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Machine Gun Kelly’s “Bad Things” Might Blow Up Because You’ve Heard it Before [Feature ]

Over the last 10 years, Machine Gun Kelly has released two full-length albums and 10 mixtapes, but, to date, he's never had a true smash hit single. Sure, his "breakout" song "Wild Boy" grabbed the attention of millions,... Read More


Is Machine Gun Kelly Being Blackballed Because of Eminem Tweet? [Feature ]

Machine Gun Kelly’s just-released sophomore album, General Admission, is a strong follow-up to 2012’s Lace Up.The album took three years to arrive, but MGK has never slowed down. While he's spent most... Read More


MGK - General Admission [Album]

Cleveland-born rapper and spearhead of his own EST 19XX movement, Machine Gun Kelly has dropped off his sophomore studio album and the follow-up to 2012's Lace Up, General Admission, via Bad Boy/Interscope Records.The... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly - Almost [Stream]

Cleveland’s very own Machine Gun Kelly has released self-directed visuals for Almost, the lead track off his newly-released Fuck It mixtape. The record is co-produced by Slim Gudz and JP Did This 1, both of whom have... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly - Fuck It [Album]

Out of nowhere, without warning or nary a social media alert, Machine Gun Kelly has released Fuck It, a free, 10-track mixtape.Since releasing his debut album, Lace Up, in 2012, the Cleveland, Ohio native has been rather... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly - Machine Gun Kelly Raps From The Couch [Stream & Download]

MGK must have been looking through old journals, as he “found some old lyrics on pages [he] never used and decided to rap em for yall..” Machine Gun Kelly Raps From The Couch is about as self-explanatory as rap... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly - A Little More ft. Victoria Monet [Stream]

Update: MGK‘s self-directed visuals for his own A Little More single have been added.Though Machine Gun Kelly dropped off the reader-approved Against The World earlier this month, the Cleveland rapper gives us A... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly - Against The World [Stream & Download]

Update: The self-directed visuals for MGK’s Against The World single have been added.It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Machine Gun Kelly, who’s poised to stand up Against The World on his... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly - Till I Die [Stream]

It’s common wisdom that, as a rapper moves up in the industry, they’re increasingly likely to forget where they came from. With that said, Machine Gun Kelly fans don’t need to worry about the rising... Read More


Beyond the Lights: Machine Gun Kelly Learns to Act Like Himself [Feature ]

The first time I saw Machine Gun Kelly he was contemplating jumping from a balcony and I was contemplating having to catch him. It was 2011 and the hip-hop world was just beginning to realize that they were going to have to... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly - Raise The Flag [Stream]

Machine Gun Kelly has been a great ball of rebellious energy since entering into the rap realm. While the wild-boy has a reputation for unorthodox behavior, the rapid-spitting rapper shows off another side on Raise the Flag.... Read More


Billard ft. MGK - All Eyez on Me [Stream]

When you title your single after one of 2Pac‘s classic cuts, you’re bound to attract some scrutiny. Cleveland rapper/producer Billard clearly doesn’t mind the attention. On new single All Eyez on Me, he... Read More


MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) - Wanna Ball [Stream & Download]

Update: The Casey McPerry-directed visuals for MGK’s Wanna Ball single have been added.It’s become downright cliché to criticize rap for its focus on material wealth and conspicuous consumption, but... Read More


Steve Aoki x Machine Gun Kelly - Free the Madness [Stream]

At the top of the month, we saw megastar DJ and producer Steve Aoki link up with RCA hip-popster Kid Ink to create promo single Delirious (Boneless). If that cut got your adrenaline pumping, you ain’t heard nothing yet.... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly - Sail [Stream & Download]

Isn’t it the best when artists, in an act of backwards logic, release new music on their birthdays? Lucky for us, there’s no pressure to give back since they probably have everything we thought of giving them.... Read More


Scolla ft. Machine Gun Kelly - Skinny Kid [Stream & Download]

The streets aren’t kind to Skinny Kids who can’t intimidate with their physiques, but feaherweights who do manage to make it through their adolescence end up developing courage, cunning and tenacity to compensate.... Read More


DJ E-V ft. Lorine Chia & Machine Gun Kelly - Good Time [Stream]

I’ve been writing for The DJBooth for a hot minute now, but it still feels pretty damn strange to sit in front of my desk at 1:00 on a Tuesday afternoon, listening to adrenaline-pumping club bangers. My brain says... Read More


Kid Ink ft. MGK & Elle Varner - No Miracles [Stream]

With his successful summer EP, Almost Home, Kid Ink really burst onto the scene in 2013. Now, the RCA recording artist will look to carry that momentum into the new year as his major label debut, My Own Lane, is slated for... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly ft. Kellin Quinn - Swing Life Away [Stream]

While Machine Gun Kelly has never made a secret of his punk influences—in addition to rocking a mohawk and extensive tattoos, he participated in the 2012 Warped Tour—hip-hop has always dominated his sound. On his latest... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly - Home Soon [Stream]

Earlier this month, Machine Gun Kelly traveled 10,000 miles or so from his native Cleveland to embark on his first Australian tour. As much as he enjoyed the trip, the Bad Boy/Interscope signee couldn’t be happier to be... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly - Breaking News [Stream]

Ladies and gentleman, we interrupt your regularly-scheduled broadcast for some Breaking News: MGK has just liberated a fresh single off his forthcoming mixtape. The follow-up to May’s reader-acclaimed Peso, this cut... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly ft. Pusha T & Meek Mill - Peso [Stream]

Last night, Machine Gun Kelly took a break from the hustle to support his Cavaliers at the NBA draft lottery ceremony. Evidently, his presence was good luck, as Cleveland won first pick for second time in three years. Now,... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly - Skate Cans [Stream]

While skateboarding often gets associated with rock/alternative music, it has always had an equally strong relationship with hip-hop. Perhaps it comes from both having counterculture roots. Furthering the ties between the... Read More


MGK - La La La (The Floating Song) [Stream]

Recently heard expressing his affection for women of the Ratchet variety on a single off DJ E-V‘s next compilation album, MGK returns to rap about a few of his other favorite things on his latest feature. An album bonus... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly ft. Ray Jr, Tezo, Dub-O, JP, Pooh Gutta - Ratchet [Stream]

Now that he’s carved out his niche on the national scene, MGK is looking to bring exposure to some of his talented neighbors. And what better topic for the Bad Boy recording artist to bond with his fellow Cleveland... Read More


Kid Ink ft. Machine Gun Kelly - Hell & Back (Remix) [Stream & Download]

After surviving a trip to Hell & Back, you’d think Kid Ink would be none too anxious to repeat the journey. Today, however, we find the Tha Alumni Music Group signee preparing to do just that—and this time... Read More


French Montana ft. Diddy, Red Cafe, MGK & Los - Ocho Cinco [Stream]

If given the chance to sign a record deal with any label, former NFL star Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson would be a Bad Boy. He loves to celebrate, he is ultra-flashy, talented and rich. He is also a troublemaker, though,... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly ft. Tech N9ne & Twista - Edge of Destruction [Stream]

They say “birds of a feather flock together,” but behind that cliche lies a truth; people with similar characteristics tend to hang out and be BFFs. Ok ,not necessarily BFFs, but they tend to hang around each other. For... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly - Lace Up [Album]

A rap blogger never reveals their true age, but let’s just say that I’m old enough to remember when Nintendo first came out. (Nope, not Nintendo DS, not Super Nintendo, we’re talking the OG Nintendo.) So I need to start... Read Full Review


MGK ft. Alex Fitts - Stereo [Stream]

From getting arrested during a flash mob at his local mall to spitting vodka into a fan’s mouth I think it’s safe to say that Cleveland rapper MGK has earned himself the unofficial title of Bad Boy‘s... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly - Her Song [Stream]

Machine Gun Kelly‘s really flipped The Script with this one. OK, to be one-hundred percent accurate, it was producer Frank Lucas who adapted the pop-rockers’ For the First Time into the backdrop for this new... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly - EST 4 Life [Album]

Fresh off the release off his brand new, Young Jeezy-assisted single "Hold On (Shut Up)," Cleveland native Machine Gun Kelly has unleashed the EST 4 Life mixtape. Presented by DJ Whoo Kid, DJ E-V and DJ Xplosive, the 18-track... Read More


MGK ft. Young Jeezy - Hold On (Shut Up) [Stream]

The Machine Gun Kelly army continues to pick up loyal soldiers as the march towards his debut album, Lace Up, continues. Following lead single Invincible, which MGK has essentially disavowed, the Cleveland kid delivers a new... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly ft. Ester Dean - Invincible [Stream]

If you’ve recently tuned in to watch your favorite program and weren’t too distracted during the commercial breaks, you may have noticed today’s feature playing during a Verizon HTC commercial. If that snippet has you... Read More


The Kickdrums ft. Machine Gun Kelly - My Life [Stream]

Don’t approve of the path MGK‘s taken in the game? Well, tough—the Cleveland fast-riser hasn’t made it to where he is today by giving a damn what anybody else thinks. On a newly-leaked standout off Forest... Read More


Coverage: Machine Gun Kelly x Inked Magazine EP & Issue Release Party [Feature ]

What do you get when Machine Gun Kelly comes to New York laced up off endless bottles of Ciroc Vodka? A wild boy who knows how to make Chelsea’s meatpacking district look like a scene from the Project X movie. On March 20,... Read More


MGK ft. Cassie - Warning Shot [Stream]

With the lyrical ammunition Machine Gun Kelly‘s been spraying across the hip-hop blogosphere for the past couple years, I find it hard to believe that any tuned-in head could be unaware of the Cleveland representatives... Read More


MGK ft. 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, French Montana & Yo Gotti - Wild Boy (Remix) [Stream]

How do you make a record like Wild Boy, the current street single from Machine Gun Kelly, even wilder? Well, you could play it on leopard-print vinyl, while wearing a ghillie suit, in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. Or... Read More


DMX ft. Machine Gun Kelly - I Don’t Dance [Stream]

As a kid you probably wanted to be an astronaut – how’d that work out for you? In the real world our dreams often never come to fruition, but occasionally dreams do come true. Today we have a hip-hop dream come true in... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly Rages at Ho Ho Ho Homecoming Concert [Feature ]

I arrived in Cleveland the day before Machine Gun Kelly’s Ho Ho Homecoming Show and knew from the moment I set foot in the historic Agora Theater for sound check, this show was going to be something special. During the... Read More


MGK - STFU [Stream]

When he’s not getting arrested for instigating flash mobs, jumping off stages into the arms of an adoring fan base or signing contracts with Diddy, industry upstart Machine Gun Kelly is actually in the studio making music.... Read More


MGK ft. Mike Posner - On Fire (Drug Dealer Girl Pt. 2) [Stream]

Back in 2009, when Mike Posner paid tribute to his Drug Dealer Girl on a hit record off his debut street album, he was too taken with the female in question to consider the potential hazards of their arrangement. With new... Read More


MGK ft. Waka Flocka - Wild Boy [Stream]

We all know MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) is a Wild Boy, but just how wild is he? Well, remember that show Wild Boyz with Steve-O? Yeah, that wild. Here, GB Hitz’ raucous boardwork sets the mood as the Cleveland representer... Read More


MGK Jumps “In the Mix” [DJBooth Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) may have earned his name based on his rapid-fire flows (not, as you might guess, the Prohibition-era gangster), but his rhymes aren't the only thing that's lightning fast; the... Read More

sobs-mgk-0801116 Presents: Machine Gun Kelly, Kidz in the Hall & More at S.O.B.‘s [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- and Noizy Cricket! have come together to present a night of music headlined by Cleveland buzzmaker Machine Gun Kelly, with special guests Kidz in the Hall.Going down the evening of Sunday,... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly - Half Naked & Almost Famous [Stream & Download]

Though the Cleveland-repper’s been a regular fixture on our pages in recent months, appearing as a guest on joints by Kid Ink, Young Scolla and XV, Machine Gun Kelly hasn’t had a Booth feature to himself since he... Read More


Kid Ink ft. Red Cafe, Killa Kyleon & Machine Gun Kelly - My City [Stream & Download]

Recently introduced to our readers via mixtape cut Lowkey Poppin’, Los Angeles emcee Kid Ink pays tribute to his hometown on follow-up leak My City. Cardiak produces, crafting a street-ready piano backdrop for the... Read More


Young Scolla ft. Machine Gun Kelly - Skinny Kid [Stream & Download]

Reviewing records like this is always a bittersweet experience. While I rave about the sheer dopeness of the song, in the back of my mind I know I have to wait months before I taste more - Young Scolla‘s Seconds Away... Read More


XV ft. Machine Gun Kelly - Finally Home [Stream & Download]

Wichita’s XV shines hard on new single Finally Home, featuring Machine Gun Kelly and produced by Cook Classics, who let airy synths wash over celebratory drums as the DJBooth Freestyle alum basks in his own glory. Lyrically... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly Spits “Off Campus” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Machine Gun Kelly, the Cleveland native who brought us reader-approved cut "Leave Me Alone" in late January, has stepped into the Booth with entry #147 in our Freestyle Series. On his brand new,... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly - Off Campus [Stream]

The 147th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Machine Gun Kelly, the Cleveland native who brought us reader-approved cut Leave Me Alone in late January. On his brand new, exclusive Off Campus... Read More


MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) ft. Rock City - Leave Me Alone [Stream]

Though inspired by the notorious Prohibition-era gangster who helped popularize the term “G-Man,” Booth newcomer Machine Gun Kelly‘s stage name has less to do with literal firearms than with the Cleveland... Read More