New Kwame Darko Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Kwame Darko - Half Full [Stream]

Finding that bad chick or dude who’ll ride with you through good and bad times is never easy, and that goes double when you’re in a game as replete with opportunistic hangers-on as the music industry. Maryland... Read More


Kwame Darko - Bet They See Me Now [Stream]

No matter how much talent you have, getting recognized is not easy. Sure, you might release dope content on the regular, but that doesn’t mean you are destined for stardom. While he might have been overlooked before, young... Read More


Kwame Darko - Post Grad Intro [Stream & Download]

Today brings us a tale of growing up from the viewpoint of up-and-coming rapper Kwame Darko. On new release Post Grad Intro, the Maryland native gone New Yorker rhymes about watching all his friends graduate while he’s... Read More


Kwame Darko ft. Juno Brown - Beautiful Thing [Stream]

Is there anything more sublime and awe-inspiring than a dope Booth debut? I mean, OK, the Aurora Borealis, the Hagia Sophia and the Grand Canyon are stiff competition—but still, I dare you to listen to Kwame Darko‘s... Read More