New Marc Goone Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Marc Goone - Alright [Stream]

Like a good many up-and-comers, Marc Goone is plagued with brutal work hours, sleeplessness, financial precarity and the stress of dealing with industry bullsh*t. In spite of it all, though, the self-proclaimed Scrumple King... Read More


Marc Goone - The Scrumple King [Album]

Quick, doff your hat and get down on one knee; you're in the presence of royalty. On his latest indie full-length, Marc Goone crowns himself The Scrumple King. I'm not sure precisely what kingdom that empowers the St. Louis... Read More


Marc Goone - Nothing 2 Lose [Stream]

Marc Goone boasts the kind of following other indie emcees would kill to attain, but you won’t catch him getting complacent. In spite of his successes, the St. Louis buzzmaker still lives like a man with Nothing 2 Lose.... Read More


Marc Goone - All I Hoped [Stream]

As the clichĂ© goes, you should be careful what you wish for… because you just might get it. Marc Goone takes that saying to heart on his latest single, All I Hoped. In the unsigned buzzmaker’s own words, this... Read More


Marc Goone - I Don’t Like People [Stream]

Typically, the life of a rap star involves a lot of networking, live performances and fan interaction—all skills commonly associated with extroverts. An outgoing personality is by no means mandatory, however, as Marc Goone... Read More


Marc Goone - Mike Matheny [Stream]

Lately, St. Louis natives have been furious at team manager Mike Matheny for making decisions that have hindered the Cardinals this playoff season. What kind of decisions? I have no damn clue; fortunately, you don’t... Read More


Marc Goone - Dear Mom [Stream]

For someone who, like myself, hasn’t yet experienced it, it’s difficult to imagine the death of a parent. Marc Goone had to face up to that possibility several months ago, when his mother was diagnosed with... Read More


Marc Goone - I Am Not a Lobster OK [Album]

In early January, Marc Goone first introduced our readers to his music with the release of promo single "Hunger." Exactly four months later, following six additional homepage features, Goone has delivered a brand new album,... Read More


Marc Goone - Meshuganah [Stream]

When I first read the title of Marc Goone‘s latest feature, Meshuganah, I assumed it was a play on words that was going over my head. Thanks to a friendly Google search, I came to find out that “meshuganah”... Read More


Marc Goone - 25 Bills [Stream]

As Marc Goone made clear on mid-April’s Chasing Rainbows, he isn’t about to pass himself off as something he’s not just to add a few zeros to his bank account. Which isn’t to say that major-label cash... Read More


Marc Goone ft. Gloria Kim - Chasing Rainbows [Stream]

Whenever a rapper starts out, they have high hopes of Jay-Z-ing it: owning a sports team, getting their lines spoken at a White House conference, and having the hottest chick in the game wearing their chain. Unfortunately,... Read More


Kyle Lucas ft. Marc Goone - Worst Enemy [Stream & Download]

For many rappers, the biggest threats to their well-being are rival hustlers and traitorous homies. Longtime Booth fave Kyle Lucas’ most formidable obstacles, on the other hand, have always seemed to come from inside.... Read More


Marc Goone ft. Nick Luebke - Dennis Rodman [Stream]

After making his Booth debut in January, with Hunger, Marc Goone has seen his name featured on our homepage three more times. If he keeps up this pace, and quality, then by years end he might have more features then Dennis... Read More


Marc Goone - Close As I’ma Get [Stream]

Last month, we featured Marc Goone‘s brash, attitude filled and Breaking Bad-inspired Yung Walter White . Now, the St. Louis native is back, showing us a softer, less meth-cooking side of his personality. On Close As... Read More


Marc Goone - Yung Walter White [Stream]

Just how ruthless is Marc Goone in pursuit of his paper? Well, picture a Yung Walter White—or rather, a Walter White who started building his meth empire at an earlier age. (My fellow Breaking Bad fans will remember... Read More


Marc Goone ft. Futuristic - Hunger [Stream]

Have you ever skipped breakfast and in turn felt the pain of your stomach growling at you? Well, that is nothing compared to the Hunger that Booth newcomer Marc Goone shares with Booth readers on his inaugural feature. After... Read More