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5 Best Murder Inc. Album Releases of All-Time, Ranked [Feature ]

This week, as though it was a gift from the gods of rap nostalgia, Irv Gotti announced on Instagram that he would be relaunching Murder Inc. Records, one of hip-hop’s most notorious record labels of the late... Read More


Usher, Lloyd & The Difficulties of Growing Old in R&B [Feature ]

The morning show hosts that would voice my early commutes to middle school are still on the radio - cracking mundane jokes, giving away concert tickets to callers who dial in, and playing the latest in rap and R&B as if... Read More


Lost Ones: What Happened To Lloyd?! [Feature ]

I have a very important question. Is she 5’2”, or is she “fine too”? While we’re on the subject, what the hell happened to Lloyd? Last week the DJBooth writing squad was talking about... Read More


Lloyd - All I Need [Stream]

After today’s dope slate of song releases, All I Need to make my afternoon perfect is a little steamy, bedroom-ready R&B. Well, I’m one lucky man, because Lloyd has chosen today to liberate his latest single.... Read More


Mally Mall ft. YG, Tyga & Lloyd - Eat (Remix) [Stream]

Life is full of difficult decisions: marriage, car insurance, school for your children, keeping your sheets clean when you have a bad girl in your bed. Well, Mally Mall is here to help you with that last one on a remixed... Read More


Jacquees ft. Rich Homie Quan & Lloyd - Feel It [Stream]

Last August, Jacquees earned positive reader reviews for Won’t Turn It Down, a promo cut designed to be blasted at high volume. Now, the Chris Breezy protégé is back on our pages with a new single and, if you enjoyed... Read More


Lloyd ft. Juicy J - Twerk Off [Stream]

Whenever Lloyd walks into the club, “it’s bout to be a Twerk Off.” The prize for first place? A one-way ticket to the Young Goldie singer’s bedroom. On this brand new promotional single, heavyweight producer... Read More


Lloyd ft. CyHi The Prynce - Me & My Baby [Stream & Download]

Between getting it in and writing songs about getting it in, I’m surprised Lloyd even has time to eat and sleep. Central as lovemaking may be to his personal and professional life, however, the Young Goldie... Read More


Lloyd - The Playboy Diaries [Album]

Most of us will never know what it's like living the life of a R&B superstar, but luckily the always smooth Lloyd is giving us a look inside his life by opening up his Playboy Diaries. Featuring lead single Sexcapade, the... Read More


Lloyd ft. Roscoe Dash - Sexcapade [Stream]

What’s Lloyd been up to lately? Well, it should come as a surprise to roughly no one that the Young Goldie crooner’s been having a ton of awesome sex. Not wanting to disappoint his fans, however, he’s... Read More


Lloyd ft. Wale - All of Me [Stream]

Back in February, Wale enlisted Lloyd to bring a dash of soul to Ambition single Sabotage. Today, the Maybach spitter returns the favor, joining the Young Goldie crooner on his newly-released Give It All. This slow-burning... Read More


Roscoe Dash ft. Lloyd - Zodiac Sign [Stream]

What, precisely, is it that makes one relationship succeed, and the next crash and burn? While I’m going to go ahead and guess that the answer is not “the position of the moon and stars,” the mechanisms involved are... Read More


Lloyd - Turn On The Lights (Remix) [Stream]

With such a smooth title you have to admit that Future’s Turn On The Lights was destined to be remixed by a R&B star and Atlanta crooner Lloyd has done just that with the Mike Will-produced track. The bouncy,... Read More


August Alsina ft. Lloyd - Sucka [Stream]

No matter how elaborate the means you employ to keep someone by your side—from codependency, to marriage, to kidnapping—there’s no way to ensure that time and the inevitable cooling of passions won’t drive... Read More


Wale ft. Lloyd - Sabotage [Stream]

“Listen all of y’all, it’s a Sabotage!” With the obligatory Beastie Boys’ reference out of the way, Wale‘s latest single bears little in common with the Ill Communication classic that shares its... Read More


Erick Sermon ft. Lloyd & Too Short - Like Me [Stream]

Is there anyone in the rap game who could hope to fill Erick Sermon‘s shoes? Nope—and, as far as the veteran rapper/producer is concerned, there never will be. On mixtape standout Like Me, the EPMD alum celebrates... Read More


Lloyd - Do It Again [Stream]

UK fans of Lloyd’s kitten-like vocal stylings would be wise to ready their pearls for clutching, because the R&B crooner is making his way across the pond on a UK tour to bless British audiences with his golden voice.... Read More


Lloyd ft. Trey Songz, Young Jeezy - Be The One [Video]

Always smooth crooner Lloyd lays down some steamy visuals to match his banging single Be the One, and he’s bringing along Trey Songz and Young Jeezy for the ride. Off Lloyd’s DJBooth approved album, King of... Read More


Lloyd - She’s All I Want For Christmas [Stream]

I don’t know about y’all, but I find it harder with each passing year to come up with anything resembling a Christmas list. Even those of us who have pretty much everything we need (and aren’t quite virtuous... Read More


Stack$ ft. Yung Berg & Lloyd - N*gga Like Me [Stream]

You can search the world over, but you’ll never find another Stack$. On his latest single N*gga Like Me, the SoBe Entertainment emcee (he is also the President of the label) informs an ex-girl that she lost a... Read More


Lloyd ft. Andre 3000 - Dedication to My Ex [Video]

Dressed in a sharp suit and channeling the Motown era, check out Lloyd as he sings a Dedication To My Ex. The song, featuring Andre 3000 (who’s played by a cat here) and Lil Wayne (who’s played by Wayne Brady) can... Read More


Lloyd - King of Hearts [Album]

The last ten years have been strange for male R&B royalty. While rap has for the most part held steady, with Jay-Z, Kanye and Eminem forming a triumvirate leadership, R&B has undergone more changes than a Beverly Hills trophy... Read Full Review


Lloyd ft. Andre 3000 & Lil Wayne - Dedication To My Ex (Miss That) [Stream]

With 2010 smash F*ck You, Cee-Lo Green discovered that obscenity-laced tirades and vintage-soul-informed grooves went together as improbably well as french fries and ice cream (Try it—it’s delicious!). On album... Read More


Lloyd - Naked [Stream]

I know what you’re thinking: “An R&B record titled Naked? This could only be about one thing.” Not so fast—in actuality, Lloyd‘s new single finds him espousing a philosophy of militant nudism, calling... Read More


Lloyd - Stay [Stream]

UPDATE: “Stay” is no longer available to stream. From his hit single Lay It Down to his latest solo release Be the One, Lloyd just can’t seem to make music we’re not feeling. Which means his Cal Ripken-esque... Read More


Lloyd ft. Trey Songz & Young Jeezy - Be the One [Stream]

On the latest single off his forthcoming senior album, Young Goldie crooner Lloyd makes a play for the affections of a fly female, telling her he’s like to Be the One to kiss her goodnight. Over the sizzling boardwork... Read More


Jim Jones ft. Lloyd - Believe In Magic [Stream & Download]

Harlem emcee Jim Jones teamed up with renowned mash-up DJ/producer Girl Talk for the latest episode of the Pitchfork TV series Selector and the progeny of their collective efforts is currently playing in your headphones,... Read More


Lloyd - Lay It Down (B.o.B Pop Remix) ft. B.o.B. [Video]

In Lloyd‘s latest video, a remix of his single Lay It Down, not only will you get a behind-the-scenes view of Lloyd preparing and performing for his concerts, but you’ll also be sure to know every word in the... Read More


Lloyd - Cupid [Stream]

Sure most of us are still working off a bit of a romance hangover after the love fest that was Valentine’s Day, but can you ever really have too much of Cupid‘s touch? Ok, so maybe you can, but in this case Lloyd, the... Read More


Lloyd ft. R. Kelly & Jeezy - Lay It Down (The Remix) [Stream]

Thought that Lay It Down would be laid to rest after the success of Part II (Tribute to the Legends)? Think again – not wanting fans too young to get into a Patti Labelle guest feature to feel left out, Lloyd has gone... Read More


Lloyd ft. Patti Labelle - Lay It Down Part II (Tribute to the Legends) [Stream]

Featured back in August of 2010, King of Hearts lead single Lay It Down earned rave reviews from listeners in the Booth – and, thanks to its cliffhanger ending, left our resident Lloyd fans clamoring for a sequel. Well, OK,... Read More


Wale ft. Lloyd - Let’s Chill [Stream]

As one of the top lyricists in the game with significant crossover appeal, Wale has obviously decided that 2011 should start out with a hit, and with his potential new single, the appropriately cool Let’s Chill, Mr. Folarin... Read More


The Outlawz ft. Bun B & Lloyd - 100 MPH [Stream & Download]

The Outlawz refuse to fade. More than a decade since we first heard the west coast crew riding with Pac, and more than two years after their last DJBooth feature (‘08s We Want In), emcees Kastro, Young Noble, E.D.I. Mean,... Read More


Lloyd ft. 50 Cent - Let’s Get It In [Stream]

Love is in the air today, Booth readers – and by “love” I mean lust. After hearing Nappy Boy quartet One Chance announce their intent to bypass conversation and get right down to business on new single Sexin’ on... Read More


Lloyd - Lay It Down [Stream]

I know what you’re thinking: “A new track from Lloyd, and it’s titled Lay It Down? That’s gotta be about getting it on.” Not so fast – in actuality, the R&B singer’s first single as a Zone... Read More


Rich Boy ft. Lloyd & Drake - To the Floor [Stream]

Ever since Rich Boy threw some Ds on his Lac in ’07, the Alabama emcee has struggled to replicate his initial success, but that hasn’t stopped him from trying. Undaunted by the poor performance of his last Booth offering... Read More


Chamillionaire ft. Lloyd & Twista - Make a Movie [Stream]

The mixtape messiah Chamillionare is back and looking to build some hype for his upcoming third studio album Venom. With the help of Lloyd and Twista, Cham hopes to pick up where he left off after the semi-success of his... Read More


Nipsey Hussle ft. Lloyd - Feelin Myself [Stream]

Yesterday, Left Coast buzzmaker Nipsey Hussle and his Slauson Boyz taught us a thing or two about Stayin Alive in the treacherous inner-city streets. Of course, those who want to not only survive but thrive in the game need... Read More


Lloyd Banks ft. Lloyd - Any Girl [Stream]

Two Lloyds have to be better than one, right? If that’s true, then expect G-Unit lyricist Lloyd Banks’ follow-up single to the smash Beamer Benz or Bentley to have immense success. For Any Girl, Banks recruits one of the... Read More


J Futuristic ft. Lloyd - Go Go Go [Stream]

The future is now, Booth readers…. and, to be honest, it sounds sort of like 2008. Formerly known as J Money (but not to be confused with this J-Money), Universal Republic signee J Futuristic has stepped out of his time... Read More


Lloyd ft. Mystikal - Set Me Free [Stream]

Not every prison is made up of concrete and bars. For some artists being trapped in a record deal can feel like a sentence, and that was exactly the case for the always vocally sweet Lloyd, who was recently set loose from his... Read More


Trazz ft. Lloyd - Internet Love [Stream]

In this day and age it’s hard to see a track titled Internet Love and not immediately think of porn (or is that just me? I think I’ve said too much), but luckily on Trazz’ new promo single he’s talking about using his... Read More


Lloyd - Get a Room [Stream]

Lloyd, the golden boy of r&b, is quickly becoming a golden man, maturing artistically on his recent The Young Goldie EP while also keeping the cash registers busy on his Young Money super-smash collaboration Bedrock. But... Read More


Lloyd Releases “Young Goldie” EP for Free Download [Feature ]

Atlanta, Ga. -- Today, R&B singer Lloyd is offering up his first post-Murder, Inc. project, Like Me: The Young Goldie EP, for free download at his blog, Featuring reader-approved tracks "Like Me" (feat.... Read More


Lloyd ft. Rich Boy - Everyday [Stream]

If the Booth is any indication – and let’s be honest, it always is – Lloyd’s new project Like Me: The Young Goldie EP is going to be a monster. Pusha proved to be a smash, Take It Off and Like Me were both highly... Read More


Sean Falyon ft. Lloyd - Attention [Stream]

Sean Falyon’s trying to get America’s attention, and he’s succeeding. Falyon, an Atlanta-by-way-of-Philly rapper who sounds like a mix between Rick Ross’ voice and Jim Jones’ timing, but with his own sarcastic tone,... Read More


Lloyd ft. Bun B - Like Me [Stream]

In honor of the new NBA season, let’s go ahead and say that, starting about a month ago, Lloyd’s shooting one-for-two from the field. After leaving the Booth jumping out of their seats with Pusha and Pusha (Remix)... Read More


Lloyd ft. J. Holiday & Nicki Minaj -Take It Off [Stream]

Last we heard from Lloyd, the currently-indie R&B singer was busy pushing Pusha, a Weezy-assisted jam promoted to single status thanks in part to the rave Booth reviews received on an earlier version. Where that track saw... Read More


Young Money ft. Lloyd - Bed Rock [Stream]

Lil Wayne is undoubtedly one of the most powerful men in hip-hop, but his Royal Weezyness is on a mission to expand his empire beyond himself and build a true Young Money movement. Hence Bed Rock, the second single by the... Read More


Lloyd ft. Lil Wayne - Pusha [Single Version] [Stream]

We here at DJBooth don’t like to brag, but we’re kind of a big deal. Lloyd’s track Pusha received such a highly positive response on the Booth, including staying at the top of our charts for several weeks, that... Read More


Lloyd - Pusha [Stream]

Though it’s been quite some time since I split from a certain woman (the one who reminded me of the female Yung Menace addresses on I’m Gonna Leave), it hasn’t been easy staying away.  As deep as the... Read More


Lloyd - Lights, Camera, Action [Stream]

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t quite understand the appeal of getting it in on camera, but whether it’s the prospect of reliving those steamy moments years in the future, or the thrilling risk of public... Read More


Mr. Smilez ft. Lloyd - Nite Life [Stream]

In the summer of 2002, indie rap duo Smilez and Southstar scored a Top 40 hit with Crash the Party lead single Tell Me, thanks in part to a catchy sample from Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross’ Stop Look Listen (To Your... Read More


Jibbs ft. Lloyd - The Dedication (Ay DJ) [Stream]

Back in ‘06, teenage up-and-comer Jibbs dropped his debut album, Jibbs ft. Jibbs, parlaying his strong underground following into mainstream success with smash-hits Chain Hang Low and King Kong.  Since then, the... Read More


Young Keno ft. Lil Wayne & Lloyd - The Things U Do [Stream]

Although Young Keno is unsigned, that hasn’t stopped him from hooking up with a few major players. Following the release of numerous mixtapes (one of which included the E-Note and Topic collabo Lonely at the Top), the Los... Read More


Lloyd ft. Rock City - Year of the Lover (Remix) [Stream]

Lloyd has found his niche as R&B’s resident Romeo.  On an unofficial remix of Year of the Lover, the third single off his current album, Lessons In Love, the Atlanta superstar steamily urges his ladies to... Read More


Big Kuntry ft. Lloyd - Love You The Right Way [Stream]

After seven long years, Big Kuntry King will finally release his debut album, My Turn to Eat, on September 30 … the same day that T.I. releases Paper Trail.  Although the Atlantan emcee’s Grand Hustle boss casts... Read More


Dem Franchize Boyz ft. Lloyd - Turn Heads [Stream]

For those not keeping track of Dem Franchize Boyz’ label issues, the Booth will now provide a recap: after their debut on Universal, Jermaine Dupri bought out their contracts for a deal with So So Def/Virgin, but once... Read More


Lloyd - Lessons In Love [Album]

Who is Lloyd? That’s depends, which Lloyd are we talking about? If your introduction to the silky slim singer was on his breakthrough album Southside you would have thought Lloyd was a bit of a r&b bad boy, the type of guy... Read Full Review


Lloyd ft. Various Artists - Girls Around the World (Remix) [Stream]

When producers Jasper and Big Reese chopped up an old Biz Markie sample and created Lloyd’s current single, Girls Around the World, it was only a matter of time before the industry’s best and brightest hopped... Read More


Lloyd ft. Plies - Year of the Lover (Remix) [Stream]

Gearing up for the release of his third studio album, Lessons in Love, R&B singer Lloyd has released his newest official single, Year of the Lover, which can best be described as the epitome of a modern-day R&B hit;... Read More


Lloyd Photo Shoot, New Release Date for “Lessons In Love” [Feature ]

Atlanta, GA -- On August 5, Lloyd will release his third studio album, "Lessons In Love." The LP was originally supposed to drop on July 22, but was recently pushed back two weeks to it's new date. Llyod's current single,... Read More


Lloyd ft. Nelly - Lose Control [Stream]

On August 5, Lloyd will release his brand new album, Lessons In Love.  Originally scheduled for a release in mid-July, the project has been pushed back so that the current single, Girls All Around The World, can work its... Read More


Lloyd - I Can Change Your Life [Stream]

Following the success of his sophomore LP, Street Love, Lloyd wasted no time jumping back in the studio to work on his next album.  His new project, entitled Lessons In Love, has already spawned two new songs inside the... Read More


Lloyd ft. Lil’ Wayne - Girls All Around The World [Stream]

With the help of a few of his good friends, upstart singing sensation Lloyd has made a song for Girls All Around The World.  Following the release of Lloyd’s official radio single, How We Do It, DJBooth is proud to... Read More


Lloyd ft. Ludacris - How We Do It (Around My Way) [Stream]

Though Atlanta has enough rap anthems (Welcome to Atlanta, for example) to fill up a few compilation albums, there hasn’t been a true R&B anthem for the city.  That is, until hometown crooner Lloyd decided to... Read More


Lloyd ft. Harry-O & Ja Rule - Devil In A Dress [Stream]

Last year, when Lloyd dropped his gold-certified sophomore album, Street Love, the LP included the track, Killing Me.  In the song, Lloyd references a certain female by singing the line, “She’s a devil in a dress,... Read More


Trae ft. Rich Boy & Lloyd - Ghetto Queen [Stream]

Although Houston rapper Trae has always held it down for the underground, he has never been able to convert his hard work into mainstream success.  Trying to finally put that problem to the side, Trae has released the... Read More


Yung Berg ft. Lloyd - Manager [Stream]

Chicago rapper Yung Berg released his Almost Famous EP this past summer and its sales total equaled its title.  The precursor to Berg’s full-length LP, Look What You Made Me, spurned the catchy single Sexy Lady (and... Read More


Pitbull ft. Lloyd - Secret Admirer [Stream]

Miami’s Pitbull has channeled the popular En Vouge song, Damn, I Wanna Be Your Lover, for for his newest single, Secret Admirer.  Featuring the falsetto singing Lloyd, this song can be found on Pit’s upcoming... Read More