New Kyle Lucas Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Kyle Lucas - Veritas [Stream]

Former Purple Ribbon Records artist Kyle Lucas, the frontman of broken-up alt-hip-hop band Vonnegutt, is finally ready to release his long overdue solo album, Marietta, Georgia: The Album. The first formal single off the... Read More


Jack Kafer ft. Cas & Kyle Lucas - Multiple Drugs [Stream]

Pringles, narcotics, talented emcees… some things are just better in the plural. If you can appreciate a little artful excess, you’re sure to appreciate Multiple Drugs, the latest single and debut Booth feature... Read More


Kyle Lucas x Jonny Craig - The Party and the Dream [Stream]

For some artists, who are only after life’s finer things and not in it for the love of the music, the party is the dream. For Kyle Lucas, however, there is a huge difference between The Party and the Dream. The Georgia... Read More


Kyle Lucas - Rainy Nights [Stream]

In addition to having a truly stellar last name, Kyle Lucas has a refreshingly humble perspective in an industry which, if you aren’t careful, will change you (and not for the better). On his new single, Rainy Nights, the... Read More


Kyle Lucas ft. Marc Goone - Worst Enemy [Stream & Download]

For many rappers, the biggest threats to their well-being are rival hustlers and traitorous homies. Longtime Booth fave Kyle Lucas’ most formidable obstacles, on the other hand, have always seemed to come from inside.... Read More


Kyle Lucas - It’s Always Sunny in Marietta 2 [Album]

Georgia-repping reader fave Kyle Lucas has released his brand new freebie set, It's Always Sunny in Marietta 2. The sequel to Lucas' acclaimed 2010 street album, the project packs 17 tracks' worth of original material (plus... Read More


Kyle Lucas - Housewife [Stream & Download]

In addition to having an excellent last name (a totally unbiased opinion), Kyle Lucas also has a knack for making insanely vibrant, catchy tunes. His latest, Housewife, is no exception. This record has a vintage feel thanks... Read More


Kyle Lucas & Captain Midnite - I’m Only a Little Crazy, Baby (Haunting Me) [Stream]

Based on the dark lyrical undercurrents running through Kyle Lucas’ previous features, Booth readers could be forgiven for thinking the Marietta, Georgia rhymesayer had a few screws that needed tightening, if you catch... Read More


Vonnegutt - Falling Up The Stairs [Album]

Alternative hip-hop band Vonnegutt has released their long-overdue debut album, Falling Up The Stairs. Featured on the AVJ Records/Purple Ribbon Entertainment-released LP are previously-featured singles "Going Home" and... Read More


Kyle Lucas & Captain Midnite - Apollo [Stream & Download]

Update: Click “Watch Video” above to view the Justin Kirchhoff-directed Apollo video. Mobile users can scroll down. Remember the, “hot little emo chick with gauged ears, tattoos on her wrists, dyed jet black... Read More


Captain Midnite ft. Kyle Lucas & OnCue - Ashes Rising [Stream & Download]

Said to burn itself alive every 500 to 1,000 years before beginning life anew, the phoenix represents the possibility of rebirth in the face of tragedy. In real life, however, mythical birds are hard to come by, and... Read More


Kyle Lucas - Coffee Break [Stream & Download]

Ah, the Coffee Break: a time to kick back, clear your head, have a snack and enjoy a few minutes’ respite from the demanding customers and bosses. At least, that’s how it worked back when I worked retail; for Kyle... Read More


Down With Webster ft. STS & Kyle Lucas - I Want it All (Remix) [Stream & Download]

You can’t fault Down With Webster for a lack of ambition; not satisfied simply with toppling the current music-industry with Royalty, the Canadian rap-rock ensemble broaden their aspirations to encompass, well,... Read More


D. Woods ft. Shanell & Kyle Lucas - Foolish Dream [Stream]

With few exceptions, today’s superstars were once up-and-comers with nothing but a girft for song and a Foolish Dream. On a newly-leaked single/video off her latest EP, D.Woods looks back on her journey from obscurity... Read More


Tony Williams ft. Kyle Lucas & STS - Caught Up [Stream & Download]

For the fourth single from his new Some of My Best Rappers Are Friends mixtape, G.O.O.D. Music crooner Tony Williams attacks being Caught Up alongside guests Kyle Lucas and STS – who coincidentally are also both DJBooth... Read More


Kyle Lucas - Cut Me Down [Stream & Download]

Though feelings of angst and self-doubt have been Kyle Lucas’ lyrical bread and butter for much of his Booth career, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore the Purple Ribbon repper’s successes—from his... Read More


Jus Nice ft. Kyle Lucas & Skewby - Sh*t Faced [Stream & Download]

Currently in the midst of his senior year at Lander University, Jus Nice has channeled his collegiate experiences into a record that students in the Booth and beyond are sure to find eminently relatable. On this breezy... Read More


Kyle Lucas ft. Sol - Let Me In [Stream]

Knock, knock. “Who’s there?” Kyle Lucas “Kyle Lucas, who?” Kyle Lucas the Atlanta emcee and Vonnegutt frontman, here to tell you more about his personal struggles on a fresh EP leak. OK, so my knock-knock jokes... Read More


Kyle Lucas & Captain Midnite “Your Tragedy” [Video]

Kyle Lucas and Captain Midnite‘s music doesn’t sound quite like anything else, so it’s only right that they have the original visuals to match. Your Tragedy can be found on the duo’s new The Sky is... Read More


Kyle Lucas & Captain Midnite - The Sky Is Falling and I’m Fine [Album]

Purple Ribbon emcee Kyle Lucas and beatsmith Captain Midnite (T. Mills, The Let Go, Sol) have hooked up with and Lollapalooza to exclusively bring listeners their collaborative release, The Sky Is Falling and... Read More


Kyle Lucas & Captain Midnite Offer “The Sky Is Falling and I’m Fine” LP for Download in the Booth [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Purple Ribbon emcee Kyle Lucas and beatsmith Captain Midnite (T. Mills, The Let Go, Sol) are offering up their collaborative street release, The Sky Is Falling and I'm Fine, for streaming and download via... Read More


Kyle Lucas & Captain Midnite ft. Murder Dice - Take It Apart [Stream & Download]

As Shakespeare said, a name is just a name, for a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet, but when I take a look at my inbox and see a line up like Kyle Lucas, Captain Midnite and Murder Dice I can’t help but... Read More


Kyle Lucas x Captain Midnite - Your Tragedy [Stream & Download]

Being a tortured artist is a double-edged sword—on the one hand, you get to make a living by venting about your issues, thereby saving a bundle on therapists’ bills. On the other, well, there’s still the whole... Read More


Kyle Lucas ft. STS & Pierce The Veil - Picking up the Pieces [Stream & Download]

“Emo rap” is less a genre label than a term used to denigrate emcees who indulge their sensitive side, but Kyle Lucas has apparently decided to take that appellation and run with it. Having declared his attraction to... Read More


OnCue ft. Sonny Shotz & Kyle Lucas - Picky Nikki [Stream & Download]

Since OnCue‘s debut in back in June, we’ve heard the Ct. native vent about the fickleness of Friends and the merciless nature of the game, but somehow the topic of girl troubles never came up. As it turns out, the... Read More


FreeSol ft. Outasight, Kyle Lucas, & 8Ball - Before You Slip [Stream]

Judging by the rave reviews received by recent features from Miami ensemble ArtOfficial, Booth readers have been nursing a serious craving for rock-infused, live-band hip-hop. Well, Memphis’ FreeSol are here to deliver... Read More


J.J. Brown ft. Prince Po, Armageddon & Kyle Lucas - It (Remix) [Stream]

In the immortal words of ‘90s funk-rock band Faith No More, “What is it?” While even the wisest philosophers have been stumped by that ambiguous question, in this case we have a very clear answer. It is an... Read More


Kyle Lucas - Queen of Apologies [Stream]

So called “emo rap” and hip-hop have always had an uneasy relationship, but recently the hybrid has produced some sick music. Kid Cudi could be considered an “emo-rapper” and Kanye West’s 808s and... Read More


Kyle Lucas Spits “Purple Ribbon Representative” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Kyle Lucas, the Marietta, Ga. native who brought us reader-approved tracks "The New Light" and "After the Show," has stepped into the Booth with entry #93 in our Freestyle Series. On his brand... Read More


Kyle Lucas - Purple Ribbon Representative [Stream & Download]

Entry #93 in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Kyle Lucas, the Marietta, Ga. native who brought us reader-approved tracks The New Light and After the Show. On his brand new, previously-unreleased Purple... Read More


Kyle Lucas ft. PreZZure & Izrael - After The Show [Stream]

Those who tuned in for Kyle Lucas’ Booth-approved debut feature know that the up-and-comer’s anything but your average Southern emcee.  Though the Marietta native clearly marches to the beat of his own drum... Read More


Kyle Lucas ft. Sol & Grynch -The New Light [Stream]

Though my fellow Minne-ap natives will take every opportunity to tout the beautiful summers that make up for the Twin Cities’ bitterly cold winter months, I have to say that the season thus far’s been a little... Read More