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“I’m Owed Half a Million Dollars”: Mikkey Halsted on the Dark Side of Cash Money Records [Feature ]

[Image via Instagram] It’s a tale as old as time. A rapper struggles for years, puts out a great mixtape or demo, then boom, they get signed to a major label and are the next superstar. From then on it’s all... Read More


Mikkey Halsted: Kanye Almost Signed to Cash Money, Birdman Threatened to Kill Me [Feature ]

[Image via Mikkey Halsted] “Now let's go, take 'em back to the plan / Me and my momma hopped in that U-Haul van” - Kanye West "Touch The Sky" Every self-respecting Kanye fan knows the story all too... Read More


Mikkey Halsted - Salmon Crouquettes [Stream]

Here in the Booth, we’re celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day by continuing to bring you the quality music you’ve come to expect from our pages. Mikkey Halsted? He’s honoring the holiday by chowing down... Read More


Naledge ft. Mikkey Halsted - Life In A Corona [Stream & Download]

After some rather extensive…uh…”research,” I can safely say that life is better with a Corona in-hand. For information on Life In A Corona, I will defer all questions to Naledge, who is “tryin’ to find life in... Read More


Mikkey Halsted - MMMseason [Album]

Fresh off the August release of his Castro tape, Mikkey Halsted has already dropped his next full-length collection of original material. A collaboration with Chicago native and local music icon The Legendary Traxster,... Read More


Mikkey Halsted - Castro [Album]

Chicago emcee and longtime Booth regular Mikkey Halsted has released his brand new project, Castro, which includes previous song releases "Weak MF," "Momma In My Ear" and "Obamanomics." The Don Cannon-presented street album... Read More


Mikkey Halsted - Obamanomics [Stream & Download]

With election season looming, it’s right around this time that people start to compare things now to how they were four, eight, even 20 years ago. Chicago emcee Mikkey Halsted is familiar with this discussion trend,... Read More


Mikkey Halsted ft. Pusha T - Momma In My Ear [Stream & Download]

Chi-Town wordsmith Mikkey Halsted‘s mother must have been in his ear like a pair of Beats By Dre headphones for him to churn out the immensely dope record that is Momma In My Ear. Halsted works his way around the record... Read More


Mikkey Halsted - Weak Mutha F**kaz [Stream & Download]

Chi-town native Mikkey Halstead breaks back onto The DJBooth with his robust rhymebook, brushing off haters with his new single, Weak Mutha F**kaz.  Producer Don Cannon lays the foundation by sampling a classic quote... Read More


Mikkey Halsted x Lupe Fiasco ft. Jim Lavigne - Gone [Stream & Download]

Trayvon Martin was only the beginning. Ever since the Florida 17-year-old’s death became national news, hardly a day seems to go by without another story of cold-blooded murder—many of them racially-motivated—making... Read More


Mikkey Halsted ft. Tia London - I Got It [Stream & Download]

Although Mikkey Halsted’s heart will always beat with the soul of Chicago, the veteran emcee’s currently hunkered down in L.A. working on his new album and the results are proving to be as ambitious as the City of Angels... Read More


BLAX ft. Mikkey Halsted & Que Billah -  Midwest Get the Money [Stream & Download]

BLAX’ stacks may not be sky-high just yet, but you’d better believe he’s gonna do whatever it takes to change that. The official lead single off his latest street album, Midwest Get the Money finds Reason... Read More


Mikkey Halsted - Money Making Mikkey [Stream & Download]

Just how devoted is Mikkey Halsted to his paper chase? Well, they don’t call the Chicago emcee “Money Making Mikkey” for nothing. (As for who “they” are… beats me.) On the latest buzz... Read More


Mikkey Halsted - Another Day in the Ghetto [Stream & Download]

Last featured on May’s luxurious Linen, Mikkey Halsted paints a diametrically-opposed picture on the newly-leaked Another Day in the Ghetto. Here, The Bizness’ serves up a horn-driven beat (featuring a vocal... Read More


DJBooth, JKemp Ent, Happy Industries & Ism Music Present: Memorial Day Summer Kickoff [Feature ]

Chicago, Ill. --, JKemp Ent, Happy Industries and Ism Music have come together to present a Memorial Day Summer Kickoff featuring some of the game's hottest underground/up-and-coming artists. Going down this... Read More


Mikkey Halsted ft. Twista - Linen [Stream]

With the summer heat and humidity quickly rolling in, breathable fabrics like Linen are a must for the fashion and climate-conscious individual. Of course, physical comfort is only one-half of the equation when it comes to... Read More


Donny Goines ft. Bobby Creekwater & Mikkey Halsted - For the People [Stream & Download]

Atlanta based crew SMKA continue to outdo themselves, and personally I couldn’t be happier. With the releases of records from artists that include the likes of Thee Tom Hardy, Laws, Aleon Craft, El Prez, and Scar, there... Read More


M.i ft. Mikkey Halsted - Take a Loss [Stream & Download]

Nearly a year has passed since M.i. stepped into the Booth with his first feature, a cut which found him pursuing a beautiful woman (who may or may not have been a metaphor for success in the music game). In the Time since,... Read More


Kidz In The Hall ft. Curren$y & Mikkey Halsted - Pledge Allegiance to the Dope [Stream & Download]

This week’s serving of Brain Candy, The Kidz in the Hall’s new weekly series, simply pays homage to “the dope sh*t.” With contributions from New Orleans’ Curren$y and the always-thoughtful Mikkey Halsted, Pledge... Read More


Mikkey Halsted ft. Various Artists - Runnin’ My City [Stream]

Only rappers seem to feel the need to rep for their city; you never hear Jason Mraz throwing down for Mechanicsville, Virginia. But whatever the roots of this geographic hip-hop phenomenon, Mikkey Halsted’s here with a... Read More


Mikkey Halsted - The Exorcist [Stream & Download]

Sometimes a song’s title tells you everything you need to know. For example, Mikkey Halsted‘s new single is called The Exorcist, and even a brief listen will easily reveal why. With a frightening organ solo that... Read More


Mikkey Halsted - First Class [Stream & Download]

The history of Chicago is the history of overcoming difficulty to achieve greatness. The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 burned the city to the ground, but from those ashes it emerged as one of the greatest cities in the U.S., and... Read More


Aleon Craft ft. Young Scolla &  Mikkey Halsted - Brand New Day [Stream]

Resting on one’s laurels can be a dangerous thing, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a moment to celebrate how far you’ve come – especially when the result of said celebration is as dope as Brand New... Read More


Mikkey Halsted ft. Sly Polaroid & Cloak Hancock - I’m the Man [Stream]

With the release of his DJBooth-sponsored Best You Never Heard mixtape, underground mainstay Mikkey Halsted intends to bring the uninitiated up to speed on what he’s all about. Lesson one in the Windy City emcee’s... Read More


Mikkey Halsted Jumps “In the Mix” [DJBooth Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

Photo Credit: Virgilio Solis Jr. (for New York, N.Y. -- Last week, we jumped "In the Mix" with Mike Dreams, a DJBooth favorite whose long-awaited Dreamer's Poetry LP is set to hit our front page on Monday,... Read More


Naledge, Mikkey Halsted & More Collide in “Closed Session - Fresh Academy” [Download/Video] [Feature ]

Chicago, Ill. -- In the latest installment of RubyHornet's Closed Session series, Naledge, Mikkey Halsted, Chip Tha Ripper and DJ Double O assemble at a "secret location that everybody knows about" (SoundScape Studios) to... Read More


Mikkey Halsted ft. Ayana - Story Untold [Stream]

They don’t call ‘em formative years for nothing. Along with genes, an individual’s childhood environment and early family life are the biggest factors in defining his or her identity – and, needless to... Read More


Thee Tom Hardy ft. CA$HE & Mikkey Halsted - We Rap GR8 [Stream]

Just who is 9th Wonder‘s mysterious protégé?  After a thorough investigation of Booth newcomer Tom Hardy‘s MySpace and Twitter pages, I’ve deduced the following: he resides in Durham, North Carolina,... Read More


One-2 ft. Mikkey Halsted - Bang On ‘Em [Stream]

One-2‘s first Booth feature found the up-and-coming emcee lamenting how quick his homies were to reveal their Cold Blooded nature when money and fame came into the equation.  On unreleased cut Bang On ‘Em, the... Read More


Mikkey Halsted ft. Miss Criss - Y.F.F. [Stream]

After B.G., Juvenile, and Turk left Cash Money Records in the early 2000s, Baby knew the label’s roster would have to be restacked (back then, himself, Mannie Fresh, and Lil Wayne weren’t enough).  Thus, the... Read More


Wale & Mikkey Halsted Perform at SuccezZ x Sprite Green Event [Exclusive Video] [Feature ]

Chicago, IL -- On Friday, NBA ballplayer Bobby Simmons of the New Jersey Nets celebrated the one-year anniversary of his clothing company, SuccezZ, with a Sprite Green-sponsored concert and party. Local favorite Mikkey... Read More


Mikkey Halsted - Hello [Stream]

With four features under his belt, Mikkey Halsted hardly needs any introduction in the Booth—for many members of the listening public, though, this record (the lead single off the rapper’s forthcoming The Last Will Be... Read More


Mikkey Halsted ft. Klass - Sweetest Taboo [Stream]

On March 24, Stadium Entertainment is teaming up with the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum to release compilation album True To The Game, Vol. 1; distributed by Fontana/Universal, it features various potential... Read More


Mikkey Halsted ft. GLC - Just Juke [Stream]

If you’re a Chicago native, you probably understand exactly what Mikkey Halsted means when he asks an obliging female to Just Juke.  For the rest of us, a quick trip to provides an unsurprising... Read More


Mikkey Halsted - No Christmas (Freestyle) [Stream]

For several months, we’ve been bombarded with emails from our readers asking when we would begin to feature holiday tunes.  While we have received a fair share of Santa-inspired material, nothing caught our ears…... Read More


Mikkey Halsted Hooks Up With Vimby for Video Interview [Feature ]

Chicago, IL -- In a newly-released video interview, Chitown emcee Mikkey Halsted several dope feestyles for, as well as discussing Kanye West's influence on his musical career, his epic grind, and his experience... Read More


Chicago Emcee Mikkey Halsted Releases “Liquor Store” Video [Feature ]

Chicago, IL -- favorite Mikkey Halsted has released his much-hyped "Liquor Store" video to the net. We have it for you below. Read More


Mikkey Halsted - Chi Sh*t [Stream]

With the way Chicago’s South Side has churned out rappers in the last decade, including Kanye, Common, and Rhymefest, it must be confusing itself with New York or L.A. For the sake of hip-hop, I vote that we let it stay... Read More