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‘In The House’, ‘The Fresh Prince’ & The Evolution of Rapper Sitcoms [Feature ]

"In business, particularly in Hollywood, success makes a lot of fear go away, and I think the success of 'Fresh Prince' gave the networks permission to move in directions they may not have normally. We followed... Read More


5 Hip-Hop Acts Who Belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame [Feature ]

Tupac was announced today as one of 19 nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. If successful, he’ll become just the sixth hip-hop act to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, joining Grandmaster Flash and The Furious... Read More


Did You Know? LL Cool J’s “Doin It” Was Meant For Biggie [Feature ]

There have been countless blogs and bloggers who played a role in planting the seeds that have led to hip-hop’s dominance over the internet. There are truly too many to name. Some of the same sites that were active in... Read More


LL Cool J ft. Mavado - The Hustler [Stream]

LL Cool J is known more as a lover than a fighter (except for that one time), but that doesn’t mean the hip-hop veteran can’t get gully when he wants to. On freshly-minted street single The Hustler, Cool James... Read More


Action Bronson ft. LL Cool J & Lloyd Banks - Strictly 4 My Jeeps (Queens Day Remix) [Stream]

For natives of NYC’s easternmost borough, today must feel like Christmas in June. Fresh off trading bars with legendary neighbor Kool G. Rap on DJ Tony Touch‘s It’s a Queens Thing, Flushing phenom Action... Read More


LL Cool J - Authentic [Album]

In November of 1985, rapper-turned-actor-tuned-rapper/actor LL Cool J released his debut album, Radio, on Def Jam Records. 27 years and 12 albums later, the hip hop pioneer has embarked upon the release of his thirteenth... Read More


LL Cool J ft. Snoop Dogg & Fatman Scoop - We Came to Party [Stream]

LL Cool J may be well into his forties, but he hasn’t lost his youthful taste for wildin’ out in the club. Coming on the heels of February’s Whaddup, the latest single off Cool James’ forthcoming... Read More


LL Cool J ft. Chuck D, Travis Barker, Tom Morello & DJ Z-Trip - Whaddup [Stream]

LL Cool J‘s last single, Take It, earned positive feedback on our pages, but some reviewers couldn’t help but express a little nostalgia for the tougher, hungrier Cool James of yore. Evidently, he’s been... Read More


LL Cool J ft. Joe - Take It [Stream]

While The DJBooth declined to post Ratchet, the lead single off LL Cool J‘s forthcoming indie LP, we weren’t about to leave the rap veteran’s fans hanging. Nearly a year after he made his last appearance... Read More


LL Cool J ft. Ne-Yo - No More [Stream]

Professionally, LL Cool J‘s got it pretty damn good right now—while he has made his starring role in NCIS: Los Angeles his main focus, the rap veteran’s still got the cachet to get hip-hop heads’ attention... Read More


Busta Rhymes ft. LL Cool J - Killin’ Em [Stream]

With all the guest work Busta Rhymes has been doing lately (Look At Me Now, Worldwide Choppers, etc.) you may not have realized just how long it’s been since we’ve heard a song from the man himself; over a year, for the... Read More


Kevin Nottingham Presents “Mama Said Knock You Out” 20th Anniversary Remix Album [Download] [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- On August 27, 1990, L.L. Cool J released his classic fourth full-length, Mama Said Knock You Out. To celebrate the seminal set's 20th anniversary, Kevin Nottingham has assembled an all-star cast of artists... Read More


LL Cool J - NCIS: No Crew Is Superior [Stream]

LL Cool J, whose most recent project (Exit 13) was released a year ago last week, is currently a free-agent in the recording industry, having fulfilled a Def Jam contract that lasted an amazing 23 years.  While the... Read More


LL Cool J - Exit 13 [Album]

If you could become any man for one night, who would you be? 50? Diddy? Jibbs? Personally, I’d give some serious consideration to becoming one Mr. James Todd Smith, better known as the incomparable LL Cool J. Life as LL... Read Full Review


LL Cool J - You Better Watch Me [Stream]

In a recent interview inside our DJBooth, LL Cool J declared that, despite his 24-year career, he hasn’t found it difficult to transition between each decade’s changing trends.  Nonetheless, to prove to his early... Read More


Mariah Carey ft. LL Cool J & Ghostface - I’ll Be Lovin’ You Long Time (Remix) [Stream]

Mariah Carey’s platinum-certified album, E=MC², has been out in stores since April 8.  Over the last eighteen weeks or so, Carey has officially released three singles: Touch My Body, Bye Bye, and I’ll Be Lovin’... Read More


LL Cool J’s Final “Exit 13” Track Listing Revealed [Feature ]

New York, NY -- On September 9, rapper LL Cool J will release "Exit 13," the 13th and final album from his original Def Jam recording contract. Below is the final track listing from the forthcoming release.See also: LL... Read More


Alicia Keys ft. LL Cool J - Teenage Love Affair (Remix) [Stream]

Alicia Keys may be a decade removed from her teenage years, but age is all relative when it comes to love. On the highly-touted Teenage Love Affair, the Grammy-winning artist showed that while the days of hushed phone calls... Read More


G-Unit ft. LL Cool J - Straight Outta Southside (Remix) [Stream]

Last month, during an interview with DJBooth, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo disclosed the details of a record off their forthcoming album, Terminate on Sight, which would be “dedicated to the late Sean Bell.”  Several... Read More


LL Cool J ft. The-Dream - Baby [Stream]

In November of 1985, when a young LL Cool J released his debut, Radio, nobody in their right mind could have predicted that 23 years later, the Brooklyn entertainer born Todd Smith would be readying his thirteenth... Read More


LL Cool J ft. Trey Songz - Girl if I [Stream]

After a plethora of street-focused buzz singles for his Def Jam swan song, Exit 13, LL Cool J realized the roots of his success-that Ladies Love Cool James.  Following up the hood love anthem and Lil’ Mo... Read More


LL Cool J ft. Lil’ Mo - Cry [Stream]

After over a year of anticipation (and plenty of buzz singles), LL Cool J has finally released the official first single from his thirteenth and final album on Def Jam, Exit 13.  As the father of the rap ballad (see I... Read More


LL Cool J ft. Jim Jones, Method Man, KRS-One & Lil’ Kim - The 5 Boroughs Is Back [Stream]

Late Sunday, DJ Booth was informed that evidently The 5 Boroughs Is Back?!  According to Queens-born actor/rapper LL Cool J and his four New York friends, Jim Jones (Harlem), Method Man (Staten Island), KRS-One (Bronx),... Read More


LL Cool J - NY Gangsters [Stream]

A little over a week has passed since news broke that Jay-Z will be releasing a concept album entitled, American Gangster.  There is no doubt that Jay-Z is the quintessential rapper to helm a project of that title (and... Read More


LL Cool J ft. 50 Cent, Mobb Deep, Kool G Rap & Tony Yayo - Queens [Stream]

After falling behind Def Jam roster mates Ne-Yo, Rihanna and Young Jeezy on Jay-Z‘s priority list, LL Cool J got mad.  On the new track, Queens, which features fellow New York natives 50 Cent, Mobb Deep, Kool G Rap... Read More


LL Cool J ft. Lil’ Scrappy - Whatcha Hood Like [Stream]

The business partnership between LL Cool J and fellow New York native 50 Cent has already begun to show results.  On this new single from Mr. Smith, Whatcha Hood Like, G-Unit representative Lil’ Scrappy makes a guest... Read More


LL Cool J’s “Todd Smith” In Stores Now! [Feature ]

With Mary J. Blige, J. Lo, & Jaime Foxx on board, LL Cool J's New LP Is A Guest Fest.If it's up to LL Cool J, when he dies, he'll have nothing left."I wanna max out everything that's inside of me. I want to die empty,"... Read More