New Kyle Rapps Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Kyle Rapps - Colossus Theory [Album]

New York emcee and longtime Booth veteran Kyle Rapps has teamed up with producer Vulkan the Krusader for an entire project, entitled Colossus Theory and presented today via a DJBooth world premiere. Both artists share a... Read More


Kyle Rapps - God-Like [Stream]

Update: The Jose Luis Arriaga-directed visuals for Kyle Rapps’ God-Like single have been added. A veteran of the DJBooth, independent emcee Kyle Rapps has released God-Like, the first single from his forthcoming... Read More


Kyle Rapps x Hefna Gwap ft. Aaron Cohen - Searchin’ [Stream]

Still haven’t copped European Tic Tacs, the collaborative debut from Kyle Rapps and Hefna Gwap? I’ma go ahead and assume you’ve been living under a rock, since I can’t think of any other reason to turn... Read More


Kyle Rapps & Hefna Gwap - European Tic Tacs [Album]

Palo Alto rhymesayer Hefna Gwap, "a legitimate street dude with a trippy lyrical delivery," and Kyle Rapps, who describes himself as "a suburban mulatto who lives in Harlem and is old, perverted, and grumpy," have pooled... Read More


DJ JS-1 ft. Breeze Brewin’, Homeboy Sandman & Kyle Rapps - 110 Percent [Stream]

In an era when many big-name artists seem determined to put in as little effort as possible, DJ JS-1 never fails to go out there and give it 110 Percent, nor do his collaborators on the other side of the boards. Nowhere is... Read More


Kyle Rapps - Where We Go [Stream & Download]

Many rappers brought up amid the struggle emerge from their childhoods hell-bent on succeding and proving the haters wrong. Harlem-by-way-of-Princeton buzzmaker Kyle Rapps seems to have a more laid-back, philosophical outlook... Read More


Kyle Rapps ft. Adrienne Mack-Davis - The Sky’s on Fire [Stream]

As Warner Bros. cartoons have taught us, it’s entirely possible to walk through thin air as long as you don’t look down and psych yourself out. Just to be safe, Kyle Rapps is keeping his gaze pointed upward as he... Read More


Kyle Rapps ft. MURS - Architecture [Stream]

Kyle Rapps‘s last Booth feature, mixtape single Black Suburbs, found the up-and-comer reminiscing about the experience of growing up poor in affluent Princeton, NJ. On the freshly-minted follow-up, released in... Read More


Kyle Rapps - Black Suburbs [Stream]

Kyle Rapps may have come up in generally well-off Princeton, New Jersey, but his early life wasn’t all polo matches and crudités. Just the opposite, in fact—the future rapper and his family were broke, and the... Read More


Kyle Rapps - SUB [Album]

Kyle Rapps is no stranger to The DJBooth. In fact, the Jersey native has already made three appearances on our homepage so far this year. Thus, it should come as no surprise that entrance number four is upon us, being... Read More


Kyle Rapps - Watch Out [Stream]

Judging by the Nicolas Heller-directed visuals for Kyle Rapps’ last feature, February’s Bodies in the Trunk, I think it’s safe to say the emcee has a slightly twisted sense of humor. Whereas the artist’s last... Read More


Kyle Rapps - Bodies in the Trunk [Stream]

To say that Kyle Rapps raps would be like saying Daniel Day-Lewis acts or Peyton Manning throws touchdowns; the descriptory term just doesn’t do him justice. In fact, the emcee might want to seriously consider a name... Read More


Kyle Rapps ft. Action Bronson - GET IT IN [Stream]

Having gone the high-concept route with last fall’s Syndication tape, which found him rhyming over the theme songs of various of popular television series (as flipped by frequent production partner Diwon), underground... Read More


Kyle Rapps & Diwon - Portlandia [Stream & Download]

What have Kyle Rapps and Diwon been up to since January, when they hooked up with The DJBooth to drop their Tyrone Gosling FreEP? Well, they’ve been spending many an hour in front of the tube. Which isn’t to say... Read More


Kyle Rapps & Diwon - Tyrone Gosling FreEP [Album]

Harlem emcee Kyle Rapps and producer/DJ Diwon have come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners their latest collaborative street release, the Tyrone Gosling FreEP. Inspired by 2011 thriller Drive and built on samples... Read More


Kyle Rapps & Diwon - Night Call [Stream & Download]

Last month, Kyle Rapps and Diwon came together with Y-Love to drop the Honey Dijon FreEP, their latest release under the Hood Samaritan banner. Just a few short weeks later, the Harlem-based rhymesayer and buzzmaking... Read More


Kyle Rapps ft. KRS-One & Homeboy Sandman - Love Love 2 (Air Redux) [Stream & Download]

Did you like Love Love? Then you’ll love Love Love 2 (Air Redux). The sequel to a fan favorite, Kyle Rapps latest mixtape single finds the Re-Edutainment emcee dropping some serious knowledge alongside Homeboy Sandman... Read More


Kyle Rapps ft. Talib Kweli - Universe Traveler [Stream & Download]

Not glimpsed in the Booth since he brought us his Re-Education EP back in April, Kyle Rapps makes his triumphant return to our pages with Universe Traveler, a far-out joint which finds the Jersey-born, Harlem-based emcee... Read More


Kyle Rapps - Re-Edutainment EP [Album]

DJBooth Premium Download - Support Hip Hop! Jersey-bred, Harlem-based emcee Kyle Rapps has hooked up with to offer his brand new Re-Edutainment EP for streaming and purchase. A 2011 update of Boogie Down... Read More


Kyle Rapps - Make Ninja Moves [Stream & Download]

The 237th entry in and Streetammo‘s Exclusive Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Kyle Rapps, the Jersey-born, Harlem-based up-and-comer who recently teamed up with KRS-One on Rent (Remix). On his brand new,... Read More


Kyle Rapps Spits “Make Ninja Moves” for DJBooth x Streetammo Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Kyle Rapps, the Jersey-born, Harlem-based up-and-comer who recently teamed up with KRS-One on "Rent (Remix)," has stepped into the Booth with the 237th entry in and Streetammo's Exclusive... Read More


Kyle Rapps ft. KRS-One - Rent (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Earlier this year we introduced readers to Kyle Rapps and his Joell Ortiz-assisted Hard Knock Children.  As we continue to inch closer to the release date (March 29) of his forthcoming EP, Re-Edutainment, its only... Read More


Kyle Rapps ft. Joell Ortiz - Hard Knock Children [Stream & Download]

In the world of hip-hop, nothing’s more important than staying true to your roots and remembering where you came from – and, since just about all of us spent our formative years chilling in an elementary school... Read More