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Logic to Paint One Lucky Fan Onto His Next Album Cover [Feature ]

Logic has yet to announce a release date for his forthcoming full-length, and he might or might not stick with the title he first teased last October, but today, the Def Jam emcee announced the start of an interactive... Read More


Logic Will “Hopefully” Release His New Album This Fall [Feature ]

Five months ago, Logic revealed the tentative title of his next full-length album, and now, despite the project being nowhere close to completion, we have a wishful release period.According to the Maryland-born rapper, his... Read More


Logic “Fucks With Drake” For Opening Doors, Says “People Are Scared to Show Love” [Feature ]

Unlike many of his peers, Logic has never been afraid to praise other rappers.Last year, he credited Wale for opening the door for fellow DMV emcees, and today, in a series of tweets, the Def Jam emcee propped up Drake for... Read More


Logic Becomes First Rapper of the Streaming Era to Achieve Certification Milestone [Feature ]

Late last week, Logic's sophomore album The Incredible True Story was certified Gold by the RIAA, marking the second album certification of the Def Jam signee's young career following last October's... Read More


Master P, Logic & The 2017 Definition of Artistic Success [Feature ]

Although it’s easy to take for granted, those of us paying attention to the current landscape of the music industry are being treated to an unparalleled shift in how it’s structured and what it means on a... Read More


Damn, Logic Just Passed a Billion Streams on Spotify [Feature ]

Typically, when we write a story that includes the words "billion" and "streams" in the headline, Drake is the subject.That isn't the case today, however, as Def Jam rapper Logic has announced that his music has been... Read More


Imagining a Killer Mike & Logic Collaborative Album [Feature ]

The collaborative nature of hip-hop has always been one of my favorite parts of the culture. Throughout our travels into the digital era, that nature has been expedited to the point where Twitter and Instagram are now... Read More


Vince Staples Talks Video Games & Logic’s “Mad Aggressive” Playing Style [Feature ]

If you’ve already had the chance to play the newly released Watch Dogs 2 video game, you’ve probably noticed an appearance on the soundtrack from Vince Staples on the GTA-produced track “Little Bit of... Read More


Logic Details Hearing Nas as His First Experience with Hip-Hop [Feature ]

A quick listen through Logic’s catalog will immediately point to a heavy Nas influence. The story-telling, the lyrical complexity, the swagger—all characteristics that Nas has displayed throughout his... Read More


Holy Sh*t You Need To Hear Tech N9ne’s “Sriracha” with Logic & Joyner Lucas [Feature ]

Back in April, when Tech N9ne and Logic’s paths initially crossed, fans of both artists were justifiably hopeful that their meeting would produce a collaboration, but there’s no way they could’ve foreseen... Read More


Don’t Call Logic’s New Album Title Provocative [Feature ]

Back in April, Logic revealed he was working on not one, but two new albums. Since making that announcement, the Def Jam emcee surprised fans with Bobby Tarantino, a "commercial mixtape" that was made available for free... Read More


No, That’s Not Logic on Tiffany Trump’s Atrocious “Like a Bird” Song [Feature ]

Calm down, guys. This isn't the Logic we all know and love.Whether in support or outrage, Donald Trump fever is currently gripping the nation, and so of course the internet has gone digging into Trump's past... Read More


Logic Projected To “Sell” 23K Copies of Surprise Mixtape “Bobby Tarantino” [Feature ]

Without any warning besides what we should have guessed was coming after a string of new releases, on July 1 Logic dropped off his new mixtape Bobby Tarantino and it looks like the gamble will pay off.... Read More


Logic Surprises Fans with “Bobby Tarantino” Mixtape [Feature ]

Two weeks ago Logic released "Flexicution" and we had no choice but to designate the record as a "Holy Shit You Need To Hear This" selection. A week later he unleashed "Wrist," a collaborative effort with Def Jam... Read More


Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Logic & Pusha T’s “Wrist” [Feature ]

Let me keep it 1,000 with you, which is like keeping it 100, but ten times more honest. About a week ago, Logic's "Flexicution" dropped. It was late at night when I heard it, and while it was undoubtedly dope,... Read More


Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Logic’s “Flexicution” [Feature ]

Music can be a serious business meant to be taken seriously, and rightfully so. We're talking about an industry that moves millions of dollars and a product capable of changing people's lives. So there are some... Read More


Logic Just Launched a Gaming Channel, This Is Why It’s A Big Deal [Feature ]

Video games and rappers have a long, complicated relationship. Gaming is still considered rather nerdy, while being a rapper is mostly about exuding your cool, the two intermingling is always an intriguing juxtaposition. I... Read More


Logic Says He’s Working on Two New Albums, Breaks Down Unreleased Verse [Feature ]

Between Views From the 6 next week, whenever Chance drops, Kanye's apparent video game album and now J. Cole working on a new album, there’s already a lot of new music to look forward to. Make room... Read More


Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Logic & Tech N9ne Freestyle Backstage [Feature ]

The reason we call this series "Holy Shit You Need to Hear This" is because the only criteria is that, holy shit, you need to hear this. It could be a brand new song from a superstar artist, it could be a decades old... Read More


Logic Credits Wale for Opening the Door for DMV Rappers [Feature ]

When you hear the name Logic, inevitably Kendrick and Cole often follow. One name, though, that doesn't get mentioned a lot when discussing Logic’s success is Wale. But as Logic himself points out in an... Read More


Logic Defends Drake, Says “Everyone Uses Writers” [Feature ]

When hip-hop fans look back at 2015, they will most likely remember three things: the conversation surrounding Kendrick's sophomore album, Drake's domination and the start of Ghostwritergate.NOW everyone care... Read More


Logic, “TITS” & The Blurry Line Between Inspiration & Copying [Feature ]

Note: For the past few weeks Lucas and I have been talking about Logic's new album, The Incredible True Story, in particular the perception that Logic jacks or steals beats, flows and concepts from other artists, and... Read More


Logic - The Incredible True Story [Album]

I don’t want to say Logic and I are best friends buttttttttttt....In all seriousness, I feel a connection to Logic that extends further than just our shared DMV-roots. First and foremost, he has a passion and... Read Full Review


Logic “The Incredible True Story” | 1 Listen Album Review [Feature ]

I don’t want to say Logic and I are best friends buttttttttttt....In all seriousness, I feel a connection to Logic that extends further than just our shared DMV-roots. First and foremost, he has a passion and... Read More


Logic Announces Next Album “The Incredible True Story” & Plays Crazy New Beat [Feature ]

Logic's debut album, Under Pressure, was released just last October to a bevy of mostly positive reviews (including our own), but we have great news today as fans can already expect a follow-up before... Read More


Logic Says “Hip-Hop is in A Renaissance” - Is He Right? [Feature ]

[Image via Instagram]Logic seems to be doing pretty well these days.His debut studio album, Under Pressure, was released through Def Jam last October to favorable reviews and a number 4 spot on the Billboard 200. He's... Read More


Logic on Advice From Big Sean, New Album & More (Video Interview) [Feature ]

The first thing you notice about Logic is that he looks young, remarkably young. The words "baby face" come to mind and you try to dismiss them, they're cliched and you're a writer who's supposed to be able... Read More


Lil Durk - Tryna’ Tryna’ ft. Logic [Stream]

You Tryna’ Tryna’ hear some new music from Lil Durk? If so, you’re in luck, as we have another offering from his forthcoming Remember My Name album, due out June 2 via Def Jam. Labelmate Logic joins Durk on... Read More


Logic - Top 10 ft. Big K.R.I.T. [Stream]

Now that he’s unleashed his critically-acclaimed debut album, Under Pressure, Logic is ready to declare himself one of the Top 10 rappers in the game. Premature? Perhaps—but, after hearing the bars he spits on his latest... Read More


DEMRICK ft. Logic & King Chip - Skyscraper [Stream]

At this point, we’ve featured so many bangers off DEMRICK’s Battle Axe debut that, if you’re not excited, you may actually be in a coma. If there’s anything that can shake those still sleeping into consciousness,... Read More


Just Juice ft. Logic & Mojo - Lavish [Stream]

According to some people, less is more. Just Juice, on the other hand, prefers to live Lavishly. On a brand new single, the 19-year-old Boston phenom envisions a future full of caviar, dime pieces and black cards, delivering... Read More


Can Logic & “Under Pressure” Win at the Grammys? [Feature ]

The past couple weeks has been great for the interweb's rap fans. First, the hardest record of 2014 dropped with Run the Jewels 2 , then Theophilus London's Yeezus Christ-influenced album... Read More


Logic - Under Pressure [Album]

Being an DMV native and lover of hip-hop (regardless of geographic location) I have been following Logic's career with a close eye. Watching him flourish into one of the most exiting, young emcees in the game has been a... Read Full Review


1 Listen Album Review: Logic’s “Under Pressure” (aka Maybe the Album of the Year) [Feature ]

This almost doesn't feel right.... A one listen review for an album?! I mean, for Gambino, a semi-suprise, low-key mixtape was the perfect one listen review subject, but an album? One that I personally have been... Read More


S1 on Producing Logic’s “Under Pressure”, Raekwon x A$AP Rocky & More (#A3CProAudio) [Feature ]

Subscribe to DJBoothTVDuring this year's A3C festival, we hit up the ProAudio conference to talk to one of hip-hop's most accomplished producers, S1 (aka Symbolic One).Over the course of a frankly amazing... Read More


Logic - Buried Alive [Stream]

Ever feel like you’ve been Buried Alive? You know the feeling; responsibilities begin to add up, stress mounts, the headaches come in waves and that feeling of never ending pressure creeps into your psyche and kicks... Read More


Logic - Under Pressure [Stream]

Update: The Stephen Wayne Mallet-directed visuals for Logic’s Under Pressure single have been added.Logic has been steadily building a fan base for years now, and his upcoming album could easily be the project that... Read More


Logic ft. Childish Gambino - Driving Ms. Daisy [Stream]

Though I’ve never actually watched Driving Miss Daisy, I will admit to having a slight grudge against it, since it won Best Picture in the same year Do the Right Thing was eligible. (Spike wasn’t even f**king... Read More


Statik Selektah ft. Ab-Soul, Jon Connor, Logic & Francesca - Alarm Clock [Stream]

There’s nothing better than hearing a song you love first thing in the morning… well, until you develop an association between the song and having to get up for work, and start to hate it. That part really f**king... Read More


Logic - Finding Forever (Freestyle) [Stream]

It has been well documented that Logic is not quite ready to press the button on the release of his Def Jam debut. However, that hasn’t stopped the longtime DJBooth fave from dropping new music. Finding Forever, a... Read More


Logic ft. Big Sean - Alright [Stream]

Artists hate to keep their fans waiting, but at the same time they also want to make sure that the final product that they share with their audience is perfect. Just like with any art form, delays can sour impatient... Read More


Logic - While You Wait [Stream]

When Logic stepped into the Booth with his last promo single, our own Lucas G. remarked that the Maryland repper had him feeling like Veruca Salt: he wanted the artist’s Def Jam debut, and he wanted it Now! If... Read More


Logic - Now [Stream]

Logic has me feeling like Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Why? Well, I want his debut album and I want it Now! I can kick and scream all I want, though, but no amount of whining will make it appear. Still,... Read More


Logic ft. Casey Veggies - Like Me [Stream & Download]

If you are Like Me, then Logic’s Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever tape has been rotating in your headphones since February. If you are Like Me, you have also been hoping to hear more from the Def Jam emcee, which means... Read More


Logic ft. King Chip - Two Kings [Stream]

Generally, monarchy involves a single ruler with broad executive powers, but who’s to say you can’t have Two Kings at once? On Logic‘s latest single, his first solo feature since the release of his... Read More


Lungz ft. Logic - 20/20 [Stream & Download]

Looks like a healthy set of respiratory organs isn’t the only genetic blessing that’s been bestowed upon Chi-town buzzmaker Lungz; he’s also got two of the sharpest eyes in the game. On the latest single off... Read More


Dizzy Wright ft. Logic & Kirk Knight - Untouchable [Stream]

You know, as awesome as Dizzy Wright‘s latest Booth feature is, its title makes no sense at all. There are going to be way too many people feeling the record for it to be called “Untouchable.” You know what... Read More


Logic - Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever [Album]

As a DMV native, I’ve kept a close eye on Logic’s career, as I try to do with any promising Maryland prospect. Logic first caught my attention with his Young, Broke and Infamous tape, specifically his knack for killing... Read Full Review


Logic ft. Dizzy Wright - Young Jedi [Stream]

Listen to Young Jedi you must. In Logic, the Force is strong. OK, enough of that; as much as I would like to do this whole write-up in Yoda-speak, I have other matters to attend to today. Young Jedi is a fresh song release... Read More


Logic - Nasty [Stream]

You might want to draw a bath before hitting “play” on Logic‘s latest feature; this sh*t is gritty, grimy and downright Nasty. In contrast to his last Booth feature, the melancholy LaLaLa, this record is is a... Read More


Logic ft. Kendal - LaLaLa [Stream]

For those not keeping score, thus far this year we’ve featured a whopping four records whose titles were some variation of “La La La”... wait, make that five. Today, 2013 XXL Freshman Logic joins the ranks of Ari... Read More


Logic - My Chain [Stream]

Flipping a page in the book of life from “a lazy-a** boy” to “a man that’s on his grind”, Logic gets materialistic on new song release My Chain, without selling out lyrically. Four days after... Read More


Yonas ft. Logic - Feels Right [Stream & Download]

Why does Yonas rock the mic? You might as well ask why birds choose to sing, or why 2 Chainz steals panties from women’s clotheslines: “It’s something that just Feels Right.” Natural as kicking rhymes might be... Read More


Logic - Tic Tac Toe [Stream]

When you’re as much of a player as Logic, you’d best be conscientious in how you arrange your romantic affairs. Fortunately, the DMV spitter has no difficulties on that front; on the latest leak off his next free... Read More


Logic - The Dream [Stream]

When 10,000 people like you—whether in real life or on Facebook—you must be doing something right. Fresh off breaking the big 10k, Logics is celebrating with the release of The Dream. Here, The Official‘s... Read More


Logic - Just Another Day [Stream]

For many up-and-comers, winning rave reviews for a Booth-featured cut would be cause to break out the champagne. For Logic, however, it’s Just Another Day. Fresh off turning heads with mixtape freestyle Young Sinatra... Read More


Logic - Young Sinatra II (Freestyle) [Stream]

Though Logic‘s latest mixtape single/freestyle takes its name from a certain legendary crooner, Young Sinatra II owes less to Ol’ Blue Eyes than it does to old-school hip-hop. Here, the 21-year-old DMV repper... Read More


Logic - Mind Of Logic Ft. Camille Michelle Gray [Video]

Up-and-coming DMV artist and recent Visionary Music Group signee Logic follows up his highly rated single Mind of Logic with the DJBoothTV premiere of his subtly stunning new visuals, also featuring Camille Michelle... Read More


Logic ft. Camille Gray - Mind Of Logic [Stream]

Although he’s built a loyal and growing fan base it’s safe to say that most citizens of DJBooth Nation are unfamiliar with DMV native Logic; you know, considering this is the first feature for the DMV native. Well, what... Read More