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Mike Posner’s “I Took A Pill in Ibiza” Success Proves Major Labels Aren’t Always Shitty [Feature ]

For almost as long as there have been major record labels, there's been a narrative depicting them as heartless pimps. When we think of the major record label system, we often picture buildings full of rich,... Read More


Mike Posner - I Took A Pill In Ibiza [Stream]

Perhaps known nearly as much for his eclectic production choices as his voice, Mike Posner seems to be heading in a different direction with his sound, and his latest single is evidence of this more stripped-down, acoustic... Read More


SRH ft. Mike Posner - Got That [Stream]

Do you have “it”? That special quality, the undeniable x-factor, the big “it”? Without question, Montreal rising star SRH is confident that he has it. His new single, Got That, will surely help to... Read More


Mike Posner - My Light [Stream]

Once upon a time, Mike Posner thought a major-label deal would spell the end of all his problems—from his financial woes to his emotional insecurities. While it certainly helped with the former, it didn’t do a damn... Read More


Mike Posner ft. Big Sean - Top of the World [Stream]

RCA recording artist Mike Posner may be doing it big today, but he hasn’t forgotten where he came from—nor does he want his fans to. As a reminder that success stories can emerge from the humblest backgrounds, the... Read More


Diplo ft. Mike Posner, Boaz Van De Beatz & Riff Raff - CROWN [Stream]

Early this morning, heavyweight DJ/producer Diplo joined the ranks of Twitter royalty by hitting the one million follower mark. Though the news apparently took him by surprise (Ten minutes after announcing that he was... Read More


Statik Selektah ft. Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$, & Mike Posner - The Spark [Stream]

With his latest solo set less than 24 hours from release, heavyweight DJ/producer Statik Selektah has liberated one last standout cut to tide y’all over. In contrast to the gritty bombast of last week’s Camouflage... Read More


Mike Posner - The Way It Used to Be [Stream]

As Mike Posner prepares to unleash the follow-up to 2010 debut 31 Minutes to Takeoff, you’d think the RCA recording artist would have his gaze firmly fixed on the future, but the set’s lead single finds the... Read More


Sammy Adams ft. Mike Posner - LA Story [Stream]

If you could turn back the hands of time, what would be the first moment you’d want to relive over and over? For Sammy Adams, chances are that moment just might be skating down by the boardwalk on a sunny California day... Read More


Rittz ft. Mike Posner - Switch Lanes [Stream]

For Real, the reader-acclaimed lead single off Rittz’ Strange Music debut album, found him departing from his trademark confessional bars to (in the words of one Richard) “[wild] the f*ck out over a hot beat.”... Read More


Cris Cab ft. Mike Posner - Colors [Stream]

On mixtape lead single Heaven, Cris Cab put his game-spitting abilities to the test as he persuaded a Bible-believing shawty to let go of her inhibitions. The freshly-released follow-up finds the Miami singer-songwriter... Read More


Mike Posner - Toast [Stream & Download]

Remember back in the day when Kanye was actually, you know, humble(r). For instance, Last Call, in which he recounted his rise to fame. Like that ‘Ye classic Mike Posner’s latest, Toast, shares the same starting line... Read More


Mike Posner ft. Blackbear - OshFest [Stream & Download]

With warm weather right around the corner it’s that time of year where decisions have to be made as to which music festivals you plan on attending. Perhaps you will be making it to DJBooth’s Jamla Jam Session at SXSW,... Read More


Mike Posner - Heaven [Stream & Download]

Many people will tell you that everything happens for a reason—whether that reason is God, fate, or some other unfathomable force in the universe—but events like those that occurred this past Friday in Newtown,... Read More


Iggy Azalea ft. Mike Posner - Flash [Stream]

After hanging with the “Toddlers & Tiaras” crowd over the weekend for a little Murda Bizness, Grand Hustle rapper Iggy Azalea keeps the ball rolling with the release of her newest record Flash. The song... Read More


Mike Posner - Looks Like Sex [Stream]

Attention, ladies: if you’ve been wondering what turns Mike Posner on, you should be paying very close attention to this jam. Previewed as a snippet on the Duke University grad’s just-released The Layover... Read More


Mike Posner ft. Bun B - Rocket Man [Stream & Download]

On July 8, NASA launched manned shuttle Atlantis for the very last time, marking the end of its Space Shuttle program. Which means that, for the foreseeable future, anyone hoping to fulfill his or her dream of exploring the... Read More


OnCue ft. Mike Posner - Kinda Late [Stream & Download]

We haven’t heard much from Mike Posner on the solo tip since the release of his 31 Minutes to Takeoff album (way back in the summer of ’10) but the man’s maintained a presence on our pages by way off the almighty... Read More


MGK ft. Mike Posner - On Fire (Drug Dealer Girl Pt. 2) [Stream]

Back in 2009, when Mike Posner paid tribute to his Drug Dealer Girl on a hit record off his debut street album, he was too taken with the female in question to consider the potential hazards of their arrangement. With new... Read More


Mike Posner - Please Don’t Go (REOmix) [Stream]

Mike Posner‘s platinum-certified single, Please Don’t Go, has received the remix treatment… or should we say the REOmix treatment. Producer REO, of The Soundkillers, whose production credits include work... Read More


Your Favorite Rapper is Poor: Mike Posner is Worth 50 Grand Live? What??? [Feature ]

I know everyone's favorite series that doesn't involve almost naked women has been on hiatus for a minute, but what better way to break the drought than by publishing a list of show prices a booking agent (who shall... Read More


Mike Posner - 31 Minutes to Takeoff [Album]

Mike Posner does not make hip-pop music. Mike Posner makes pop music. Rather than taking hip-hop and moving it towards the pop end of the musical spectrum, Posner makes pop music that occasionally includes hip-hop and r&b... Read Full Review


Mike Posner - Bow Chicka Wow Wow [Stream]

In many ways, artists can be compared to gemstones – most are multifaceted, come in various sizes, cuts, colors, and weights, and shine brilliantly the closer you hold them to the (lime)light. Mike Posner is one such... Read More


Mike Posner - Please Don’t Go [Stream]

Mike Posner may not be a household name quite yet but, with his first headlining tour on the horizon and an album set to hit stores before the summer’s out, the Duke grad’s clearly poised to blast off to pop... Read More


Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me (Single Mix) [Stream]

It’s no glitch in the Matrix, audiophiles; the déjà vu you’re feeling is purely natural. Duke grad Mike Posner has again dressed up his ode to elitism in a third rendition of his hit Cooler Than Me (Single Mix). Since... Read More


Mike Posner and Chiddy Bang Rock Davidson College [Feature ]

Davidson, North Carolina - If you didn't know better you would have thought that January 23, was another normal campus weekend at Davidson college, but those who managed to check out Mike Posner and Chiddy Bang's show for the... Read More


Mike Posner Has “One Foot Out The Door” on New Clinton Sparks & DJ Benzi Hosted Mixtape [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Up-and-coming singer/songwriter and Duke University senior Mike Posner has teamed up with Clinton Sparks and DJ Benzi to bring listeners his latest mixtape, One Foot Out the Door. Featuring the... Read More


Mike Posner ft. Wale - Drug Dealer Girl (Remix) [Stream]

Attention ladies: if you’re looking for a low-maintenance relationship, Mike Posner just might be your man. As the Michigan native and recent J Records signee explains on his latest feature, cooking, putting on makeup... Read More


XV ft. Mike Posner, Bun B & GLC- Mirror’s Edge (Benzi Remix) [Stream]

Back in July, XV burned his initials into’s high score chart with Mirror’s Edge, the lead single off his acclaimed Everybody’s Nobody  mix-album.  Now, the Kansan buzzmaker’s back... Read More


One Be Lo ft. Mike Posner - Pigs [Stream]

Just as one or two MRSA-tainted tenderloins can make all pork products seem unappetizing, the power-tripping of a few crooked cops, coupled with the prejudices deeply ingrained in our criminal justice system, leave... Read More


Mike Posner ft. Big Sean, Donnis & Jackie Chain - Smoke n’ Drive [Stream]

Most 20-year-olds who attend Duke University have time to do only two things: study and support Blue Devil basketball. Luckily for us, Michigan native Mike Posner is not “most 20-year-olds.” Along with his group, The... Read More


Mike Posner & The Braintrust Drop “A Matter of Time” Mixtape [Free Download] [Feature ]

Southfield, MI -- Our friends at were kind enough to tip us off on the release of Mike Posner and his band, The Braintrust's new mixtape project. DJ Benzi & Don Cannon Present Mike Posner & The Braintrust - A... Read More