New Mac Miller Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Larry Fisherman (Mac Miller) - Run-On Sentences, Volume Two [Album]

Taking up his familiar Larry Fisherman pseudonym once again, Mac Miller had dropped off Run-On Sentences, Volume Two, a smoked-out, psychedelic instrumental project and the follow-up to the original Run-On Sentences released... Read More


Mac Miller Talks Race Relations, Urges Fans to Not Support Donald Trump [Feature ]

Like it or not, Mac Miller will forever be linked to Donald Trump. Today, it feels more like "or not." In 2011, while signed to Rostrum Records, the Pittsburgh native released his Trump-titled single, which would... Read More


Mac Miller - GO:OD AM [Album]

At long last, Pittsburgh emcee Mac Miller has followed-up last year's Booth-acclaimed project, Faces, with the release of GO:OD AM, his third studio album and major label debut on REMember Music/Warner Bros. Records. The... Read More


Mac Miller “GO:OD AM” | 1 Listen Album Review [Feature ]

It’s Monday afternoon and the rumored Drake and Future mixtape that sent the internet into a chaotic frenzy last week is still just a rumor. The hype train barely got on the tracks before derailing, the internet... Read More


Mac Miller - Break The Law [Stream]

Mac Miller has released Break The Law, the second single off his forthcoming album, GO:OD AM, due out September 18 via Warner Bros. The record, featuring an uncredited Juicy J on ad libs, follows 100 Grandkids, the LP’s... Read More


Mac Miller - Pet Sounds ft. Sean Price [Stream]

Mac Miller, fresh off the release of GOOD:AM lead single 100 Grandkids, has unveiled Pet Sounds, a Nottz-produced record that features the late Sean Price. The record was recorded shortly before he passed. Duckdown Records is... Read More


I’m Almost Ready to Call Mac Miller a Great Emcee [Feature ]

[Art by Jon47] Mac Miller entered hip-hop rhyming about senior skip day and frozen pizza, the kind of rapper that reminded you of Zack Morris, full of teenage hi-jinks and easy living. He had fans across the states, touring... Read More


Mac Miller - 100 Grandkids [Stream]

Mac Miller returns with 100 Grandkids, the first single off his highly-anticipated new album, GO:OD AM, due out September 18. The Sha Money XL-produced record marks the first release for Miller since signing a label deal with... Read More


Retchy P - Troubled Man’s Lullaby ft. Mac Miller [Stream & Download]

The world is a very f**ked up place. It is this vibe that is perfectly and hauntingly captured on Troubled Man’s Lullaby, a loosie from New Jersey buzzmaker Retchy P. Tip-toeing alongside the Booth newcomer is Mac... Read More


Hardo - Fast Life ft. Mac Miller & Njomza [Stream]

Based on Hardo‘s previous features, most recently the T.I.-assisted I Know You Ain’t Gon Act, you should already know he lives the Fast Life. To drive the point home, we have one of the standout tracks off of his... Read More


Mac Miller - Boo! (Interlude) [Stream]

On Thursday evening, Mac Miller asked his fans if they “wanna hear some raps?” 2,600 RTs and a few hours later, Miller released Boo! (Interlude), a two minute loosie produced by ClockworkDJ. There is no word on... Read More


Mac Miller - Days [Stream]

On Monday, in honor of 4/20, TREEJTV and Clockwork DJ released Baum BLVD, a 12-track free mixtape. Unquestionably, the standout selection off the project is Days, a wavey new offering from Mac Miller. Produced by the artist... Read More


EarthGang - Monday ft. Mac Miller [Stream]

No one likes returning to work after a weekend of relaxation but, with the promise of dope new music just a few sunsets away, your first eight hours on the job are bound to pass even more slowly than they otherwise would.... Read More


Mack Maine ft. 2 Chainz & Mac Miller - Living All of Your Dreams [Stream]

Mack Maine didn’t become the President of Young Money by listening to the doubters and compromising on his ambitions; he did what was necessary to turn his luxurious fantasies into reality. On his latest single he rubs... Read More


Yo, When Did Mac Miller Become So Dope? [Feature ]

Humans are a stubborn species. Once we get an idea in our heads, there is very little that can be done to change our opinion; just ask Galileo, Darwin or the thousands of otherwise rational people who... Read More


Mac Miller - Just Some Raps, Nothing to See Here, Move Along [Stream]

It’s the end of an era, folks. Mac Miller, the Pittsburgh native whose name has become synonymous with “indie success story,” has gone major. And it’s hard to blame him; the contract that’s been drawn up... Read More


Thelonious Martin ft. Mac Miller - Her [Stream]

Young producer Thelonious Martin has spent his last few years restlessly feeding the internet, creating a name for himself in the underground. After countless mixtapes, placements, and remixes Thelonious is ready to drop his... Read More


Boaz ft. Mac Miller - Don’t Know [Stream]

When I saw that Boaz‘s latest single featured him joining forces with indie heavyweight, former labelmate and fellow Pittsburgh native Mac Miller, my gut told me I was in for a very dope listen. And what do you know? My... Read More


Mac Miller - Diablo [Stream]

UPDATE: We’ve added the Tree J-directed visuals for Mac Miller’s Diablo. At first glance, Mac Miller seems like a strange choice to play rap’s version of El DIABLO. (Tech N9ne and Tyler, The Creator are... Read More


Ab-Soul ft. ScHoolboy Q & Mac Miller - Hunnid Stax [Stream]

With the release of his next album just two short weeks away, Top Dawg lyricist Ab-Soul returns to the Booth with another fresh single off the set. The follow-up to early May’s Booth-approved Stigmata, Hunnid Stax finds... Read More


Mac Miller ft. ScHoolboy Q - Melt [Stream]

Like most flicks, Mac Miller‘s sophomore set,  Watching Movies With the Sound Off, had a few scenes left on the cutting room floor. Today, the Pittsburgh indie phenom unveils one such outtake, a collaborative cut... Read More


Mac Miller ft. Sir Michael Rocks - What Do You Do [Stream]

In a social context, when someone asks, “So, What Do You Do?”, they’re typically expecting you to name your career. But, truth be told, a lot of the most interesting sh*t we do has nothing to do with the titles on... Read More


Mac Miller - Faces [Album]

Tonight, Mac Miller decided to pull a Beyonce and drop a heavyweight project with only a single promo video as warning, springing his new project Faces on the Internet almost out of nowhere. The star-studded affair comes... Read More


Mac Miller ft. Dash, Ab-Soul, Vince Staples & Retch - Amen [Stream]

On a recent promo cut, Mac Miller wondered whether he might be hip-hop’s version of el Diablo. The fact that his latest feature is called Amen may seem contradictory at first blush, but hit play and you’ll quickly... Read More


Mac Miller - Avian [Stream]

Mac Miller‘s last feature, self-produced loosie Diablo, found the Pittsburgh representative struggling with dark thoughts on the topic of mortality. With the latest single off his sophomore full-length, the former... Read More


Mac Miller ft. Treejay - Erica’s House [Stream]

While Snoop may have him beat as far as sheer quantity of bud smoked, I think Mac Miller may be the most stoned man in hip-hop. If you doubt that statement, just take a listen to the opening lines of new promo single... Read More


Mac Miller ft. Future - Earth [Stream]

Earlier today, indie-rap phenom Mac Miller liberated a mixtape companion piece to Watching Movies With the Sound Off, featuring performances from his latest tour as well as unreleased records that didn’t make it onto... Read More


Mac Miller - Live From Space [Album]

Indie hip-hop powerhouse Mac Miller is back with his first live album, Live from Space. Recorded during his The Space Migration Tour this summer, Live From Space includes live versions of nine songs off his recent Watching... Read More


Mac Miller - Delusional Thomas [Album]

When Mac Miller is bored being himself he slips on a new identity in the studio (see EZ Mac, Larry Fisherman, Larry Lovestein & The Velvet Revival, etc.) and goes about his business as usual. In honor of Halloween, we now... Read More


Mac Miller - Youforia [Stream]

Amid the bleary-eyed, often depressive philosophical reflections that dominate Mac Miller‘s sophomore set, Youforia is an island of utter tranquility. What could be responsible for its peaceful, spiritually-centered... Read More


Chuck Inglish ft. Mac Miller & Ab-Soul - Came Thru / Easily [Stream]

Being fly ain’t just a matter of what you do; it’s also about how you do it. For an example of someone who has both sides of the equation nailed down tight, look no further than Chuck Inglish. On new EP single and... Read More


Mac Miller ft. Delusional Thomas - The Star Room [Stream]

“Me, I’m still trapped inside my head, it kinda feel like it’s a purgatory…” From the very first rapped bars of The Star Room, it was clear that Mac Miller‘s sophomore set was going to be a very... Read More


Rapsody ft. Mac Miller & Jared Evan - Generation [Stream]

Last week, Rapsody kicked off promotion for her forthcoming Gangsta Grillz tape (and brought her label’s Summer of Jamla series to a thrilling conclusion) with Dark Knights, a reader-acclaimed cut which found her... Read More


Mac Miller ft. Niki Randa - I Am Who Am (Killin’ Time) [Stream]

Yeezy wasn’t the only rapper to make claims of divinity on a June 18, album release. Mac Miller took a slightly more oblique approach, quoting Exodus 3:14 in the title of LP inclusion and newly-selected single I Am Who... Read More


Camp Lo x Pete Rock ft. Mac Miller - Megan Good [Stream]

Megan Good is a work of art. No, I am not talking about the actress, although she just might be one too (did you see that BET Awards dress?!); the Megan Good I am referring to is the latest feature from Camp Lo and Pete Rock.... Read More


Mac Miller ft. ScHoolboy Q - Gees [Stream]

With his second independent full-length flying off the digital shelves, Mac Miller is undoubtedly enjoying the Gees rolling into his bank account. Surprisingly enough, though, the title of the project’s latest single... Read More


Mac Miller - Watching Movies With the Sound Off [Album]

When you attend a concert, you can always get a good idea of the performing artist by looking at their fan base. When you see Polos, skinny jeans, and a crowd ready to party, you are probably in for a high-energy hip-pop/frat... Read Full Review


Mac Miller - Watching Movies [Stream]

Based on the title of Mac Miller‘s forthcoming sophomore full-length, I assumed Watching Movies With the Sound Off was one of the Pittsburgh emcee’s own hobbies. Turns out, I had it completely twisted; on... Read More


Mac Miller ft. Jay Electronica - Suplexes Inside of Complexes & Duplexes [Stream]

It takes one hell of a lyricist to coax Jay Electronica out of hiding for a guest verse. As such, Mac Miller‘s latest single should be a wake-up call to any heads who still aren’t taking the indie phenom’s... Read More


Statik Selektah ft. Sean Price & Mac Miller - 21 & Over [Stream]

Hold up! This feature is restricted to listeners 21 & Over so, before you hit “play,” please hold a form of photo ID up to your webcam. Got it? OK, now step back a few paces so I can see your face. All right,... Read More


Mac Miller - Goosebumpz [Stream]

Upon reading the title of Mac Miller‘s latest feature, the first thought that entered my mind was of R.L. Stine’s bestselling book series. I’m a late-‘80s baby; what can I say? As it turns out, I was... Read More


Ab-Soul ft. Mac Miller - The End Is Near [Stream]

Ab-Soul has seen the future, and it ain’t looking too bright… for sucker emcees, anyway. On new promo single The End Is Near, the TDE solider informs his competition that they aren’t long for this world.... Read More


Mac Miller - S.D.S. [Stream]

Sixteen months after the release of smash-hit debut set Blue Slide Park, Mac Miller has liberated the lead single off studio album number two. S.D.S. (Somebody Do Something) reveals that the introspective, occasionally... Read More


Mac Miller ft. Prodigy - Confessions of a Cash Register [Stream]

Around lunchtime yesterday, Mac Miller took to Twitter and asked his followers, “you f**kers wanna hear somethin?” Thousands of retweets and favorites later, it was clear that, yes, they sure as f**k did, so he obliged... Read More


Mac Miller ft. Ab-Soul - All the Time [Stream]

Released under the Pittsburgh indie phenom’s “Larry Fisherman” alias, Mac Miller‘s last feature, Doodling in the Key of C Sharp, earned him props for his willingness to think outside the box, but was a little... Read More


Troy Ave ft. Mac Miller - Chillin’ [Stream]

I recently relocated from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Brooklyn and, while I’m enjoying my new environs, I’ll keep it real: the holidays just don’t feel the same without blankets of snow, single-digit... Read More


Mac Miller is Larry Fisherman - Doodling In The Key Of C Sharp [Stream]

At 6:26 AM on a recent morning, under the influence of copious quantities of Jameson, Mac Miller came to the sudden realization that he enjoyed playing the piano. How he managed to learn to play while remaining unaware that... Read More


Larry Lovestein (Mac Miller) & The Velvet Revival - You EP [Album]

Without warning the world has been treated to a brand new project from Larry Lovestein, the alter ego of Booth regular and growing-by-the-minute indie sensation Mac Miller. The You EP, a creation between Lovestein and The... Read More


B.o.B ft. Iggy Azalea & Mac Miller - Best Friend [Stream]

There are a lot of benefits to being B.o.B‘s Best Friend—and I’m not just talking about those kind of benefits. On a newly-released standout off his latest street album, the A-Town hitmaker gives potential... Read More


Mac Miller - One Last Thing [Stream]

The past 12 months have been one wild ride for Mac Miller. One year and a day after the release of Blue Slide Park, the debut set that made the Pittsburgh rhymesayer into a rap superstar and showed the rest of the industry... Read More


Let the Debate Begin: Help Select Complex’ 2013 Man of Next Year [Feature ]

Anyone can hand out awards for things that have already happened, but Complex is always looking ahead, which is why they've have launched The MONY Awards...The Man of Next Year. After some intense discussions, Complex'... Read More


Mac Miller - He Who Ate All The Caviar [Stream]

Just yesterday, Mac Miller was so frustrated with the pressures of life in the spotlight that he released These Dayz (Dope Awprah), an utterly bizarre jam which found him delivering discombobulated metaphysical rants and,... Read More


Mac Miller - These Dayz (Dope Awprah) [Stream]

In today’s accelerated music game, most rising rap stars don’t even feel the need to release an album before they start contemplating retirement, adopting alter egoes or announcing that they’re not actually... Read More


Mac Miller - Someone Like You [Stream]

Mac Miller is a talented artist and (going by the man’s own lyrics) a true ladies’ man, but I never thought of the Pittsburgh emcee as the kind of artist whose very voice makes panties drop. As it turned out,... Read More


Pac Div ft. Mac Miller & Raven Sorvino - Black Acura [Stream]

Thought Pac Div had finally made it, now that they’ve got a global fanbase and a few projects under their belt? Au contraire; they’re only getting started. On Black Acura, the latest single off their forthcoming... Read More


Rapsody ft. Mac Miller & The Cool Kids - Round Table Discussion [Stream]

From its inception, hip-hop has been all about edutainment—thus, listeners shouldn’t be surprised to see that Rapsody‘s borrowed the academic format of the Round Table Dicussion for her latest feature, single... Read More


Mac Miller x Pharrell Williams - Glow [Stream]

Mac Miller’s first Pink Slime release Onaroll might be sitting comfortably at the #14 spot on our Independent Music Chart, but the Freestyle Series alum won’t hesitate to drop off yet another record from the... Read More


Sir Michael Rocks ft. Casey Veggies & Mac Miller - Great [Stream]

Have you heard Sir Michael Rocks’ new album? If I had to describe it in one word, that word would be Great. A standout from his afformentioned new project, Great finds the Cool Kids member and #JetLife representer... Read More


Big Sean ft. Mac Miller - Hundred Dollar Bill Skyscraper [Stream]

What took them so long?  After both having huge, breakout year’s in 2011, Def Jam artist Big Sean and indie-sensation Mac Miller have finally collided (for the first time in their careers) on the brand new promo... Read More


Mac Miller - Missed Calls [Stream]

A young emcee catapulted from the underground to fame beyond his wildest dreams, Mac Miller pretty much has it all—or he would, if it weren’t for the absence of a certain female from his life. Missed Calls, the... Read More


Mac Miller - Onaroll [Stream]

Not so long ago it would have seemed impossible to hear a white kid from Pittsburgh making a project with hit maker extraordinaire Pharrell, but in 2012 the duo makes a strange sort of sense. Dropping off the first release... Read More


Justin Bieber ft. 2 Chainz, Mac Miller & Asher Roth - Boyfriend (Remix) [Stream]

Don’t attempt to adjust your televisions computer monitors, what you’re seeing is not a hoax. Yes, teen ultra-hearththrob Justin Bieber had indeed recruited the likes of 2 Chainz, Mac Miller and Asher Roth for a... Read More


1982 ft. Mac Miller, Bun B & Shawn (of Boyz II Men) - Happy Days [Stream]

The road has been a long and difficult one, but Happy Days are finally here for Statik Selektah and Termanology. On a newly-released standout off 1982‘s sophomore collaborative full-length, Stat’s wistful sample... Read More