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Laws, Hip-Hop’s Most Disappeared Rapper, is Coming Back [Feature ]

The last time Laws graced DJBooth's pages was over two years ago, and that was following a two-year gap. For all intents and purposes, the Florida emcee hasn't been regularly releasing music since 2011, and... Read More


Laws ft. Lashay & HurtFace - Champagne and Chandeliers [Stream]

Luxury goods are dope, to be sure, but no amount of Champagne and Chandeliers can console you when you’re separated from someone you care about. Returning from a year-and-a-half musical hiatus (his last feature,... Read More


Axis ft. Laws & Traumah - On My Mind [Stream & Download]

From his dreams of rap superstardom, to the everyday hustle to survive, to the myriad mental associations stirred up by his heavy kush smoking, there’s a lot of stuff spinning around Booth newcomer Axis’ psyche at... Read More


Donny Goines ft. Just Blaze, Laws & Jon Connor - Barbarians [Stream & Download]

From the Mongols streaming into India to Genghis Khan toppling China’s Jin Dynasty (thanks 8th grade history class!) Barbarians have a long and successful history of invading the establishment with their combination of... Read More


Celph Titled & Buckwild ft. Laws - While You Slept [Stream & Download]

Last year, Celph-Titled came together with Buckwild to bring listeners collaborative LP Nineteen Ninety Now. Inspired by the set’s success, the Tampa emcee and Bronx beatsmith have rejoined forces to drop a double-disc... Read More


Emilio Rojas ft. Laws & RacQdolo - Rise Above [Stream & Download]

Though the competition is stiff and the obstacles many, Emilio Rojas is determined to Rise Above hardship and write his name among the stars. On this unreleased cut, nVMe‘s tension-fraught yet understated boardwork sets... Read More


K. Sparks ft. Rapsody & Laws - The Show Starts [Stream]

After months of phenomenal leaks—and a few fresh remixes to boot—it’s almost time for us to lift the curtain on K. Sparks’ new, Booth-sponsored street album. But first, we’re making sure fans are... Read More


Laws ft. Mimi - Incredible [Stream & Download]

Having racked up positive reviews for previously-leaked cuts Winner and Home, DJBooth and Puma remain Uncontested thus far in the lead-up to their forthcoming compilation EP. If you need further convincing, take a listen to... Read More


The Canz ft. Laws & Danay Mariney - Sweetest Thing [Stream & Download]

Considering The Canz’ last feature, Ferris Bueller (Personal Day Off), found the duo tribute to cinema’s most famous truant, it’s only appropriate that Prominent and Foster followed it up with an unexplained... Read More


Jason Caesar x Laws - Imagination [Stream]

It’s been said (by old people, mostly) that today’s generation of young adults has lost the power of Imagination, thanks to a steady diet of TV, Internet, video games and other passive media. Today, Booth faves... Read More


Khrysis ft. Laws - Love Today [Stream & Download]

Love is in the air Today, judging by the Booth’s feature lineup. That is, if by “love” you mean “lust,” and by “today,” I mean “this evening.” Fresh off hearing Miguel quest for a Quickie on his latest... Read More


Emilio Rojas ft. Rittz, Laws, Laura Reed & Voodo - Champion (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Emilio Rojas proved himself a Champion way back in November of 2010, but who are we to begrudge the NYC repper (and freestyle alum) a well-earned victory lap? On this official remix of the record, Rojas and original... Read More


Jason Caesar ft. Laws - (Still) Not Over You [Stream & Download]

One very steamy guest feature aside, we haven’t heard anything from Jason Caesar since his heralded The Musical album dropped way back in….September of 2010. (Good lord, has it really been that long?) Thankfully there’s... Read More


Rapsody ft. King Mez & Laws - Top Five [Stream & Download]

Rapsody... Top Five, dead or alive? It might seem a little early to make that call, but think about it this way: if the North Carolina femcee doesn’t tell us so now, how will she be able to say “I told you so!”... Read More


Laws - Homeland [Video]

Laws gives us a visual to his version of Wings’ (Sir Paul McCartney’s group) Love In Song from their 1975 LP titled Venus and Mars. Laws version, titled Homeland, can be found on his project Yesterday’s... Read More


Laws - Momma Miss America [Stream & Download]

On the latest leak off his forthcoming “virtual collaboration” with Sir Paul McCartney, Laws takes inspiration from Momma Miss America, a track off the ex-Beatle’s 1970 self-titled album. The J.U.S.T.I.C.E.... Read More


Laws - Dear Boy [Stream & Download]

If you have an amazing memory, you may recall the April 2010 interview in which Laws expressed his admiration for the solo work of Sir Paul McCartney, and stated his intent to record a “virtual collaboration” with the... Read More


Laws - “Live My Life” @ SMKA’s The 808 Experiment: Vol 3 Release Party [Video]

Recently, SMKA and Blast by Colt 45 held a release party for SMKA‘s The 808 Experiment: Vol. 3. A few of the artists featured on the project performed at the event, and we have the videos. Seen here is Laws, performing... Read More


SMKA"s “808s Experiment” Release Party Was as Crazy as Hoped [Feature ]

Although it doesn’t feel like three years ago SMKA released their first compilation Cd entitled “The 808 Experiment,” it does feel like this Atlanta producing duo has been bringing some of the hottest Hip-Hop from the... Read More


Marc Antoni ft. Theo Martins & Laws - Attempts [Stream]

It’s been said so many times by so many people that calling it a cliché would be itself a cliché, but it’s true: the road to success is almost invariably paved with failed Attempts. Whatever preceded Marc... Read More


M.i ft. Laws - Until I Get On (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Last we heard from M.i, the Austin repper had just learned one of life’s toughest lessons: sometimes you’ve gotta Take a Loss in order to reign victorious in the end. Fresh off that humbling experience, however... Read More


Laws ft. Thee Tom Hardy - Live My Life [Stream & Download]

There’s something about the first leak from SMKA’s upcoming The 808 Experiment Vol. 3, called Live My Life, that I simply can’t get enough of. Let me try to explain: Producers SMKA set the mood with a zapping,... Read More


Hollywood Floss ft. Laws - Dream Killer 2.0 [Stream & Download]

If you’ve been wondering where Hollywood Floss has been since September (when last we heard him on the Booth), here’s an update: the DJBooth Freestyle alum is still making dope music. The Houston emcee unleashed his new... Read More


Attitude ft. Laws - Music Is My Girlfriend [Stream & Download]

Some hip-hoppers enter the game in hopes that the artistic mystique will help them get with more women. For others, however, the work becomes its own object, monopolizing their time but, in return, fulfilling their every... Read More


Laws - Lady Hip Hop [Stream]

Considering his enormously successful 4:57 PM mixtape kicked off 2010, it’s only right that we close out the year with rising star Laws and his brand new record Lady Hip Hop. With a title like that I immediately thought of... Read More


Laws ft. Cyhi Da Prynce - Honor [Stream & Download]

With the year coming to a near close, it’s clear that Brazilian-American rapper Laws has been one of 2010’s breakthrough artists. Capitalizing off the success of his street album 4:57, the Florida emcee has built himself... Read More


Jacques Morel Interviews Emilio Rojas, Laws & Asher Roth presented by DJBoothTV & FreshOutTheBox365 [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- During October's CMJ Music Marathon, DJBoothTV's own Jacques Morel had the chance to visit newly-opened Big Apple clothing store The Hundreds for a casual sit-down with Asher Roth, The Natural emcee (and... Read More


“Are You Listening?” CMJ Showcase Highlights [Video] [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- On October 21, a lineup of the game's hottest up-and-comers assembled at the Lower East Side's Sapphire Lounge for One/Vicarious Music-sponsored CMJ showcase Are You Listening?. For... Read More


The DJBooth A3C Showcase Awards (Video & Pics) [Feature ]

(Laws & Emilio Rojas hold down DJBooth's A3C stage) All photos courtesy of Sheyla Padilla. First off, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you have to read these lines as if they’ll be as memorable as the actual A3C experience.... Read More


Emilio Rojas to Headline Booth-Sponsored “Are You Listening?” Showcase at CMJ [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- As part of this year's CMJ Music Marathon,, Platform One and Vicarious Music have assembled a lineup of the game's hottest up-and-comers for Are You Listening?: An Ear to the Streets Showcase.... Read More


Laws & The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble ft. Dave Young - Never [Stream & Download]

Everything’s better when backed by a live band. Everything. Even sex. Did I say that out loud? The point is, DJBooth Freestyle Alum and day job quitter Laws has stepped back in the Booth, and this time he’s rolling deep... Read More


Evidence, Crooked I & More to Play Booth-Sponsored Showcase at A3C [Feature ]

Atlanta, Ga. -- Friday, October 8, will be presenting a star-studded hip-hop showcase as part of ATL's A3C Festival. Performing at the event will be Dilated Peoples emcee Evidence, Cali underground mainstay... Read More


Laws - Runaway [Stream]

Damn, Laws breakthrough mixtape 4:57 is the hip-hop gift that keeps giving. Originally hosted, along with its more recent cousin 5:01, by DJBooth (pause for self-congratulatory pat on the back), 4:57 earned fans nationwide... Read More


DJBooth Goes Behind the Scenes With Laws (Exclusive Video Interview) [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Since introducing himself to our readers with mixtape cut "Your Future Favorite Rapper" back in December of '09, up-and-coming emcee Laws has gone a long way towards proving that track's title true. Thus far... Read More


Laws - 5:01 (Overtime) [Album]

Brazilian-born, Florida-based up-and-comer (and freestyle series alum) Laws has rejoined forces with to bring fans 5:01 (Overtime), an expanded, tagless re-release of acclaimed sophomore mixtape 4:57PM, which... Read More


Laws ft. Emilio Rojas & Big K.R.I.T. - Hold You Down (Remix) [Stream]

It’s been about five months since Laws dropped his breakthrough 4:57 Mixtape, but when you’ve cooked up a musical meal that delicious, you can eat off it for months. Or, in the case of Hold You Down, simply reheat…I... Read More


Jarren Benton ft. Laws - World Is Mine [Premiere] [Stream]

Whose world is it? While Illmatic fanatics may be under the impression that it’s theirs, Jarren Benton has a very different take on the matter. On his latest mixtape leak (another exclusive world premiere!), the ATL... Read More


Laws - Your Future Favorite Rapper (Presented by DJ Smallz) [Album]

One of the hip-hop game’s fastest-rising talents, Brazilian-born, Florida-based rapper Laws is currently riding high off the success of his Booth-sponsored sophomore mixtape, 4:57 PM. Now, we in the Booth are offering... Read More


Laws ft. Joe Budden - Target Practice [Stream]

Where other rappers take the shotgun blast approach, Booth favorite (and freestyle series participant) Laws is more of a lyrical sharpshooter. How did he develop his knack for nailing details with pinpoint accuracy? Well, in... Read More


Laws ft. Diz Gibran - Look Easy [Stream]

In sports it doesn’t get much more intense than overtime (Olympics’ U.S./Canada hockey game, anyone?), and Booth favorite emcee Laws is proving the same holds true when it comes to hip-hop with the re-release of his... Read More


Laws - Hold You Down [Stream]

A little over a week ago, I was remarking on the fresh-nicities of Laws via his single, We Like It. Seven days after his exclusive DJBooth-released mixtape 4:57PM dropped, I can safely extend my comments to the entire... Read More


Laws - 4:57 PM Mixtape [Album]

From its earliest days in the nearly apocalyptic South Bronx, hip-hop has always been an underdog art form, a music and culture that almost impossibly took the lowest of the low and flew them across oceans on private jets.... Read Full Review


Phene ft. Laws - Freedom Ain’t Free [Stream]

Dating back to the Vietnam War and trumpeted in recent years by the likes of Toby Keith, the slogan “Freedom isn’t free” has always had an ominous, jingoistic ring to it. On mixtape lead single Freedom Ain’t... Read More


Laws - 4:57PM [Album]

Laws, the Brazilian-born, Florida-based up-and-comer who introduced himself to the Booth as “Your Future Favorite Rapper,” is back with a brand new street album, 4:57 PM. Hosted by heavyweight producer/DJ Don Cannon, the... Read More


Laws - We Like It [Stream]

I was hoping for some fresh and healthy hip-hop in my headphones today to balance out my consumption of slow jams and candy hearts yesterday (happy tardy Hallmark day, by the way). Fortunately, Laws delivered just what I... Read More


Laws - Shining [Premiere] [Stream]

Laws, the Florida-based emcee we most recently saw speeding through his Daytona 500 freestyle, has gone from DJBooth newcomer to DJBooth favorite in only a matter of weeks. I guess there’s no denying talent. On his new... Read More


Laws - Daytona 500 [Stream & Download]

The 125th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Laws, the Spring Hill, Fla. native who recently earned reader acclaim for mixtape cuts Your Future Favorite Rapper and Number One. On his brand new,... Read More


Laws Spits “Daytona 500” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Laws, the Spring Hill, Fla. native who recently earned reader acclaim for mixtape cuts "Your Future Favorite Rapper" and "Number One," has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 125th entry in our... Read More


Laws ft. Jay Rock - Number One [Stream]

When an emcee introduces himself to Booth readers as Your Future Favorite Rapper and doesn’t get laughed out of the (figurative) room, you know he’s something special. On his latest mixtape leak, up-and-coming... Read More


Laws - Your Future Favorite Rapper [Stream]

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Your Future Favorite Rapper. Though the title of Laws’ first feature oozes confidence, the Spring Hill, Florida, rapper wasn’t always so self-assured – in fact, self-doubt along with... Read More