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An Ode to Mase’s ‘Harlem World,’ My Very First Hip-Hop Album [Feature ]

When I was 11-years-old, I took a road trip through middle-of-nowhere Kansas with my mom, my two younger siblings and my aunt Connie that would change my life forever. We stopped in a town small enough to pass through... Read More


Rick Ross ft. Keith Sweat, Big K.R.I.T., Ma$e & Fabolous - Supreme (Remix) [Stream]

My trusty dictionary defines “Supreme” as “utmost, greatest” or “of the highest quality.” Well, they may have to invent a new word to describe Rick Ross‘s latest remix since it’s bigger—and perhaps... Read More


MA$E ft. Eric Bellinger - Nothing [Stream]

Guys, believe it or not, but every girl in the club doesn’t want to go home with one of us. Shocking, I know. Regardless, hear what MA$E and Eric Bellinger have to say on the Harlem veteran’s latest single,... Read More


Troy Ave ft. Puff Daddy, MA$E & T.I. - Your Style (Remix) [Stream]

Troy Ave‘s Your Style was a dope record, as our readers’ rave reviews made abundantly clear, but it came at an inopportune moment; its sun-kissed sound was more suited to summertime than the dead of winter. Now... Read More


Ma$e ft. HER - Why Can’t We [Stream]

The New Year is supposed to symbolize a clean slate, but Harlem veteran Ma$e is beginning his 2014 with a few regrets. Promo cut Why Can’t We, the artist’s first official single in more than a decade, finds the... Read More


Vinny Cha$e ft. Ma$e & Kid Art - Money Tonight [Stream & Download]

As has become tradition in the series, the recently-released Grand Theft Auto V features original tunes from a variety of hot hip-hop artists, as well as voice acting from big-name rappers (Game appears as a drug dealer).... Read More


L.E.P. Bogus Boys ft. MA$E & Lil Wayne - Commas [Stream]

The Oxford comma (i.e., the one that follows the second to last item in a list) has long been a subject of debate among people with nothing better to do than argue about grammar. Some consider it essential, while others find... Read More


Adrian Marcel ft. Ma$e - Awkward Moment [Stream]

I don’t know if I’d describe your girl sleeping with your best friend as “awkward”, more like “oh hell no”, but Adrian Marcel is clearly a more sensitive soul than I am. For his first The... Read More


Wale ft. French Montana, Diddy & Mase - Slight Work (Remix) [Stream]

Originally released to a positive Booth reception back in October 2011, Wale‘s Slight Work returns to our pages today in officially remixed for. For this version of the cut, a couple high-profile guests join the Maybach... Read More


Mase - Extra Ordinary [Stream]

Mase is back again for the very fourth time with the sparse track Extra Ordinary off his upcoming album Suicide Note.  Tha Cornaboy’s production is minimal, flowing, and pop-infused (see Bad Boy mentor... Read More