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KYLE Acknowledges Social Media Gave Him a Career [Feature ]

It's been quite a year for Ventura, California rapper-singer KYLE, who over the past nine-and-a-half months has earned a 3x Platinum, top 10 single ("iSpy") and was named a XXL Freshman. According to the 24-year-old,... Read More


“It Wasn’t Something I Made Happen”: KYLE Reflects on Unexpected Success of “iSpy” [Feature ]

For the past five years, Ventura, California native KYLE—one of the 10 rappers selected by XXL for their 2017 Freshman cover—has released a steady stream of new music. In addition to unleashing a handful of... Read More


Why Abandoning Album-Driven Artistry for Single Success is a Mistake [Feature ]

In the midst of an evolving music landscape, both from an artist and consumer standpoint, it’s becoming increasingly more tempting to ditch the more tedious work that goes into crafting a great album in favor... Read More


Is KYLE’s Lil Yachty-Assisted “iSpy” The Next “Broccoli”? [Feature ]

In December, independent rapper/singer KYLE released "iSpy," a Lil Yachty-assisted single that, in addition to sharing the same guest feature, gives off the same whimsical, fun-natured vibes as D.R.A.M.'s smash hit... Read More


KYLE - Really? Yeah! [Stream]

Indie-Pop artist KYLE has released the M Phazes-produced Really? Yeah!, the first single from his forthcoming album, #SMYLE, due out October 2. Accompanying visuals are directed by Jakob Owens, who has worked with Dizzy... Read More


KYLE - Angel ft. Buddy [Stream]

Clearly in a gifting mood today, KYLE has unleashed three new records into the earbuds of his fans. In addition to the G-Eazy-assisted King Wavy, we have our hands Angel, a summery The Stereotypes-produced song that features... Read More


KYLE - King Wavy ft. G-Eazy [Stream]

Ventura, California native and hip-pop buzzmaker KYLE has released a trio of new records via his Soundcloud, the best of which is King Wavy, a promo single featuring Bay Area star-in-the-making G-Eazy and produced by Nexxus. Read More


Marty Grimes - Die For Me ft. KYLE [Stream & Download]

“Would you Die For Me?” asks Marty Grimes on the fourth release from his upcoming album Nobody Said It Was Easy and the follow-up to the reader-approved The Famm from two months ago. The Bay Area emcee and... Read More


KYLE - Don’t Wanna Fall in Love [Stream]

Once upon a time, KYLE let his emotions get the better of him, and the fallout was ugly, to say the least. But he ain’t about to make the same mistake twice. On new single Don’t Wanna Fall in Love, the Ventura,... Read More


KYLE - Love 4 You [Stream]

This fall, Ventura hip-hop phenom KYLE will be heading out on his first North American tour with fellow rap buzzmaker Watsky. But he’s not gonna stop cranking out fresh content in the meantime. He’s got too much... Read More


Rockboy K9 ft. KYLE - Photoshop [Stream]

Rockboy K9‘s first (and, to date, only) Booth feature, January 2013’s Cherry Pie, found him expressing his misgivings regarding rappers’ focus on money above all else. A year and change later, though, paper... Read More


KYLE - View From Hollywood [Stream]

KYLE‘s native Ventura may be only an hour’s drive from Hollywood, where he currently resides, but those 59.3 miles make a world of difference to a rapper grinding his way to glory. On a brand new single, the... Read More


KYLE - Beautiful Loser [Album]

Ventura, California emcee KYLE has released his debut studio album, Beautiful Loser, which is available for stream here at The DJBooth. Heralded by reader-approved singles "Keep It Real," "Fruit Snacks & Cups of Patron" and... Read More


KYLE - Raining Love [Stream]

Ladies, you may want to grab a bucket and go outside, ‘cause it’s Raining Love. On second thought, don’t; now that I see that written out, it sounds kind of gross. Luckily, the title of KYLE‘s latest... Read More


Futuristic ft. KYLE & Sam King - I’m a Problem [Stream]

DJBooth rookie Futuristic is many things: an emcee, a gamer, a golfer, a lawbreaker… On his latest effort, the versatile artist adds one more title to his list, proudly announcing, “I’m a Problem.” While... Read More


KYLE - Fruit Snacks [Stream & Download]

One lonely night, Ventura, California emcee KYLE had the bright idea to combine a packet of Fruit Snacks with a cup of Patron. Strange as it might sound, the resulting cocktail was so delicious that the rapper felt the need... Read More


KYLE - Keep It Real [Stream & Download]

Breaking into choreographed dance routines on the baseball field, bragging about eating Cheetos in the studio—these aren’t the actions of a man who’s afraid to be himself. Introduced to our pages with... Read More


KYLE - Silver Platter [Stream]

According to the Email that accompanied KYLE‘s new single, he wrote Silver Platter while eating Cheetos. What the f**k does that have to do with anything, you ask? As far as I know, nothing—but, since the Golden State... Read More