New Mélat Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Ike - Last Days ft. Melat, King Mez & Tank Washington [Stream]

Up-and-coming emcee/producer Ike, formerly of the Booth-approved group 20/20 and Poise, makes his solo Booth debut today with the world premiere of his brand new single. Entitled Last Days, the record addresses police... Read More


Mélat - Sexy Us [Stream]

Singer/songwriter Mélat has been a fixture at DJBooth over the past few years, captivating our readers with her soothing vocal and contemporary stylings. On July 15, the Austin, TX native will release her new EP, It Happens... Read More


Mélat ft. SPZRKT - We Don’t Have To [Stream]

Last year, Booth-acclaimed singer/songwriter Mélat launched the “Side B” series as an outlet for quality music that strayed from her usual m.o. The first installment of 2015, We Don’t Have To, is an atmospheric,... Read More


Mélat - The Kids Aren’t Alright [Stream]

It goes without saying that, as a recording artist known for crooning over hazy, ethereal alt-R&B soundscapes, Mélat must be a huge fan of 1990s pop-punk band The Offspring. And by “It goes without saying,” I... Read More


Mélat - Move Me EP [Album]

Last fall, rising alt-R&B singer Mélat joined forces with The DJBooth to drop Canon Ourania: The Illumination, a project whose memorable melodies and ethereal soundscapes left Booth readers enchanted. Now, the CMSC signee... Read More


QuEST ft. Mélat - Struggle Rapper [Stream]

QuEST may not be as “Lost” as the gun-toting narrator of his last single, but the Jersey representative is well-acquainted with the struggle. On the freshly-minted Struggle Rapper, he offers a glimpse of the pain and... Read More


Mélat - Love So High [Stream]

Over the last few months, rising R&B songstress Mélat has been keeping her fans in the Booth and beyond entertained with a string of fresh loosies. Today, the Side B series reaches its thrilling conclusion with the... Read More


Mélat - Fanclub [Stream]

As the rave reviews the indie R&B singer’s received for past features and projects attest, many of the Booth’s regular readers are already card-carrying members of Mélat‘s Fanclub. If you’re not,... Read More


Mélat - nevr [Stream]

“Why be a fool to love one too many times?” It’s tough to answer such a rhetorical question while consoling a friend, especially followed by “I fell in love and now I found never” (as in never... Read More


Mélat - Thirdeye [Stream]

In some strains of esoteric thought, the “Thirdeye” located between and slightly above your eyebrows is intimately linked to mystical knowledge. I’m not enlightened enough to tell you any more on the subject, but... Read More


Mélat x Jansport J - Golden [Stream]

While a WoodysProduce-helmed remix of Canon Ourania inclusion Daphne hit our front page at the top of January, reader-approved alt-R&B buzzmaker Mélat‘s last original feature came back in December. Today, she... Read More


Mélat - Daphne (WoodysProduce Remix) [Stream & Download]

If you visited DJBooth at all in 2013, you are definitely familiar with the alt-R&B stylings of Mélat. Over the course of the year, she brought us five reader-approved features and a Booth-hosted project. Now, thanks to... Read More


Mélat - Stardate [Stream]

Released to the ‘net in late November, alt-R&B buzzmaker Mélat‘s Canon Ourania: The Illumination EP currently holds a perfect 5.0-star average rating on our pages. (Hopefully I didn’t jinx the project... Read More


Mélat - Canon Ourania: The Illumination EP [Album]

Alt-R&B buzzmaker Mélat has released her new latest body of work, the Canon Ourania: The Illumination EP. The project packs a total of eight original jams from the Austin, TX songstress, among them is reader-approved single... Read More


Mélat ft. QuESt - The Prometheus Interlude [Stream]

A Titan who stole fire from the Greek gods and gave it to the people, thereby paving the way for human civilization, Prometheus is a shining example of what one can accomplish when one follows one’s dreams in defiance... Read More


Mélat - Daphne [Stream]

On her last feature, July’s Wishing Well, alt-R&B up-and-comer Mélat departed from the catchy, energetic style of her Booth debut to craft a quiet ballad suffused with romantic longing. The Austin-based... Read More


Mélat - Wishing Well [Stream]

I’m not a superstitious person but, when something big is on the line, I’m not above tossing a penny or two into a nearby fountain. Sometimes, you simply need all the help you can get. Mélat knows what I’m... Read More


Mélat - Move Me [Stream & Download]

Thanks to sites like Kickstarter, anyone with a great idea has the ability to see their dream fulfilled without having to sacrifice their vision in order to gain funding. Kickstarter also helps artists spread their music even... Read More