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Dreamer’s Poetry: 5 Years Later, An Indie Artist’s Trials, Errors & Successes [Feature ]

Last week marked five years since the release of my first independent studio album, Dreamer’s Poetry. I've been through a lot of ups and downs since then, but I’ve always considered that project a... Read More


Olivia Louise ft. Mike Dreams - Skin Deep (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Last spring, UK songstress Olivia Louise blessed our front page with Skin Deep, a breezy promo single that made it onto the 2014 Best of the Booth ballot for Best R&B/Pop Song (Indie). Just shy of a year later, she’s... Read More


Mike Dreams the Rapper Becomes Mike Dreams the Man [Feature ]

[Editor's Note: We hear the success stories, and we hear the struggle. But we rarely hear the story of artists in that middle ground between newcomer and firmly established vet, making music as a career but still sweating... Read More


Mike Dreams - Losing Myself [Stream]

Sure, Mike Dreams’ Millennial album has been out for a year, but the project (available here in The DJBooth, by the way) is so solid that it’s still getting attention today. Now, standout cut Losing Myself has... Read More


Mike Dreams ft. Adam Paulus - Songs On The Radio [Stream]

If only all the songs on the radio sounded like, well, Songs on the Radio. As he continues his march towards the release of his Millennial album, Mike Dreams pays tribute to the simple power of hearing that song unexpectedly... Read More


Mike Dreams ft. Ashley Dubose - Still Standing Here [Stream]

Triumph over adversity has been a constant theme of Mike Dreams’ work; from soul-sucking day jobs to the slings and arrows of the haters, he’s weathered numerous storms throughout his lengthy history of Booth... Read More


Christina Fisher ft. Mike Dreams - Move Around [Stream & Download]

Move Around may be the official DJBooth headlining debut from R&B/pop artist Christina Fisher, but it’s certainly not her first time on these pages (see most recently, Everything’s Good). For her first move... Read More


Ashley Dubose ft. Mike Dreams - I Want a Love (Remix) [Stream & Download]

That perfect match is never easy to find, but having an idea of what you’re searching for beforehand certainly helps things along. On new single I Want a Love, presented here in its officially remixed form, Minneapolis... Read More


Mike Dreams - Born In 1988 [Stream]

It’s a little weird being 24 years old, since I still feel like I am 17 at heart, but kinda sorta have to be an adult. Its also weird when I ask a child if they’ve ever played with Pogs or on Sega Genesis and in... Read More


Mike Dreams - Almost There [Stream]

In a famous passage in the Gospel of Luke, Jesus advises his followers to keep their proverbial lamps burning at all times, since he was liable to return at the hour they were least expecting. Such has always been Mike... Read More


Mike Dreams - Millennial [Album]

The first and last generation of it's kind: Generation Y. Children who were born in the 80s and 90s, who are now grown up and currently running the world we live in. On his third independently-released studio album,... Read More


Mike Dreams ft. Tameya Clark, Ashley DuBose & Cameron Wright - We L.I.V.E ‘Til We D.I.E. [Stream]

The saying “The more the merrier” isn’t always true. Sure, when it’s great to pack out a party, but in situations like being stuck in an elevator, less is definitely more. However, Mike Dreams’ latest... Read More


Mike Dreams ft. Christina Fisher - Everything’s Good [Stream & Download]

Contrary to what many of his previous features might suggest, Mike Dreams doesn’t spend his every waking moment hustling his way to rap stardom. On Everything Is Good, a Booth-exclusive world premiere off his... Read More


Sam Scott ft. Mod Sun & Mike Dreams - We Get Around [Stream & Download]

Contrary to the stereotypes, Minnesota isn’t a frozen wasteland peppered with igloos, where blistering winds will flay any inch of exposed skin from your bones if you dare to step outside. That’s only six months... Read More


Mike Dreams - We The Ones [Stream & Download]

One of the best things about hip-hop is its diversity. Some rappers are wildly entertaining by saying the craziest things they can think of (Lil B or 2 Chainz) and then some folks make uplifting records about life that end up... Read More


Mike Dreams - The Lights, The Life [Stream & Download]

Mike Dreams is no stranger to the allure of the spotlight - in fact, his desire to make it to the big leagues has been the central theme of his output to date - but that doesn’t mean he’s unaware of the pitfalls... Read More


Mike Dreams ft. Tameya Clark - In The Sky [Stream]

With January’s We the Ones, single numero uno off his junior set, Mike Dreams returned to the Booth after more than a year’s absence from our front page—and earned a hero’s welcome for his trouble. If you... Read More


Mike Dreams ft. Ryanne Noelle - So Long [Video]

Although Mike Dreams has been a regular presence on in the Booth’s ears for over a year, we’ve yet to see an official video from the Twin Cities emcee - until today. So Long is an honest and open look into... Read More


Mike Dreams ft. Quest - They Spun the Web [Stream & Download]

Minneapolis representative and longtime reader fave Mike Dreams, first threw his hat into the digital series ring with the Booth-exclusive Counting Sheep. Now, the freestyle alum‘s back at it with a new weekly series... Read More


Mike Dreams Jumps “In the Mix” [DJBooth Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

The fulfillment of a big dream, musical or otherwise, comes only after a head-to-head battle with harsh reality. Of course, I don't need to tell that to Minne-ap native Mike Dreams, who's been chronicling his labors,... Read More


Mike Dreams - Just Waking Up [Album]

Minneapolis emcee and longtime Booth fave Mike Dreams has hooked up with and FLüD Watches to bring fans his sophomore independent album, Just Waking Up. The follow-up to this year’s acclaimed... Read More


Mike Dreams ft. Ryanne Noelle (of Seventh Ascent) - So Long [Stream & Download]

Mike Dreams sure is spending a lot of time saying goodbye lately. The last time we heard the Minneapolis emcee and Freestyle Alum he was waving to the haters, and now on his new single, making its premiere right here, right... Read More


Mike Dreams - Wave to ‘Em [Stream & Download]

Ever-grinding up-and-comer Mike Dreams may have a long and arduous journey ahead of him, but doubters who think they can break his stride are in for a rude awakening – as he explains on leak numero dos off his sophomore... Read More


Mike Dreams ft. Dominoe Chy’ea & Toyebi Adedipe - Any Day Now [Stream]

Since the February release of his massively-acclaimed, Booth-sponsored Dreamer’s Poetry LP, Mike Dreams has been relatively quiet, only resurfacing to bring us mixtape leak How to Make It in America. Has my Minne-ap... Read More


National Heavyweights & Local Faves Gather for Soundset 2010 [Exclusive Coverage] [Feature ]

Shakopee, Mn. -- As anyone who's set foot in Minneapolis or St. Paul is well aware, the Twin Cities hip-hop community are a loyal bunch. Just how devoted are they? Well, on Sunday, May 31, nearly 20 thousand locals hopped in... Read More


Mike Dreams - How to Make It in America [Stream]

As important as it is to follow one’s dreams, those who chase after lofty goals while turning a blind eye to the here-and-now are bound to pay the price. Having reached a milestone in his musical career with the... Read More


Mike Dreams Celebrates “Dreamer’s Poetry” Release at Minneapolis’ 7th St. Entry [Exclusive Coverage] [Feature ]

Minneapolis, Mn. -- On the evening of Wednesday, February 10, fans, friends and fellow artists gathered at downtown Minneapolis' 7th St. Entry (a smaller venue attached to the famous First Avenue) to celebrate the release of... Read More


Mike Dreams ft. Christina Fisher - Feelin’ Out This World [Stream]

It’s been a long road, but the wait is finally over. In anticipation of tomorrow’s physical release, Mike Dreams is offering his debut album, Dreamer’s Poetry, for free streaming and download right here in... Read More


Mike Dreams - Dreamer’s Poetry [Album] and proudly present the independent release of Mike Dreams new album Dreamer’s Poetry, available for free digital download and physical purchase.  The project, which includes... Read More


Mike Dreams Jumps “In the Mix” [DJBooth Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Last week, we jumped "In the Mix" with Lyriciss, the DMV up-and-comer who just dropped his Booth-sponsored The Practice mixtape. For the 20th installment of our Booth-exclusive interview series, we're giving... Read More


Mike Dreams - Hip Hope Anthem (Hello World) [Stream]

Cynics, now would be a good time to step away from your computer; the dose of musical positivity Mike Dreams delivers on the latest (and probably final) single/leak off his long-awaited debut album is so strong it might send... Read More


Mike Dreams ft. Christina Fisher - We Goin’ Worldwide [Stream]

The road to Dreamer’s Poetry has been a long one, but Booth favorite Mike Dreams remains as driven as ever to write his name among the stars. As he reminded us on his last feature, “Success is but a breath... Read More


Mike Dreams - Success Is… [New Version] [Stream]

A lot can change in eight months. In March a rapper named Young Son dropped the DJBooth-approved track Success Is… Just eight months later the ode to independent grinding is back, this time with the newly-minted Mike Dreams... Read More


Mike Dreams - Gettin’ Ours [Stream]

Fresh off his switch from “Young Son” to the more mature (and distinctive) moniker Mike Dreams, Minne-ap up-and-comer Michael Hannah brings his trademark upbeat touch to the topic of hater-dom on single number three off... Read More


Michael “Young Son” Hannah Changes Stage Name to Mike Dreams [Feature ]

Minneapolis, MN -- Mike Dreams, (real name: Michael Alexander Hannah), formerly known as YOUNG SON, one of Minneapolis, Minnesota’s up and coming hip hop artists, has changed his rap alias to “Mike Dreams”.  “I felt... Read More


Mike Dreams ft. Ashley Dubose - We’ll Be Alright [Stream]

The path to the top is never a straight line—one day it’ll seem like success is but a breath away, and the next you’ll feel that all your efforts have been for nothing.  More often than not, what separates... Read More


Young Son Spits Freestyle Over Hova’s “Run This Town” [Download] [Feature ]

Minneapolis, MN -- Reader favorite and site member Young Son is back in the Booth with a new freestyle over the Kanye West/No I.D. coproduced beat that backs Jay-Z's current single. Available for free download at the link... Read More Favorite Young Son Officially Releases Debut Single [Download] [Feature ]

Minneapolis, MN -- Reader favorite and site member Young Son has selected "Success Is...", a buzz track originally premiered at this very site, as the official debut single off his forthcoming Dreamer's Poetry LP. Produced... Read More

Young Son Releases “Counting Sheep” Mixtape [Download] [Feature ]

Minneapolis, MN -- Over the course of his Booth-exclusive Counting Sheep series, Minneapolis emcee and longtime site member Young Son brought us many of his most acclaimed jams to date. Now, all ten entries in the weekly... Read More


Mike Dreams - I Just Wanna Be… [Stream & Download]

The 57th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Young Son, the Minneapolis up-and-comer and site member who recently wrapped up his reader-acclaimed, Booth-exclusive Counting Sheep series.  On his... Read More

Young Son Spits “I Just Wanna Be” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Young Son, the Minneapolis emcee and site member who recently wrapped up his exclusive, reader-acclaimed Counting Sheep series, has stepped into the Booth to bring us entry #57 in our Freestyle... Read More


Mike Dreams ft. Adrien Lindsey - Heavy Soul [Stream]

Since April 7th, Booth readers have been Counting Sheep in anticipation of Young Son‘s sophomore album.  Looking to end his reader-acclaimed, series on a high note, the Minneapolis emcee has... Read More


Mike Dreams ft. Christina, Cay-Riss & Slink Proper - This My Jam [Stream]

Those who haven’t set foot in the North Star State might be surprised to hear that, though our winters are about as frigid as you would expect, Minnesota also boasts some absolutely beautiful (if occasionally... Read More

Mike Dreams - Arrows For Eros [Stream]

If you attended Sunday School classes as a child, you’re likely aware that the Ancient Greeks had quite a few words for the concept we simply refer to as “love,” the most-discussed among them being agape... Read More


Mike Dreams ft. K. Sparks - Life (It’s Like This) [Stream]

For most, Mondays are a drag.  And Tuesdays?  Not so hot either.  Here in the Booth, though, we get to start the work week off with new records from two reader favorites, and, with Manic Mondays emcee K. Sparks... Read More


Mike Dreams - Brand New Vintage [Stream]

Plenty of underground emcees pay lip service to old-school values, but relatively few truly use their music to lead by example, and even fewer seem able to keep listeners entertained while doing so.  Those who follow... Read More


Mike Dreams - City Is Mine (The Young Son Version) [Stream]

The fifth installment of Young Son‘s Booth-exclusive Counting Sheep series represents a concept two years in the making—since ‘07,  the reader-acclaimed up-and-comer has been itching to flip City Is Mine,... Read More


Mike Dreams - Tha Diner [Stream]

Tom’s Diner is one of those songs that was made to be sampled—whether or not you recognize the title, Suzanne Vega‘s “Dat-da-da-da, Dat-da-da-da” hook is likely burned into your memory.  Inspired by the... Read More


Mike Dreams - Git Live [Stream]

With the nuanced delivery Young Son brings to much of his recorded work, it might not be immediately apparent that, in addition to inspiring deep thoughts during headphone listening sessions, he can Git Live with the very... Read More


Mike Dreams - My Bus Ride Home [Stream]

In the second installment of his Booth-exclusive Counting Sheep Series, Young Son addresses a subject that’s near and dear to my heart: the Minneapolis public transit system.  My Bus Ride Home finds the site member... Read More


Mike Dreams - Speaks Down Low [Stream]

In the first installment of his Booth-exclusive Counting Sheep… Countdown to Dreamer’s Poetry Series, indie emcee and site member Young Son reminds hip-hop lovers that social responsibility starts in the... Read More


Mike Dreams - Success Is… [Stream]

On the newly-released buzz single off his forthcoming sophomore LP, Dreamer’s Poetry, up-and-coming emcee and DJBooth member Young Son makes one thing very clear: the dreams he’s talking about aren’t the... Read More

Young Son Honors Biggie; Preps “Counting Sheep” Series [Feature ]

Minneapolis, MN -- Back in January of '08, indie emcee and DJBooth member Young Son brought us reader-approved single "This Far," a cut on which he paid tribute to the late Biggie Smalls. Yesterday, March 9th, marked the... Read More


Young Son Kicks off MUSIC2DREAM2 Tour at Minneapolis’ Fine Line [Exclusive Coverage] [Feature ]

Minneapolis, MN -- Walking into downtown Minneapolis' Fine Line Music Cafe for the March 4th kickoff of MUSIC2DREAM2, a concert series presented by local emcee and DJBooth member Michael “Young Son” Hannah, I assumed that... Read More


DJBooth’s Own “Young Son” Drops Free 6-Song EP, Announces New Series & Promotional Tour [Feature ]

Minneapolis, MN -- DJBooth member Young Son has just released the first edition of Free Downloads from Young Son, a new EP series the Minneapolis emcee says will be updated "sporadically" from this point forward. Featuring... Read More


DJBooth Regular Young Son Unveils Special Edition of “Forever Words” Mixtape [Feature ]

Minneapolis, MN -- Twin Cities emcee and regular Young Son, currently busy preparing his sophomore album, Dreamer's Poetry, for a first-quarter '09 release, has a little something up his sleeve for listeners who... Read More


Mike Dreams - Proper Introduction (Sincerely Yours) [Stream]

To prepare for the September release of his sophomore album, Philanthropist, Twin Cities MC and DJBooth member Young Son has teamed up with Houston’s DJ Kool Los B to drop an appetizer mixtape, entitled Forever... Read More


Mike Dreams - Say These Werds [Stream]

On his first single, Young Son reflected on his people’s history with a timeless classic; on his second single, he marveled at how far hip-hop has come.  For number three, YS has decided to Say These Werds, a... Read More


Mike Dreams - This Far [Stream]

In 1994, The Notorious B.I.G. kicked off his career with Ready to Die and its first single, Juicy.  On the record, the Brooklyn icon reflected on how hip-hop took him from the lower-class lifestyle to the high... Read More


Mike Dreams - A Timeless Classic [Stream]

Influenced by Chicago’s conscious “Big Three” of Kanye, Common, and Lupe, Twin Cities representative Young Son is unleashing A Timeless Classic to the world.  Using Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s... Read More