New Marion Write Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Marion Write - Black Gold [Album]

After months of hard work and patience, Sin City buzzmaker Marion Write delivers his new album, Black Gold. Inspired by a series of lost tapes by Jimi Hendrix bearing the same title, the LP is a conceptual collection of... Read More


Marion Write - Fade Away [Stream]

Marion Write‘s last feature, Light It Up, saw the Vegas representative reflecting on life, death and the hustle through a dreamy haze of weed smoke. As you might have guessed from the title, the newly-released Fade Away... Read More


Marion Write ft. Aja - Light It Up [Stream & Download]

The title of Marion Write‘s last feature, Ls, suggested that the record was going to be a smoker’s anthem, when it was actually a tribute to late hip-hop legend Big L. Light It Up, on the other hand, is literally... Read More


Marion Write - Ls [Stream]

Fifteen years ago this past Saturday, hip-hop legend Big L was killed by an unknown assailant in a drive-by shooting, at only 24 years of age. Vegas rhymesayer Marion Write honored the occasion by releasing Ls, a promo single... Read More


Jourdan Jackson ft. Marion Write & TR@bb - Triple Crowned [Stream]

Today, The DJBooth is receiving a visit from three kings—and, like the wise men of Christmas tradition, they come bearing gifts. Instead of the Orient, though, Booth newcomer Jourdan Jackson and his colleagues hail from Las... Read More


The Greater Good - Understand Your Reasons [Stream]

UPDATE: “Understand Your Reasons” is no longer available to stream. More or less, I am a music snob. I believe everyone has the right to listen to (and like) whatever they want, but if I don’t Understand Your... Read More


The Greater Good (Marion Write x DJ Finyl) - Put On [Stream]

On the lead single off their next collaborative set as The Greater Good, Marion Write and DJ Finyl made it their mission to “shut this motherf**ker down”—and shut it down they did, judging by the positive feedback the... Read More


Marion Write - Locked Down [Stream & Download]

Marion Write hasn’t been seen on our pages for a hot minute—Allrite hit the Booth back in October—but, rest assured, he and his crew still have the streets Locked Down. Released in honor of the Vegas... Read More


Marion Write ft. FAME & Don Mega - Allrite [Stream & Download]

With the release of his next studio album just around the corner, Marion Write is back to keep his hungry fanbase fed with another fresh record off the project. On new song release Allrite, the Las Vegas representative gives... Read More


Marion Write - Forever [Stream & Download]

DJBooth regular and Sin City spitter Marion Write is certainly no stranger to our pages and with the release of his To Love And Conquer album right around the corner, the artist has decided to give fans yet another audio... Read More


Marion Write ft. M Wonder - Material Chicks [Stream & Download]

This one goes out to all Marion Write‘s Material Chicks. Though single females addicted to retail get a bad rap in hip-hop, the Vegas representative isn’t mad at ‘em—in fact, he’s got a lot of... Read More


Marion Write - I’d Rather Be With You, Yesterday [Stream & Download]

On August’s PRAY, a street-oriented cut intended to put the fear of God into the Vegas rhymesayer’s adversaries, Marion Write gave us a foretaste of the “Conquer” half of his forthcoming street album. Now for... Read More


Marion Write - PRAY [Stream & Download]

Lord have mercy on them Marion Write, you done put some pressure on these wack emcees all they can do is Pray. Fresh off his DJBooth-approved previous release Take the Throne, Las Vegas representer Write is right back on it... Read More


Marion Write ft. Yaygos - Take The Throne [Stream & Download]

There’s been a lot of talk in hip-hop lately about royalty and thrones, but there are many crowns. While Jay-Z and Kanye may have mainstream hip-hop’s throne locked up (for now), Illustrated Example creator Marion Write... Read More


Marion Write - Fade to Black [Stream & Download]

Bust out the cake and candles, Booth readers; we have a birthday in the house! What are Marion Write‘s plans for his big day? In addition to whatever celebration he may be doing after-hours, the rhymesayer is doing some... Read More


Marion Write ft. S.B. - Four Seasons II [Stream & Download]

A standout cut off Marion Write‘s Illustrated Example LP, Four Seasons has received the sequel treatment on the latest leak off the Vegas repper’s next street release. On part II of the wistful banger, the... Read More


Marion Write - Illustrated Example (Free Re-Release) [Album]

Las Vegas rhymesayer Marion Write has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners a free re-release of his acclaimed new album, Illustrated Example. The project features 16 original records from the Booth fave and... Read More


Marion Write - Illustrated Example [Album]

I know why there’s never been a major rapper to come out of Culbertson, Montana. Culbertson boasts a population of 714 and I’d be surprised if one of them even knew what a MPC was. The city covers a robust 27 square... Read Full Review


Marion Write ft. S-U-Preme - How To Fly [Stream & Download]

The last time I wrote a review on Marion Write, it was the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks. The Sunlight was a pretty heavy introduction to Marion’s work so I couldn’t help but be impressed by his versatility... Read More


Marion Write ft. Skyzoo - Slow Down [Stream & Download]

It’s indisputable. Marion Write‘s been killing it in the lead-up to his new, Booth-hosted full-length. As a matter of fact, he’s been doing it so big that, on the second official single off the project, the... Read More


Marion Write - Radio [Video]

Marion Write follows the success of his Radio single with matching visuals - you can never go wrong with a beautiful woman in your video. For more dopeness from Write be sure to cop his Illustrated Example album when it... Read More


Marion Write ft. S.B. - Radio [Stream & Download]

Even the best-matched relationships can end in tears when one party is looking to commit, and the other can’t countenance being tied down. Case in point: Ve3gas rhymesayer Marion Write, who expresses his hope that his... Read More


Marion Write - Tell Me [Stream & Download]

Playing the “here’s a track that didn’t make the cut for my album” game can be dangerous. Done right listeners are left thinking, “If this didn’t make it, the album must be incredible!” Done wrong, listeners are... Read More


Quit Your Day Job - Marion Write [DJBooth Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

Whether you're an aspiring artist or simply a daydreamer, you've likely fantasized about what it would be like to leave your nine-to-five grind behind and try your luck in the music game. But what is the life of an artist on... Read More


Marion Write - Behind Enemy Lines [Stream]

If Booth fave Marion Write‘s been a little combative lately, it’s for a damn good reason: as a prodigiously talented up-and-comer hustling to secure his place in the game, he’s got no shortage of rivals... Read More


Marion Write - The Sunlight [Stream & Download]

Where were you ten years ago? You can probably recall your events on September 11, 2001, as if it were yesterday. I was in 8th grade and remember our teacher frantically telling students a “tragedy” had occurred:... Read More


Marion Write - The Bounce [Stream & Download]

After releasing DJBooth acclaimed singles Its My Time and Here We Go earlier this year, up-and-coming Las Vegas emcee Marion Write has decided to release his latest banger, The Bounce. For the production end of Bounce, Write... Read More


Marion Write - It’s My Time [Stream]

Doomsday…um…“prophet”? Harold Camping obviously forgot about the scriptures mention of trumpets…how could anyone ever forget the trumpets? I swear, if the end of the world comes tomorrow, I want... Read More


Marion Write - Here We Go [Stream & Download]

Here We Go again. Just like Field of the Dollar, World Turned No Love and nearly everything else the Las Vegas fast riser has dropped on the Booth, new single Here We Go is pure quality. That kind of consistency would almost... Read More


Marion Write - World Turned No Love [Stream & Download]

Last we heard from Marion Write, the Vegas representative was paying tribute to his city on mixtape cut Field of the Dollar, a freeform, jazz-sampled joint which many hailed as a creative breakthrough. Six months or so later,... Read More


Marion Write - Field of the Dollar [Stream & Download]

There’s no doubt about it: our nation’s gambling capital has given birth to a hip-hop scene too big, and too dope to simply stay in Vegas. To truly come into its own, however, a town needs to develop a style that... Read More


Marion Write - Keep It Going [Stream]

Eureka! After decades of experimentation, scientists have finally hit upon The Perfect Formula for hip-hop greatness: simply take hard-working Vegas representative (and exclusive freestyle series contributor) Marion Write,... Read More


Marion Write ft. Theorian - This Ain’t a Movie [Stream]

Artists that can both create successful beats and drop great poetry in their lyrics are hard to come by. Included in this class of multi-talents is up and comer Marion Write with his latest single This Ain’t a Movie, a... Read More


Marion Write ft. Dominique Larue & Eden Alexis - Dreams [Stream]

It may sound like a stereotype, but the truth is that as a Los Angeles resident I’m surrounded by people who came west to pursue their dreams, but instead found the road to fame paved with broken glass; and I’m not alone.... Read More


Marion Write - Much Appreciated [Stream]

Now that the DMV’s finally on the map, could Las Vegas be the next to blow? Along with Sin City emcees Mr. Finley and Nique, the always quality Marion Write is slowly but surely making a name for himself in hip-hop circles,... Read More


Marion Write - Jivin [Stream & Download]

Entry #92 in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Marion Write, the Vegas/Virginia Beach dual representative who recently earned Booth acclaim for unreleased track Loyalty. On his brand new,... Read More


Marion Write Spits “Jivin” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Marion Write, the Vegas/Virginia Beach dual representative who recently earned Booth acclaim for unreleased track "Loyalty," has stepped into the Booth to bring us entry #92 in our Freestyle... Read More


Marion Write - Loyalty [Stream]

It Ain’t Hard to Tell that Marion Write is one of the most ambitious up-and-comers on the scene; every aspect of newly-leaked record Loyalty screams “sky-high aspirations.” Over a self-produced beat featuring a hook... Read More

Marion Write x Create “The Epilogue to Greatness” [Download] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Marion Write, the Vegas/Virginia Beach dual representative who brought us "Everybody Move" and "So Into Me," has teamed up with 9Grand and RubyHornet to drop his latest street album. Including the... Read More


Marion Write ft. Theorian - So Into Me [Stream]

Is Vegas on the come-up?  It’s probably too early to speculate, but, after watching the number of Sin City-repping rappers on the Booth’s radar increase from zilch to deuce over the span of one month,... Read More


Marion Write ft. Nique - Everybody Move [Stream]

Considering the city’s high crime rates and reputation as the “big ballin’” capital of the world, you’d expect Las Vegas to breed plenty of big-name hip-hop artists, but, for whatever reason,... Read More