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Logic Gave Up On Trying to Make a “Radio Hit” Before “1-800” [Feature ]

Logic's hit single "1-800-273-8255" is not only the first top 10 record of his career (it peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 on September 30) but also his first single to hit at radio, reaching No. 1 on... Read More


Logic, GoldLink & the New Pinnacle of DMV Hip-Hop [Feature ]

Today's blogosphere has allowed local rap to flourish outside of the Beltway, raising the bar and raising the stakes. Radio personality and Wale-collaborator DJ Alizay sees Washington as the hip-hop epicenter... Read More


6ix on Producing Logic’s “Take It Back” in Under 20 Minutes: “There’s Brilliance in Simplicity” [Feature ]

Some producers like to spend months crafting a beat, tweaking the arrangement, adding stuff and removing stuff, while others prefer to bang them out in under 10 minutes. While there's no right or wrong way to... Read More


Can a “True Artist” Keep Making the Same Music? Logic Says No (We Disagree) [Feature ]

Is it possible to for someone to be a "true artist" if he or she makes the same music over and over and over? According to Logic, the answer is no. Late Monday evening, the Def Jam emcee shared his thoughts on this topic by... Read More


How Logic’s “1-800-273-8255” Taught Me to Be Less Skeptical of “Wokeness” [Feature ]

In the sporadic instances throughout my life where I’ve vocally referred to myself as a “feminist,” I’ve often faced skepticism from other people. Taking stock of it, the most ridiculous of this... Read More


Logic Has a Top 10 Single for the First Time in His Career [Feature ]

Logic has earned the first top 10 record of his career with "1-800-273-8255," the Alessia Cara and Khalid-assisted single off his third studio album, Everybody, which jumped 29-9 in its 18th week on the Billboard... Read More


The Soundtrack to My Suicide & The Music That Brought Me Back to Life [Feature ]

When you fall in love, you just know. There is no concrete way to define it; you just know what it feels like. Similarly, and paradoxically, when you hit rock bottom, you just know. I hit rock bottom on January 30, 2017, the... Read More


Logic’s “1-800-273-8255” Single Has Had a Profound Effect on Suicide Prevention Awareness [Feature ]

Logic's current single, "1-800-273-8255," featuring Alessia Cara and Khalid, is currently sitting at No. 47 on the Billboard Hot 100, the highest-charting single of his career to date. More impressive than its... Read More


Logic Believes Authenticity is the Reason His Music Connects [Feature ]

Logic has never had a Top 40 single, his music is rarely played on the radio and he's never scored a solo Platinum plaque, but none of that has stopped the 27-year-old from building up one of the most loyal,... Read More


Logic Gives Hilarious Reason Why “Anziety” is Misspelled on ‘Everybody’ [Feature ]

For as long as hip-hop has been around, rappers have found a way to incorporate the letter Z into their stage names (Boosie Badazz, Swizz Beatz) and their song titles ("Heartz of Men", "It'z A Setup") for no... Read More


The Incredible True Story Behind Logic Asking J. Cole Permission to Use His Message for “AfricAryaN” [Feature ]

Logic has done a lot of interviews over the past two weeks in promotion of his new, No. 1 album Everybody, but his conversation with Hard Knock TV host Nick Huff is as good as it gets. Similar to his Def Jam label mate... Read More


Logic Reminds Fellow Artists That Art Is Meant to Be Divisive [Feature ]

This morning (May 17), in the midst of a series of tweets regarding his thoughts on the success of his No. 1 album Everybody, Logic offered up a reminder to his fellow artists that true art is meant to be reacted... Read More


Logic Explains Lyric About Kanye “Not Really Being That Voice” He Once Was [Feature ]

The day before Logic released his latest album, Everybody, he sent out a tweet praising one of his greatest musical role models, Kanye West. I love Kanye! He's one of my greatest role models musically... remember... Read More


Logic Says He’s “Arguably” the Biggest Rapper from the DMV [Feature ]

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Logic was asked by writer Al Shipley about his rise to fame, specifically, coming from Gaithersburg, Maryland, and how moving to Southern California has affected his... Read More


Logic: “I Made Millions of Dollars Last Year But I Was So Unhappy” [Feature ]

Following the release of his new album, Everybody, which is in the midst of racking up a super impressive sales total in its first week, Def Jam emcee Logic sat down with Beats 1 Radio host Zane Lowe for a... Read More


Logic’s ‘Everybody’ First-Week Sales Projection Is Super Impressive [Feature ]

Logic isn't a regular on the radio and he has never had a solo top 20 hit—his highest-charting record was "Sucker for Pain," a collaborative single off Suicide Squad: The Album that peaked at No. 15 on the... Read More


Logic Predicted J. Cole & Black Thought Album Features Six Years Ago [Feature ]

On numerous occasions over the past few months, we've tackled the concept of speaking it into existence. The idea here is simple: speak (or tweet) what you want until you get what you've spoken (or tweeted). For... Read More


Logic ‘Everybody’ 1 Listen Album Review [Feature ]

Logic is cut from the cloth of artists who still care about making albums. He creates with a conceptual pen, constructing worlds with narratives and characters, and the music scores the bigger message he hopes... Read More


Meet All 11 Producers on Logic’s ‘Everybody’ Album [Feature ]

Def Jam emcee and YouTube gaming channel owner Logic is gearing up to release his third full-length studio album, Everybody, tomorrow, Friday, May 5. (Read our 1-Listen review here.) But while everyone is chatting about... Read More


Kendrick Lamar, Logic & the Hunt for Hip-Hop Easter Eggs [Feature ]

Yesterday (April 11), the internet erupted with anticipation following the official announcement of Kendrick Lamar’s forthcoming fourth studio album, DAMN. While rumors had been swirling around its existence and... Read More


Logic: “I’m F**king Proud to be Who I Am. And I’ve Never Said That On an Album” [Feature ]

Logic's forthcoming brand new album is no longer entitled AfricAryaN—he changed the title to Everybody—but that doesn't mean the Def Jam emcee shied away from talking about being bi-racial. In a... Read More


Surprise! Logic’s New Album ‘Everybody’ Set for May 5 Release [Feature ]

Remember earlier this month when Logic said his next full-length album would "hopefully" be ready to by fall? Yeah, he actually meant spring. On May 5, the Def Jam emcee will release his third major label LP, entitled... Read More


Logic to Paint One Lucky Fan Onto His Next Album Cover [Feature ]

Logic has yet to announce a release date for his forthcoming full-length, and he might or might not stick with the title he first teased last October, but today, the Def Jam emcee announced the start of an interactive... Read More


Logic Will “Hopefully” Release His New Album This Fall [Feature ]

Five months ago, Logic revealed the tentative title of his next full-length album, and now, despite the project being nowhere close to completion, we have a wishful release period. According to the Maryland-born rapper, his... Read More


Logic “Fucks With Drake” for Opening Doors, Says “People Are Scared to Show Love” [Feature ]

Unlike many of his peers, Logic has never been afraid to praise other rappers. Last year, he credited Wale for opening the door for fellow DMV emcees, and today, in a series of tweets, the Def Jam emcee propped up Drake for... Read More


Logic Becomes First Rapper of the Streaming Era to Achieve Certification Milestone [Feature ]

Late last week, Logic's sophomore album The Incredible True Story was certified Gold by the RIAA, marking the second album certification of the Def Jam signee's young career following last October's... Read More


Master P, Logic & the 2017 Definition of Artistic Success [Feature ]

Although it’s easy to take for granted, those of us paying attention to the current landscape of the music industry are being treated to an unparalleled shift in how it’s structured and what it means on a... Read More


Damn, Logic Just Passed a Billion Streams on Spotify [Feature ]

Typically, when we write a story that includes the words "billion" and "streams" in the headline, Drake is the subject. That isn't the case today, however, as Def Jam rapper Logic has announced that his music has been... Read More


Imagining a Killer Mike & Logic Collaborative Album [Feature ]

The collaborative nature of hip-hop has always been one of my favorite parts of the culture. Throughout our travels into the digital era, that nature has been expedited to the point where Twitter and Instagram are now... Read More


Vince Staples Talks Video Games & Logic’s “Mad Aggressive” Playing Style [Feature ]

If you’ve already had the chance to play the newly released Watch Dogs 2 video game, you’ve probably noticed an appearance on the soundtrack from Vince Staples on the GTA-produced track “Little Bit of... Read More


Logic Details Hearing Nas as His First Experience with Hip-Hop [Feature ]

A quick listen through Logic’s catalog will immediately point to a heavy Nas influence. The story-telling, the lyrical complexity, the swagger—all characteristics that Nas has displayed throughout his... Read More


Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Tech N9ne’s “Sriracha” with Logic & Joyner Lucas [Feature ]

Back in April, when Tech N9ne and Logic’s paths initially crossed, fans of both artists were justifiably hopeful that their meeting would produce a collaboration, but there’s no way they could’ve foreseen... Read More


Don’t Call Logic’s New Album Title Provocative [Feature ]

Back in April, Logic revealed he was working on not one, but two new albums. Since making that announcement, the Def Jam emcee surprised fans with Bobby Tarantino, a "commercial mixtape" that was made available for free... Read More


Logic, Anderson .Paak & Aesop Rock Featured in Madden NFL 17 Soundtrack [Feature ]

In addition to being the most popular NFL video game of all-time, Madden's lowkey been a source of some great music of the last few years, but the music supervisors at EA Sports have outdone themselves with this... Read More


No, That’s Not Logic on Tiffany Trump’s Atrocious “Like a Bird” Song [Feature ]

Calm down, guys. This isn't the Logic we all know and love. Whether in support or outrage, Donald Trump fever is currently gripping the nation, and so, of course, the internet has gone digging into Trump's past... Read More


Logic Projected to “Sell” 23k Copies of Surprise Mixtape ‘Bobby Tarantino’ [Feature ]

Without any warning besides what we should have guessed was coming after a string of new releases, on July 1 Logic dropped off his new mixtape Bobby Tarantino and it looks like the gamble will pay off.... Read More


Logic Surprises Fans With ‘Bobby Tarantino’ Mixtape [Feature ]

Two weeks ago Logic released "Flexicution" and we had no choice but to designate the record as a "Holy Shit You Need To Hear This" selection. A week later he unleashed "Wrist," a collaborative effort with Def Jam... Read More


Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Logic & Pusha T’s “Wrist” [Feature ]

Let me keep it 1,000 with you, which is like keeping it 100, but ten times more honest.  About a week ago, Logic's "Flexicution" dropped. It was late at night when I heard it, and while it was undoubtedly dope,... Read More


Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Logic’s “Flexicution” [Feature ]

Music can be a serious business meant to be taken seriously, and rightfully so. We're talking about an industry that moves millions of dollars and a product capable of changing people's lives.  So there are some... Read More


Logic Just Launched a Gaming Channel, This Is Why It’s A Big Deal [Feature ]

Video games and rappers have a long, complicated relationship. Gaming is still considered rather nerdy while being a rapper is mostly about exuding your cool, the two intermingling is always an intriguing juxtaposition. I... Read More


Logic Says He’s Working on Two New Albums, Breaks Down Unreleased Verse [Feature ]

Between Views From the 6 next week, whenever Chance drops, Kanye's apparent video game album and now J. Cole working on a new album, there’s already a lot of new music to look forward to. Make room... Read More


Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Logic & Tech N9ne Freestyle Backstage [Feature ]

The reason we call this series "Holy Shit You Need to Hear This" is because the only criteria is that, holy shit, you need to hear this. It could be a brand new song from a superstar artist, it could be a decade's old... Read More


Logic Credits Wale for Opening the Door for DMV Rappers [Feature ]

When you hear the name Logic, inevitably Kendrick and Cole often follow. One name, though, that doesn't get mentioned a lot when discussing Logic’s success is Wale. But as Logic himself points out in an... Read More


Logic, Fetty Wap & More Top Forbes’ Next Richest Rappers List [Feature ]

For an otherwise pretty boring business publication Forbes has built quite the name for itself in the hip-hop space with its annual list of the richest rappers, but reporting that Jay Z is very, very wealthy isn't... Read More


Logic Defends Drake, Says “Everyone Uses Writers” [Feature ]

When hip-hop fans look back at 2015, they will most likely remember three things: the conversation surrounding Kendrick's sophomore album, Drake's domination and the start of Ghostwritergate. NOW everyone care... Read More


Logic, ‘TITS’ & The Blurry Line Between Inspiration & Copying [Feature ]

Note: For the past few weeks Lucas and I have been talking about Logic's new album, The Incredible True Story, in particular, the perception that Logic jacks or steals beats, flows, and concepts from other... Read More


Logic - The Incredible True Story [Album]

I don’t want to say Logic and I are best friends buttttttttttt.... In all seriousness, I feel a connection to Logic that extends further than just our shared DMV-roots. First and foremost, he has a passion and... Read Full Review


Logic ‘The Incredible True Story’ 1 Listen Album Review [Feature ]

I don’t want to say Logic and I are best friends buttttttttttt... In all seriousness, I feel a connection to Logic that extends further than just our shared DMV-roots. First and foremost, he has a passion and respect... Read More


Logic Announces Next Album ‘The Incredible True Story’ & Plays Crazy New Beat [Feature ]

Logic's debut album, Under Pressure, was released just last October to a bevy of mostly positive reviews (including our own), but we have great news today as fans can already expect a follow-up before... Read More


Logic Says “Hip-Hop Is In a Renaissance” - Is He Right? [Feature ]

Logic seems to be doing pretty well these days. His debut studio album, Under Pressure, was released through Def Jam last October to favorable reviews and a number 4 spot on the Billboard 200. He's about to get married... Read More


Logic on Advice From Big Sean, New Album & More (Video Interview) [Feature ]

The first thing you notice about Logic is that he looks young, remarkably young. The words "baby face" come to mind and you try to dismiss them, they're cliched and you're a writer who's supposed to be able... Read More


Lil Durk - Tryna’ Tryna’ ft. Logic [Stream]

You Tryna’ Tryna’ hear some new music from Lil Durk? If so, you’re in luck, as we have another offering from his forthcoming Remember My Name album, due out June 2 via Def Jam. Labelmate Logic joins Durk on... Read More


Logic - Top 10 ft. Big K.R.I.T. [Stream]

Now that he’s unleashed his critically-acclaimed debut album, Under Pressure, Logic is ready to declare himself one of the Top 10 rappers in the game. Premature? Perhaps—but, after hearing the bars he spits on his latest... Read More


DEMRICK ft. Logic & King Chip - Skyscraper [Stream]

At this point, we’ve featured so many bangers off DEMRICK’s Battle Axe debut that, if you’re not excited, you may actually be in a coma. If there’s anything that can shake those still sleeping into consciousness,... Read More


Just Juice ft. Logic & Mojo - Lavish [Stream]

According to some people, less is more. Just Juice, on the other hand, prefers to live Lavishly. On a brand new single, the 19-year-old Boston phenom envisions a future full of caviar, dime pieces and black cards, delivering... Read More