New Mike Schpitz Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Mike Schpitz - Topeka, High [Album]

Mike Schpitz takes us all back to high school with the release of his brand new project, Topeka, High. A mix of classic, soulful sounds and more upbeat, futuristic hip-hop from the Kansas emcee, the project not only is a nod... Read More


Mike Schpitz - Can’t Touch Me ft. Panama [Stream]

It’s been a number of months since we last heard from Mike Schpitz in the Booth, but the Kansas native still can’t be touched and he’s out to prove it with the world premiere release of the latest offering... Read More


Mike Schpitz - Animal House [Stream & Download]

Last we heard from Mike Schpitz, The DJBooth regular was considering a run for City Council. On the follow-up, we find him engaging in the kind of activities that, if caught on camera, would imperil his chances of holding any... Read More


Mike Schpitz ft. Pedro Bizz Juanjulio & Stik Figa - City Council [Stream]

No, Mike Schpitz isn’t going into local politics—as dope as that would undoubtedly be. The title of new promo single City Council (a Booth-exclusive world premiere!) refers to Mike and two other emcees who are holding... Read More


Mike Schpitz ft. Briana - Still High [Stream]

To many contemporary hip-hop fans, 2002 is practically old-school. Yeah, it makes me feel ancient too. But, you know what? There are some things that haven’t changed in the last decade or so. For example, Mike Schpitz... Read More


Mike Schpitz x DJ S. Ranx - #TopekaTape [Album]

Topeka, Kansas isn't known as a musical hotbed, but emcee Mike Schpitz and DJ S. Ranx are looking to change that with their new compilation. Presented by The DJBooth and local media company The Midwest Invasion, the... Read More


Pete Sayke ft. Mike Schpitz, Add-2 & Slot-A - Been Dope [Stream]

If you’ve been slacking on your DJBooth readership lately, you might hit play on this brand new single and think, “Wow, these Midwest cats are talented!” Regular visitors to our pages, of course, know that Pete... Read More


Mike Schpitz x Slot-A - Mike Lawry (Bad Boys) [Stream]

If you think about it, Kansan emcee Mike Schpitz and Windy City rapper/producer Slot-A are a lot like Mike Lawry and Marcus Burnett from 1995 action flick Bad Boys. I mean, there are two of them, one is named “Mike”...... Read More


Mike Schpitz - Paid Time Off [Album]

In late August, Booth regular Mike Schpitz delivered The Prize Package Volume 2: Live From the Blap Cave, a free project hosted by The DJBooth. Most artists would wait more than four months, to brainstorm, create, record and... Read More


Mike Schpitz - Halo [Stream]

Mike Schpitz doesn’t harbor any illusions about his mortality. Like all of us, the Kansas City-born, Chicago-based rhymesayer is gonna get fitted for his Halo sooner or later. While he’s still on this earth,... Read More


Mike Schpitz - The Prize Package Volume 2: Live From the Blap Cave [Album]

Mike Schpitz has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, The Prize Package Volume 2: Live From the Blap Cave. The prelude to the Kansan rhymesayer's sophomore collaborative set with Phys... Read More


Mike Schpitz - EyeF**k [Stream]

UPDATE: “EyeF**ck” is no longer available to stream. I’m not gonna lie: upon first reading the title of Mike Schpitz’ latest single (a Booth-exclusive world premiere!), I immediately pictured the... Read More


Mike Schpitz - Schup [Stream]

UPDATE: “Schup” is no longer available to stream. Whether you spot Mike Schpitz at the bank, on the street or at a show, don’t hesitate to holler “Schup!” The Kansan-born, Chicago-based rhymesayer... Read More


Mike Schpitz x Brotha-Gif ft. Kim Hoffa - St. James Blues [Stream]

Popularized by Louis Armstrong, St James Infirmary Blues depicts a young man fantasizing about his own death after seeing his girl lying on a slab in the titular clinic. Though Mike Schpitz and Brotha-Gif take inspiration... Read More


Mike Schpitz x Slot-A - Big Ol Butt [Stream]

This past December, Windy City representatives Mike Schpitz and Slot-A came together with The DJBooth to drop their debut collaborative full-length. As longtime fans already know, though, that set was just the latest product... Read More


Stik Figa ft. Mike Schpitz - Brandee [Stream & Download]

You can keep your Mary Jane and your Molly—if Stik Figa is going to spend his life with a single girl, Brandee‘s the one for him. Doubling as an homage to veteran R&B songstress Brandy and a paean to the Kansan... Read More


Mike Schpitz & Slot-A - Have You Seen My Stapler? [Album]

Chicago-based emcee Mike Schpitz and emcee/beatsmith Slot-A have come together with and The DJBooth to bring listeners their new collaborative street album, Have You Seen My Stapler? The project... Read More


Mike Schpitz x Slot-A - No Money [Stream & Download]

Mike Schpitz and Slot-A may have No Money in their pockets, but that doesn’t stop them from throwing it around whenever the opportunity arises. How do they accomplish this miraculous feat? That’s not really... Read More


Mike Schpitz - Hole’d Up (Live From The Blap Cave) [Stream]

I suggest investing in a bulletproof vest before pressing play on Mike Schpitz’ latest Booth feature. Should you not be draped in Kevlar his latest effort will likely leave you ducking lyrical rounds of... Read More


Mike Schpitz & SLOT-A - O’PennyOns [Stream]

After releasing singles Rolllinnn’ and Pay Back, DJBooth favorite, Mike Schpitz is back with perennial collaborator Slot-A for their latest joint effort, the world premiere of their Alex Alicea-directed O’PennyOns... Read More


Mike Schpitz - Pay Back [Stream & Download]

Last we heard from Mike Schpitz, on late-September mixtape leak Rolllinnn’, I wondered how the Booth fave could afford to spend the afternoon cruising his around the block, considering the sky-high gas prices in the... Read More


Mike Schpitz x Dredai - Rolllinnn’ [Stream]

With gas prices currently hovering above four (f**king) dollars a gallon in Chicago, cruising aimlessly through the city streets is a luxury that precious few can afford. Evidently, Mike Schpitz has some extra cash burning a... Read More


The O’s (Adullessence, Mike Schpitz and Stik Figa) - Breakdown [Stream]

Experimentation and groundbreaking is all good, but there’s still nothing better than some dope raps over a soul instrumental. Case in point, Breakdown, the new release from The O’s, which lifts a thoroughly live... Read More


Wes P x Mike Schpitz - Cheddar Speaks [Stream & Download]

Whenever the word “cheddar” is mentioned in anything hip-hop related, the oh-so-intriguing character Cheddar Bob from the film 8 Mile always seems to come to mind, but I assure you that Jersey Boys duo Wes P and... Read More


Mike Schpitz x Slot-A - Looking Glass [Stream]

What is the title of Mike Schpitz’ new Alex Alicea-directed video premiere, Looking Glass, a reference to? Maybe it’s a shout out to Through the Looking Glass, the sequel to Alice in Wonderland. Or maybe it’s a nod... Read More


Grumpy Old Men - #FreeLunch [Stream]

On Blueprint classic Song Cry, Jay-Z revisited his and his ex-girl’s early days as grade-school sweeethearts: “We was together on the block since free lunch / We should’ve been together having Four Seasons... Read More


Grumpy Old Men ft. Tona - Where It Go [Stream]

Fresh off bringing down the house with inaugural mixtape leak B Team Sh*t, the Grumpy Old Men return to our pages with another world premiere off their sophomore collaborative set. Here, a Don Cannon/Mars-coproduced groove... Read More


Grumpy Old Men - B Team Sh*t [Stream]

Mike Schpitz and Pete Sayke of Grumpy Old Men may not have the cash and multitudes of screaming fans enjoyed by rap’s reigning hitmakers—not just yet—but the Chi-town residents could teach the major-leaguers a thing... Read More


Grumpy Old Men - America [Video]

Grumpy Old Men, comprised of Pete Sayke and Mike Schpitz, premiere their new video America on DJBoothTV. America is the story of love turned hate, a story of two friends told entirely in Black and White.  Produced by... Read More


Grumpy Old Men - The Wake [Stream & Download]

Mike Schpitz and Pete Sayke may be doing their best to stay on the straight and narrow (as discussed in their last feature, Testify), but don’t get it twisted; tangle with the reader-acclaimed twosome, and they’ll... Read More


Hinx Jones ft. Mike Schpitz - Pump Ya Stereo [Stream & Download]

Before you hit “play,” be be sure you’ve turned all volume knobs clockwise as far as they’ll go—as the title indicates, Hinx Jones’ latest single is intended to be played loud. (Disclaimer:... Read More


Grumpy Old Men ft. Dre Dai - Testify [Stream & Download]

The philosopher Blaise Pascal famously reasoned that, since believers in God have nothing to lose and everything to gain by keeping faith while heathens face an eternity of hellfire and damnation if they’re wrong,... Read More


Grumpy Old Men ft. Neak - One For The Road [Stream]

Premiered in the Booth last week, the inaugural leak off Grumpy Old Men‘s forthcoming mixtape found emcees Mike Schpitz and Pete Sayke voicing their dissatisfaction with today’s America through a tragic tale of... Read More


Grumpy Old Men - America [Stream]

Made up of Booth fave Mike Schpitz and newcomer Pete Sayke, Grumpy Old Men have stepped into the Booth to make their collaborative Booth debut with America, the inaugural leak off their forthcoming street album. Making its... Read More


Mulatto Patriot ft. ProbCause, Neak & Mike Schpitz - Live It Again [Stream & Download]

Previously heard lending his boardwork to Neak‘s Film School, producer Mulatto Patriot makes his first foray into the solo spotlight with promo single Live It Again. Here, the headliner’s breezy yet driven... Read More


Mike Schpitz Drops DJBooth x RefinedHype x YNotMyDream-Sponsored “Prize Package (Volume 1)” [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Kansan up-and-comer Mike Schpitz has stepped into the Booth to bring us his new, highly-anticipated street release. Sponsored by, and, the project packs 21 tracks'... Read More


Mike Schpitz - The Prize Package (Volume 1) [Album]

Kansan up-and-comer Mike Schpitz has joined forces with, and to bring listeners his latest street album, The Prize Package Vol. 1. The project features 21 brand new cuts from the... Read More


Mike Schpitz ft. Slot-A - Do It Right [Stream & Download]

“If you’re going to do something, Do It Right.” It’s one of those axioms that we’ve all heard too many times to count, but how many of us can truthfully say we put forth a full-assed (as opposed to half-... Read More


Mike Schpitz - Going for Broke [Stream]

Last we heard from Mike Schpitz, he was boasting about Gettin’ It – “It” being cash – in every way, shape or form imaginable. Today, on the second of four premieres off his forthcoming mixtape, the Kansan... Read More


Mike Schpitz - Gettin’ It [Stream]

Slow money, fast money, old money, new money, red money, blue money… sorry to get all Dr. Seuss on y’all, but the point bears emphasis: any kind of money that exists, you can be damned sure Mike Schpitz is... Read More


Mike Schpitz x Sincerely Yours x Neak - Jockin’ [Stream & Download]

The problem of hatin’ may get all the press, but no less prevalent in today’s game is Jockin’, a related phenomenon in which talented artists are subjected to egregious levels of imitation and obsessive... Read More


Mike Schpitz x Neak x Sincerely Yours - Gotta Be Something [Stream & Download]

Talk about starting off 2011 with a bang, or more accurately, a banger. Site favorite and hip-hop chameleon Mike Schpitz has teamed up with the Booth-acclaimed emcee Neak and newcomer Sincerely Yours for the dope new joint... Read More


Neak ft. Mike Schpitz, Slot-A & Drunken Monkeee - What You Know About [Stream]

What You Know about Neak? For those who have had their browsers locked to the Booth for the past year or so, the answer is “lots.” If you haven’t been paying attention, though, don’t worry – we aren’t... Read More


Mike Schpitz - We on Fire [Stream]

As anyone that has been keeping up with Mike Murder, I mean Mike Schpitz, knows, the clever Kansan emcee just doesn’t seem capable of making a mistake lately (World Cup refs, take notes). This time around sounds like more... Read More


Mike Schpitz - Mike Murder [Album]

Midwestern up-and-comer Mike Schpitz has teamed up with,,, and PMG Media to bring listeners his third street release, Mike Murder. The 10-track project finds the... Read More


Mike Schpitz - Dinner’s Hot [Stream]

Everyone has an opinion, but most of them are wrong. We all know I’m an exception to this rule, so let me share an opinion so that you won’t have to live through another regretful decision (sorry I couldn’t get back... Read More


Mike Schpitz - Death to My InnerMe’s [Premiere] [Stream]

Back with another leak off of his new, cleverly titled project Mike Murder, Mike Schpitz returns back to the Booth with Superman-like lyrical prowess. Resurrecting 50 Cent’s menacing Enemies instrumental, Mike flips the... Read More


Mike Schpitz - Mike Is Like (Freestyle) [Stream]

Hailing from the rarely hailed city of Topeka, Kansas, Mike Schpitz is a relative newcomer to the DJBooth’s pages, but he’s already managed to win over (most) of Booth nation with his wit and unique rhyme style. Well,... Read More


Mike Schpitz Spits “Mr. Rogers” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Mike Schpitz, the Kansan up-and-comer who brought us reader-approved cuts "Hatin' Again" and "The Get Up (Remix)," has stepped into the Booth with the 111th entry in our Freestyle Series. On his... Read More


Mike Schpitz - Mr. Rogers [Stream & Download]

The 111th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Mike Schpitz, the Kansan up-and-comer who brought us reader-approved cuts Hatin’ Again and The Get Up (Remix). On his brand new,... Read More


Mike Schpitz ft. Adullessence & Stik Figa - Hatin Again [Stream]

Mike Schpitz a.k.a. Love Jones a.k.a. the Pride of Kansas hip-hop may not be your typical rapper, but DJBooth isn’t your typical site, so Schpitz’s always dope, often off-kilter and occasionally hilarious rhyme style (see... Read More


Mike Schpitz ft. Add-2 & Adullesence - The Get Up (Remix) [Stream]

Rounding out today’s Mike-heavy feature lineup (see also Mike Dreams’ Gettin’ Ours and Mike Beatz’ 50/50) is Booth newcomer Mike Schpitz, a Topeka-born, Chicago-based emcee who recently took fans on a... Read More