New Miles Jones Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Miles Jones - All Lies [Stream]

Update: The Aaron Alleyne-directed visuals for Miles Jones’ All Lies single have been added. Forget everything you’ve heard about Miles Jones, because it’s All Lies. I mean, unless you’ve heard that... Read More


Kyle Aaron ft. Miles Jones & Maya Killtron - Homecoming King [Stream]

Six months after making his Booth debut with the massively acclaimed Kitchen Table, Kyle Aaron is back on our front page with Homecoming King, a standout cut off his most recent mixtape. Here, the artist looks to Twin Cities... Read More


Miles Jones ft. Kayo & A-Jaxx - Sweet Lies [Stream]

I have some great news: not only has Miles Jones stepped into the Booth with a new single, but I’ve burned it to a CD so you can listen to it in the brand new Porsche sitting in your driveway. Psych—there’s no... Read More


Miles Jones - Again [Stream]

Not glimpsed in the Booth since dropping off the aptly-titled Fresh this past February, Miles Jones returns to our pages with another banger for his fans to enjoy Again, and again, and again. This cut may not exactly be... Read More


Miles Jones ft. Kae Sun - Fresh [Stream]

Miles Jones’ latest single is Fresh… no, literally the name of the song is Fresh. Well, it is fresh, but it is also entitled Fresh. Now that we have that out of the way, on to Jones’ inspired new single. Released in... Read More


Miles Jones - The Jones Act Part III [Album]

Canadian rhymesayer and producer Miles Jones has digitally released his latest studio album, The Miles Jones Experience: The Jones Act Part III. The follow-up to June's DJBooth-hosted Act So Strange EP, the project features... Read More


Miles Jones ft. D-Sisive & Ghettosocks - Scorpio [Stream]

Born between October 23 and November 21, Scorpios tend to be intense, ambitious and fiercely independent. Or, you know, they would if the alignment of the planets had anything whatsoever to do with human personalities, which... Read More


Miles Jones - Maybe Tomorrow [Stream]

Update: The Graham Beasley, Scott Watson and Tom Nagy-directed visuals for Miles Jones’s Maybe Tomorrow single have been added. While many a rap record has described the grind’s incompatibility with romance,... Read More


Miles Jones - Act So Strange EP [Album]

Toronto hip hop artist Miles Jones has joined forces with The DJBooth on his brand new EP, Act So Strange. A prelude to Jones' forthcoming album The Jones Act (Part III), the EP includes previously-released single Magic.... Read More


Miles Jones - Magic [Stream & Download]

There’s Magic in the air this evening, and Miles Jones is the man responsible. Coming on the heels of reader-acclaimed The Jones Act (Part III) lead single All Lies, this freshly-minted EP cut sees the Toronto... Read More


Miles Jones - Catch Me in the Rye [Stream]

For a novel written in 1951, J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye has remained surprisingly fresh to this day. That’s not to say the high-school reading list staple couldn’t use a 21st Century update; on new... Read More


Miles Jones ft. Promise - Time [Stream & Download]

Who’s up for a riddle? No one? Well too bad, you’re getting one anyway. What Grinds hard stones to meal / Slays king, ruins town / And beats high mountain down? For those not up on their Lord of the Rings references, or... Read More


Miles Jones - Never Wrong The Mixtape [Album]

T-dot mainstay Miles Jones has stepped into the Booth to bring us Never Wrong The Mixtape, the official prelude to 2011 studio album Runaway Jones. The mixtape is a compilation of 12 unreleased tracks, remixes, and... Read More


Miles Jones ft. Classified - Never Too Late (Remix) [Stream]

Quoting books I’ve never read makes me feel like a high school English student with writer’s block, but, what the heck; this one couldn’t be more appropriate.  In his Philosophical Dictionary, Voltaire... Read More