New Martin $ky Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Hurt Everybody & Martin $ky - TAXSZN [Stream]

Based off the strength of it’s previous singles (Muhfucka, Time and God Knows), it’s safe to say we were already excited for 119 Productions and The FDC‘s upcoming compilation of young Chicago buzzmakers.... Read More


Martin $ky - PLUG [Stream]

Just shy of a year after earning Booth approval for Drama, Southside Chicago rapper/producer Martin $ky makes his return to our front page with a newly-selected single off his next EP. On PLUG, $ky’s own 808 drums and... Read More


Martin $ky - Drama [Stream]

Normally I’d say “save the Drama for your mama,” but when it comes to Martin $ky‘s Drama I am all in (Sorry, mom). Making his first appearance of 2014, Martin comes with a heavy-hitting, leaning... Read More


Martin $ky - STEAM [Stream]

There are many an adjective in the hip-hop lexicon used to describe a great song: hot, fire, blazing and cold are just a few.  The descriptor that fits Martin $ky’s latest effort, however, is the rarely-used STEAM; it... Read More


Martin $ky - PEARL GAWD [Stream]

Eyes (and ears) have been on the new wave of Chi-Town’s young talent for a several years now, and in particular, one of the more anticipated artists from the ever-growing pack, Martin $ky. While we collectively, fans and... Read More


Martin $ky - Polaroid [Stream & Download]

Fashions change and technology evolves, but some things are simply time(LESS). Take Polaroid film—though it was discontinued in 2008 to the dismay of hipsters photography buffs everywhere, other companies quickly stepped in... Read More


Martin $ky - It Don’t Stop [Stream]

Last week, Windy City up-and-comer Martin $ky introduced himself to the Booth with Invitation, a cut whose blunted, yet lyrical vibe left our readership intrigued. (The bizarre official visuals didn’t hurt, either.) Not... Read More


Martin $ky - Invitation [Stream]

This isn’t just a debut Booth feature—it’s your formal Invitation into the world of 18-year-old emcee/producer Martin $ky. A very blunted world, where rappers can fly and balaclavas are windows into distant... Read More