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Meek Mill Is Upset Bloggers Didn’t Post His New Album (They Did) [Feature ]

A week after releasing his new album, Wins & Losses, Meek Mill is still in full-on promo mode, and on Tuesday, the Philly rapper stopped by his hometown station Power 99 for an interview with Cosmic Kev. Despite the fact... Read More


Meek Mill Had to Be “Begged” to Take $1 Million PUMA Endorsement Deal [Feature ]

German-based lifestyle and footwear brand PUMA has never been synonymous with hip-hop culture, but after the company signed Meek Mill to an endorsement deal in 2012, everything started to change. In the five years since... Read More


Meek Mill ‘Wins & Losses’ 1 Listen Album Review [Feature ]

I don’t know the wise man or woman who came up with the saying "you win some, you lose some,” but he or she understood the natural rhythm of life. There are no triumphs without tribulations and no... Read More


Meek Mill Announces Release Date for ‘Wins & Losses’ Album [Feature ]

Meek Mill is set to release his third ("really 4th") full-length studio album, Wins & Losses, on July 21, according to the Maybach Music Group rapper himself, who shared the cover art and trailer for the forthcoming... Read More


Meek Mill’s Next Album Will (Appropriately) Be Titled ‘Wins & Losses’ [Feature ]

The title of Meek Mill's forthcoming third full-length studio album will be Wins & Losses, according to his label boss Rick Ross. Rick Ross announces Meek Mill's next album title.... Read More


10 Best Rap Song Series, Ranked [Feature ]

Good things don't always need a sequel. Donnie Darko is best remembered as a one-and-done and not even Biggie could save The Blueprint 2. If Ashton Kutcher really could time travel, he'd be wise to hunt... Read More


Meek Mill Degrading a Homeless Man on Social Media Proves He’s an Asshole [Feature ]

Over the past two years, Meek Mill has been called every name under the sun, including a "special kind of stupid," a "loser," and a "lame." Some of those barbs he deserved, some he did not. After the stunt that he pulled... Read More


First Week Numbers: Jeezy’s “Trap or Die 3” Projected to Outsell Meek Mill’s “DC4” [Feature ]

October was a relatively quiet month for new album releases, but last Friday, Meek Mill, Jeezy, and 2 Chainz all delivered new retail projects to end the month on a high note. Although album sales might mean little in... Read More


Meek Mill’s Lame Excuse for Not Responding to Drake’s “Back to Back” [Feature ]

Fresh off the release of his excellent new album, DC4, Meek Mill joined Tax Stone on his Tax Season podcast. While their entire nearly two-hour long interview is wildly entertaining, one quote, in particular, stood out... Read More


Meek Mill “DC4” 1 Listen Album Review [Feature ]

Silence is golden. The ancient movie theater maxim took on a new meaning during a viewing of the Ryan Coogler-directed Creed, a highly favored spin-off to the Rocky Balboa series. The film is shot in Philadelphia, hometown to... Read More


Meek Mill on Drake’s “Back to Back”: “I Thought it Was Hot” [Feature ]

  #MeekMill talks #Back2Back on #TaxSeason with #TaxStone dropping Monday A video posted by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on Oct 28, 2016 at 5:09am PDT On Monday (October 31), Taxstone, the creator and host of... Read More


Finally, Meek Mill Announces Release Date for “DC4” [Feature ]

Finally. After months of anticipation, speculation, rumors, snippets, beef, more snippets, more beef and one monster freestyle on Funk Flex, much-maligned rapper Meek Mill has announced that this Friday, October 28, he... Read More


Meek Mill, Release “DC4” Already, For Us & For Yourself [Feature ]

Remember when Meek Mill dropped Dreamchasers 2? The year was 2012, the month was May and DatPiff servers were buckling under the weight of frenzied fans (2.5 million in the first 24 hours, to be exact) rushing to download the... Read More


Casualty of War, Finding Empathy for Quentin Miller [Feature ]

War isn’t about rules. War isn’t about fairness. What matters in war is only who wins, who loses, and the changes that occur after the battle. Drake and Meek went to war last year; a war of words; a war... Read More


Meek Mill Crushes Funk Flex Freestyle, But It’s Not For The Internet [Feature ]

So far this year, the majority of Meek Mill’s appearances in the headlines have had very little to do with his actual music. The MMG representative has been a beef magnet over the past few months, engaging Drake, The... Read More


Rick Ross Met with Drake to Squash Meek Mill Beef, According to N.O.R.E [Feature ]

Drake vs. Meek Mill, easily last year’s biggest beef in hip-hop. It was an event, a war that has affected both sides, and now after a year of madness, there’s a chance the war is finally coming to an end. At... Read More


Meek Mill: “I Pay Attention to Social Media, But It Don’t Affect My Real Life” [Feature ]

Based only on social media it would be safe to assume Meek Mill has had a rough past year. But in a new interview with My Mixtapez, released this past Saturday evening, the Philly native flipped the script, informing... Read More


Meek Mill’s Make-Or-Break “Dreamchasers 4” Coming This Fall [Feature ]

Meek Mill's legacy will be on the line this fall when, according to producer and frequent collaborator Jahlil Beats, he finally releases his long-delayed Dreamchasers 4 mixtape.  “That DC4... Read More


Meek Mill Promises End to “Extreme Violence” in His Music [Feature ]

Meek Mill has been one of the most prolific street rappers over the past six years, but it looks like he's turning a new leaf. In a new Instagram post, Meek wrote that he will stop rapping about "extreme violence"... Read More


Meek Mill Started Beef Because He Wrongly Thought Drake Dissed Him First [Feature ]

Let DJ Drama tell it, the biggest rap beef in recent memory - the on-wax feud between Meek Mill and Drake - was all the result of a simple misunderstanding. In an interview with Ebro, Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez... Read More


Joe Budden to Meek Mill: “Sit Back & Watch a Real MC” [Feature ]

Rap artists don't know the meaning of restraint. Last week, right before we signed off for the holiday weekend, Joe Budden released "Making a Murderer (Part 1)," a six minute diss track aimed at Drake. In the lyrical... Read More


Inside the Maybach: Is MMG Still One of Hip-Hop’s Most Powerful Labels? [Feature ]

On the day of Super Bowl XLV, before Green Bay would best the Steelers in a 31 to 25 victory, Rick Ross released The Untouchable Maybach Empire Super Bowl vlog officially announcing Wale as the latest signee to his Maybach... Read More


Meek Mill Isn’t Dropping “DC4” Album Same Day as Drake, Rumors Were Posted Anyway [Feature ]

Last year Drake and Meek Mill has a little scuffle, perhaps you heard about it?  The most popular rapper alive trading (rap) blows with the street's loudest rapper, diss tracks as hit singles, ghostwriter... Read More


Meek Mill - 4/4 Pt. 2 [Album]

Just a couple weeks after delivering a very solid effort in 4/4, Meek Mill returns with the EP's sequel, 4/4 Pt. 2, premiered at the same time Drake was hosting episode 14 of OVOSoundRadio on Beats 1. The Philly native is... Read More


Forget Meek Mill vs. 50 Cent’s Beef, Let’s Help Flint’s Water Crisis [Feature ]

To quote 21st-century poet/actor/and all-around dope human being Mos Def, “Some beef is big and some beef is small / But what ya'll call beef is not beef at all.”  The song that contains those... Read More


Meek Mill - 4/4 [Album]

Meek Mill would like for us all to forget about 2015. Well, kind of. The embattled rapper has released 4/4, a four-track mini project that aims to remind hip-hop fans that he can spit with the best of them but also includes... Read More


Meek Mill’s Right, We Shouldn’t Be Laughing at His Potential Prison Time [Feature ]

According to the NAACP: The US is 5% of the world's population and has 25% of world's prisoners. African Americans are incarcerated at nearly six times the rate of whites. Prison has not been proven as a... Read More


Meek Mill Facing Prison Time for Alleged Parole Violation, Year Somehow Keeps Getting Worse [Feature ]

When it rains it pours, and right now it's pouring down on Meek Mill.  Almost no one had a rougher 2015 than Milly, who by summer was riding high on the huge success of his Dream Worth More Than Money album.... Read More


Meek Mill’s Social Media Behavior Could End His Career [Feature ]

It’s not a stretch to assume Meek Mill is probably ready to turn the calendar to 2016. 2015 has been far from the year the MMG rapper probably envisioned months ago, before the successful album release, before the... Read More


Watch Meek Mill Intimidate a Drake Fan at New York Fool’s Gold Day Off Stop [Feature ]

If you're heading to a festival that Meek Mill is headlining, it might be a good idea to leave your pro-Drake signs at home. Unless, of course, you would like to spend the remainder of the show with one of Meek's... Read More


Rick Ross - Turn Ya Back ft. Gucci Mane, Meek Mill & Whole Slab [Stream]

Rick Ross’ new music train keeps rolling with the release of Turn Ya Back, a posse cut off the MMG boss’ forthcoming mix-album, Black Dollar, slated for free release on Thursday, September 3. The D Rich-produced... Read More


Meek Mill Continues to Take Shots at Drake with Concert Freestyle [Feature ]

Is this beef still going? Earlier this week, we added yet another development to the ongoing beef between Drake and Meek Mill. The latter, while performing at the Charlotte, NC stop of Nicki Minaj's Pinkprint Tour,... Read More


From QM to Funk Flex to OVO Fest, a Complete Guide to the Drake vs. Meek Mill “Beef” [Feature ]

This morning I stumbled on a tweet calling for Funkmaster Flex to step down from his position at Hot 97. What could he have possibly done to warrant a petition? And why was everyone cracking so many Meek Mill jokes? It... Read More


Hip-Hop Weighs in on Drake v. Meek Mill “Beef” [Feature ]

The summer of beef between Drake and Meek Mill continues to move right along, and over the weekend we heard from a number of respected hip-hop artists - both old and new - who voiced their opinion on the matter.  A$AP... Read More


We All Agree Meek Mill Lost His Beef With Drake After “Wanna Know” Right? [Feature ]

Wanna Know something you definitely already know? Meek Mill responded to Drake late last night, adding yet another layer to their high-profile "beef" with a diss record of his own. Finally! The response we've... Read More


Meek Mill - Wanna Know (Drake Diss) [Stream]

Meek Mill has responded… finally. Unfortunately, he delivered a dud. In response to Drake’s Back-to-Back Freestyle and Charged Up, the Philly native recruited Jahlil Beats and Swizz Beatz for The Undertaker... Read More


Lupe Weighs In on Drake & Meek’s Ghostwriting Fiasco [Feature ]

As you are almost certainly aware, the Internet in recent days has been taken over by this Meek Mill and Drake "beef." With everyone debating whether or not Drake does in fact have a ghostwriter, and the extent to which... Read More


If Drake Has a Ghostwriter, Does It Matter? [Feature ]

[Art by vitostone] I woke up this morning to a world where Drake has a ghostwriter. Meek Mill unveiled this information to the internet in a rant that should be read in his loud, booming voice. It feels like such an... Read More


Meek Mill Attacks Drake on Twitter, Claims His Rhymes Are Ghostwritten [Feature ]

Meek Mill has had an eventful July.  Earlier this month, the Philly native released his much-delayed new album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, which saw him move over 200,000 units in the first week. That mark earned him... Read More


Meek Mill is Now Hip-Hop’s 3rd Best Selling Rapper of 2015 [Feature ]

[Image via kirtmcgirt] It's official, Meek Mill has crossed into true rap superstardom. His latest album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, opened at number one on the Billboard Top 200 chart, selling 246,000... Read More


Meek Mill - Jump Out The Face ft. Future [Stream]

Meek Mill and Future (and Metro Boomin) are cooking up in their latest set of visuals for Jump Out The Face, one of the standout tracks off of the former’s recently released Dreams Worth More Than Money album. Metro and... Read More


Meek Mill “Dreams Worth More Than Money” 1 Listen Review [Feature ]

I like Meek Mill the person. He’s a survivor, a dream chaser, an inspiration for the underdogs defying the odds. I don’t like Meek Mill the rapper. It’s a statement that tends to leave others dumbfounded,... Read More


Meek Mill - Dreams Worth More Than Money [Album]

I like Meek Mill the person. He’s a survivor, a dream chaser, an inspiration for the underdogs defying the odds. I don’t like Meek Mill the rapper. It’s a statement that tends to leave others dumbfounded, confused that... Read Full Review


Meek Mill - All Eyes On You ft. Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj [Stream]

In February of 1996, the late Tupac Shakur released All Eyez On Me, the most decorated and widely celebrated album of his sadly diminished career. While Meek Mill is no 2Pac (though he did record a song about him), the latest... Read More