New Madchild Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


TunK - Black Bugatti ft. Madchild [Stream]

Jacksonville rapper TunK makes his first appearance on our pages with the world premiere of his new, Madchild-assisted single, Black Bugatti. Produced by Alex Horton of Illytronic, the record will land on his forthcoming... Read More


Madchild - Silver Tongue Devil [Album]

Vancouver-based emcee and Swollen Member Madchild, who will be taking over our DJBooth Instagram page today with exclusive content, has released his third solo album, Silver Tongue Devil via Battle Axe Records. The LP boats... Read More


Madchild - Everytime ft. Ceekay Jones [Stream]

Next month, Madchild will release his third solo studio album, the seventh release overall in just the last four years. Despite this ever-growing and impressive catalog, though, the founder of Battle Axe Records might very... Read More


Demrick & DJ Hoppa - Nobody’s Safe ft. Jarren Benton & Madchild [Stream]

The grind never stops. Though West Coast emcee Demrick and Funk Volume producer DJ Hoppa have both already released projects this year, the two are already back at work, gearing up for the release of their collaborative... Read More


Madchild ft. DEMRICK - Mental [Stream]

If you’ve been paying attention, you already know Madchild is f**king Mental. I mean, he’s got the word “mad” in his name—and not because he’s angry all the time. The Swollen Member may be stating the... Read More


Phonetic ft. Madchild - Church in Session [Stream & Download]

Hope y’all have showered and put on your Sunday best, because Church is in Session. On second thought, don’t worry about it; if you’re a little grimy at the moment, you’ll feel right at home listening... Read More


Adlib ft. Madchild & DJ TMB - Beast Mode [Stream]

Booth newcomer Adlib may look like a fairly average dude, but hand him a mic and he transforms into a fire-breathing dragon. Or, as he puts it on his latest single, premiering on our front page along with Big Shot... Read More


Madchild - Tom Cruise [Stream]

Still haven’t copped the latest project from Madchild? I can’t imagine why—but whatever it is that’s afflicting you, another dope single can’t hurt. Featured along with Luke Soanes‘s offbeat... Read More


Madchild - Switched On EP [Album]

When Madchild gets Switched On, there's no turning him off. But what hip-hop head would want to stop a lyrical powerhouse like the Vancouver mainstay once he'd gotten started? For a taste of the Swollen Members emcee's... Read More


Madchild - On One [Stream]

Next week, Swollen Members rhymesayer Madchild will be unleashing his latest collection of underground bangers, the Switched On EP. Knowing his fans are likely foaming at the mouth in anticipation, he’s liberated one... Read More


Madchild - Junior [Stream]

Madchild‘s forthcoming EP bears the title “Switched On,” and the aggressive vibes of previous singles (see: White Knuckles, the title track) suggest that it couldn’t be more appropriately named. But the... Read More


SonReal ft. Madchild - Live This [Stream & Download]

Fresh off a 53-date U.S. tour, Vancouver rhymesayer SonReal isn’t resting on his laurels. Instead, he’s gotten right back to work cooking up fresh music for his hungry fanbase. The artist’s first release... Read More


Slaine ft. Tech N9ne & Madchild - Bobby Be Real [Stream]

Dopehead, the first release off Slaine‘s next solo LP, was a tongue-in-cheek takedown of those who devote their lives to scoring drugs. The Coka Nostra frontman returns to that satirical mode on his latest single, Bobby... Read More


Madchild - White Knuckles [Stream]

Since the cut hit our front page back in March, it’s been revealed that Switched On will be the title track off a fall-bound EP from Madchild. Today, we get our second taste of the project in the form of freshly-minted... Read More


Madchild - Switched On [Stream]

In all of Madchild‘s previous Booth features, I can’t recall the Vancouver mainstay ever being off his game. So it barely needs to be said that his latest single, the follow-up to January’s The Adventures of... Read More


Madchild - The Adventures of Super Beast [Stream]

On his forthcoming full-length, Madchild will introduce fans to SUPER BEAST, an ultra-powerful alter ego whose favorite pastimes include murdering mics and annihilating sucker emcees. If that doesn’t sound much... Read More


Swisha T ft. Madchild - Ballistic [Stream]

Booth newcomer Swisha T is one cool f**king customer. Whereas “going Ballistic” normally implies foaming at the mouth, hyperventilation and wanton acts of violence towards people and property, the T-Dot up-and-comer... Read More


Madchild - Lawn Mower Man [Album]

Underground emcee Madchild of Swollen Members fame has unleashed his latest full-length collection of solo material, Lawn Mower Man. The Vancouver veteran's fourth album in total, the set follows 2012's Dope Sick. The project... Read More


Madchild - Crazy [Stream]

Words like “love,” “fire” and “baby” are constantly used in the titles of songs, whether or not they’re actually fitting. Another word to add to that growing list of clichés is... Read More


Madchild ft. Sophia Danai - It Gets Better [Stream]

Fresh off earning phenomenal reader reviews for last week’s Underground Kings, Vancouver flame-spitter Madchild returns to our pages with freshly-released follow-up single It Gets Better. Here, the Swollen Members emcee... Read More


Madchild - Underground King [Stream]

I have a soft spot for Madchild, because last July I did my first ever feature writeup on his cut, Monster. I think that might be the first time “soft spot” and “Madchild” have beenused in the same... Read More


Madchild - Nature of the Beast [Stream]

Whereas most of modern civilization strives to transcend the laws of natural selection, underground hip-hop is one arena in which might still makes right. As such, Swollen Members rhymesayer Madchild is determined to stay at... Read More


Classified ft. Kardinal Offishall & Madchild - Look Up (Signs) [Stream]

I’m not a big believer in Astrology, but sometimes the sign simply fits. Take Classified, whose realness, charisma and constant striving to top himself are hallmarks of the Sagittarian personality. A freshly-selected... Read More


Madchild - Runaway [Stream]

Beware, Booth readers: you can Runaway from Manchild, but you can’t hide. That said, I’m not sure why you’d want to do either. Unless you’ve got a life-threatening allergy to dope underground... Read More


Madchild - Dope Sick [Album]

On the heels of his Little Monster release this past January, Vancouver, British Columbia emcee Madchild has dropped his brand new album Dope Sick, featuring Booth-approved standouts "Monster," "Judgement Day" and "Devil's... Read More


Madchild - Monster [Stream & Download]

First, Miami is lost to face-eating zombies, now there is a threat to all mankind coming from Vancouver. His name is Madchild, and he’s an absolute Monster. On the heavy-hitting, brash video single release off... Read More


Madchild ft. Sophia Danai - Judgment Day [Stream & Download]

Although he may consider himself a Devil’s Reject, Swollen Members emcee Madchild isn’t so caught up in the dark side that he can’t take a little time for reflection and he does just that on his latest solo... Read More


Madchild - Devil’s Reject [Stream]

Over the years a lot of artists have claimed to be so bad that they danced with the devil, but how many could say they’re so twisted even Satan himself can’t handle them? Only one, actually, and his name’s... Read More


Mad Child ft. Johnny Spanish & Chris Webby - Hate Me (Alt Version) [Stream & Download]

Think a little criticism is enough to get under Mad Child‘s skin? Think again. On unreleased cut Hate Me (Alt Version), the Swollen Members emcee (and freestyle series alumnus) comes together with Kentucky rhymesayer... Read More


Mad Child’s Booth Freestyle, “Black Belt,” Takes Top Billing on Indie Hip Hop Chart [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- The first entry in and Streetammo's Exclusive Freestyle Series to debut at the top of our Independent chart, Mad Child's "Black Belt" lands the #1 spot. Also new this week, Prote-J's... Read More


Madchild (of Swollen Members) - Black Belt [Stream]

The 239th entry in and Streetammo‘s Exclusive Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Mad Child, one-third of Vancouver crew Swollen Members. On his brand new, exclusive Black Belt freestyle, the underground... Read More


Mad Child (of Swollen Members) Spits “Black Belt” for DJBooth x Streetammo Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Mad Child, one-third of Vancouver crew Swollen Members, has stepped into the Booth with the 239th entry in and Streetammo's Exclusive Freestyle Series. On his brand new, exclusive "Black Belt"... Read More