I thought the exact same thing. Isn’t MIMS joining the legendary KRS-One and the semi-legendary Redman on a track called How to Be an MC 2010 kind of like Tony Romo joining Tom Brady and Drew... Read More


Almost September ft. KRS-One & Al Be Back - 16 17 18 [Stream]

Since releasing an EP via iTunes this past spring, MC Lyte‘s supergroup, Almost September, has picked up plenty of buzz among old-school legends and newcomers alike.  As Lyte, Whitey White, and Jared Lee begin work... Read More


DJ Revolution ft. KRS-One - The DJ [Stream]

As you can easily tell from our site’s name, DJBooth’s primary audience is, well, DJs all over the world.  Therefore, whenever one of them assembles a brand-new song, we are naturally excited to share it with... Read More