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Mickey Factz Sets the Record Straight on What Happens After 15 Minutes of Fame [Feature ]

The name Mickey Factz might not ring a bell for some modern-day rap fans whose favorite artists include Lil Uzi Vert, Cardi B and Migos, but less than a decade ago, the New York emcee was the very definition of a buzzmaker.... Read More


T-Wayne, Young Dro, Saigon & How Waiting Can Be an Artistic Curse [Feature ]

Triumph. T-Pain was once synonymous with triumph. When you witness remarkable victories recur with the consistency of rainfall in April or hurricanes in September they cease to be miracles―Teddy Pain dominated music... Read More


XXL’s Most Promising Class: Revisiting the 2009 Freshmen, Pt. 2 [Feature ]

Welcome to Part 2 of our look at the past and present of the storied '09 XXL Freshmen Class cover. If you haven't yet, catch up on Part 1 here. Blu Blu, the mighty Blu, a talent that arrived like a ray of... Read More


Damn! Mickey Factz Has “600 Bars On Deck” For Upcoming Radio Appearances [Feature ]

When he’s not using his Twitter to call out Joe Budden’s supposed Streetfighter IV skills or to critique Frank Ocean’s visual project, Mickey Factz has been hinting at some upcoming greatness. The... Read More


Hip-Hop and the Huxtables: Rap’s Relationship With The Cosby Show [Feature ]

“Jammin on the 1.” Theo Huxtable told Stevie Wonder this is the phrase he would recite at a party. To my young ears the line sounded old, dated, the kind of phrase that would sit in the company of “Jive... Read More


Mickey Factz - Hayworth ft. CyHi The Prynce & eLZhi [Stream]

Veteran indie emcee Mickey Factz, who last appeared on our pages eight months ago as a guest on DJBoothTV, has released Hayworth, a dynamic new single from his upcoming album, Y-3. The record, produced by DMV beatmaker Mark... Read More


Mickey Factz Spits a Verse, Talks About “MauSe 2” & More (DJBoothTV) [Feature ]

Subscribe to DJBoothTV Since he first saw the spotlight swing his way via the XXL Freshmen cover, Mickey Factz has commited himself to navigating the music industry his way. So after ending 2013 opening for Lupe... Read More


Mickey Factz - Rescattered [Stream]

Craving a fresh Mickey Factz record? How about a couple dozen of ‘em? OK, I’m not actually going to count the number of different songs that have been stitched together to form the NYC mainstay’s latest... Read More


Mickey Factz - UQ [Stream]

Next month, Mickey Factz will be hitting the road on his Red and Blue Pill Tour—and we in the Booth are helping to make it happen. But that’s not all we and the NYC rhymesayer have got up our collective sleeve.... Read More


Mickey Factz to Hit the Road on Booth-Sponsored Red or Blue Pill Tour [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Fresh off his return from "retirement," NYC mainstay Mickey Factz is preparing to hit the road on national tour. Sponsored by The DJBooth and GoWhereHipHop, the Red or Blue Pill Tour will see the... Read More


NeeQ ft. Mickey Factz - Gifted [Stream]

A few months back, when NeeQ (not to be confused with NIQUE) first unleashed his latest single, the whole damn Internet slept on it—The DJBooth included. When you’re as clearly Gifted as the Creative Mics emcee,... Read More


Mickey Factz - 740 Park Avenue [Album]

Last December, Mickey Factz announced that he was hanging up the mic for good. As it turns out, though, the Big Apple indie phenom simply needed a few weeks' vacation from the grind. He stepped back into the studio earlier... Read More


Mickey Factz - Detroit Red [Stream]

In December of 2013, Mickey Factz announced that, after much soul-searching, he had decided to stop making music. As often happens in the world of hip-hop, “retirement” turned out to mean “a few months off.” Having... Read More


Green Street ft. Mickey Factz & Anik Khan - By Any Means [Stream & Download]

Thanks to their latest effort, one thing that you’ll learn about hip-hop trio Green Street is that they are determined to make it; of course that means By Any Means necessary. Lucky for us, those means include the... Read More


Hollywood FLOSS ft. Mickey Factz & John Dew - Million Dollar Smile [Stream & Download]

For some rappers, having a crooked grill is a point of pride. Hollywood FLOSS, on the other hand, considers his Million Dollar Smile one of his best features—second only to his “billion dollar flow” and his ”trillion... Read More


Mickey Factz ft. Yelawolf - Zen [Stream]

Last heard responding to Kanye‘s infamous Zane Lowe interview on September loosie The New Rockstars, Mickey Factz returns to our pages with single numero uno off his next full-length. As you’d expect based on its... Read More


Mickey Factz - The New Rockstars (Culture) [Stream]

Thanks to the epic Twitter rant between Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West, you’ve probably heard all about Ye’s recent interview with BBC’s Zane Lowe. While you will undoubtedly hear all about it in the coming days,... Read More


Mickey Factz - South Park (Kendrick Response) [Stream]

Looks like Lupe wasn’t the only one to take umbrage at Kendrick Lamar‘s lofty pronouncements on Big Sean loosie Control. NYC underground mainstay Mickey Factz also returns fire with freshly-released promo single... Read More


Par-City ft. Mickey Factz - Mass Destruction [Stream & Download]

Update: Click “Watch Now” above to view Par-City’s Joseph Puma-directed “Mass Destruction” video. All’s fair in love and war, right? The latest single and Booth debut from Par-City finds... Read More


Mickey Factz - Crowded [Stream & Download]

I don’t have enough space to fully explain Mickey Factz’ new project, Mickey Mause, here, so we’ll have to go with the Clif Notes version: the ‘80s, art, writing, women, drugs, fame, H.I.V. Truth be told, there’s... Read More


Mickey Factz & Larry Hester Host Mario Kart 7 Challenge at Complex HQ [Video] [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- On Thursday, March 8, Complex Magazine brought hip-hop tastemakers together to face off in their Mario Kart 7 Challenge. After two hours of intense competition, complete with plenty of smack-talking and... Read More


Boom Vox ft. Mickey Factz & Dre Robinson - Fame [Stream & Download]

Today may be the first time you hear the name “Boom Vox,” but you can be damn sure it won’t be the last; having tasted the limelight in their home city of Boston, Twin Cities-born singer Sam Scott and Beantown emcee... Read More


Mickey Factz - Cruisin’ [Stream]

This past Tuesday, September 13, DJ Mehdi was killed when the roof of his Paris home (where he was celebrating a friend’s birthday) collapsed. In honor of the French/Tunisian hip-hop/electro heavyweight’s life and... Read More


Chris Faust ft. Mickey Factz - Me Vs. The Machine (FAUSTMIX) [Stream & Download]

When you’re battling something as big as the music industry, you need all the help you can get—and you could hardly ask for a more formidable ally than Mickey Factz. On this newly-released remix of Chris... Read More


Audra The Rapper ft. Mickey Factz & Raheem Devaughn - Love Song (Remix) [Stream & Download]

As Lauryn Hill famously warned females on ‘98 classic Doo Wop, “Some guys, some guys are only about That Thing.” Audra the Rapper, who paid homage to the Fugees legend on street album The Miseducation of Audra has... Read More


Mickey Factz ft. KeY Wane - Delusional [Stream & Download]

After years on the grind, Mickey Factz is rubbing his eyes in disbelief that anyone still doubts him. Could the NYC mainstay be Delusional? Nah—if this new buzz record (a Booth-exclusive world premiere!) is any... Read More


Mickey Factz ft. Jade - Nightrider [Stream & Download]

First things first: Mickey Factz’ latest mixtape leak, Nightrider, has absolutely nothing to do with the homonymous David Hasselhoff series; instead, the record is a moody character sketch which finds the Big Apple... Read More


QuESt ft. Mickey Factz - Something To Prove [Stream & Download]

As an up-and-coming emcee grinding to get his buzz up, QuESt may have nothing to lose, but he most definitely has Something to Prove—especially on this joint, the Miami repper’s first official single. Here, the... Read More


Talent Couture ft. Trae The Truth & Mickey Factz - Ain’t Bout Money [Stream]

If you glanced at the title and assumed Talent Couture‘s latest feature would find the Northeastern newcomer spitting about the things he values more than currency, joke’s on you—on the contrary, if it... Read More


Mickey Factz - Letter To Sonic [Stream & Download]

Once a seeming sure thing, Charles Hamilton has had the rockiest road to success out of any of his blog-sensation peers—now, it seems that he may even be headed to jail. A longtime friend and colleague of the Harlem... Read More


Mickey Factz ft. KeY Wane - The Finer Things [Stream & Download]

On the last Booth-featured installment in his May-Hem Series, Big Apple repper Mickey Factz drew attention to the horrors of Genocide in Africa, and won rave Booth reviews for his trouble. New entry Finer Things finds the... Read More


Mickey Factz - Genocide [Freestyle] [Stream & Download]

Bronx emcee Mickey Factz borrows the Swizz Beatz-produced instrumental from Diddy‘s On the Floor on the second installment in his May-Hem freestyle series. Genocide find the Big Apple representative dropping some... Read More


Emilio Sparks ft. Mickey Factz - Die Everyday [Stream & Download]

On the latest leak off his forthcoming compilation album, NYC radio personality Emilio Sparks joins forces with producer Mike Cash (who co-produced Sparks’ last feature, One Step at a Time, with J. Glaze) and Big Apple... Read More


Mookie Jones ft. Mickey Factz - Skeleton Key [Stream & Download]

Houston emcee Mookie Jones steps foot in the Booth for the first time on Skeleton Key.  The song, produced by BC Of Necronam, features Freestyle Series alum Mickey Factz and will be a part of Jones’ forthcoming... Read More


Omen ft. Mickey Factz, Ashton Travis, Nickelus F, Luckie Day & C3 Choir - Negro Spiritual [Stream & Download]

Black History Month may have come to a close yesterday but, of course, the consequences of centuries of oppression and the contributions of civil rights leaders past and present respect no temporal boundaries. Here to... Read More


Mickey Factz ft. Marsha Ambrosius - For the Culture [Stream]

Has it really been four years since Mickey Factz dropped his critically-acclaimed Heaven’s Fallout mixtape? To answer my own rhetorical question, yes, yes it has. In lieu of the customary fourth-anniversary gift of... Read More


Sha Stimuli ft. Mickey Factz - Televised Revolution [Stream]

In a famous spoken-word piece, poet Gil-Scott Heron declared that “The revolution will not be televised.” Of course, that was in the 1970’s, long before the advent of YouTube and reality TV; today, the prospect of a... Read More


MeLo-X ft. Kendrick Lamar & Mickey Factz - Rapity Rap [Stream & Download]

Although highly anticipated album More Merch won’t be released until tomorrow (on DJBooth, of course), it feels like Christmas came a few weeks early now that we have some Rapity Rap under our proverbial trees. Produced... Read More


Bobby Creekwater ft. Mickey Factz & Kardinal Offishall - I Hate You Too [Stream]

While we in the Booth have been behind Bobby Creekwater through good times and bad, there are, of course, others who would love nothing more than to see him fail. For those folks, the ATL repper has just four words: “I... Read More


Mickey Factz ft. Fat Joe & Bun B - Paradise (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Mickey Factz is many things – ceaselessly creative emcee, clothing entrepreneur, DJBooth freestyle alum– but one thing he’s not is large. No wonder then that he brought in fellow NYC emcee Fat Joe and Mr. 5 Mics Bun B... Read More


Mickey Factz ft. Big K.R.I.T. - Get By [Stream & Download]

As DJBooth Freestyle alum Mickey Factz prepares to release his seventh mixtape, the boldly titled, I’m Better Than You, he gives us a little taste of what we can expect with new leak Get By.  Featuring Big K.R.I.T.... Read More


Emilio Rojas ft. Mickey Factz - Ex Girl [Stream]

Ah, ex-girlfriends. They’re like girlfriends, but even crazier and you don’t have to buy them things. (I’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight for that one.) Luckily I’ll be able to commiserate with NYC rhymespitter and... Read More


Mickey Factz ft. Emilio Rojas - Red Sky [Stream & Download]

Perhaps it was unreasonable of me to even dream that a rapper had paid tribute to the classic ‘80s flick Red Dawn, but that didn’t stop me from being slightly disappointed when I discovered that Mickey Factz’ new... Read More


Mickey Factz - Light Up [Freestyle] [Stream]

Light Up, the Jay-Z-assisted joint off Drake‘s hugely successful Thank Me Later LP, wasn’t really about the herb, and neither is this new, freestyled version from Mickey Factz – but, hey, why sweat the details?... Read More


Mickey Factz - Paradise [Stream]

Attention Mickey Factz haters: the Big Apple buzzmaker (and exclusive freestyle series contributor) is back on our front page with a brand new single that you’re guaranteed to hate even more than the rest of his work... Read More


Nikki Lynette ft. Mickey Factz - Glory Box [Premiere] [Stream]

I find Nikki Lynette fascinating. Her style’s unique enough to get some major attention, but not so unique that she’s dismissed as completely odd. In other words, she’s in a musical sweet spot – she can take risks and... Read More


Mickey Factz Spits “Robert Rauschenberg” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Mickey Factz, the Big Apple native who recently earned reader acclaim for unreleased cut The Lost Exhibit: #ALPHA, has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 138th entry in our Freestyle Series.... Read More


Mickey Factz - Robert Rauschenberg [Stream & Download]

The 138th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Mickey Factz, the Big Apple native who recently earned reader acclaim for unreleased cut The Lost Exhibit: #ALPHA. On his brand new, exclusive Robert... Read More


Cory Gunz ft. Curren$y, Mickey Factz, Smoke DZA & Nakim - The Ultimate [Stream]

The Ultimate is a song of epic proportions. With a dazzling instrumental by Precize, this track is the rap equivalent to a Nascar victory lap. Off industry tastemaker Johnny Shipes’ GOODTALK Vol. 9 ‘No Cosigns Needed’... Read More


Freddie Gibbs Headlines Star-Studded NYC Showcase [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Two weeks ago, Peter Voidwell presented a showcase headlined by Freddie Gibbs, featuring an diverse group of musicians including Das Racist, Mickey Factz, Tanlines and Gordon Voidwell. Hip hop, dance and... Read More


Mickey Factz - The Lost Exhibit: #ALPHA [Stream]

Lock your doors, bar your windows, and keep a shotgun by your side at all times – The Lost Exhibit #ALPHA has escaped from its holding cell, and it’s out for blood! Oh, it’s a new track from Mickey Factz, not... Read More


Mickey Factz & B.o.B - Mind Got Blown [Stream]

The latest and greatest track from emcee extraordinaire Mickey Factz, Mind Got Blown, is a trifecta of DJBooth favorites. In addition to verses from Mr. Factz, Mind Blown features vocals from the always innovative B.o.B. and... Read More


“Rock The Mansion ‘09” Coverage: Xzibit, Mickey Factz and Young De Grant DJBooth Interviews [Feature ]

Beverly Hills, CA -- Last Friday, July 24th, was invited to attend Rock the Mansion '09, an EA Sports-hosted soundtrack release party held at L.A.'s Playboy Mansion. During the course of the event, headlined by... Read More


Mickey Factz - Here I Am [Stream]

Mickey Factz’ fanbase may be just a tad too widely-dispersed to gather ‘round and celebrate the rapper’s birthday (yesterday, the 13th) with the traditional trifecta of cake, presents, and off-key singing,... Read More


Jet Audio ft. CurT@!n$, Mickey Factz, Outasight & Danny - Stand Alone [Stream]

Even those who Stand Alone can benefit from a few good connects—case in point: up-and-coming producer Jet Audio, whose latest leak finds him joining forces with with not one, two, or three, but four of the underground... Read More


Mickey Factz - Flying Balloons [Stream]

On their 1:00 A.M. and Rising mixtape, production trio Cookin’ Soul will team up with to present a 12-track tribute to the grind, with each cut representing one hour on the clock.  What time of day... Read More


Mickey Factz ft. Kid CuDi - Do My Do [Stream]

With Booth-acclaimed, Dot Da Genius-produced single Who’s Hotter, Mickey Factz stepped out onto the mainstream stage as a up-and-coming hipster-hop hitmaker with a style all his own—to recycle a terrible pun, the... Read More


Mickey Factz - Who’s Hotter [Stream]

Who’s Hotter than Mickey Factz?  I’m assuming the central question of the NYC emcee’s latest single is a rhetorical one, but, as one of the industry’s biggest buzzmakers, and the man who jumped on... Read More


Chester French ft. Talib Kweli, Bun B & Mickey Factz - I’m So Tall [Stream]

Earlier this month, up-and-coming rock group Chester French dropped Jacques Jams Vol. 1: Endurance, a Clinton Sparks-hosted mixtape that chronicled Maxwell Drummey and D.A. Wallach‘s (fictionalized) rise to fame. ... Read More


Mickey Factz - Sensibility [Stream]

When DJ Z sat down for an exclusive interview with Mickey Factz last month, the tech-savvy rapper mentioned that, as part of the multimedia assault he had planned for ‘09, he was working on a commercial for Honda. On... Read More


Beatz Galaw ft. Mickey Factz & MIMS - Block ‘Em [Stream]

Plagued by haters?  A brand new record from Beatz Galaw suggests a novel solution: simply slip on some shades and Block ‘Em.  Donning their best specs on this track are NYC emcees Mickey Factz and MIMS, both... Read More


OnSmash Delivers MeLo-X’s “Mustafa’s Renaissance” Mixtape [Free Download] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Brooklyn-based producer/promoter MeLo-X has teamed up with OnSmash to bring listeners his latest mixtape, entitled Mustafa's Renaissance. The 21-track project, which includes Mickey Factz's "Radio 2 Point OH"... Read More


Mickey Factz - Radio 2 Point OH [Stream]

Today, Brooklyn’s MeLo-X, a producer/promoter who has brought his New Pop sound to the East Coast hip-hop scene, will release his new mixtape, Mustafa’s Renaissance.  While most of the project features Melo as... Read More


TreaZon ft. Mickey Factz & Nero - Explosion (Remix) [Stream]

If you chose not to heed the warning of 18-year-old Cleveland emcee TreaZon and Stay in Your Place, then Mickey Factz and Nero might be called into action.  On the remix to Explosion, this genre-reshaping trio looks to... Read More


Mickey Factz Takes The ‘Road to the Achievement’ in Episode 3 [Feature ]

New York, NY-- In the newly-released third episode of emcee Mickey Factz's "Road to the Achievement" series discusses the downside of wearing glasses throughout his life, rocking out on a drums set, and finally dropping an... Read More


Mickey Factz - Incredible [Stream]

Mickey Factz is an emcee who does not believe in wasting his time or talent.  After compiling 16 straight weeks of new material (one song per week) on The Leak (Volume 1), he immediately began to record material for a... Read More


CA$HE ft. Mickey Factz - E.T. [Stream]

Underground rapper Harlems Cash has reinvented a popular character from a famous Steven Spielberg film on his new single, E.T..  Cash’s freshness makes him “glow” like the eponymous extraterrestrial at... Read More


Mickey Factz ft. J.A.M.E.S. Watts - The Leak #12 (Jimmy Choo’s) [Stream]

While most rappers from New York City are trying to bring back the Big Apple’s hip-hop heyday, Bronx native Mickey Factz has a plan to move it forward.  On The Leak 12, enter the story of a female who Factz finds... Read More