New Luke Christopher Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Luke Christopher - Lot to Learn [Stream]

Update: The visuals for Luke Christopher’s Lot to Learn single have been added. The more you know, the more you know you don’t know sh*t. (I think it was Socrates who said that.) By that rubric, Luke Christopher... Read More


Luke Christopher - Upside Down [Stream & Download]

Longtime Booth fave Luke Christopher, an supremely-talented recording artist and producer signed to RCA Records, has released Upside Down, a self-produced loosie that is unattached to a larger body of work. This is the Los... Read More


Luke Christopher - They Know ft. Treasure Davis [Stream]

Update: The Alan Del Rio Ortiz-directed visuals for Luke Christopher’s They Know single have been added. Booth fave Luke Christopher has released They Know, a self-produced single with a hook that pays homage to Big... Read More


Treasure Davis - Heart Flavored Sucker ft. Luke Christopher [Stream]

Described as “Jhene Aiko’s ‘The Worst’ meets Goyte’s ‘Somebody That I Use To Know,’” the new single from Treasure Davis will have you ready to forget your ex and move on immediately.... Read More


Luke Christopher Announces Tour Dates, Premieres “I Mean It” Remix [Feature ]

ByStorm Entertainment/RCA Records recording artist Luke Christopher is ready to hit the road, today unveiling his forthcoming tour dates exclusively with Kicking things off this Friday, April 10, in San... Read More


Luke Christopher - Bridges ft. Siena Strieber [Stream]

Luke Christopher is still fresh off of sitting down with DJBoothTV for our Inside the Verse series, and today he drops off a fresh new loosie. Bridges is an uplifting and inspiring record, produced by Christopher himself and... Read More


Luke Christopher - Ms. Holy Water [Stream & Download]

A few weeks after he sat down with DJBoothTV for our Inside the Verse series, Luke Christopher treats fans to a freshly-minted set of visuals for Ms. Holy Water. A standout selection off of his reader-acclaimed TMRW TMRW PT.... Read More


Inside the Verse: Luke Christopher on “Outro” (Video) [Feature ]

Subscribe to DJBoothTV "I needed to do something that felt like we were going up, like we're really doing this."  For the latest installment of our Inside the Verse video series, west coast indie-phenom Luke... Read More


Luke Christopher - The Waiting Game (Remix) [Stream]

We know, we know; we already brought you Say My Name (Remix), Luke Christopher‘s latest #TMRWGNGTUESDAYS release, at the top of the week. But is there such a thing as too much dope music from a talented artist? To... Read More


Luke Christopher - Say My Name (Remix) [Stream]

It’s Tuesday, Booth readers, and y’all know what that means. A bunch of album drops, for one thing—but also a brand new loosie from house favorite Luke Christopher. For his latest #TMRWGNGTUESDAYS release, the... Read More


Luke Christopher - Tmrw Tmrw Pt. II [Album]

In 2012, Luke Christopher introduced himself to the hip-hop game with Tmrw Tmrw, a debut mixtape that instantly established him as one of the West Coast's most promising up-and-coming artists. Two years later, the... Read More


Luke Christopher - I Am Knowone (You & Me) [Stream & Download]

Even the most self-sufficient recording artist occasionally hears an outside beat that he or she just has to jump on. For reader-acclaimed rapper/singer/producer Luke Christopher, Flume‘s remix of Disclosure‘s... Read More


Luke Christopher - The Boy Is Here [Stream & Download]

A month and a half after blessing our front page with his last feature, digital series entry Sunny Days, reader fave Luke Christopher returns to the Booth with The Boy Is Here, single numero uno off his next mixtape. On this... Read More


Luke Christopher - Sunny Days [Stream]

Were you worried to see a Tuesday go by without a fresh feature from Luke Christopher hitting our front page. Well, I humbly apologize for leaving you hanging. You’ll be relieved to know that the TMRGNGTUESDAYS series... Read More


Luke Christopher - Heartbreak Fiction [Stream & Download]

At the top of the month, Luke Christopher stepped into the Booth with Life Jackets, a video single that saw him struggling to win the trust of a new woman. Evidently things didn’t work out since, just two weeks later,... Read More


Luke Christopher - Life Jackets [Stream]

Every relationship you enter into should be treated as a complete fresh start that demands attention and patience. As most would admit, however, you can’t help if a past relationship influences how you approach a new... Read More


Luke Christopher - Heaven [Stream & Download]

For Luke Christopher, paradise isn’t something that awaits in the afterlife. As Belinda Carlisle would say, “Heaven is a place on earth.” On the latest entry in his #TMRGANGTUESDAY series, the Los Angeles-repping... Read More


Luke Christopher - Champagne Rain [Stream & Download]

When you leave the house, be sure to bring an umbrella and some quality stemware. Today, the DJBooth’s in-house meteorologists are forecasting heavy Champagne Rain. Luke Christopher‘s latest feature, released... Read More


Luke Christopher ft. Siena Streiber - Easy Child [Stream & Download]

If you’ve been going through tough times lately, know that Luke Christoper is in your corner. On the latest release in his #TMRGANGTUESDAY series, the Los Angeles-based Booth regular sends a message of encouragement to... Read More


Luke Christopher - Rhyme Like Me [Stream & Download]

When I was 10, all I could think about was the Y2K bug and what life would be like in post-apocalyptic suburbia. For Los Angeles dual threat Luke Christopher, however, thoughts of bringing that “groove thing back”... Read More


Luke Christopher ft. Julie Moon - Puzzle in My Mind [Stream]

Recent features from Luke Christopher have seen the Panhandle State rapper/producer spitting thoughtfully about the complexities of relationships and the emptiness underlying the relentless quest for material wealth. On new... Read More


Luke Christopher - Sun Goes Down [Stream & Download]

On his last DJBooth feature, Luke Christopher made the bold decision to rhyme over a flip of Regina Spektor‘s 2006 single, Us. The freshly-minted follow-up, Sun Goes Down, also finds the Panhandle State rapper/producer... Read More


Luke Christopher - Statues [Stream & Download]

I’m a die-hard hip-hop head, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t seriously love me some Regina Spektor. Well, on Statues Luke Christopher puts his spin on one of Regina’s most recognizable bangers, Us. A... Read More


Luke Christopher - This Old World [Stream]

Luke Christopher got his 2014 off to a phenomenal start with January’s Follow Rivers and Broken People, promo singles whose combo of melodic production, emotional themes and exceptional mic work won high praise from... Read More


Luke Christopher - Follow Rivers [Stream & Download]

Earlier this month, Luke Christopher earned rave Booth reviews for Broken People, an empathetic joint exploring the effects of emotional baggage on romantic relationships. Based on its chorus, a soulful sampling of Read More


Luke Christopher - Broken People [Stream]

We’ve all got our emotional baggage. Luke Christopher? Let’s just say that, even if he takes advantage of Southwest’s generous checked-bag policy, he gonna be paying some extra fees. On Broken People, his... Read More


Luke Christopher - The Wonder Years (Part One) EP [Album]

Golden State buzzmaker Luke Christopher has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners feel good hip-hop on his first EP release, The Wonder Years (Part One). The free project packs six original jams from the... Read More


Luke Christopher - The Alphabet [Stream]

Back in 2005, Papoose broke into the rap game with Alphabetical Slaughter, an acclaimed joint which featured the East Coast emcee delivering alliterative bars based on every letter from A to Z. Fast-forward eight years, and... Read More


Luke Christopher - Hell of a Rhyme [Stream]

After Luke Christopher‘s lengthy absence from the Booth (Blue Skies hit our front page in early 2012), the Golden State representative must have a Hell of a Rhyme lined up for his comeback feature, right? Indeed—and a... Read More


Luke Christopher - Blue Skies [Stream & Download]

If the weather round your way is anything like it is is in my city of residence (cold, gray and did I mention cold?), I’m guessing you could use a little Cali sunshine in your life. Well, you’re in luck—here to... Read More


Luke Christopher - The Rescuer [Stream & Download]

Ill-fated females seem to be in the air today. On Booth newcomer PJ Simas’ Diagnosis of a Beautiful Mind, the Cali native struggled with how to love a girl who didn’t love herself, and Luke Christopher‘s... Read More