New Lecrae Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Report Card: Future Goes Global, Ty Dolla Is Carefree Fun, Lecrae Sounds Like Big Sean [Feature ]

There is simply too much music and not enough hours. Attempting to cover every notable and great album is difficult enough, but reviewing every notable and great song is simply impossible. Instead of a futile attempt at... Read More


Career Artist vs. Moment Artist: An Important Lesson in Longevity [Feature ]

In 2017, it's easier than ever before to become a rapper. But just because someone can rap doesn't mean they have what it takes to make a long-lasting career for themselves in the music business. For every JAY-Z,... Read More


In Which I Convince You to Listen to Lecrae, Hip-Hop’s Overlooked Elite Rapper [Feature ]

I hit Lucas up asking what he thought of Lecrae, he wrote back, "He’s a Christian rapper...other than that nope, I'm realizing I don't know much." So then I asked Yoh the same question and he... Read More


Lecrae - Welcome to America [Stream]

Lecrae would like to Welcome you to America with the latest set of visuals off of his seventh studio album, Anomaly, released last year to both critical and commercial success. The Christian emcee’s S1 and J.... Read More


KB - Sideways ft. Lecrae [Stream]

Some people would look Sideways at a rapper with a degree in theology. But do you think KB gives a… on second thought, I probably shouldn’t drop an F-bomb in the write-up for a Christian rap record. Anyway, the Floridian... Read More


Lecrae ft. Andy Mineo - Say I Won’t [Stream]

Emcees are quick to emphasize their lack of f**k-giving, but their tendency to stick to trendy sounds and safe subject matter tells a different story. In a game full of conformists, Lecrae is an Anomaly, and on his latest... Read More


Lecrae - Nuthin’ [Stream]

I can’t even a hazard a guess as to how many total verses rappers worldwide record on a daily basis, but the number is, without a doubt, astronomically high. And, though there are plenty of diamonds in the rough, most... Read More


Jamla Records ft. Pete Rock, Lecrae & Rapsody - Be Inspired [Stream]

Has your muse been playing hooky lately? Hit play on Jamla Records’ latest compilation single and Be Inspired! OK, I can’t guarantee that a listen to this cut will free you of all creative blockages, but its... Read More


Lecrae - I’m Turnt [Stream]

Whether at the club or at a house party, rappers love to get twisted, and Lecrae is no exception. Where he differs from his peers is his drug of choice. Freshly-minted mixtape single I’m Turnt finds the Christian... Read More


Lecrae ft. Derek Minor & Crystal Nicole - Was It Worth It [Stream]

Like many in the game, Lecrae grew up without a father, and bears the emotional scars to prove it. On new mixtape single Was It Worth It, the Christian hip-hop heavyweight reflects with incredulity on what could motivate... Read More


Scotty ft. Lecrae - Fuss N Fight [Stream]

I love music from all parts of the globe, but lately I have been Fuss N Fight-ing for some new, distinctively Southern music to bump. Thankfully, ATL native Scotty has dropped a new video single to satisfy my appetite. Heat... Read More


Statik Selektah ft. Lecrae, Posdnuos (of De La Soul) & Termanology - Game Break [Stream]

On 1996 classic Sky’s the Limit, Notorious B.I.G. reflected on his (soon to be cut tragically short) future, spitting: “If the game shakes me or breaks me / I hope it makes me a better man / Take a better stand.”... Read More


Lecrae ft. B.o.B - Round of Applause [Stream]

Previously featured as a guest on cuts by Saigon (Best Thing That I Found) and Statik Selektah (Live & Let Live), Grammy-winning Christian rap artist Lecrae steps into the solo Booth spotlight with a freshly-minted,... Read More


Saigon ft. Lecrae & DJ Corbett - Best Thing That I Found [Stream]

New York rhymesayer Saigon may be known for his brolic rhymes, but at the start of his latest record Best Thing That I Found it’s made quite clear that we’re in store for a much different tune from the artist.... Read More


Lecrae - Gravity [Album]

An ATL rhymesayer who uses his skills on the mic as a vehicle for the expression of his Christian faith, Lecrae feeds his ever-expanding fanbase with the release of Gravity, his fifth studio album. Release via Reach Music,... Read More


Lecrae ft. Big K.R.I.T & Ashton Jones - Mayday [Stream]

Ever wondered why aviators shout “Mayday” when they’re in trouble? I didn’t until just now but, since I took the time to look it up, I’m going to fill you in: according to Wikipedia, it’s derived... Read More


Statik Selektah ft. Lecrae - Live & Let Live [Stream]

Fresh off earning Booth acclaim for the action-packed Never a Dull Moment, Statik Selektah returns with another fresh single off his sixth solo set. On this soulful joint, the Boston heavyweight flips a soulful Sophie B.... Read More