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Killer Mike Stands Up for Victims of Sexual Assault After Healthcliff Berru Scandal [Feature ]

Maybe you've heard, maybe you haven't, but you should know. Earlier this week, Heathcliff Berru, the founder of the prominent indie public relations and management company Life or Death, resigned amid claims of... Read More


Killer Mike Guests on Colbert, Solidifies His Position as Hip-Hop’s Leading Voice [Feature ]

When he isn't working on RTJ3 or collaborating with Logic or interviewing Democratic Party presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, Killer Mike is acting as the leading voice of hip-hop. On Tuesday... Read More


Watch Killer Mike’s Full Interview With Bernie Sanders [Feature ]

If you haven't heard, there's a presidential election coming up. One of the biggest names in the crowded lineup for POTUS is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who last month won over the hearts of many a rap fan when... Read More


Glasses Malone - Thuggin’ (Remix) ft. Killer Mike & Kendrick Lamar [Stream]

Glasses Malone‘s Thuggin’ single, which features Kendrick Lamar and was released three months ago, has received a remix treatment. Joining the track is Run The Jewels member Killer Mike, who lectures listeners on... Read More


Killer Mike - Ric Flair [Stream]

It may not be Thursday yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a nice throwback regardless. Killer Mike celebrated 4/20 by releasing a video for one of his favorite songs, Ric Flair, produced by Sweatbox... Read More


MNDR - Lock & Load ft. Killer Mike [Stream]

Judging by the list of features and the strength of the two singles we’ve heard so far, The Alchemist and Oh No-presented Welcome to Los Santos is shaping up to be quite a compilation. Following up the Earl Sweatshirt... Read More


DJ EFN ft. Killer Mike, Webbz & KXNG CROOKED - If U Run [Stream]

DJ EFN‘s last feature, July 2014’s Hood Banger, was an “[ode] to the mixtape freestyle.” Though its raw, grimy feel won the record positive reviews from our readers, I have a feeling listeners will appreciate... Read More


Various - Noisey Presents The Rap Monument [Stream]

The Egyptian Pyramids… the Colossus of Rhodes… The Rap Monument. OK, Noisey‘s new promo single may not have taken quite that much toil to create, but it’s as monomanically epic in its scope as any of... Read More


Rick Ross ft. Stalley, Gunplay & Killer Mike - BLK & WHT (Remix) [Stream]

Few things in this world are BLK & WHT, but Rick Ross‘s life story seems to be one of ‘em. (At least, according to the album inclusion I name-dropped in that last sentence; I ain’t gonna go into the gray... Read More


A-Villa ft. Lil Fame, Cormega & Killer Mike - The Warrior, the Philosopher & the Rebel [Stream]

A rising beatsmith who calls the Windy City home, A-Villa makes his grand entrance into The DJBooth with the grimy lead single off his forthcoming solo set. As its title indicates, The Warrior, The Philosopher & the Rebel... Read More


Scotty ATL ft. Killer Mike & Trouble - Pray Alone [Stream]

Just this morning, Scotty ATL made his first appearance on our pages, dipping his toe into the water with a guest verse on G. Morgan‘s Booth-premiered Go Hard. Well, he clearly enjoyed our company; in what may be a site... Read More


Killer Mike x Alchemist - The Boonies [Stream & Download]

Later this month, Adult Swim is set to kick off the fourth and final season of popular animated series The Boondocks. To celebrate the premiere, which fans have been awaiting since way back in 2010, COMPLEX has linked up with... Read More


Killer Mike - Ghetto Gospel [Stream]

Considering Killer Mike‘s debut collaboration with El-P dropped in May of 2012, it could be said that new single Ghetto Gospel and its official video are a little bit late. Seen from another perspective, though,... Read More


Chamillionaire ft. Scarface, Killer Mike & Bobby Moon - Reignfall [Stream]

Everybody and their mother knows Chamillionaire for his 2006 smash-hit Ridin’ Dirty, but don’t even think about calling him a one-trick pony. The dude has been dropping bangers for quite a long time now. The latest?... Read More


Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels [Album]

Rapper/producer and Def Jux CEO El-P has rejoined forces with veteran ATL rhymesayer Killer Mike to craft a new collaborative full-length. The duo's self-titled debut as Run The Jewels, the project is the follow-up to 2012's... Read More


Run The Jewels (El-P & Killer Mike) - 36” Chain [Stream]

With their debut full-length as Run the Jewels nearing release, El-P and Killer Mike have taken some time out of their busy promotional schedule to craft the inaugural entry in Adult Swim Singles, a newly-launched series of... Read More


Run The Jewels (El-P & Killer Mike) ft. Big Boi - Banana Clipper [Stream]

Maybe its Netflix’s fault for bringing Arrested Development back, but when I saw the title of the latest cut from Run The Jewels, Banana Clipper, I thought it might be named after a tool at the Bluth Banana Stand…alas, I... Read More


Run The Jewels (Killer Mike x El-P) - Get It [Stream & Download]

Did R.A.P. Music, Killer Mike‘s 2012 full-length with El-P, leave you hungry for more? Then you’ll be happy to hear that, not only do the twosome have another project in the works, but they’ve taken their... Read More


Consequence ft. Chuuwee & Killer Mike - Scared of Commitment [Stream]

If there’s one thing we can count on from Consequence, it’s honesty. On his latest free offering Scared of Commitment, the second installment in his new ConsTV Tuesdays series, he’s leveling with listeners.... Read More


Dee-1 ft. Killer Mike - Never Clockin Out (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Most people get to go home after a hard day’s work; Dee-1, on the other hand, has vowed to make every moment count toward his hustle. Having clocked in the moment he spit his first rhyme, the New Orleans... Read More


TrakkSounds x Cory Mo Present - Atlanta Smokers Only [Stream & Download]

What do you get when you combine a slew of Atlanta’s most noted veteran and up-and-coming emcees, an absurd amount of Mary Jane, and a splash of barbecue? No, not the BET Hip Hop Awards. Rather, you get the visuals for... Read More


Killer Mike - Reagan [Stream]

By materially supporting the Nicaraguan Contras, who contributed to the crack epidemic by shipping large quantities of cocaine into the country, and funneling domestic drug arrests into for-profit prisons, the Reagan... Read More


Combat Jack to Interview Killer Mike at A3C [Feature ]

Anyone familiar with the Combat Jack Show knows to expect the unexpected, so frankly there's no telling what's going to happen when the always outspoken Killer Mike sits down with the crew for a live interview at this year's... Read More


Divinity Roxx ft. Killer Mike - Ghetto Rock [Stream & Download]

Like the explorers who devoted their lives to finding El Dorado or the Fountain of Youth, musical artists have have spent decades questing after that perfect combination of hip-hop and rock ‘n’ roll—with results... Read More


Sean Baker ft. Killer Mike - Don’t Leave Me Lonely [Stream & Download]

Atlanta crooner Sean Baker may be new to the Booth, but on his debut feature that includes a cameo from lyrical artisan Killer Mike his polished vocals might be around for a while. Influenced by icons like Sam Cooke and... Read More


Killer Mike - Willie Burke Sherwood [Stream]

For all the records dedicated to rappers’ mothers, there’s a distinct drought of odes to dads. On newly-released album inclusion Willie Burke Sherwood, Killer Mike takes the first step toward changing that,... Read More


DJ Pain1 ft. Smokes, Killer Mike, Mistah F.A.B & Osei Jenkins - That Dude [Stream & Download]

Not featured as a headliner since stepping into the Booth with his The Waiting Game mixtape, DJ Pain1 returns to our pages with the inaugural leak off his next street release. On That Dude, the Madison native’s soulful... Read More


Killer Mike ft. Bun B, Trouble & T.I. - Big Beast [Stream]

During a childhood trip to the zoo, did you ever stop in front of the elephant habitat and just stare with wonderment, marveling at the fact that a living creature could be that f*cking huge? I did—and, though I’ve... Read More


Killer Mike - R.A.P. Music [Album]

The story of Killer Mike’s career is the story of non-fu*k giving. When Mike first came onto the national stage Snappin & Trappin alongside Outkast he had the cojones to call his own verse a classic, a move some considered... Read Full Review


Killer Mike ft. Emily Panic - Anywhere But Here [Stream]

Who said Grand Hustle ain’t got that mass appeal? On the heels of B.o.B’s Strange Clouds comes Killer Mike, who’s taken a more emotional route on stand-out cut Anywhere But Here, off his brand new album,... Read More


Sonnie Carson ft. Killer Mike - Feet on the Ground [Stream & Download]

Like many hip-hop hopefuls, Sonnie Carson could be accused of having his head in the clouds, but that doesn’t mean he’s not firmly rooted in the street. On the contrary, as the Brooklyn spitter makes clear on his... Read More


Killer Mike - Don’t Die [Stream]

If you really think about it, the goal of everyone’s life comes down to two words: Don’t Die. Unfortunately, that’s a motto that eventually proves impossible for everyone – and eventually can come a lot sooner if... Read More


Killer Mike ft. Scar - Untitled [Stream]

When a record or album is Untitled, you know what you’re gonna hear will be raw, real and straight from the soul. Which is weird, if you think about it—why pour out your deepest thoughts and feelings on a cut and then... Read More


8Ball ft. Bun B & Killer Mike - Allergic [Stream & Download]

When you’re as real as 8Ball, all it takes is a whiff of phoniness to make you break out in hives. On newly-leaked mixtape standout Allergic, the Memphis representer joins forces with Killer Mike and Bun B to battle the... Read More


Killer Mike, THURZ & Aleon Craft - B*tches & Drugs [Stream]

Three Booth-approved artists with very different backgrounds and styles, Killer Mike, Aleon Craft and Thurz bond over their shared appreciation for life’s finer things on the latest leak off Grooveshark‘s... Read More


Cory Mo ft. Talib Kweli, Killer Mike & Mitchelle`l - Gettin To The Money [Stream & Download]

When you’re a prodigy of Pimp C and an elite member of Texas hip-hop (as a producer and rapper), it’s hard to miss a beat when it comes to making great music. Haters be warned, you’d be hard pressed to find... Read More


Big Sid ft. Killer Mike & Big K.R.I.T. - Born on the Block [Stream & Download]

Why does Big Sid walk, talk and act the way he does? As far as the Lone Star State emcee (and event promoter) is concerned, it can all be traced back to his formative years in the streets. On mixtape lead single Born on the... Read More


Killer Mike - Burn [Video]

Killer Mike goes in on behalf of the disenfranchised in Burn. The video features Cameos from Oscar Grant’s friends & family, Diddy, Machine Gun Kelly, Curren$y, Roach Gigz, Mistah FAB, Philthy Rich, Cool Kids and... Read More

rising-pledge-0531111 Presents The Rising: PL3DGE Edition [Feature ]

Miami, Fla. -- has teamed up with Last Rights, 2DopeBoyz, and Pyramid Builders to present The Rising: PL3DGE Edition, the latest installment of Miami's premier live music series. Going down June 17, at... Read More


Killer Mike - Pl3dge [Album]

Whether he was always this complex and we just weren’t able to hear it, or he has grown as a man and artist, the Killer Mike we currently have before us is a far deeper emcee than we first heard Snappin and Trappin way back... Read Full Review


Killer Mike - Blind Justice [Stream & Download]

While watching the news last night, I was surprised that Fox News, Sarah Palin, and several others were upset that Common was going to be visiting the White House. The first thought in my head was how much they would flip if... Read More


Killer Mike - At the Top [Stream & Download]

In a genre built on comparisons, Killer Mike, or Mike Bigga, whichever you may prefer, is the modern day Ice Cube. Yes, while we’re aware Cube is still around, I’m referring to Death Certificate-era Cube and not... Read More


Killer Mike ft. Young Jeezy - Go Out on the Town [Stream & Download]

With the release of his fifth full-length just around the corner, Killer Mike (aka Mike Bigga) has set out to build anticipation for the project with a fresh street single. On this newly-released joint, the ATL hooks up with... Read More


Chamillionaire ft. Rock D & Killer Mike - Charlie Sheen [Stream]

#WINNING is something few are naturally capable of. Most people simply have lackluster abilities and insecurities that keep them locked down like over-controlling girlfriends on a Saturday night. Then there are those folks... Read More


Killer Mike ft. T.I. & Big Boi - Ready Set Go (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Killa Kill from the Ville is back with a remixed version of his smash single, Ready Set Go, this time recruiting fellow ATLien and former Purple Ribbon label boss Big Boi. In case you haven’t heard the original version, RSG... Read More


Killer Mike - Burn [Stream & Download]

“Burn…this motha…f**cka…down”. To say that Killer Mike is pissed off would be an ignorant understatement. Nearly six months after revealing a snippet of the socially-conscious track, the Southern emcee... Read More


Mikkey Halsted ft. Various Artists - Runnin’ My City [Stream]

Only rappers seem to feel the need to rep for their city; you never hear Jason Mraz throwing down for Mechanicsville, Virginia. But whatever the roots of this geographic hip-hop phenomenon, Mikkey Halsted’s here with a... Read More


Emilio Rojas ft. Killer Mike - FTW [Stream & Download]

You’ve gotta love a good fake-out. While the fanfare that kicks off Emilio Rojas’ latest offering had me thinking “For the Win,” I should have known better than to think success would smooth the Rochester, New... Read More


Killer Mike ft. Rock D - Swimming [Stream]

Whether you know him as Killer Mike, Mike Bigga or simply that dude who used to run with Outkast, there’s no denying that Mike stays on his grind – but I guarantee you’ve never heard him grind quite like this. While his... Read More


Killer Mike ft. T.I. - Ready Set Go [Stream]

I first heard Ready Set Go on T.I.’s latest project F**k a Mixtape and from the first note I was thoroughly impressed. Created by one of the game’s finest producers, No I.D., who uses an Indian sample to create a bouncy,... Read More


Killer Mike ft. T.I. - In My City [Stream]

What if gangsta rap were a video game? I would imagine it’d be a Sonic the Hedgehog-esque platformer—the levels would be set in inner-city streets across America, where you’d avoid the police and other obstacles,... Read More


Killer Mike ft. Big Kuntry King - I’m A Fool [Stream]

With the rate at which hip-hop artists are flipping previously-insulting words into compliments, I’m beginning to worry that we’re running out of ways to say something is bad—not bad-meaning-good a la Michael... Read More


Dukwon ft. Killer Mike - Polo Ho (Ralph Lauren) [Stream]

When you think popular hip-hop attire, which brands spring to mind?  Some like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or Bathing Apes, while others prefer Red Monkey or Evisu jeans, and it seems that Nike Air Force Ones or Air Jordans are... Read More


CunninLynguists ft. Khujo Goodie & Killer Mike - Georgia (Remix) [Stream]

In recent years, Georgia‘s become synonymous with Southern hip-hop, but in this newly-released remix (and their first Booth feature as headliners), Kno, Deacon the Villain, and Natti of CunninLynguists seek to remind... Read More


Killer Mike ft. C Bone & Slim Calhoun - Hoe’s [Stream]

Though Atlanta is currently mainstream hip-hop’s biggest “industry city,” it also boasts a thriving underground scene.  With the May 19th release of the Underground Atlanta Compilation, listeners worldwide... Read More


Killer Mike ft. A-Game - Delilah [Stream]

K. Sparks has Manic Mondays, XV has 40 Days, 40 Nights, and Theo has Channel Surfin’.  Flying under the radar, however, is Killer Mike and his Dirty South series, the Sunday Morning Massacre.  On Delilah, the... Read More


Killer Mike ft. Charles Manson - Belly of the Beast [Stream]

Killer Mike is really trying to get us all to say, “Ice Cube who?” In the latest installment of his Sunday Morning Massacre series, the ATL veteran features interview audio from the one-and-only Charles Manson. ... Read More


Killer Mike - Can You Hear Me [Stream]

Don’t expect Killer Mike to lighten up anytime soon. As long as there is a bone to be picked and a fight to be had, he’ll keep proving why the adjective he chose to precede his name is also fitting to his demeanor. His... Read More


Killer Mike ft. Ice Cube - Pressure [Stream]

It sure is an exciting time to be a hip-hop fan. With all of the racially-charged, controversial albums dropping this summer (e.g. Nas’s Untitled and AZ’s N4L), you can’t help but notice a growing trend of... Read More


Killer Mike - I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind II [Album]

I pledge allegiance to the grind of the United Streets of America. And to the hustle, for which it stands, one nation, under a flow, indivisible, with Cadillacs and cash flow for all. Or at least that’s how it would sound... Read Full Review


Killer Mike - 10 G’s [Stream]

Following his city-reppin’ single, 2 Sides, rapper Killer Mike is back in the Booth with a brand new joint from his much-anticipated sequel album, I Pledge Allegiance 2 The Grind II.  Over a classic Biggie sample (from... Read More


Young Bree ft. Shawty Redd & Killer Mike - Check Ya Swag [Stream]

Young Bree may be a newcomer to the crowded Atlanta rap scene, but he has wasted no time in making a name for himself.  Check Ya Swag, the first single from his debut album, Diary of an Ex-Trapper, manages to capture all... Read More


Killer Mike ft. Shawty Lo - 2 Sides [Stream]

If you ask anyone in America who grew up in the city where they’re from, they’ll probably include the side they represent along with their answer.  Chicago’s North and South sides are very different... Read More


Trina ft. Killer Mike - Look Back At It [Stream]

The Queen of Slip-N-Slide Records, Trina, wants you to Look Back At It; based on her sexually-explicit lyrical past, this comes as no surprise.  Following the release of her new record, Single Again, comes this J-Rock... Read More


SMC Pledges Allegiance To Killer Mike & Grind Time Official [Feature ]

San Francisco, CA -- Killer Mike and his Atlanta based label, Grind Time Official, have joined forces with Bay Area based record label, SMC Recordings. The first release from this dynamic partnership will be the continuation... Read More


Killer Mike’s “I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind” Drops Oct. 31st [Feature ]

Killer Mike I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind (Double CD) DROPS OCT. 31st Disc 1 1. The Pledge (Intro) 2. Comin' Home Atlanta 3. The Juggernaut 4. F*ck You Pay Me 5. The Next B*tch 6.... Read More