New Marty James Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Ya Boy ft. Marty James - F_#k u Rite [Stream & Download]

Expensive gifts and luxury vacations may be an effective means of attracting a mate, but no amount of cash can fulfill your sexual needs (well, unless your name is Rick Ross). Just in time for Valentine’s Day, San... Read More


Snoop Dogg ft. Marty James - El Lay [Stream & Download]

It seems Snoop Dogg is jumping on the “exclusive releases on a certain day of the week” bandwagon with his new #puffpuffpasstuesdays - a bit long for a hashtag, but hey - and his first release is his ode to my hometown... Read More


Snoop Dogg ft. Marty James - New Year’s Eve [Stream]

With the success of his previous album Malice in Wonderland fading into the rearview, Snoop Dogg’s once again popping bottles on his brand new single, the chronologically confused New Year’s Eve. While I would have... Read More


Marty James - Just in Time (4Summertime) [Stream]

Can you believe that we’re already nearly two-thirds of the way through summer 2010? Man, time flies. Don’t let it get you down, though – as Marty James reminds us on newly-released promo single Just in Time... Read More


Baby Bash ft. Marty James - Fantasy Girl [Stream]

Having parted ways with J Records, Baby Bash may be flying solo on the label tip, but when it comes to female companionship, the Southern emcee/r&b crooner never has to worry about being alone. How is that possible? Well,... Read More


The Freshmen ft. Marty James - Contact [Stream]

As Michael “Mike Dreams” Hannah recently observed over on, the music game is looking more like high school with every passing day. Thus, it was only a matter of time before a group calling themselves The... Read More


Laze & Royal ft. Marty James - Like a Pistol [Stream]

A year and a half after dropping their debut album Neighborhood Rapstar, 19-year-old twins Laze and Royal, formerly known as 2XL, are back with a new name and a new sound. On Like a Pistol, the duo’s musical affections for... Read More