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LeToya Luckett - Together [Stream]

The solidarity displayed lately under the “Black Lives Matter” banner has been impressive, to say the least, but infighting and bitterness remain formidable obstacles to achieving peace in the streets of American cities.... Read More


LeToya Luckett - I’m Ready [Stream]

LeToya Luckett‘s last promo single, Don’t Make Me Wait, was ironically titled; since its release in February 2014, we haven’t heard a peep from the Destiny’s Child alumnus. Now, though, she’s... Read More


Letoya Luckett - Don’t Make Me Wait [Stream]

Not featured on the solo tip since way back in 2009, when she linked up with Ludacris to bring us the the reader-acclaimed Regret, LeToya Luckett makes her long-awaited return to The DJBooth with new promo single Don’t... Read More


Pleasure P ft. Letoya Luckett - She Likes [Stream]

Sadly, during this part of the year, romantic holidays are few and far between (unless Halloween is your freak night, which raises more questions than it answers). Fortunately for listeners, Pleasure P wants to make every... Read More


LeToya ft. Ludacris - Regret [Stream]

In his review of Destiny’s Child alumnus solo R&B starlet LeToya Luckett’s newly-released sophomore LP, our own Nathan S. pegged Regret as “Ready for Radio,” and, sure enough, the Ludacris-assisted track... Read More


LeToya - Lady Love [Album]

She might not admit it, but it’s got to annoy LeToya Luckett whenever she sees “previously of Destiny’s Child” attached to her name; meaning she must be constantly annoyed. Even though it’s been nearly a decade... Read Full Review


LeToya - She Ain’t Got… [Stream]

In her recent, Booth-exclusive interview, LeToya Luckett impressed DJ Z with the admission that, though men are often painted as the perpetrators in relationship-on-the-rocks jams, bad behavior knows no gender, and it’s... Read More


MIMS ft. LeToya - Love Rollercoaster [Stream]

Have you ever wondered why celebrity relationships never seem to last?  In my opinion, the most likely reason is that the big-name life is so time-consuming and publicly visible that moments of true intimacy are few and... Read More


LeToya - Not Anymore [Stream]

After her departure from Destiny’s Child (and eventual replacement by Michelle Williams) in 2000, many wrote LeToya Luckett‘s career off as dead in the water.  Six years later, however, the H-Town native... Read More


Webbie ft. LeToya Luckett - I Miss You [Stream]

When most rappers start out in this industry, they try to maintain a hard-boiled image.  However, as they get a few albums deep, they begin to show more emotion, which in turn allows the audience to understand them... Read More


LeToya ft. Killa Kyleon, Slim Thug & Bun B - Swagger [Stream]

Certain words are often associated with one sex over another when heard within the framework of urban music.  For example, let’s employ the word “swagger.”  The expression, which is most commonly defined as... Read More


Ali & Gipp ft. LeToya - Almost Made Ya [Stream]

First appearing together on the single Grillz with Nelly & Paul Wall, Ali & Gipp have been creating quite a buzz recently.  On their latest offering Almost Made Ya, from their new album Kinfolk, they are joined... Read More


LeToya ft. Nas - She Don’t (Remix) [Stream]

There are a lot of things that she don’t do.  Remixing a single with Nas on it however is not one of them.  After leaving the superstar group Destiny’s Child (following the release of their platinum... Read More