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The Rap City Freestyle Awards: An Absurdly Detailed Investigation [Feature ]

There are avenues of hip-hop nostalgia that we as lifelong fans will gladly travel down until the end of time. For those of us who grew up in the age of mid-2000s hip-hop, BET’s Rap City was one of those familiar... Read More


Ludacris & the Second Act Rap Blues [Feature ]

The first time I ever watched Fear Factor, host Joe Rogan was smiling from ear-to-ear while a man ate maggots and cheese off of a dinner plate. Beginning in 2001, Rogan would guide money-hungry contestants through a series of... Read More


A Hip-Hop Fan’s Ode to Cadillacs [Feature ]

My young, adolescent eyes didn’t know the first sight of love until the day they saw her sitting in my neighbor's driveway. Underneath the unforgiving summer sun, she was the shining definition of what my world was... Read More


Ludacris - Beast Mode [Stream]

Update: The Zanmi Films-directed visuals for Ludacris’ Beast Mode single have been added. Marshawn Lynch makes a cameo. After Callin Ya Bluff last week, Ludacris is back with the second single off of his upcoming... Read More


Ludacris - Ludaversal [Album]

It’s been five years since his last studio effort, Battle of the Sexes, but the wait is now over for Ludacris’ oft-delayed Ludaversal album. The ATL legend, who was quoted as saying that his eighth major label project... Read More


Ludacris - Call Ya Bluff [Stream]

Update: The Matt Swinsky-directed visuals for Ludacris’ Call Ya Bluff single have been added. A few months ago, the Booth’s own Yoh posed a question that stirred up quite a response: Can Ludacris’ Music Still... Read More


Ludacris - Charge It To The Rap Game [Stream]

“The more things change the more they stay the same.” Ludacris spits nothing but the real on Charge It To The Rap Game, a fresh promo single off his upcoming album. The record, produced by Booth-fave !llmind,... Read More


Ludacris - Come And See Me ft. Big K.R.I.T. [Stream]

Anyone thinking Ludacris hasn’t been in Beast Mode leading up to his album release can Come And See Me, as I won’t hesitate to Call Ya Bluff. On his latest single, the fourth off the upcoming LP, the ATL mainstay... Read More


Ludacris ft. John Legend - In My Life [Stream]

Last month, the moves Ludacris has been making of late inspired our own Yoh to ask whether the ATLien’s music still matters in the contemporary rap game. The article inspired passionate discussion among our readers, but... Read More


Growing Pains: Can Ludacris’ Music Still Matter? [Feature ]

I find him in my brother’s CD case, wedged between Kanye’s Late Registration and Game’s Documentary. He has a serious mug; mouth holds a tooth pick, hand grips a Franklin, the expression of a pimp. He... Read More


Ludacris ft. Miguel - Good Lovin’ [Stream]

For weeks now, Ludacris has been releasing freebie “LudaVerses,” featuring his trademarked charismatic-meets-slick flow over popular records like Numbers On The Board and Tom Ford. This approach to releasing new... Read More


Yo Gotti ft. Lil’ Wayne & Ludacris - Errrbody (Remix) [Stream]

The facts are that Yo Gotti has followed up his Errbody single with an official remix featuring the heavyweight likes of Lil Wayne and Ludacris. The opinion is that DAMN WEEZY JUST MURDERED THIS, and Luda wasn’t exactly... Read More


Angel Haze ft. Ludacris - 22 Jump Street [Stream]

Next Friday, 22 Jump Street is slated to hit theaters everywhere. In addition to the comedic stylings of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, the flick will boast music from a star-studded list of hip-hop and dance heavyweights. As... Read More


Ludacris ft. Jeremih & Wiz Khalifa - Party Girls [Stream]

In the works since 2012, Ludacris‘s eighth studio album has been languishing in label limbo for a hot minute now. Seeing your project sit on the shelf can’t be fun, but the DTP capo’s clearly been putting... Read More


Big Boi ft. T.I., Ludacris & Kito & Reija Lee - King Sh!t [Stream & Download]

As we enter into the final third of #MashUpMondays, the series’ stellar track record has yet to be tarnished by a single sub-par cut. Will Big Boi be able to bring it home on an equally high note? My vote is yes;... Read More


Ludacris Made Less Money Than a Subway Driver Last Year [Feature ]

Has it really been so long since the last "Your Favorite Rapper is Poor"? Is has? Sweet baby jesus, my apologies. But all the work I've done over the years to close the gap between rap fantasy and rap financial reality... Read More


DJ Infamous ft. Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Juicy J & Game - Double Cup [Stream]

Sometimes, 18 ounces simply ain’t enough—that’s when you Double Cup it. On his latest promo single and first headlining feature, DJ Infamous (Ludacris‘s tour DJ) recruits a four-pack of codeine-loving... Read More


4-Ize ft. Ludacris - It’s My Job [Stream]

Incredibly, It’s My Job to tell our readers about new hip-hop records that are must-listens. 4-Ize, on the other hand, must rap his a** off and represent the ATL properly; both of us are doing our jobs here. While I tell... Read More


Ludacris - Helluva Night [Stream]

After a long week of work, school, or just general drudgery, it’s only fitting that you have an awesome Friday night. Whether you are going to a club, a party, or just keeping it casual with a few drinks, make sure you... Read More


Ludacris - I Don’t Give A F**k [Stream]

I could try to convince you why you should like Ludacris’ latest effort, but if you don’t already like the veteran emcee, in true Luda fashion, I Don’t Give A F**k. After all, how in the name of Southern Hospitality... Read More


Ludacris - Speak Into The Mic [Stream & Download]

Being that it’s Friday afternoon, I’d imagine that for some of our readers a “f**k it” mentality has set in, as we are now only a few hours until the start of the weekend. While you might not give a f**k about... Read More


Ludacris ft. French Montana & Que - 9 Times Out Of 10 [Stream & Download]

No matter your level of fandom toward either Ludacris or French Montana, you must give both artists credit for consistently cranking out club-ready bangers. If you disagree, however, and would like wager against one or both... Read More


Ludacris - If I Aint F**ked Up [Stream & Download]

I used to be down to party all night, but now at the ripe old age of 24, I have unofficially retired from non-celebratory boozing. I just can’t do it, as the next day I will be completely unable to function due to a... Read More


Los ft. Diddy & Ludacris - Disappointed [Stream & Download]

At first glance, the title of Los’ latest single doesn’t seem to bode well for the record’s quality. However, “Disappointed” refers not to listeners’ likely reaction to the cut, but to the... Read More


Ludacris ft. Young Jeezy - Raised in the South [Stream & Download]

Through Ludacris has long been regarded as a dark horse contender for best rapper alive, the so-so quality of recent material has led some (including our own Nathan S.) to speculate the he may have—dare I say it—fallen... Read More


DJ Scream ft. Future, Wale & Ludacris - Cee-Lo [Stream & Download]

When you have had a career like Goodie Mobb and Gnarls Barkley member Cee-Lo, it is inevitable that you will come across a few humbling moments. For instance, maybe it was one of his four Grammy wins? It also could be having... Read More


Ludacris ft. R.Kelly & Fabolous - Representin (Remix) [Stream]

Did you enjoy popping bottles, pounding back shots, and (of course) getting it in to Representin, single numero dos off Ludacris’ eighth studio album? Well, I have it on the authority of none other than R&B megastar... Read More


Big Boi ft. T.I. & Ludacris - In The A [Stream]

Peanut butter wouldn’t be complete without jelly, New Year’s Eve isn’t complete without champagne, and a Big Boi album wouldn’t be complete without an ATL banger. Problem solved. New street single In... Read More


Swizz Beatz ft. Chris Brown & Ludacris - Everyday Birthday [Stream]

They say birthdays come but once a year. Okay, so they really say Christmas comes but once a year, but either way it’s true. Even though we only get one birthday per calender year, Swizz Beatz encourages you to treat... Read More


Ludacris ft. Usher & David Guetta - Rest Of My Life [Stream]

Sometimes when you want something done the right way you need call an expert. Pipe sprung a leak? Call a plumber. Car won’t start? Grab a mechanic. In the event you should need a club banger to keep the party going, who... Read More


Ludacris ft. Kelly Rowland - Representin [Stream]

UPDATE: Click “Watch Video” for the brand new visuals to Representin. Mobile users scroll down.  Though Ludacris’ last album, Battle of the Sexes, had male-female relations (sexual and otherwise) as... Read More


Martin Solveig x Clinton Sparks x A-Trak ft. Ludacris - The Night Out [Stream]

In case you weren’t aware, allow me to be the first to tell you that today is Friday (aka the best day of the week). There is no school or work for two days, which means many of you will be out partying or clubbing until... Read More


Big K.R.I.T. ft. Ludacris - What U Mean [Stream]

It hit me today that it’s almost football season, which also means we’re more than halfway through 2012. As I look back at the year in hip-hop so far, one emcee comes to mind immediately: Big K.R.I.T. The southern... Read More


Ludacris - Jingalin [Stream]

On a 1990 single off LL Cool J‘s Walking With a Panther LP, the battle-rap master advised his competitor to set down the mic and dance like the female he is—hence the jingling earrings. More of a lover (or, at least,... Read More


Future ft. Diddy & Ludacris - Same Damn Time (Remix) [Stream]

What’s better than hearing one rapper flaunt his cash, his fame and his sex appeal on a braggadocious street banger? How about three rappers doing it at the Same Damn Time? OK, Future‘s latest official remix... Read More


Waka Flocka Flame ft. Ludacris & Bun B - Candy Paint & Gold Teeth [Stream]

Fresh off the release of his sophomore full-length, Waka Flocka Flame has hooked up with two of his highest-profile regional neighbors to drop the project’s latest single, a trunk-banging ode to all things fly, flashy... Read More


DJ Drama ft. T.I., Young Jeezy, Ludacris & Future - We in This B*tch [Stream]

For all the credit that the f-bomb gets for its versatility, “b*tch” isn’t close behind—not only can it be used to refer to female dogs, human women (disrespectfully), effeminate men (again, disrespectfully) and... Read More


I-20 ft. Ludacris & Twista - Little Boy [Stream & Download]

Fresh off joining forces with The DJBooth to drop his Celebrity Rehab mixtape, I-20 returns with the first official single off his next street album. Kicked off with a sample from ‘74 film The Education of Sonny Carson,... Read More


Example ft. Ludacris - Changed the Way You Kiss Me (Remix) [Stream]

A 2011 smash in Example‘s native UK, Changed the Way You Kissed Me is now making its transition stateside in the form of an official remix. Joining the singer over Michael Woods’ dancefloor-scorching production,... Read More


I-20 ft. Ludacris & Nathaniel - The Definition [Stream & Download]

If you were to crack open your dictionary right now, you’d find a picture of I-20 right next to The Definition of “cool.” A standout cut off the Southern street vet’s new, Booth-sponsored mixtape, this... Read More


John Legend ft. Ludacris - Tonight (Best You Ever Had) [Stream]

On the recently-featured lead single and title track off Think Like a Man‘s official soundtrack LP, Jennifer Hudson tried her best to step outside her everyday habits of thought and get into the head of the less-fair... Read More


Ludacris - Badda Boom [Video]

The visual to the highly controversial record Bada Boom, off of Ludacris’s new mixtape, 1.21 Gigawatts, which dropped last week. Shots fired at Drake and Big Sean. Read More


Ludacris ft. Wiz Khalifa - What U Smokin’ On [Stream]

With his latest mixtape making the rounds in the hip-hop blogosphere, Ludacris has dropped off a slightly-modified rendition of standout cut What U Smokin’ On for our listening pleasure. This version of the hazy, Big... Read More


Ludacris - Muthaf**ka Can You Buy That? [Stream]

Whether it’s a mansion, a fly whip or a solid-gold commode, you better believe that Ludacris can afford it. On mixtape inclusion Muthaf**ka Can You Buy That?, the heavyweight rapper (and sometime actor) rubs his... Read More


Ludacris ft. Big K.R.I.T - I’m on Fire [Stream]

Like many hip-hop fans, I was shocked to watch Ludacris’ not-quite-as-stellar-as-hoped BET Cypher. Watching one of the most consistent rappers of the last decade not destroy a verse was like watching Lebron lay-up an open... Read More


Ludacris ft. Gucci Mane - Shake N Fries [Stream]

A good Shake N Fries is something that absolutely anyone can appreciate (well, unless you’re a vegan); be that as it may, the newest leak off Ludacris’ newly-announced street album, finds the ATL heavyweight with... Read More


Plies ft. Jeremih & Ludacris - Just (The Tip) [Stream]

According to most rappers, enticing women into bed is something they’d have to wear a lead-lined codpiece in order not to do—such is their level of raw animal magnetism. Consistent with his reputation as “Da... Read More


Ludacris ft. Waka Flocka - Rich & Flexin [Stream]

Update: Click “Listen Now” above to watch Ludacris’ “Rich & Flexin” video. Ludacris has boatloads of cash, and he ain’t afraid to spend it—especially if that expenditure goes... Read More


Tyrese ft. Ludacris - Too Easy [Stream]

Actor-singer Tyrese is usually the sensitive slow-jam type, but the Watts native shifts his focus from love to partying on his brand new single, Too Easy.  The track outlines the lavish lifestyle and includes all the... Read More


DJ Khaled ft. Young Jeezy & Ludacris - Money [Stream]

With the arrival of his latest full-length just around the corner, DJ Khaled takes the opportunity to whet fans’ appetites with one more leak off the project. On standout cut Money, Ludacris and Jeezy address—what... Read More


David Guetta ft. Taio Cruz & Ludacris - Little Bad Girl [Stream]

David Guetta‘s last Booth-featured single, Where Dem Girls At, found guest star Flo Rida suffering from what a social psychologist would call choice overload: with so many fine females at the local spot, the decision of... Read More


Pitbull ft. T-Pain, Sean Paul & Ludacris - Shake Señora (Remix) [Stream]

Perhaps inspired by Weezy‘s use of The Banana Boat Song on 6’7”, Latin-rap heavyweight takes inspiration fromthe calypso singer’s Shake Señora on his latest feature, a remixed version of a standout... Read More


Big K.R.I.T. ft. Bun B & Ludacris - Country Sh*t (Remix) [Video]

Big K.R.I.T. recruits Southern heavyweights Bun B and Ludacris for the video accompaniment to his “Country Sh*t (Remix)”, off his heavily heralded Return of 4Eva project. For more from Krizza be sure to order R4... Read More


Ludacris ft. Slaughterhouse & Claret Jai - F5 (Furiously Dangerous) [Stream]

Scheduled to hit U.S. theaters on the 29th, the fifth entry in the Fast and the Furious franchise promises to be the fastest and most furious yet. OK, to keep it one-hundred, I haven’t seen a single F&F flick…... Read More


Vado ft. Jadakiss & Ludacris - Check Em Out (Get Fresh) [Stream]

Although some of us have heard Vado’s Check Em Out before, a newly leaked version features guest appearances from Ludacris and Jadakiss - but is it better? Produced by Butter Beats, the simple bass and snare combo is one... Read More


Big K.R.I.T. ft. Bun B & Ludacris - Country Sh*t (Remix) [Stream & Download]

With the recent release of ReturnOf4Eva, K.R.I.T. has been buzzing all throughout the south not to mention the rest of the country. Although the album showcases tracks that speak to people lyrically like Dreamin and American... Read More


DJ Khaled ft. Various Artists - Welcome to My Hood (Remix) [Stream]

I don’t know about you guys, but I count myself lucky not to live in DJ Khaled‘s ‘hood. Inner-city crime and pollution I can handle, but trying to sleep while the We the Best general is screaming ad-libs and... Read More


Chris Brown ft. Ludacris - Wet the Bed [Stream]

After a tear-stained MJ Tribute, a hit single that’s also become popular slang (Deuces) and a growing number of guest features (see Keri Hilson’s One Night Stand), I think it’s safe to say that the Chris Brown comeback... Read More


Diddy ft. Ludacris - Tomorrow Tonight [Stream]

If I had to sum up the consensus on Diddy Money’s new album Last Train to Paris, I’d say “not as good as some hoped, not as terrible as some feared” would just about do it; could we also describe new “left on the... Read More


Rick Ross ft. Ludacris - Black Man’s Dream [Stream]

After dropping the Albert Anastasia EP, followed by his fourth studio album, Teflon Don, we figured that Rick Ross had (w)rapped up 2010. Well, we were wrong.  Instead, Ricky decided to give fans an early Christmas... Read More


David Banner & 9th Wonder ft. Ludacris & Marsha Ambrosius - Be With You [Stream]

Let me get this straight: David Banner, 9th Wonder, Ludacris and Marsha Ambrosius on the same song? Excuse my enthusiastic language, but let me talk my s**t - I f**king love this record. Taking a break from my day job, I saw... Read More


Sean Garrett ft. Busta Rhymes, Ludacris & Twista - She Geeked (Remix) [Stream & Download]

How did the term “geek” go from referring to a sideshow performer, to being synonymous with “nerd,” to describing a state of extreme, possibly drug-fueled excitement? Beats me – language works in mysterious ways. In... Read More


J. Cardim ft. O.D.B. & Ludacris - All of the Time [Stream & Download]

Released to the ‘net in July, J. Cardim‘s latest street album found the Booth-approved beatsmith hooking up with a wide variety of hip-hop’s best and brightest talents, from established heavyweights to... Read More


Ray J ft. Ludacris - Celebration [Stream]

To quote Kanye, “It’s a Celebration, b*tches!” Though Ray J, of course, needs no special occasion to head out to the club, mack on some honeys and pop a few bottles. Devotees of the singer/reality TV star were... Read More


Flo Rida ft. Ludacris & Gucci Mane - Why You Up in Here [Stream]

Flo Rida may have a penchant for watching shawtys get Low on the dancefloor and yes, a skilled pole-dancer can make his head spin Right Round, but the man’s no fool, and he can easily tell the difference between a chick... Read More


R. Kelly ft. Ludacris - Tongues [Stream]

Usually when we think of people speaking in tongues we imagine a parishioner catching the holy spirit in church. However, R&B veteran R. Kelly, with the help of Ludacris, have somehow managed to take the term and use it... Read More


Ciara ft. Andre 3000, Ludacris & Bei Maejor -  Ride (Bei Maejor Remix) [Stream]

Lead singles get remixes. That’s the way the game works, especially if that lead single winds up getting some serious press for being banned on BET. And so today we have Ciara grabbing producer Bei Maejor and the elusive... Read More


Jeremih ft. Ludacris - iLike [Stream]

Pretty much everyone in the Booth agreed that Jeremih‘s self-titled debut was a solid set, but will the Birthday Sex singer succeed in crafting a follow-up that will ensure his longevity in the game? Today, we have the... Read More


Lloyd Banks ft. Ludacris, The-Dream, Jadakiss & Yo Gotti - Beamer, Benz or Bentley (Remix) [Stream]

What artists would you grab for a remix to your smash single? Ludacris? Check. Jadakiss? Check. The-Dream? Check. Yo Gotti? Actually, that might not be a typical line-up, but the combination still works well on the official... Read More


The-Dream ft. Ludacris - Love King (Remix) [Stream]

Remember back in the day (April) when I said that The-Dream’s Love King (Remix) with Jeezy was only a prelude, and that the “official official” remix would feature none other than Ludacris? Would I lie to you? (Why am I... Read More


Ludacris Discusses the State of the Game [Debut Video] [Feature ]

This month, online music video network Music Choice on Demand will present "We Love Hip Hop," a celebration of urban music in which they will offer rap heavyweights' videos, as well as original material exploring hip-hop... Read More