New Mario Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Mario - Forever ft. Rick Ross [Stream]

Veteran R&B singer Mario will release Forever, a new Scott Storch-produced single featuring Rick Ross, on Friday, September 25. The record will find a home on his forthcoming album, the independently-released Never 2... Read More


Mario - Fireball [Stream]

When you’re ordering round after round of specialty shots at the local spot, the tab can quickly grow to astronomical proportions. For the right woman, though, Mario will keep ‘em coming till the break of dawn. The latest... Read More


Mario - L.S.D. (Love, Sex & Drugs) [Stream]

Sex and drugs have been closely linked since time immemorial, but certain narcotics are more closely associated with getting it in than others. On a potential single off his next full-length, R&B heavyweight Mario forgoes... Read More


Mario - Fatal Distraction [Stream]

Crashing your car into a concrete divider, blithely walking into an open manhole, clocking yourself on a low ceiling while descending a long staircase—there are countless ways you can meet your demise when you’re not... Read More


Mario ft. Nicki Minaj - Somebody Else [Stream]

Getting dumped is one thing; getting dumped and watching the man or woman you love run straight into the arms of Somebody Else is… well, it’s f**king devastating. Unfortunately, that’s exactly the situation... Read More


Mario - KILLA [Stream]

Just what is it that draws Mario back to that certain woman time and time again? A certain je ne sais quoi, a special something—as the R&B vet puts it on his latest single, she’s “ that KILLA.”... Read More


Mario - Falling Down [Stream]

There’s a reason they call it falling in love: it happens in a snap when you least expect it, makes you look f**king ridiculous and is liable to leave cuts and bruises if you’re not careful. Ever the gentleman,... Read More


Mario ft. Fabolous - The Walls [Stream]

If my walls could talk they’d probably say something like, “Nathan S. spends a lot of time sitting around and writing about hip-hop.” Luckily, Mario’s walls have a lot more interesting material to report on, namely... Read More


Mario - My Bed [Stream]

Has the daily grind got you beat? Need a little time to get away from it all? Well, you may want to consider booking a trip to sunny…Mario‘s bed. It may not be the most traditional vacation destination but, as the... Read More


Nyne West ft. Mario - Overdrive [Stream]

Whatever your feelings on certain prominent female hip-hop artists whose names start with “Nicki” and end with “Minaj,” (I’m a fan, myself), it’s getting harder and harder to ignore the wave of talented... Read More


Mario - Ohh Baby [Stream]

Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I’m a terrible liar, and that whenever I try to deceive someone, it ends up being much more comical than underhanded. So with that said, we have Mario’s latest single, Ohh Baby,... Read More


Lil Jon ft. R. Kelly & Mario - Miss Chocolate [Stream]

Remember Black Star’s uplifting “Black is beautiful” anthem, Brown Skin Lady? Lil Jon’s new single Miss Chocolate is nothing like that. Miss Chocolate’s strength is its production, a hypnotically... Read More


Mario - D.N.A. [Album]

A couple years ago, when Usher had effectively vacated his King of R&B throne, there were a number of artists lined up to seize the crown: Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, but my favorite underdog pick was Mario. Although he... Read Full Review


Mario ft. Big Sean - Before She Said Hi [Stream]

Like most of America, I couldn’t seem to get Mario’s hit song Break Up out of my head. But what I noticed most about Break Up wasn’t just how damn catchy it was, but that its more electronic style marked a noticeable... Read More


Go Behind the Scenes at Hurricane Chris’ “Headboard” Video Shoot [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- In this newly-released trailer, Ratchet hitmaker Hurricane Chris gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at the video shoot for "Headboard," the Mario and Plies-assisted second single off his forthcoming... Read More


DJBooth Previews Mario’s Upcoming “D.N.A.” Album [Feature ]

If there's been one constant throughout Mario's musical career, it's been evolution. Over the course of nine years and three albums, he has grown from precocious 15-year-old buzzmaker to bona fide R&B icon before our eyes.... Read More


Mario - Thinkin About You [Stream]

Peaking at #17 on the Billboard Hot 100,  the unconventional Break Up was Mario‘s biggest hit since ‘04’s Let Me Love You. With the follow-up single, the singer reaches out to fans of his more... Read More


Hurricane Chris ft. Mario & Plies - Headboard [Stream]

There are some hit records that just aren’t made for the radio—think BET Uncut material. Whether because of explicit lyrics or a raunchy video, some of the hottest, most addictive cuts are destined to remain underground... Read More


Go “Behind The Scenes” at Mario’s “Break Up” Video Shoot [Feature ]

New York, NY -- With "Break Up" quickly ascending the Billboard charts (it has been #1 Gainer for three weeks, and currently sits at #8), Mario is giving listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the shooting of the single's... Read More


Mario ft. Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett - Break Up [Stream]

In his review of Mario‘s third album, Go!, our own Nathan S. was quick to note how much the singer had matured since releasing the Biz Markie-inspired Just a Friend ‘02.  That evolution continues on his... Read More


Young Capone ft. Mario - Choosin’ [Stream]

If you are you sick and tired of the “young” moniker appearing over and over, then don’t come running to rapper Young Capone; as suggested by the title of his forthcoming debut, it’s Small Things to a Giant. With... Read More


Baby Bash ft. Mario & Lil’ Jon - That’s How I Go [Stream]

Last week, DJBooth was backstage at Chicago’s “Hip-Hop Invasion ’08,” which featured performances by Baby Bash, Three 6 Mafia, and Kardinal Offishall.  Following his opening performance, Baby Bash sat down with... Read More


Mario - Green Light [Stream]

After two consecutive well-received R&B projects, singer Mario is changing up his style.  According to a source close to his camp, the Baltimore native will be going with a dance/pop vibe on his next album. ... Read More


Keyshia Cole ft. Mario - Heaven Sent (Remix) [Stream]

It seems like only yesterday that Keyshia Cole burst onto the R&B scene. Still wet behind the ears, she’s already being slated as this generation’s Mary J. Blige. Two platinum-certified albums and Grammy... Read More


Bohagon ft. Mario & Rock City - Born 2 Lose (Ohh) [Stream]

UPDATE: “Born 2 Lose” is no longer available to stream. From Atlanta to Baltimore to the Virgin Islands and everywhere in between, the streets are a place where it takes an abundance of hard work and a bit of... Read More


Mario To Appear On Dancing With The Stars [Feature ]

Brooklyn, NY -- Mario, one of the smoothest balladeers in the current fleet of young male R&B singers, joins this season’s celebrity cast of Dancing with the Stars, the popular dance competition series. The show kicks off... Read More


Mario - Love [Stream]

When discussing his new album, Go, with DJBooth last November, Mario revealed that although the final track listing would only include twelve cuts, hundreds of songs had been recorded and placed into what he deemed a “sick... Read More


Mario - Music For Love [Stream]

Due to the leak of a video for the Akon-produced song, Do Right, many Mario fans assume they know what single the singer has chosen to follow Crying Out For Me.  Contrary to the video (and popular belief), the third... Read More


Mario - Go [Album]

In the music industry there are boys, and then there are men. I know separating the two can get a little confusing, we won't even get into Boyz II Men, but there are definitely some signs to watch out for when you're trying... Read Full Review


Mario ft. Lil’ Wayne - Crying Out For Me (Remix) [Stream]

Although Mario‘s Crying Out For Me leaked in late 2006, it wasn’t until just recently that it was announced as the official second single.  Now, almost a year later, fans get a pretty typical remix;... Read More


Mario ft. Eve - Kryptonite (Remix) [Stream]

To most followers of the industry it appears that R&B singer Mario is either the victim of label politics or poor listener reception.  Neither, however, is his Kryptonite.  Mario’s third solo project, Go, was... Read More


Mario - If (Freestyle) [Stream]

Amid the delays for his third studio album, Go!, singer Mario has done everything possible to generate and sustain a buzz.  Even though How Do I Breathe and Crying Out For Me have been moderately successful at Billboard... Read More


Smitty ft. Mario & Chris Brown - Tell Me [Stream]

It’s hard to get excited about a project that has an imaginary release date; unless that project is called Detox.  Florida rapper Smitty has patiently awaited the opportunity to release an official single and drop his... Read More


Mario - No Definition [Stream]

After his upcoming album, Go!, got pushed back until August 21, Mario used the same strategy as Omarion, Bobby Valentino, and Fabolous to revive a buzz for his album: put out a Timbaland production as a possible next... Read More


Mario ft. Cassidy - How Do I Breathe (Remix) [Stream]

After the huge success of his sophomore album Turning Point, and a slew of music awards and nominations (from Soul Train to Grammy’s), Baltimore-native Mario drops How Do I Breathe with a special appearance by... Read More


Mario - How Do I Breathe [Stream]

On Mario‘s new lovesick ballad, How Do I Breathe, the young crooner explains how hard it is to take in oxygen while pinning away at a certain female.  Although Mario is too young to settle down for good, and not... Read More


Mario ft. Rich Boy - Kryptonite [Stream]

Mario‘s oft-delayed third studio album, Go!, finally has itself both a lead single and release date.  Dropping on July 31st, the album will include the Bryan Michael Cox produced single, Kryptonite, featuring... Read More


Mario - Go [Stream]

Mario has joined the fight for the ‘King of R&B crown’ with the release of the title song from his new album, Go.  The Neptunes produced track is a sure club rocker with a slapping beat and full orchestration... Read More


Mario - Crying Out For Me [Stream]

Mario returns with the brand new single, Crying Out For Me, from his December-release Go.  As holiday time is fast approaching, Mario hopes to warm the hearts of women nationwide with this new inspirational ballad. ... Read More


Rhymefest ft. Mario - All Girls Cheat [Stream]

Chicago native and infamous ghostwriter for Kanye West, Rhymefest, has been to the drawing boards and back once again.  After releasing four singles to radio circuits across the country, we are hand delivered the very... Read More