New Marz Lovejoy Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Marz Lovejoy ft. Hippie Sabotage - One Night Only [Stream]

Parents of today can’t complain about a lack of role models in today’s music scene when someone like Marz Lovejoy is killing it (translation: in a good way). The L.A. singer has kept herself busy by working with... Read More


Marz Lovejoy - Discouraged [Stream]

Absent from our pages since February, when she made her solo debut with the reader-approved DOLO, indie-pop songstress Marz Lovejoy returns to the Booth with new single Discouraged. As the title indicates, this moody jam... Read More


Marz Lovejoy - DOLO [Stream]

I don’t know if you watched last night’s Monday Night Football game between the Eagles and Saints, but for those of you who did, or have ever seen the Saints play before, I am sure you’re familiar with Jimmy... Read More


Polyester ft. Marz Lovejoy & Casey Veggies - Chillin’ [Stream]

When it comes to beating the Los Angeles heat, there’s nothing better than a high-quality Polyester blend. No, I’m not talking about the moisture-wicking powers of Under Armour, though I’m sure that would... Read More