New Metasota Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Freez ft. Metasota & Greg Grease - Roll Another [Stream]

Feeling stressed? Do what Booth newcomer Freez does whenever the struggle’s getting him down: “Roll Another blunt,” light it up, and watch your troubles dissipate in a cloud of smoke. Of course, no smoking session... Read More


Metasota - Force Fed [Stream]

Ever wondered what it might be like to live life as an up-and-coming Minneapolis rhymesayer? If so, today’s your lucky day. In the Mychal Fisher-directed visuals for new single Force Fed, Twin Cities up-and-comer... Read More


Big Jess ft. Chaundon, Greg Grease & Metasota - Simple and Plain [Stream]

Pop culture is littered with trilogies. From Star Wars to the Lakers of the early 00’s, great things always seem to come in threes. For producer Big Jess, though, three just doesn’t cut it, which is why he is... Read More