New Luke James Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Luke James ft. Alicia “Rai” - Bad News [Stream]

I’ve got good news and Bad News, Booth readers. The good news is, Luke James just dropped a new promo single.  The bad news? There isn’t any—but that just so happens to be the record’s title. On this plaintive... Read More


Luke James - Luke James [Album]

Having carved out his niche singing background vocals for Tyrese and penning records for the likes of Keri Hilson and Chris Brown, Luke James laid the foundations for his burgeoning solo career with acclaimed mixtapes #Luke... Read More


Luke James - Exit Wounds [Stream]

I know what y’all are thinking: “A sensitive dude like Luke James, packing heat?“ Well, you can pick your jaws up off the floor, because Exit Wounds has nothing to do with literal gunplay. Instead, it finds the... Read More


Luke James - Dancing in the Dark [Stream]

I’m not sure how many classic rock heads frequent the Booth but, if you happen to be one of them, you may be in for a disappointment. Luke James‘s latest promo record has absolutely nothing to do with the Bruce... Read More


Luke James ft. Rick Ross - Options [Stream]

Sometimes breakups come out of nowhere, but more often they’re preceded by an awkward period of indecision, in which both parties know that something’s wrong but neither wants to make any drastic moves. On the... Read More


Luke James - Strawberry Vapors [Stream]

Last year, Luke James surprised listeners in the Booth with Love Chile, a sensual cut which turned out to have absolutely nothing to do with red peppers. Encouraged by that record’s positive reception, the NARS/Def Jam... Read More


Luke James - Love No More [Stream]

As the title of his forthcoming debut full-length states, New Orleans crooner Luke James was Made to Love. Needless to say, it would take one hell of a heartbreak to persuade him to forsake his primary function. Desperate... Read More


Luke James ft. Wale - I.O.U. (Summertime Remix) [Stream]

Featured on our front page back in February, Luke James’ I.O.U. was just the cut to warm Boothgoers’ hearts during the final weeks of winter. Just as you wouldn’t wear a down jacket in 90-degree weather,... Read More


Luke James - I.O.U [Stream]

Want to tell your special someone how much you care, but aren’t so good with words? Simply queue up Luke James’ latest single and let the New Orleans crooner do the talking for you. On I.O.U, the Strawberry Vapors... Read More


Luke James - Love Chile [Stream]

Before you check out Love Chile, an impressive new effort from the talented Luke James, allow me to clear something up. James is not expressing his affection for the delicious bean and meat based dish, but rather his love for... Read More


Luke James - I Want You [Stream]

I’d be the last person to dis that marvel of evolution we call the human brain, but higher cognitive abilities do come with certain downsides—particularly in the romantic realm, where overthinking is less likely to... Read More