New Mibbs Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Mibbs - Made In USA [Stream]

When a product is stamped with “Made In USA,” the parent company is trying to convey two things: quality and loyalty. I can only assume PAC DIV member Mibbs, who earlier this week reappeared on the scene with his... Read More


Mibbs - Yoko & John [Stream]

A month after giving us Fade, the first taste of his upcoming album The Program, Mibbs of Pac Div fame drops off another record that may or may not end up on the project. The West Coast representative channels his inner Yoko... Read More


Mibbs - Fade [Stream]

A year and change after the release of his latest solo album, Mibbs returns the Booth with a freshly-selected single off the set. Featured along with some eerie new visuals by Viktor Sloth and Martin Strandgaard, Fade finds... Read More


Mibbs x Scoop DeVille - FREEBASSkg [Album]

The music industry is a forever-changing beast, but the dynamic of a rap group has always stayed the same. No matter how much success or acclaim a bunch of emcees achieve together, there will always be individual group... Read More


MdotforMayor ft. Mibbs & Add-2 - The Pie [Stream]

My mother always told me never to have dessert before dinner, but obviously she needs to take a page from MdotforMayor’s book. Though the main course, his Models Suck album, isn’t due out until October, the artist has... Read More


Mibbs x Scoop DeVille - SUPWITHAT [Stream]

UPDATE: “SUPWITHAT” is no longer available to stream. “Mibbs making music without Like and BeYoung? SUPWITHAT?” Not to worry, imaginary friend, the West Coast spitter hasn’t parted ways with Pac Div.... Read More